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Blog: Edward the Ghost & The Spirit Rose...Part 1 of 3

An Incredible Story....

June 18, 2007 

This story is absolutely true, although many of you reading it probably won’t believe it.  All I can say is that it really happened to me, and that if anything like this ever happens to you, you will be a believer too.

I can also tell you that this story happened at Sunset Spiritualist Camp in Wells, Kansas.  I just returned back from working the first week at camp on Saturday.  The camp is still going on until June 24th, so if you want to go check it out for yourself you can.  Or you can attend one of the classes or church services that they hold every Sunday (for more info, please go to

Camp was a very spiritually & emotionally moving experience for me this year. I reconnected back with many old friends (including Laura, Rebecca, Vicki, Charles, Phyllis, Polly, Bear, and many more).  I also met many new friends at camp, some of them in the flesh and some of them (one in particular) in the spirit.

Edward Rose (also perhaps: Edwin Roes) was possibly the most interesting friend I met.  “Interesting” because he does not currently possess a body, but instead dwells in the land of spirit.  Nonetheless, that did not stop us from forming a relationship of sorts.

Have you ever had a friend that you were absolutely repelled by the first time you met, but then later on you got to know him a little better and decided that he was OK?  Well, that is the way it went between Edward (or Edwin) and I.

Our “friendship” got off to a very rocky start.  I met him on the first Saturday night of camp in the tiny storage room in the back of the basement.  It is damp, dark, murky and get this--used to be the old séance room.  (Of course, I didn’t know this at the time, or otherwise I wouldn’t have gone in there all by myself looking for the thermostat to turn the freezing cold AC down.) 

In any case, I stepped into the room then reached up to pull the string that turns the light on.  And that’s when I felt “it”.  A very distinct male presence.  He was standing awfully close and staring at me in a suggestive way.  The tiny hairs on my arms and neck stood on ends.  I said out loud to myself, “I am getting the hell out of here” and fled the room (OK, OK…for those of you who know me, I might have used a stronger word than “hell”.)  I decided that turning the air conditioning down was no longer important to me (ha). 

My friends Lisha and Jeremy came down just a few minutes after the incident to help me get the room set up for the circle I was about to lead.  I was already beginning to wonder if I was imaging things so I didn’t tell them a thing about what had happened.  (Before the end of the night I would receive absolute proof that I was NOT, in fact, imaging things.)  So we set to work getting the room prepared for the circle, moving furniture and dragging out chairs. 

In case you don’t know, a “circle” at camp is actually a “séance”, although most of the time we don’t call it that (probably because that word still freaks most people out).  Plus, I don’t often refer to the circles that I do as “séances”, since a traditional séance usually involves messages from humans who have crossed over, and most of the time I prefer to channel guidance from the higher self, angels, guides, or other “non-human” entities instead (although a few messages from those who have crossed over still inevitably make their way into the circle).

These circles (or séances) are usually held in the “séance room” at camp, which is a separate, free-standing building that comfortably seats about 10-13 people (10 is the usual maximum for a circle, probably because it can take the medium or psychic quite a while to go around to each person and give them a message).  But there were twenty people signed up for my circle, which meant that in order to be comfortable we were going to have to move the circle to the basement or the church.

I had led a very powerful channeling circle in the basement a couple of years before, so I decided I would try it again.  I had no idea that the basement held such strong spirit activity, or that this energy was going to make itself known to me (and others) in very tangible, physical ways before the night was over.

The people arrive for the circle, we light the candles, and turn the lights off.  There are the usual opening prayers of protection and invitation.  I lead the 20 sitters in some deep breathing and then I proceed to work the circle, bringing messages to whomever I feel led.  I break the traditional rules of a séance by allowing people to leave once they have received their message.  Some stay for awhile but soon there is only about 8 or 10 of us left. 

I go over to Lisha and place my hands on her and begin to bring the message through.  Lisha is a powerful channeler and medium in her own right, and I feel a strong charge the moment I touch her.  The two of us coming together must have produced a great deal of energy, enough to create some kind of spiritual conduit, for as I am delivering her message we hear (and see) the bathroom door open and shut, and then there is the sound of the floor creaking right outside the bathroom. 

This phenomenon continues off and on for the remainder of the circle.

As if this wasn’t strange enough, when I stand before one of the couples in the circle my rosary flies out of my hands onto the floor.  (I sometimes carry a rosary in my right hand for protection while I am doing a circle.)  I laugh then say out loud, “OK.  Which one of you is the backslidden Catholic?”  

The couple laughs too and the young man who once went to seminary in Rome “confesses” to being the “backslider”.  I assume that the rosary has flown out of my hand simply because it has negative connotations for this young man, and we just go on with the circle.  Later, I realize that there is probably a connection between my spirit friend Edward and the rosary, and in all likelihood, it was him who *took* the rosary out of my hand.

Soon the circle is over and done and I am left all alone in the basement to pack up my supplies.  I can feel the spirit from the storage closet trying to lure me in there, but I won’t go.  Quite honestly, I’m a little bit freaked out, especially since he had leered at me in such a suggestive way when I first met him.  I try to ignore his presence but he continues to mentally “talk” to me while I pack up.

The camp president, Karen, comes down to check on me.  She gets to the bottom of the stairs and then says, “Jesus Christ Cynthia!  What kind of séance did you do down here?  This room is frigid!”  (Coldness is one of the most obvious signs of spirit activity.) 

I say to her, “Yes, I know it’s cold down here.   I couldn’t find the thermostat to turn the AC down, so we were freezing the whole time.”  She looks at me with her that infamous sheepish grin and says, “Cynthia the thermostat is upstairs.  We turned the AC off at 9 o’clock.”  I gulp.

In my mind I am thinking that this cannot be possible.  She is telling me that the AC has been off for almost two hours.  And I’m still freezing.  As Karen later puts it, it is cold enough in this room to "hang meat".  The hairs on the back of my neck stand up again.

“You’re joking right?  Don’t play with me like that!” She looks at me very seriously and I know she is NOT joking. I say, “hmmmm”, getting more freaked out by the moment. 

In typical Capricorn-understatement style, I say, “Well, I do think that I might have sensed a presence in the storage room.  And we did have a little bit of spirit activity back by the bathroom.  The door was opening and closing and the floor keep creaking like there was someone standing there.”  Just then, the floor creaks.  I look at Karen, she looks at me, and I say, “I am getting the hell out of here”.


This is not the end of the story.  In fact, it is only the beginning.  Stay tuned to this newsletter in the next few days to hear more about how the spirit eventually reveals his identity to me and leaves me a gift.

I leave you with this idea:  The spiritual world is all around us and is always reaching out to us.  Nothing ever really dies and nothing is too fantastic to be true.  There are guides, spirits, angels, masters, fairies, totems, deities, and divine beings all around you at all times.  Can you feel them?  Stop and take a deep breathe, and perhaps you will sense their presence. They are waiting until the moment that you are ready to make contact.  Are you ready now?

If you need help making contact with someone you have lost, or if you just want to reach out to receive guidance from your angels or guides, I am here for you. 

Many Blessings,

Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide

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