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FLOWER ESSENCES are flower water infusions that have been potentized by sunlight then preserved in alcohol and can be used to change consciousness, raise spiritual vibration, and facilitate healing & awareness on the spiritual, emotional, mental & psychic levels.  They are SOUL HEALERS  that can assist with your healing, growth, and evolution on ALL levels, especially as it relates to the finer non-physical realms.  And as your soul heals, re-aligns, and grows, this provides extra energy and impetus for your healing & growth on all other levels of life as well.  

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            As the name implies, flower essences actually come from flowers.  (A few of the essences in the Flairy essence line also come from mushrooms, as well as a few of the non-flowering plants such as ferns.)  Only the smallest amount of flower is needed to make an essence, and this process usually does not disturb or damage the plant. 

         All flowers used for the flower essences/remedies in Cynthia's Flairy essence line were gathered ethically and with great respect and honor for the plants involved.  Most of the flowers that were used to create the Flairy essences were grown by Cynthia herself in her own fairy garden in conscious co-creation with the fairies & the devas.  A small percent of the flowers that were used for the Flairy essence line were harvested wildly (in a legal & ethical manner) or donated by friends & neighbors who are also good "fairy gardeners" that live in harmony with nature and honor the plants and earth.    

             Flower essences are usually taken orally (just a few drops at a time, usually between 2-4 times a day, depending on the specific essences & also what is being addressed with the essence).  Depending on the nature of the issue at hand, the essence may be taken for anywhere from 2 weeks up to 2 months.  Occasionally, an essence may be taken for a longer duration when dealing with a chronic or long-term issue, or when taking the essence to promote evolutionary growth or psychic awakening.  Some essences prove themselves to be very useful for many situations, so that even after completing a cycle with an essence, you may find that you want to keep that essence on hand to take periodically whenever you feel inspired to experience its helpful energies again.  

           When using essences to promote growth and healing, you may take just one single essence at a time.  However, the essences are often more effective when two or more are taken together at once.  One of the most powerful ways to harness the energies of the flower essences is to take a formula blend that contains at least 3-7 essences that harmonize and work well together.  For this reason, Cynthia has created a line of Flairy Essence Vibrational Formulas, each of which addresses specific issues and contains MANY essences that work together in a powerful synergy to support you in your growth.    

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Flower essences are pure vibrational liquid formulas that you take orally (or apply to your skin).  They are odorless and usually tasteless (with the exception of the few formulas that are mixed with rosewater, which have a very light pleasant floral taste).  They are NOT essential oils.  In fact, in some ways they are the OPPOSITE of an essential oil, for where an essential oil is a very high concentration of the physical plant, flower essences are diluted many times and contain only the smallest, immeasurable traces of the physical plant substance. This macro dilution harnesses the PSYCHIC and energetic power of the flowers involved, enhancing their ability to work on the psychic, spiritual, etheric, mental, and emotional aspect of your being.

        Flower essences work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  They are not "medicines" in the sense that pharmeceuticals are medicines, but they do have subtle healing qualities that work on the finer levels of the soul.  And as the soul heals and rebalances itself, it clears the way for an easier healing on all other levels as well.  

          Flower essences are made by placing a small amount of flowers in a glass bowl that has been partially filled with spring or rainwater, and then letting this combo soak up the rays of the sun for a little while.  After the flower water has been charged, it is mixed with alcohol to preserve the vibration (traditionally, brandy or vodka is used).  This is the mother tincture.  When done properly and with clear intention, the mother tincture is a perfect holographic preservartion of the energies of the flower involved.  This mother tincture is then used to create literally dozens of stock bottles of the flower essence (since it only requires a few drops from the mother tincture to make one stock bottle).  From the stock bottle of a particular essence, the dosage or treatment bottle is then made by dilluting the stock even further.  Flower essences were created by a homeopathic doctor named Dr. Edward Bach, and in the system of homeopathy, less is more.  Therefore, the more you dilute the original mother tincture, the more powerful it becomes. 

            Physically, a flower essence is mostly spring or rain water with a hint of vinegar, alcohol, collodial silver or rose water for preservation.  PSYCHICALLY, the flower essence is dominated by the vibration of whatever flower it came from, imparting those helpful vibrations to those who come into contact with it.  For example, by taking the flower essence of deep purple Verbena (which is one of the keynotes in the KARMA CLEANSE blend) you can attune with the Violet Flame, shed unnecessary energy, and detach from painful emotional issues that once used to trigger you.  That alone would be wonderful enough, but flower essences are not usually used one at a time, but instead are mixed together in a synergestic combo, as this helps to amplify their energies.  When several flower essences are blended together (such as Cynthia has done with the Karma Cleanse formula, as well as with all of her other formulas), then the energetic effect is amplified, accelerating the healing and awakening on a spiritual level.  

          For those who have alcohol sensitivity:  Like most flower essences, most of the essences in Cynthia's line of Flairy Essences are mixed using a very small amount of alcohol for preservative (usually, gluten free potato vodka is used).  Because of the dilution process involved, the amount of alcohol remaining in most essences is insignificant, especially when you take it as recommended by using just a few drops at a time and/or diluting a few drops in a cup or more of water.  However, if your sensitivity to alcohol is extreme, you can still take the essences, since the small amount of alcohol in them can be evaporated by simply placing your essence drops in a steaming hot cup of water or herbal tea.  Also, if you would prefer, instead of mixing your bottle with alcohol for the preservative, we can mix it with either pure collodial silver or organic apple cider vinegar for the preservative upon request.

 CLICK HERE to read a short note from Rev. Dr. Cynthia about how the flower essences can do the work FOR you......

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    NOTE/DISCLAIMER:  Flower essences are vibrational healing elixers, but they are NOT medicines in the pharmaceutical sense.  Therefore, the information and claims regarding essences on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA, and flower essences are NOT intended to treat or cure medical conditions.  Instead, they offer vibrational support to assist you in your overall health & well-being.  Please see a medical doctor or qualified natural healer for help with your medical conditions.  Also, do not stop taking your medications without the advice of a medical doctor.  (Besides, flower essences are so gentle that you can usually take your flower essences along with any medications you are taking, so there is no need to discontinue medication unless you & your doctor decide that is what is best for you.) 

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