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Scheduling Note:  Psychic Cynthia usually has at least SOME openings available for private readings each month from January through November. However, each year she takes a reading break for the entire month of December, and does no private readings during that time.  Please plan for your reading accordingly.   Blessings!


* Give you insight to who you really are and why you are here

*Help you discover your True purpose in this lifetime

*Increase your awareness of your talents, strengths, and gifts

*Give guidance about your relationships, career, life direction or purpose

*Provide clarity & understanding about your current situation...what you can do to make the most of it or change it

*Predict future trends in your life, helping you to be more prepared for what lies ahead 
*  For those who want clarity & insight regarding their children or partner, this kind of reading can be
MOST illuminating indeed

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VERY BASIC INFO....about "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology Readings with Cynthia

           Note:  All prices listed below are for telephone or M3 download reading.  Additional fees apply when requesting special in-person session.   Please see links on regular registration page for more info.
*  Costs:  Basic Guiding Star "Life Program" Reading.....Cynthia's signature astrologly reading for you....your life purpose, what you came here to learn....your lessons & life "major", challenges & strengths, karmic issues, best paths to follow in life in order to ensure highest level of peace, satisfaction, meaning, and abundance, pitfalls to watch out for, what you have been like in past lives, and what you are learning to be about in THIS current life, the highest destiny you can fulfill in this life, and much more.....$275 for new & occasional clients.  Includes recording of reading.  Please note that this reading can also be purchase by parents to gain insight into the Life Program of a child.  (When purchasing for a child, please be sure to enter his/her birth data into the reading form, rather than your own.)
PREMIUM Guiding Star "Life Program" life program reading....$325 for all clients.  Includes the regular "Life Program" reading PLUS predictive forecast for the next few months ahead.


  Other "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology readings available with Rev. Dr. Cynthia:   

                      The "Guiding Star" Heart Map Reading.....Speciality Reading for Lovers....an in-depth reading concerning your current relationship and what it is here to teach you and what you & your partner can contribute to each other's overall spiritual growth.  We will also examine your own larger relationship patterns.  Cost:  Basic Heart Map Reading $275.  If you would also like to add on a predictive forecast forecast, then the cost is $325.  Please note that the Premium Heart Map Reading can also entail assisting with picking auspicious wedding dates for the prospective bride & groom.  Please choose the PREMIUM Heart Map reading if you wish to have assistance with this kind of planning in your reading.
                      The "Guiding Star" Forecast Reading....this is for clients who have already had their first reading, and would now like an update for the next few months ahead, or who need follow-up sessions focusing on one particular area not covered by any other kind of reading listed here.   Cost is $225.  (For people who have already had another "Guiding Star" reading previously only.) 

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Session Length....for most first time sessions, they will last somewhere between 60-75 minutes.  Follow-up sessions are about 55-60 minutes.  (If client wishes for a longer session, overtime fees will apply in increments of $50 for each 15 minutes.)  
Scheduling....must schedule about two weeks in advance, as Cynthia needs AT LEAST this much time to run your charts & properly prepare for your reading.
 Reading options.... via telephone or or MP3 download option (you don't have to be present for this kind of reading).  Occasional in-person session are also available for an additional fee...the process for applying for these is different.  Please Click Here for more info.         
  *Info required to do reading....Your date of birth, including year.  City, state/province, country of birth.  If known, precise time of birth.  (If time is not known, reading can still be done).   When scheduling "heart map" reading, please also have the above information for your partner or loved one.   
* Best times to have a "Guiding Star" psychic astrology reading....Right around the time of your birthday.  Also, about 3, 6, and 9 months from the time of your birthday.  Near beginning of the calendar year (January), and within one to two weeks either side of the change of seasons (March 20th, June 21st, Sept 22nd, Dec 21st).
            Other factors that can improve the quality of your reading:  having it done near a full or new moon, or having the reading done when the moon is in a psychically receptive sign, or when it is in a sign that is compatible to your natal sun or moon.  Cynthia usually checks the astrology when setting up appointment times, and offers you the dates that she thinks would be most sympatico with your energies. 

To register for your "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading, or to get more info about scheduling etc., please CLICK HERE.  

To learn more about what to expect in an actual session, click here. 

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Additional Benefits You Could Receive From Your "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology Reading.....

*  Insight into who you really are

*  The guidance you need to make the most out of your current situation

* Knowledge of future trends in your life, helping you to be more prepared for what lies ahead

* Insight into the “tools” you have to work with in this lifetime and the weaknesses you must overcome

*Help identifying your talents, skills, passions, and possible career paths

*Understanding of your own emotional tendencies

*Guidance concerning relationships, finances, career, or family

You can also expect to receive *spiritual direction* and a *fresh perspective*.

Basically, a "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading helps you to make sense of yourself and your life.  It can help you figure out why you are here on this planet, what direction the Universe is leading you at the current moment, and how you can make the most of your talents & gifts. 

If you are struggling with a confusing or painful situation, a "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading can also help you to get the *clarity* and relief that you seek.
  One of the best things about astrology is that it helps us to make sense of the most challenging parts of our lives.  By having your "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading done, you can get answers about *WHY* things are happening the way they are, what you are supposed to learn from events, and also about HOW LONG it will be before the situation is over or reaches a conclusion.  No other form of divination system can give you these kinds of answers with the same level of accuracy that astrology does.

You will also be EMPOWERED to make better choices
with the information you will receive from your "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading. A "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology reading serves to *strengthen* your free will & resolve, for as you become more aware of your innate tendencies, you can consciously decide to minimize those qualities which you find undesirable, or to cultivate those ones which you find more redeeming.  However, you must first become conscious of who you truly are before you can make any true & lasting changes.


In regards to the "HEART MAP" reading, your "Guiding Star" psychic astrology reading can also help you in your RELATIONSHIPS, by first helping you to understand your own emotional tendencies, then giving you insight into the emotional style of your lover, friend, child, or loved one.  By comparing your chart with the chart of your loved one, we can see the true connection between the two of you, including the nature of any past life (as well as current life) connections.

The GALACTIC SHIFT READING is a totally unique reading, in that it combines knowledge of different world prophecies and astrological systems to provide you with the knowledge of what YOUR own unique role is in contributing to humanity in this time of higher shift & transformation.   If your desire is to discover your higher purpose as a lightworker or world-server, than there is no faster way to discover this than having a Galactic Shift reading.  If you are a person who is serious about your evolution as a spiritual being, and wants to begin truly LIVING life as your higher self in service to humanity, then this is the reading that Cynthia recommends for you.

Astrology is perhaps the most ancient of sacred sciences.  We don't know really when it began or where it came from.  All we know is that people all across the world have been using it to divine the future & better understand themselves for at least six thousand years. 

Don’t you think that something that humanity has relied upon for guidance for six thousand years could also be helpful for you?

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To learn more about what to expect in an actual session, please CLICK HERE.

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