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The following is a directory of websites of lightworkers, teachers, and Spirit based organizations that Cynthia has found to be helpful in her journey.

On-Line Astrology Charts & Reports



         Both of these sites have many FREE resources for calculating & producing astrology charts, daily horoscopes, and various kinds of astrology reports.  Zodiascope has a good datebase of articles if you wish to do astrological research on various phenomenon (such as Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde, etc).

          Probably you have heard of "Astro dot com" as it is the "grandfather" of free astrology sites. However, Zodiascope is a shining, new, "up & comer".  Here is more info about that site in case you haven't heard of it before:  "Free horoscopes based on real astrological calculations. Here you can find free Daily Horoscope, Personal Horoscope, Love and Relationship Compatibility Horoscope, the Lunar Calendar and a lot more free astrological information and calculations."  I highly recommend both astro.com & zodiascope!" 


  This is the website of Brian Hinkle, Cynthia's husband, whose paintings & artwork she has found VERY inspiring for the last ten years.  Visit this site to see beautiful colors & awaken the artist (and art appreciation) inside of you!


Website of Barbara Rose, also known as “Born to Inspire”.  Barbara is the bestellling author of  How to Stop Being the String Along & Start Being the One(among many other titles).  Offers Divinely channeled messages from God.  This site is also very helpful for those seeking help with understanding/transforming or leaving difficult or abusive relationaships, as Barbara has much guidance to offer in this area due to her past previous experience.  Check out her book "How to Stop Being the String Along", and other related-titles for more help with this. 

On-line home of positive,fun-loving whimsical artist & "creativity guru" SARK.  If you want to give your soul a drink of clean fresh & colorful INSPIRATION, then go here!  Also, you can get some of SARK's inspiration by calling her 24 hour inspiration line (number:  415-546-3742)

www.aaaha.com  A real hoot!  Harvey Cohen’s free on-line newsletter, “The 11th Commandment”.  The “11th Commandment” is “Thou Shall Lighten Up!”  This will make you laugh & inspire you at the same time.  There are actually MANY tools for enlightenment & inspiration on this site, some of them free-of-charge.

  www.choosingprosperity.com  Elyse Hope Killoran’s site for creating prosperity from the inside-out.  This is the site for the "Prosperity Game", a fun & playful approaching to expanding your consciousness & creating greater prosperity in your life. 

http://www.armandandangelina.com  Just love this beautiful music!

Music with a message.  This is the website of Visionary Musician couple Armand and Angelina.  Armand & Angelina use songs, stories, and humor to inspire you to experience “heaven on earth”.  Cynthia has heard them play many times & never fails to be moved or empowered by their inspiring music.  Cynthia highly recommends the music of Armand & Angelina, and their website.  Check out their latest album "The Age of Aquarius:  Peace, Love & Popera".


www.essentialpathways.com/transformation  A place where you can give yourself a very deep & spiritual 4 card on-line reading using "The Transformation Deck".  This site is particularly good for when you feel "stuck" and as if you need just a little quick guidance to move forward. 

www.ishalerner.com or www.flowerblends.com  Isha Lerner Enterprises.  Astrology, Publications, Flower Essences, Tarot.  Author of Inner Child Cards, Power of Flower Cards, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Tarot of the Four Elements.  Ishalerner.com is a fun site!  You can give yourself a reading from one of three decks!

www.wisdompath.com  Judi Thomases, astrologer & channeler for the Brotherhood of Lightworkers.  Author of Wisdom’s Game:  How to Change Life’s Pain into Joy.  You can read channelings from her main spirit guides "The Brotherhood of Light" (also known as "wisdom") here.


www.happilyrightnow.com  Website of Luann Robinson Hull, expert in human relationships.  Luann’s book and her work will revolutionize the way you think about relationships.

White Dove Bookstore, located in Wichita, Kansas.  A source for yoga, metaphysical, & spiritual supplies.  Also has archives of “The White Dove Newsletter”, which includes interesting articles about astrology, hypnosis, Edgar Cayce, Course in Miracles, etc.

Spiritual Communities


Site of Sunset Spiritualist Church, located at Wells, Kansas.  Sunset church recently celebrated its 125th anniversary and is one of the oldest organizations of mediums & psychics in the country.  Sunset Church is truly a gem hidden in the hills of the prairie!  Check their site to find out more about their yearly camp & other events.


 www.eraofpeace.org   Website of New Age Study for Humanity’s Purpose, a New Age non-profit organization founded by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and  Kay Eileen Meyer.

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