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In addition to her Spiritual Psychic readings, Rev. Dr. Cynthia also offers Guiding Star Psychic Astrology Readings 
1.)  FOR NEW CLIENTS (or returning clients who wish to schedule a specific Guiding Star speciality reading for the first time)..... If you ALREADY know which kind of Guiding Star reading you want, and you are ready to get signed up, you can register quickly & easily by clicking HERE
Readings are usually conducted via telephone or MP3 download.  Occasional in-person sessions are sometimes available (an additional fee of $50 will apply for any in-person session).  See below for more info about the various types of Guiding Star readings, or go to the Psychic Astrology page if you still need more info yet about reading types.   Also, for more info about what to expect in an actual session, please CLICK HERE. 
2) RETURNING CLIENTS/FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS:  To Register for a "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology FOLLOW-UP session (for RETURNING ASTRO CLIENTS ONLY)  please CLICK HERE.
Please note:  This is only for clients who have already had at least one full-length guiding star-psychic astrology reading in the last year or so. This link is for registering for FOLLOW-UP sessions  only....if you are a new client and wish to have one of Rev. Dr. Cynthia's speciality introduction sessions, please use the link above at #1.  Also use the #1 link above if you are a returning client who wants to book one of the Speciality psychic astrology sessions that Rev. Dr. Cynthia offers (such as the Life Program reading for yourself or a child, or a Heart Map relationship reading).
Costs & Kinds of
"Guiding Star" Readings Available:
Basic Guiding Star "Life Program" Reading.....$275  Includes recording of reading.  Reading usually conducted via telephone (or MP3 download).  This reading covers your "program" or agenda for this lifetime, why you are here, your spiritual gifts, strengths, weaknesses, spiritual lessons, challenges to be overcome, your path to joy, success, and spiritual bliss, and much more.  Parents, this is the reading to purchase if you wish to know more about the destiny, purpose, and life program of your child.  (Just be sure to enter your child's birth data--and not your own--into the birth data section on the reading registration form when reserving for a child.)
PREMIUM Guiding Star "Life Program" life program reading....$325 for all clients.  Includes the regular "Life Program" reading PLUS current forecast for trends for the next 3-6 months ahead. Conducted via telephone or mp3 download.
  Other "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology readings available with Cynthia:   
                      The "Guiding Star" Heart Map Reading.....an in-depth reading concerning your current relationship and what it is here to teach you and what you & your partner can contribute to each other's overall spiritual growth.  We will also examine your own larger relationship patterns.  Cost:  Basic Heart Map Reading $275.  If you would also like to add on a 3-6 month transit forecast, then the cost is $325.   Conducted via telephone or mp3 download (or in-person, with special prior pre-approval only). 
             Lovers:  If you are wanting help planning your wedding for the date that is most auspicious according to the stars, then the Premium Heart Map reading is the one you should register for.
                      The "Guiding Star" Forecast Reading....this is a follow-up session for clients who have already had their first reading, and would now like an update for the next few months ahead, or who need follow-up sessions focusing on one particular area not covered by any other kind of reading listed here.   Cost is $225.  (Only for people who have already had another kind of "Guiding Star" reading previously.)  This fee includes all of your relevant charts, reports, and one hour follow-up telephone session, as well as a recording of the reading.  Follow up readings are usually done via telephone.  Occassionally, special in-person sessions are available (an additional $50 fee will apply for in-person session). 
To register & apply for ANY of the above listed "Guiding Star" readings, except the "Follow-Up Forecast Reading", please CLICK HERE.
         If you are a RETURNING, REGULAR CLIENT who wishes to register for a "Guiding Star" Follow-Up Forecast session,  please CLICK HERE to register for your session. 
Please note:  Follow-up readings are only for clients who have already had at least one full-length guiding star-psychic astrology reading in the last year or so. This link is for registering for FOLLOW-UP sessions  only....if you wish to have one of the speciality sessions above, please use the link to the regular guiding star reading registration page above.
If you still need more info about any of the above Guiding Star readings, please click on the following link: PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY READING )
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Information on Scheduling (for all kinds of readings) 

GENERAL SCHEDULING INFO:   To take a look at the reading appointments available in the near future, please CLICK HERE to view the Reading Schedule. 

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