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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Courage-Spiritual Theme for 2019


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

January 10th, 2019




      Dear Psychic Friends, hello there!  Tonight I tuned into my main spirit guides, the Atlantean Teachers, and asked them if they would deliver a channeled message regarding the spiritual theme or lesson for the year.  Here is the message that I received directly from them:


       “COURAGE.  Courage is the keynote of the year.  Courage to step out on new paths, take risks and carve out new experiences and niches for yourself.  Courage to step up and out and answer your calling.  No excuses anymore—you can do this!  Relax.  You don’t have to be afraid. 


     At the start of this new cycle, you may still be feeling a sense of fear, loss or lack from before.  Gradually, your past struggles will be converted to fuel for new inspiration.  Out of your need will come the impetus to change, and out of your challenges and constrictions will come that deep desire to breakthrough and excel. 

     And breakthrough you will—if you choose COURAGE, the courage to change and do things DIFFERENTLY than you ever have before, the courage to step out and live your higher purpose.   Courage is a crucible that will re-make and reform you, and it will re-make and re-form your life, if you are willing to give yourself over to it and to sail out into uncharted territory.”


Companion Affirmations:


—I choose COURAGE.  I now boldly step out and step up my game.  I answer the call.


—I choose to approach life with a spirit of openness, curiosity, and adventure.


—I face each day with a spirit of courage, knowing that my strength comes from the Divine within me.


—From deep within, I now find the courage to _____________  (whatever it is you have been afraid of doing before but feel called to do).


—Whatever happens today, whatever struggles or triumphs I may face, I face them courageously, and with the heart of a spiritual warrior.


—I choose courage over fear, faith over hopelessness.


—I now bravely embrace my higher destiny, and live, love and serve with courage.


      Hope you enjoyed this channeled message & its companion affirmations that I brought through for you for 2019!  May you & yours be blessed in the year ahead, and may you find the COURAGE to shape and create the life that you seek in 2019.


Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia (Cynthia Killion)



10:45 pm cst 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Using a Divination Tool to Boost Your Natural Psychic Gifts



By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 

Dec 30, 2018 



      DEAR FRIENDS, I’ve been enjoying my annual month long holiday reading break, which will soon be over.  (I’m back to readings starting January 5th and after.)  This is the time each year that I rest my gift a bit (by not doing readings for others) and give my psychic battery time to re-charge.  Even though I do take the month of December off from doing formal readings for others, I don’t stop tuning into the energies or getting guidance for myself.  In fact, I usually spend MORE time than usual meditating, tuning into the energies and opening to the guides when I am on this annual reading break.  I also usually use this time to practice & brush up on one or two divination tools.


Since one of my goals for 2019 was to reacquaint myself with the runes and begun reading on them again, I have focused much of my free time during this holiday break on learning the runes and doing practice readings for myself and my closest friends and family only. 


In case you aren’t familiar with the runes, the runes are both an ancient system of writing and a divination & magical system used by the pre-Christian northern Europeans.  The system evolved over several hundreds (if not thousands) of years.  The end result was a magical alphabet used both for writing and divination with 24 different characters, plus an optional blank rune for divination purposes.  When used for divination (or psychic reading), the runic symbols are usually etched onto wood chips or stone. 


Many people associate casting the runes (as it is called when you do a runic reading) with the ancient Vikings.  However, the alphabet itself most likely goes back MUCH further than the Viking age, and many scholars now believe that the runes have their origination point in ancient Greece.  (The city of Troy, to be precise.)  Of course, when you are dealing with a divination system of such great antiquity, no one can really know for sure when or where it began.


The runes were actually the first divination system that I learned to do readings on way back in the day (way back in the day in THIS lifetime).  Learning (and mastering) a divination tool was a requirement of my early earth-based spirituality training.  I was no good at shuffling at the time, so the Tarot was out of the question.  (Luckily, my shuffling skills have improved since then.)  I also began studying astrology at around that same time, but that takes quite a while to become proficient enough to begin doing readings for others (years, actually).  It seemed to me back then that the runes were my obvious ticket for advancing quickly on the magical and psychic path.  Besides, there are only 24 runes (25 if you read the blank rune).  That seemed a whole lot more doable to me at the time than learning the meaning of 78 tarot cards!


