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BLOG: Contacting Other Side with Ouija Board, etc

Oct. 5, 2009

               There are countless techniques for making contact with the “other side”, but really what matters most of all is intention.  If you set the intention within your own heart that you are open to positive & loving spirit communication, and if you make the commitment to be more aware of the hidden spiritual dimensions, then you will lay down a pathway for the spirits to reach you.

            As far as techniques go, there are many.  The easiest way is to invite the spirits to speak to you, and then just get quiet and listen.

Of course, you will want to say your prayer of protection first, and mentally surround & infuse yourself with the white light.  Protection is EXTREMELY important when doing psychic work.  Most of the spirits that we encounter are perfectly benign.  Some of them are even angelic or of the “ascended master” wavelength.  However, there are dark spirits in the Universe, and you don’t want to unwittingly invite them in just because you were a dummy and forget to establish proper spiritual boundaries.  
            Darkness is often drawn to the light, so you need to make sure that your inner light shines bright enough to “burn away” any unwanted dark energies.  This means doing psychic work only when you are grounded, centered, and well-nourished, so that your system is strong enough to fend off any unwanted intruders and also sustain a current of energy sufficient to fuel your communication with the “other side”.  (This is true whether you are practicing “channeling” or more traditional mediumship.)

In terms of “tools” for facilitating contact with the spirit beings, there are also many.  You can use automatic writing, channeled writing, a pendulum, tarot or oracle cards, spirit doodling, and of course, the Ouija board.  The Ouija board is not near as innately scary as Hollywood makes it out to be, although if you’re going to use one, you need to follow the proper pre-cautions.  Unless you are an extremely experienced psychic, I don’t recommend that you use the board alone.  Instead, gather with at least 2 or more friends.

Before you use a Ouija board for the first time, you should “consecrate” the board by sprinkling it with salt water (or holy water) and dedicating it to the service of light and love.  To make the board more effective, I recommend writing your name on the back of it, along with the names of any loved ones (or Spirit Guides) whom you hope to make contact with.  Also, include the name that you use to refer to God or the Higher Power.

When using the board, make sure that you use your white light meditation and say your prayer of protection as you begin.  Set the intention that only Good can channel through the board.    

Then, sit cross-legged on the floor with a friend and balance the board between your knees (or use a table, if you prefer.) Place just a couple of fingers very lightly on the planchette, then ask your questions for the spirit world.  Between each question, pause, and then let the spirit energy gently “lead” your fingers as to where the planchette is to go.  Be patient.  It can take a long time to spell words out, and spirits do not always spell perfectly either, so you might have to figure some of the words out yourself.  Your patience will be rewarded.  In time (and perhaps with practice), your angels & guides will spell out words and full sentences.

I know that in many circles, Ouija boards have sinister reputations.  It’s true that they can be portals for “dark” or ornery spirits, especially if you fail to consecrate your board to the service of light and use your prayer of protection in advance.  However, when used properly, Ouija boards can be tremendous tools for bringing in powerful beings of Light and establishing connection with de-ceased loved ones.   In fact, one of the most beloved channeled entities of all time, Seth, was first “brought through” with the Ouija board. 

Whether you are using a “tool” or not, the easiest way to “make contact” with the other side is to relax and then let yourself go into a quiet and deeply receptive spiritual state.  Another technique that I teach my students who desire to “make contact” is to focus briefly on a happy memory involving someone you love a lot.  The feelings of love & joy evoke a strong spiritual energy within you that attracts spirits and makes it easier for them to offer their love, guidance, and support.

I hope you found this helpful in your quest to deepen your relationship with your loved ones in all dimensions.

 Many Blessings,

Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide


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