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Helpful Info Before Contacting Cynthia

FAQs & Helpful Info Before Contacting Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion
      This page is here to help answer your questions, and also to let you know the best way to contact Rev. Dr. Killion and her team if the info you need is not listed here. 
       Please note if the info you need is listed here on this page, we won't be able to answer e-mails about it.  (This is why we have this FAQ page, so that we don't have to answer the same e-mails with the same questions several times a day.)  Therefore, please scan over the all of the info below to see if the answer to your question is included there, before writing Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion & her team.
       If the answer to your question is not found or covered on this page, and if it still seems like something appropriate to write about, then please use the "Contact Cynthia" form, or write Rev. Dr. Cynthia & her assistant directly at  Thank You and Many Blessings to You!

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 Have questions about how to arrange for a reading?  Please CLICK HERE.

Are you trying to write Cynthia about possibly working your party as a psychic?  Sorry, Rev. Dr. Killion does not do "psychic parties". 

Are you contacting Cynthia about possibly appearing as a guest speaker or on your radio or TV show?  That she will consider.  Please write Rev. Dr. Killion at, or use the "Contact Cynthia" form

           Do you have questions about the costs/prices of readings?  If so, please keep reading, as the answers are below! 

Do you want to know more about scheduling or what openings are available in the next month or so for readings with Cynthia?  If so, please click here to check out reading scheduling info .  

Are you trying to figure out the best way to reach Rev. Dr. Killion?  Probably the best way to reach her is via e-mail or using the contact form through this website.  You can also call (especially if you are a returning client or current student).  However, if you don't already know Cynthia and do not already have a working relationship with her, it is better to e-mail first. 

Do you have questions about psychic or spiritual classes taught by Cynthia?  Probably the best way to stay up-to-date about the current classes that Rev. Dr. Killion is offering is to subscribe to her on-line newsletter (on the "home" page on this site).  You can probably also get more info about upcoming classes by clicking on "Psychic Classes" on the navigation bar on this site.

        Are you wondering if Cynthia has an "office" that you can come to, or if you can come to have your reading in person?

           The short answer is that Rev. Dr. Killion reads out of her home in Wichita and doesn't have a traditional office storefront that you can visit (after all, she is a psychic, not a retailer).  Most of the readings that Cynthia does for new clients are conducted via telephone.  However, once you have had at least one or two readings, and Rev. Killion has had a chance to get to know you better, she may consider allowing you into her home for a private reading visit.  This will be up to her discretion and is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Also, if animal allergies are an issue for you, or if you are unable to get up a small flight of stairs with no handrail unassisted, then you would be better off having one of Cynthia's standard phone readings instead.


Note About Private Readings (including e-mail readings):  Rev. Dr. Killion charges for all private, personal psychic conversations that require her to focus her energies solely on one individual in order to do a reading for them.  This would include requests for e-mail readings.  If you would like more info about purchasing a 1 or 2 question e-mail reading, please do not fill out the contact form, but go to the E-mail Reading Info Page instead (click on link). 

           Please note that Rev. Dr. Killion does NOT provide complimentary private readings via e-mail, telephone, or any other way.  She does however make regular radio & facebook appearances where she does comp readings publicly as part of her service to the community.  (Including her free interactive Facebook group, Psychic Readings with Cynthia.)

            If you do not currently have the financial means to purchase a private reading, Rev. Dr. Killion would encourage you to tap into your inner abundance and discover what you can do to manifest the needed prosperity to purchase a private reading.  Rev. Dr. Killion does not offer "payment plans" for readings, as she would not wish to encourage any one to take on debt that they cannot afford.  Rev. Dr.  Killion does encourage you to save up for a reading as a special treat for yourself, as even if you have to save for several months, if it is something that you truly want, it will be worth it!  Also, if you truly cannot afford to have a reading at this time, it would be best to wait until another time, when it fits more easily into your budget & your lifestyle.  In this way, you will be able to better relax during your reading, and to truly receive the messages coming through. 

Basic Questions about Reading Costs: 

              As far as private, comprehensive, one-on-one sessions go (usually conducted via telephone, occassionally in-person), if you have questions about scheduling & reading rates for these, you can probably find what you need on this site by clicking HERE. Or just keep reading below to get the basic scoop on pricing for private readings & sessions.  The basic gist is that the fee for a private reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia ranges from $75 all the way up to $375, depending on the kind of session you are scheduling.  (At $75, the e-mail reading is the least expensive choice, with the premium Psychic Astrology readings being the most.)

              BASIC READING INFO:  In terms of the "basics", the usual cost for a Spiritual Psychic reading with Cynthia conducted via telephone is $225. (For a reading that focuses more on the mediumship aspect, the fee is $250.)  This is for a very in-depth, private, one-on-one telephone session that lasts about an hour to an hour & fifteen minutes.  This is the "standard" reading that Cynthia does to help you get guidance from the spirit world about specific areas of life and connect with passed-on loved ones.  Regardless of the reason you are seeking this reading, the fee for the telephone reading is the same.  The only time additional charges will apply is if you want your reading to extend longer than the time frame mentioned above (this usually is not necessary).   For more info about this kind of reading, please CLICK HERE.

           If telephone readings aren't your thing, or if you are longing for that special, in-person experience, Rev. Dr. Cynthia does occassionally offer in-person Spiritual Psychic reading sessions in her home.  These are almost twice as long as the phone readings and involve quite a bit more of time & energy for Cynthia to carry out.  Therefore, these sessions do cost more, and are priced at $275 for the standard Spiritual Psychic Reading ($300 for a mediumship-focused reading).  In other words, an additional $50 fee applies for all special in-person sessions.  If you would like more info about in-person readings & how to apply for one, pleace CLICK HERE

           If you are a little bit further along your journey & are interested in Rev. Dr. Cynthia's PREMIUM Psychic Mentorship reading & coaching, this kind of reading is currenlty priced at $275. (That is for a telephone session.  An extra $50 fee will apply for the in-person Psychic Mentorship session).  For those clients who qualify, you may be eligible for a special 5 session mini-intensive package that allows for a significant discount per session.  Please CLICK HERE for more info on the special Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading or the special Psychic Mentorship Intensive.

     Payment for all readings is due in advance or at time of scheduling.  Readings are recorded for you and placed on a CD so you will have a record of your reading.  

PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY:  Cynthia also provides "Guiding Star Psychic Astrology" readings for those who are more interested in coming to understand their "life program" or the life program for a specific relationship connection through the lens of astrology.  The rates for these readings are slightly higher and more varied (depending on what you actually want from your reading), as there is quite a bit more research & preparation involved in doing these kinds of readings.  Generally, the fee for these kinds of readings ranges from $275-$375, with follow-up sessions on the same topic/chart being $225.   If you need more info on prices & kinds of Guiding Star Psychic Astrology readings, you can find it by CLICKING HERE. 


FAQs & Helpful Info for You to Know

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