Since I first worked with the runes so many years ago, I have progressed on my personal psychic and spiritual path, and learned to read with several other divination systems.  In fact, the more I developed on my personal spiritual psychic path, the less and less I found I needed divination tools to read for others.  Most of the readings I do now for clients do NOT include the use of a divination tool.  Not that I am opposed to using divination tools in readings—not at all!  In fact, some of the best psychics and mediums that I have ever known used a divination tool as part of their readings, and in no way did I feel that it took away from their awesomeness as a psychic.


I personally only use a divination tool in a formal reading when I feel it is needed to introduce another layer of meaning into the reading, AND when I feel that it will not be confusing or distracting to the client.  And of course, I use astrology (technically, a divination system) to do the reading when clients specifically request an astrological reading.  Also, if a client specifically requests it, I will also use tarot, the I-Ching or the runes in the reading.  (Depending on which one she requests of course—these systems have very different energies, so generally they should not be mixed with each other in the same reading.)


Of course, I enjoy being able to do a reading for another person going only on my gut-instinct and natural psychic awareness.  After all, that’s mostly what I do when I read for others!  (Well, that and open to spirit guides, angels and passed-on loved ones.)  An experienced psychic seer doesn’t usually require any tool to read on in order to do an excellent reading.  However, if an advanced psychic seer masters (or even, just becomes proficient with) an ancient and powerful divination system such as the runes (or the Tarot to the astrology), well, then how much more DEPTH, accuracy, and meaning her (or his) readings will have. 


For the beginner (as I once was those many years ago), the divination tool is a primer or a pump to get the stagnant psychic juices flowing.  But for the advanced psychic (whose psychic juices are already flowing quite well) the divination tool is a gateway to greater meaning and depth.  In the hands of a beginner or baby psychic, the divination tool initiates the psychic conversation and keeps it flowing.  In the hands of an experienced psychic, the use of a divination tool is more of a two-way conversation, and adds subtle layers of meaning and communication.  For both the beginner & experienced psychic alike, the use of a divination tool in a reading holds the potential of opening pathways of guidance and communication that would otherwise not be accessible.


This is why I continue to practice and hone my skill with various divination tools, even though technically I don’t require a divination tool to do a reading.  (Goddess knows I have done THOUSANDS of psychic and psychic medium readings without the use of any tool whatsoever throughout the years.)  I find that the study and use of a divination tool really keeps me sharp and clear as a psychic, and helps me to access layers of psychic meaning & information that I otherwise wouldn’t have the pathways to reach.


Wherever you are at on YOUR journey of psychic awakening and mastery, learning & working with a divination tool is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your psychic & intuitive awareness.  Sure, it takes some time and effort to truly learn a complex divination system such as the runes, the tarot, or astrology.  But it is well worth the effort!  Even more experienced psychics and psychic students can benefit from delving deeply into a divination system, for each of the major divination systems holds unique energies and ideas that can be accessed more easily by reading with that system.


If one of YOUR own personal goals in the year or cycle ahead is to be more psychic or awaken more of your psychic potential, then I would greatly encourage you to begin learning and regularly working with a divination tool of your choice.  You might be surprised at how much easier the psychic insights begin to flow for you once you are in the practice of using a divination tool to regularly open to guidance! 

10:02 pm cst 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sagittarius New Moon Cycle






By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  (Psychic Cynthia)  12-13-2018

With this shift from the Scorpio new moon cycle into the SAGITTARIUS new moon cycle, we are now rising up from the depths of the self and looking towards the heavens.   Who has time for grudges & unforgiveness now?  Like the Archer of Sagittarius, we have our sights set on something higher and beyond the ordinary—and that means leaving emotional baggage behind to embrace the spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical realms.

We’ve had enough of heavy emotions or brooding, and we are ready to cast the cares of the world aside and go adventuring and seeking on a QUEST.  For Sagittarius is the sign of the spiritual truth seeker, the quester, and the adventurer.  What will YOU seek for in the next few weeks ahead?

