Spiritual Psychic Cynthia Killion

Typical Spiritual Psychic Reading Session


 THE OPENING MEDITATION & INVOCATION:  A typical Spiritual Psychic Reading session begins with about 5-10 minutes of interactive prayer, deep breathing, and meditation. 

During this part of the session, Cynthia leads you in a special prayer designed to put you in contact with God, Spirit, and your higher self so that only messages of the highest Intent are allowed to come through.  Then, she calls in your spirit guides, angels, totems, teachers, and transformed loved ones, as well as the Ascended Masters and Archangels.  She also calls upon her main spirit guides, The Atlantean Teachers.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia will also establish psychic protection around you & her at this time by sealing you both in the protective light of the Divine.

PART 1:  OPENING TO RECEIVE THE SPONTANEOUS MESSAGES.....This is approximately 1/2 of your session, or about 20-30 minutes usually (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer).

After she seals you both in a protective bubble of white light, Rev. Dr. Cynthia then begins to deliver the messages for you.  During this time, you both breathe very deeply and focus on allowing the Divine Healing energy to penetrate your soul.   Rev. Dr.  Cynthia will then verbally relay the psychic messages & impressions that she is receiving about you, your life, your relationships, your finances & career, your spirituality, vitality, health, or future.  Some of these messages will come directly from Cynthia's psychic senses in the form of visions or feelings.  Other times, Cynthia will receive the messages & impressions directly from your spirit guides, angels, & passed on loved ones. 

While Rev. Dr. Cynthia is delivering the spontaneous, pure messages that she hears for you from the realm of spirit in this first part of the session, you need do nothing except focus on this Divine Healing energy and just be open to receiving the answers & guidance that you need.   Cynthia just asks that you relax & breathe as she relays the messages to you.  This part is very relaxing and peaceful for most people.  Cynthia will record your session for you so that you don't have to worry about taking notes or trying to remember what is being said...that way you can just relax, be in the moment and truly receive what is coming through for you!

It is not necessary to ask questions in this first half of your session, for usually the Spirit Guides will lead Cynthia in uncovering exactly the right information you need for this particular moment in your life.  Also, it is not unusual for you to mentally receive messages or communications directly from your Higher Self or your Spirit Guides in this first part of the session while Cynthia is speaking.  Then comes....

*INTERMISSION*....actually, it's not really an intermission so much as it is an "opening". Basicallly, after 15-30 minutes (or however long it takes) of listening to the spirits that are with you & delving int your energy, Cynthia begins to feel the energy around you slow down and open up.  When this happens, it is a signal to her that it is time for you & her to "shift gears" and move into the second major part of the reading.....   

 PART 2:  YOU ASK QUESTIONS, DISCUSS, DIALOGUE WITH REV. DR. CYNTHIA & THE SPIRITS.....This is the second and last part of your reading, and will last for whatever amount of time remains after first part.  And yes, sometimes these two parts do overlap!  Either way, your reading is usuall about 60 minutes up to an hour & fifteen minutes. 

     After the energy shifts in the reading towards a more open & conversational awareness, you can begin dialoguing with Rev. Dr. Cynthia (and the spirits) about your reading.  During this part of the session, you can ask whatever questions you like and share feedback.  In order to be sure that there is adequate time to cover your most pressing issues, we do recommend that you ask your most important question near the beginning of this part, rather than waiting towards the end.  When it comes to asking questions, don't be shy!  It's your reading, so you have a right (and a responbility) to express what you would like to know.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia can't alway get the answer to everything, but she will try her best for you!   

          Also, we would like to say here that it is not at all unusual to find that all of your original questions have ALREADY been answered by the time that you get to this part of the reading (and then some!).  So it is entirely possible that you may not know exactly what to ask at this time.  If so, Rev. Dr.  Cynthia may ask you if there is a particular part of what has been covered so far (or an area of life) that you would ike to know more about.  Then you can proceed more in-depth into that area (or areas).

          However it happens for you, know that this second portion of the reading is a good time to ask questions (if you still have any left).  It is also a good time to cry or release any emotions that may have been stirred up by the reading, or to just sit quietly with what you have heard for a few minutes in the silence.  

         Whatever you need to do at this time is fine.  Cynthia just asks that you relax and allow the process to happen on its own, rather than trying to control things or make them go a certain way.  This state of “letting go” will allow you to thoroughly integrate the information you have received and to get centered in peace & calm.

              After a few minutes for asking questions and getting centered, your session will then end with a brief moment of silent prayers of gratitude & appreciation.  Then you and Rev. Dr. Cynthia will both come back to a state of ordinary physical awareness.  That's it!

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