Psychic Cynthia Killion

Blog: A Guide Named Love

Posted October 29, 2007

In the second meditation of the day, the facilitator (Charles) leads us into a relaxed state then tells us to look for a spirit being, a guide or some other personification of spirit or the spirit world that is there with us.

I immediately see a beautiful being of light standing next to me.  She is very tall, almost gigantic in stature, but has a soft and flowing, feminine form.  She shimmers from the inside-out with sparkling silver-white light.  Her form is not fixed but seems to shift slightly from moment to moment.  Mostly, she appears “feminine” to me, and yet as I look at her, sometimes she changes to display more “masculine” characteristics too. 

She towers several feet over me, like a soft and brilliant beautiful pillar of light. She feels very, very wise, as if she is Spirit incarnate herself in the form of a guide.  I do not consciously recognize this being, although there is certainly something familiar about her…almost archetypal.

As I gaze upon this being, I feel *myself* being transformed into pure energy.  It is as if I am being “liquefied” into pure light.  As I am shapeshifting into light, I notice that the form of my lightbeing guide is changing too.  She’s growing to be larger and larger, taller and taller, until she is as big as life itself.

She bends down to get a better look at me in my “new” lightbeing body, smiles, then scoops me up into her big, beautiful, loving hands.  Then she is turning me over and over, gently & lovingly in her hands, playing with me like a tiny ball of cosmic “putty”. 

A river appears before us.  It is the River of All of Life.  (I know this because I had seen it once before in a dream).  She cradles me tenderly & snugly in her hands, then dips me down into the water. 

Down, down into the water I go, “baptized” into the primal River of Life… over and over I roll between her hands, like a pebble being smoothed by warm earth. My soul essence dissolves into the waters, until I am one with the “River of Life” itself. 

I no longer have a form, save for whatever form the River of Life chooses to take on.  My connection with all living things is so conscious & complete that I can barely tell where “I” leave off and the other creations begin.  It is complete bliss.  I feel overcome with the Divine Presence, so completely loved and at peace, connected with all there is.

In this moment of ecstatic oneness, I mentally ask the being of light, “What is your name?”

 She answers, “LOVE…My name is Love.  God is love”.

And then I hear the facilitator telling us to let the “spirit being” we have contacted into our hearts, *except for* instead I am taken into it’s heart, into the heart of Love and into the heart of God-itself.

“I” as a separate entity ceases to exist at all for a brief moment…”I” am submerged into the heart of this brilliant being of LIGHT.   I hear the voice of this spirit-guide saying to me,  “I don’t come into you….You come into me…into an awareness that you were always with me.  We are one.”

And then the light bursts out and shoots all across the planet (with me inside of it), and I hear the voice of the light speaking again, this time saying,

“You are here to shower this planet in Love.”

And the beautiful light-being that I have merged with, this archetypal force called “Love” (for what are spirit-guides if not archetypes?)  proceeds to show me the importance of thinking of myself as a planetary and Universal being, the importance of transcending man-made boundaries, and seeing that my community is not local, state wide, regional, national, or even continental…it is all of life itself.

And then it is time to come back to the room, and come back I do, filled with the pulsing, powerful energy of a guide named "Love".

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