Along with the quest comes the desire to learn and grow.  This is also partnered with the desire to take a voyage or travel across a long distance, to enter into and immerse one’s self in a foreign culture for the purpose of learning & growing.  It is perfectly natural to desire to leave home at this time, for new experiences are the order of the day, especially new experiences in new locations.   

Keep in mind that in the ancient days when astrology was first emerging, teachers and centers of learning were few and far between.  One often had to leave one’s homeland and travel to a foreign place in order to learn the higher wisdom.  In our current day and age, we do not have to go to Alexandria to read the sacred texts of the world.  Indeed, in our times, much wisdom & knowledge is as accessible as the stroke of a keyboard or the ordering of a book on Amazon.  Although physical travel is no longer required to access many of the ancient teachings, in order to absorb what we read or hear, we must travel in our consciousness and we must not be afraid to enter into a new place INTERNALLY.

For whether we travel by air or car our in the mind, in order to learn and grow, you must still be willing to leave home and to set off on a journey.  Leaving behind the familiar and the usual way of doing things is the key to opening to higher knowledge.  At the very least, one must be willing to set aside the focus on the mundane or the emotional for a little while and entire into the realm of knowledge, questing, and experimenting.  It’s all about the ADVENTURE.  Ironically, the best adventures occur when you are willing to set down your emotional baggage and approach life as if you had nothing at all to lose.


The plus side of this Sagittarius new moon cycle is that it carries an expansive, light-hearted and uplifting energy that can propel you to explore and branch out into higher ways of being.  The sense of faith, hope and trust is stronger when we are under the influence of Sagittarius.  It is easier to cut loose and try new things and have fun & adventures now!

The main downside of this Sagittarius new moon cycle is the tendency to over-extend one’s self by trying to do too many things at once, or by biting off a project, expense or scenario that is more than we can reasonably chew (so to speak) at the time.  A sense of proportion and balance is usually lacking when we are under the influence of Sagittarius.  The tendency is more towards over-indulgence than moderation right now.   The spirit of kindness & generosity is quite high at the moment—but so is the desire to overspend and over-eat.

One of the best things you can do for yourself during this Sagittarius new moon cycle is to set aside regular time to get grounded and re-charge yourself physically and spiritually. 

This current Sagittarius new moon cycle officially runs from December 7th 2018 through January 5th 2019.  (Or December 9th through January 8th, if you count from first crescent to first crescent, like I do.)

The energies of Sagittarius are particularly happy, bright and uplifting from now until December 21st, while the sun is still in Sagittarius.   This first part of the Sagittarius new moon cycle is a very cheery & hopeful time—however, you may feel a bit restless or scattered during this first phase of the Sag new moon cycle, while the Sag energies are particularly strong.

The sun enters Capricorn on December 21st, marking the second phase of this year’s Sagittarius new moon cycle.  At this time, the energies of Sagittarius begin blending with the energies of Capricorn just a bit, and you may find yourself seriously contemplating your higher purpose or life path from this time onward into January.  You may also begin to feel a bit like an old soul at this time.  You are still dreaming of questing and adventuring but in this second phase of the Sag new moon cycle, you may begin to search for ways to enter into more “serious” forms of questing—such as considering undertaking a formal program of study or making long-term plans for the future. 

This FIRST phase of this Sagittarius new moon cycle is an excellent time for having fun and adventuring, and focusing on your higher aspirations, as well as the spiritual & visionary realms.  (Basically, from now up until December 21st.)  It’s not so easy to focus on your worldly “to do” list when we are so strongly under the influence of Sagittarius, as the Archer in you cares more about adventure & experiences than it does dollars or deadlines.  Therefore, if you can, take some time off to have an adventure between now and the solstice, even if it is just a small afternoon adventure such as attending a special class or holiday gathering.    

However, once the SECOND phase of this cycle begins (from December 21st onward), you will gradually find yourself becoming more focused & disciplined again with each passing day.  You’ll still carry some of that bright & hopeful energy of Sagittarius with you—only now, you’ll be looking to pour your higher spiritual light into some kind tangible project, goal, or worldly quest.  The merging of the Sagittarius new moon cycle with the Capricorn sun is one of the most beautiful unions of all, for it can lead to GROUNDED INSPIRATION.

The next new moon (in Capricorn) will be on January 5th 2019.  Which means that you have at least until then to enjoy the spacious, expansive, and uplifting vibes of this current Sagittarius new moon cycle!

