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Hello beautiful soul!  If you are interested in scheduling a spiritual psychic reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia, then you have come to the right place!
              The spiritual psychic reading  is a unique and in-depth spiritual psychic based reading that Cynthia offers to help you gain clarity, make sense of your life, get inspired, and connect with your angels and spirit guides.  It is not just a "reading", but for most people is truly a life-changing experience.  Readings are conducted via telephone (or Facebook chat or MP3 download).  For info about the possibility of a special, in-person reading, please click here.
This kind of reading can help you to get clarity, guidance, and inspiration in just about any area of life, including, but not limited to, spirituality, life purpose, relationships, career, finances, marriage, romance, children, family issues, business, creativity.   This kind of reading can be particularly helpful if you are at CROSSROADS in your life, facing a major decision, or hoping to make a signficant transition or change in your life.
For those who are more spiritually-inclined, channeled readings are also available to help you focus on connecting with your life purpose and communing more deeply with your higher self, spiritual guides, and higher spiritual purpose for being here and in your current life scenario. 
This is also a good reading to have to help open yourself further to communication with your spirit guides and angels, and activate your own psychic, intuitive, channeling and mediumship skills (should any of these be of interest to you).  Occasionally, messages from past-on loved ones will come through in the Spiritual Psychic readings too.  (If you desire to focus exclusively on making contact with a passed-on loved one in your reading, you should check out the info on Mediumship Readings on this site.)   
Please note that these are not mere "entertainment readings".  If you are wanting merely to be "entertained", then this is *not* the kind of reading for you.  You will appreciate & enjoy this kind of reading best if you are a person who is truly seeking for answers and guidance or to connect with the spiritual world.   A spirit of curiosity and adventure when approaching this process is useful.  However, you do also need to understand that this is a *serious* undertaking, and that the answers you receive are likely to be quite deep and meaningful, and possibly *life-changing*.   
        (In the words of one recent reading client who was literally *stunned* by the experience & level of information she received in her reading, "This was so much more than what I expected!")
     If this sounds good to you, and you are still feeling led to have a reading with Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia, then please continue reading to learn how to reserve your session.
Note:  The following information is regarding telephone readings with Rev. Dr. Cynthia (which are her usual, standard readings, and the kind that she prefers to do).  This information also applies to the Facebook chat and MP3 download readings.  If you are inquiring about special, in-person readings, you should CLICK HERE instead.                    
The fee for a standard Spiritual Psychic Phone Reading or Facebook chat/MP3 reading with Cynthia is $225.  This is for a session that is about 60 minutes long (up to 75 minutes for first session). If a session goes over the allotted 60 minutes (75 for first-time) then "overtime fees" apply (see below for more info.) This cost includes your reading, plus a complimentary CD recording of the reading for phone readings.
              To schedule a reading with Cynthia from this site, all you need to do is complete the simple "Reading Reservation Form", and then pay for your reading via credit or debit card.  The entire process usually takes 5 minutes or less. 
Once you reserve & pay for your reading, Cynthia or a member of her team will contact you via e-mail or telephone within 1-2 business days to schedule your session.  It will usually be about 2 weeks from the time you reserve & pay for your session to the time you actually have your reading (however, occassionally Cynthia can get you in sooner, and if she can, she will...a lot of it depends on how flexible *your* schedule is). 
            If you have questions about scheduling a reading, or need help getting registered, please e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com. When e-mailing, please put something like "reading scheduling question" in the subject line.  You may also call 316-347-9481 if you need help reserving your reading or have questions about it.  (When calling, if you get the voicemail, please do leave a detailed message with your name, number, what your question is or what you need help with on the registration, and possibly your e-mail too in case we are unable to reach you via telephone.)  Thank you, and Cynthia looks forward to doing your reading soon and helping you to get the sublime guidance & inspiration you seek!
"Overtime Fee" info (it is unlikely that this will apply for you, as Cynthia does not usually have time to do "overtime" readings", but if it does, here is what to expect): 
        If your session runs over the allotted time of 60 minutes (75 minutes for first time session), then an "overtime fee" will be charged in increments of $50 for each extra fifteen minutes, minimum fee of $50 for any amount of overtime, even it if is under 15 minutes.  Cynthia prefers to end the session right at about 1 hour (up to 1 hour & fifteen minutes for first time clients).  However, if you insist on having an extended session, then these additional fees will apply.
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For more information about scheduling & to view Cynthia's schedule of possible reading slots for the month, please click here. 

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