PLEASE NOTE:  For more info about how I personally honor & mark my lunar rebirth each month, see my additional comments below.



This current Sagittarius new moon cycle officially runs from December 7th 2018 (December 6th in Pacific time zone) through January 5th 2019.  December 7th was the actual date of our most recent new moon in Sagittarius, and January 5th is the date of the NEXT new moon (in Capricorn).  By “new moon” here, I mean the exact moment when the sun & the moon are conjunct, and the moon is invisible from the earth’s vantage point. This new moon occurs about every 28 ½ days and it marks the zero point of lunar energies for the month. 

From the time of the new moon forward, the lunar energies continue to grow until they reach their pinnacle about two weeks later, at the time of the FULL moon.  Then, from the full moon onward, the lunar energies begin to decrease again, with less and less of the moon being visible in the night sky, until once again we come to the new moon (about two weeks after the full moon).

To get more of a sense of how the moon grows and decreases throughout the month (also called waxing and waning), check out one of the moon tables here at the following link:  https://www.calendar-12.com/moon_calendar/2018/december

The new moon is typically considered the beginning of the lunar month, as it marks the zero-point of lunar visibility.  However, I myself mark my lunar months from first crescent to first crescent.  The first crescent is when the moon first appears in the sky after several days of lunar darkness (right around the time of the new moon).   That means that for this current lunar cycle, the dates of first crescent to first crescent would be December 9th through January 8th.

 I feel that while the actual moment of the new moon is the time when the cosmic re-set button is hit each month, it is when the first crescent appears in the sky about 3 nights AFTER the new moon when the real rebirth occurs for the month.  This is when we usually are ready to get moving again and be active in a more obvious way.  It is almost as if the new moon is our spiritual conception for the month, whereas the time of the first crescent is the actual birth.

This month’s new moon in Sagittarius was late evening on December 6th (for those in the Pacific time zone) or very early morning December 7th (just an hour or two after midnight) for those in the Central or Eastern time zone.  The first crescent was about 3 days later, on the evening of December 9th.   At the time of the new moon, the moon is still invisible from the earth’s vantage point for a few more days yet, symbolizing our own need to continue to work behind the scenes and simmer and re-generate for a little while longer.  Then as the moon’s light returns back to visibility, we too feel the energy and light stirring within us again, and are ready to step back into action and get moving on our goals, dreams, and objectives for the next few weeks ahead.


If you have not yet already done so already, this is an excellent time to think about what it is you would like to accomplish in the next few weeks, and to set some short-term goals for this lunar month ahead.  These goals can be in any area of life that you wish.  However, it is always good to find a way to incorporate the spiritual psychic realm into at least one of your goals for the month ahead.  (For in doing so, you help ensure your continued future growth on this path.)  


In terms of your more temporal world goals and “getting stuff done”, when setting your goals for a new moon cycle, it is helpful to keep your goals reasonable and realistic as to what can be accomplished in a 3-4 week period.  (I say 3-4 weeks, and not 4, because I believe that whenever possible, we should accomplish what we are going to earlier on in the cycle, and then leave the last week of the cycle for resting & recuperating if we can—or at least a few days.) 

          Of course, the beginning of a new moon cycle is also a SPIRITUAL rebirth, and thus it is a good time to plant new seeds of higher consciousness within yourself.  Affirmations can be particularly useful for helping you stay positive and uplifted and tuned into the higher aspects of your soul.  It is for this reason that I often e-mail out a New Moon Affirmation Booklet for my clients, friends, and supporters around the time of the first crescent each month. 

There are MANY affirmations that might be helpful & appropriate for using during the Sagittarius moon cycle—here are just a few examples:


—I throw caution to the wind and embrace my quest now.  I am ready and I am willing, and I answer the call now.  All that I need to walk on my higher path is provided for me now.

—I choose to embody a positive and uplifting mental energy now.  My words, thoughts & actions are delightful & inspiring!

—I live by faith, not by sight.  I am willing to take the leap and trust that the Universe will catch me.

—I open to the healing, unconditional love of the angels and guides.  I need never feel alone, for I am encircled and enfolded in the highest kind of love.

—I am a benevolent and infinite spiritual being, bestowing love, caring, kindness, & understanding wherever I go.  I love myself and others unconditionally, with no strings attached.

—I listen to and answer my inner call, and let it guide me to a new way of working, serving and living.


11:03 pm cst 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Venus Direct (Venus Retrograde)

VENUS DIRECT--a Return of Peace & Harmony

(but it takes a little while longer yet

for the Cosmos to sort itself back out)


Pioneer Venus


DEAR FRIENDS, Venus is now back direct (as of November 16th), paving the way for smoother & more harmonious relationships, finances, and creative expressions in the weeks & months ahead.  However, after ANY retrograde, it does take the Universe a little while to re-arrange itself back to a smoother energy state.  (As retrogrades literally ruffle the feathers of the Cosmic Bird.  Especially retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, or Mars.)  So there may still be a bit of strain on relationships, finances, and your over-all state of well-being for a little while yet. 

Still, overall, there is a lightening of the energies that increases more and more with each passing day, now that Venus has gone back direct.  And the energies will become even brighter and lighter after December 18th when Venus finally moves past its post-retrograde shadow.

This brightening of energies that is now occurring (now that Venus is back direct) has the effect of harmonizing and smoothing social relations, which in turn can assist you with improving your financial picture and moving forward with career and creative projects.  For almost all things in life flow better and easier when we relate harmoniously with others.  And of course, harmonious social relations usually begins with right relation to SELF, which hopefully is something that is also improving for you as these energies shift to a lighter & brighter space.

With each passing day, you might feel your mood lifting just a little bit more, and you could find that you are more hopeful and optimistic about your relationships, finances, or creative endeavors.  At the very least, you will likely feel a little less confrontational or defensive than you previously did.  Any insecurities you were feeling just a short time ago about your relationships, finances, talents, or creations, will soon begin to calm themselves down a bit, gradually being replaced by a more positive and warm feeling.  And this positive, warm and feel-good feeling will likely increase even more once Venus finally moves out of its post-retrograde shadow on December 18th.

Now that Venus has gone back direct, any sharp edges of criticism, resentment, and gloominess can start to smooth themselves out again.  In other words, it’s as if the inner bitch takes a chill pill and calms the heck down again! 


It’s my observation that when Venus goes retrograde, it tends to unleash the inner bitch.  (As opposed to when Mercury goes retrograde, which although annoying, is usually a bit more low-key on the emotional scale, and only unleashes the inner grump or the inner mope.)  Not that the inner bitch doesn’t have a valuable place in the cosmic design—she certainly does!  

After all, who else would stand up and let us know when we’ve allowed ourselves to get walked on by others or neglected our own dreams in the name of caretaking or love?  Who else but the inner bitch knows how to pout and scream and get our attention when we’ve given our power away and need to take it back?  Who else would remind us that we’ve been neglecting ourselves for another, and maybe just sometimes we need to take a break and care for the SELF?

These are jobs and roles that the inner bitch plays well in the cosmic design, especially when she is being activated by Venus retrograde (or the post-retrograde tremors of Venus).  She is a part that is within us all, male or female.  Even though she doesn’t have much tact and is often harsh and critical, she does do a good job of letting us know when boundaries need to be adjusted or honored more fully, or when a situation needs to be addressed in a more direct & head-on way. 

Women in particular in our society spend a lot of time just “grinning and bearing it” (whatever it might be).  Men too have things that they feel they must “grin and bear”.  But when Venus is in retrograde and unleashes the inner bitch, the shackles that hold our inner irritation and suffering in place are released, and we find that we can’t just “grin and bear it” anymore—whatever it is.

Hidden deep within the inner bitch is the Inner Goddess.  The Inner Goddess is the divine feminine part of ourselves (female or male) that exudes a powerful magnetic vibe that literally draws to her all that is her heart’s truest desire and all that YOU truly need for your soul’s journey.  We can more easily access the Inner Goddess when we listen to what the inner bitch has to tell us, and we honor her feelings by taking better care of ourselves and not waiting for others to give us “permission” or support to follow our dreams.

During this most recent Venus retrograde cycle, what was YOUR inner bitch grumbling to you about?  Where was she telling you that you need to take better care of yourself or focus more on your dreams?  Who was she telling you that you might need to stand up to or have a “boundary setting” conversation with?   Just because you listen to your inner bitch doesn’t mean you have to act like a bitch.   But listening to her and honoring what she has to say is an important part of reclaiming your power and becoming the Inner Goddess that you already are inside.    



2:16 pm cst 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mars Retrograde Reprint & Update

COSMIC UPDATE from Cynthia--July 16th 2018

(Plus a Reprint from June 27th 2018 re: Mars Retrograde) 

 The Summer Energies are really HEATING UP!

With three eclipses this summer, plus SEVERAL planets in retrograde at once (including Mars, and very soon, Mercury too), we are in a time of INTENSE cosmic shift.

To learn more about the effects of eclipses, you can refer to Cynthia's article on this site--CLICK HERE. 

(If there are still openings at the time you are reading, you can also get to the page to enroll in Cynthia's group eclipse teleclass from this eclipse article page.)

Solar eclipse



       With Mars retrograde (and Mercury soon to follow), not to mention some extremely powerful eclipses, each day brings a new surprise this summer--some will delight, other surprises will not be as welcome!  For we are in a time of cosmic shift and re-arranging, a time of releasing and letting go.  Don't fight the release, instead, lean into and let go and allow!

   For whether the changes and shifts you experience this summer feel pleasant or unpleasant at the moment, know that each and everyone of these shifts you are experiencing right now provide an opportunity for SOUL GROWTH & ADVANCEMENT.  And as a result of these powerful shifts, when it is all said and done, you will never be the same again!  So let's align our minds & intentions with the positive energies of the Universe, and concentrate on loving, hopeful and uplifting thoughts, so that we may arise from the fires of transformation stronger and more beautiful than ever before!  Namaste.

      For more info about these powerful shifts this summer (and at other times too), please subscribe to my Cosmic Newsletter, and/or follow me on FB.  (I"m listed as Cynthia Killion, Psychic Cynthia.)  Below you will find a re-print of an article I wrote for my Cosmic Newsletter subscribers back on June 26th 2018 about MARS retrograde.  




 MARS RETROGRADE (June 26th-Aug 27th 2018) 

Time to Get Your Zen On!

(Reprint from Cosmic Newsletter June 27th 2018)

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


QUICK PREVIEW of this edition:   Mars began its retrograde yesterday (June 26th 2018) and stays in retrograde up until August 27th 2018.  (Which is why, try as I did, I just couldn’t this newsletter done in a timely manner yesterday—those retrograde energies hit me hard.)  Did I mention too that with Mars going retrograde, we now under the rays of FIVE retrograde planets simultaneously?  Perhaps it is a good time to lay down and take a nap for a little while, lol.  In any case, with Mars now retrograde until August 27th, these next 9 weeks are good for reviewing and reconsidering the path that you are on, and slowing down and taking some time to get re-charged and renewed.  Please keep reading below for more info. 


One more thing--Please keep in mind that this is MARS retrograde we are talking about here, and not Mercury retrograde (that will start in about another month).  This Mars retrograde only happens about every two years, so it is an important shift with many effects on our day to day lives, and is worth looking into. 

         Dear Friends, hello there.  I started writing on this for you early in the afternoon on Tuesday, right before Mars was about ready to go retrograde.  I figured that the writing of this newsletter would go the same as it usually does—that is, with me sitting down at my computer and basically pounding/channeling the whole thing out in an hour or two at once.  Man, did I figure wrong!   I don’t think I’ve EVER been so easily distracted while writing a newsletter before.  (And that’s saying a lot, since I’ve been writing this on-line newsletter since 2001.)  Not to mention, I had planned to start on the newsletter much earlier in the day, but found that I was more interested in tending to my garden or taking a nap—I just couldn’t seem to focus well on the somewhat left-brain activity of writing.  For that matter, I couldn’t seem to focus well on much of ANY activity.  I felt a bit like a slug! (Very unusual for me.)

       What can I say?  I was REALLY feeling the Mars retrograde energies.  My cats and parrots weren’t helping much either, as they were all laying around taking naps for most of the afternoon.  They really know how to set a sleepy vibe.  Did I mention too that we had a surprise rain in the middle of all of this?  (Nothing like a summer rainstorm to lull you away from your work.)   Motivation was very slow in coming to me.  I didn’t exactly feel “down”.  But I certainly didn’t feel UP either!

          Today is better, as I seem to have given myself permission to lean into it and just move with the energies.  In fact, I decided this morning that with all these retrogrades happening right now, it is as good of a time as any to go ahead and take a summer stay-cation and get myself recharged and rested up.  (Sure, I’ll still work a little on the staycation, but mostly in the background and doing solo preparatory tasks—no readings, classes or formal meetings for the next week or so.)  This is my way of cutting myself a little slack—something that I feel is very much needed at this time of Mars retrograde, when energies, vitality, and motivation tend to run lower than normal.

          For with all these retrogrades happening at once (and especially with Mars, the planet of action & momentum in retrograde), it seems to be the time to get your Zen on and relax a little.  Just like my friend Smokey is doing here in the photo below, he is who is master of the Zen art of relaxing and going with the flow.

 The Path is Not Straight or Clear Right Now

 (So be patient and yield to the flow)

          What about YOU?  Did you feel it?  Did you feel a little bit more sluggish or slow moving than usual on last Tuesday when Mars went retrograde?  Did your motivation to get stuff done seem lower than usual?  Or perhaps you are feeling it TODAY, after the Mars retrograde has had some time to officially be in effect.  Mars may not go retrograde as often as Mercury, but its effects can be just as powerful!  In fact, some may say even MORE powerful.

          Mars represents the cosmic path of ACTION and chasing after it and getting it done.  (Whatever it is.)  Mars seeks the most direct and effective route to achieving what one desires.  But when Mars is in retrograde, the correct path of action is not so easily discernable, and there may be dangers along the way.  (Not the least of which is losing your cool and throwing a tantrum or rushing ahead carelessly or sloppily.) 

          Mars retrograde tends to increase the SHADOW side of Mars.  Which means we might find ourselves more easily becoming impatient, angry, tempermental, aggressive or even demanding.  (Think inner child—or inner brat, depending on how you want to look at it.)  Or we could go the opposite way, and find ourselves stalking off and passive-aggressively sulking in the corner. 

Somewhere between these two extremes, there is a healthy balance point that allows the feelings to come up and be released without laying total waste to your relationships, reputation and life.

 WHAT TO EXPECT (during Mars retrograde)

 -Lowered vitality or energy, possibly increased sluggishness

 -Lack of motivation or steam--except when it comes to things that REALLY bring you pleasure (smile)

 -Stuff just takes LONGER to get done

 -Increased detours, delays, obstacles, construction & re-construction

 -Buried anger & tempers suddenly erupting unexpectedly

 -Increased sense of dissatisfaction, frustration or restlessness—feeling that something just MUST be done to make improvement, but not knowing what that is

 -Not everyone will be on board with “your” agenda (unless it is an agenda that is really more about our, we or us)

 -Temper tantrums and outbursts backfire during this time—and the one who is the aggressor or overly pushy usually LOSES during Mars retrograde

       The people who have the most frustrations during Mars retrograde are usually the Type A “real go-getters”.  You know, the ones who just love and love to “get things done” and keep the momentum rolling along, moving from one new thing to the next.  Wait a moment.  Did I just basically describe our entire modern society?  You bet I did!  Thank Goddess for Mars (and Mercury) retrogrades, as they remind us to slow down and smell the roses every so often.

        This period of Mars retrograde is NOT so good for charging ahead excitedly into new projects or completely new experiences, as Mars is the planet of physical energy, and energy, motivation and vitality will most likely be lower than normal during this time.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything at all for the next 9 weeks or so.  It simply means that it would be best to PRIORITIZE right now and whenever possible, stick to those projects and plans that were set into motion before June 26th.  (Or at the very least, those projects & plans that you were already thinking about doing before that date.)

         Still, if you could lay low for a while, and cut yourself plenty of slack, that would be best.  Overall, now is not a time for pushing yourself too hard or trying to “make” things happen.  Instead, it is a time for leaning in closer to your soul and resting in your higher self for a little while.  As I said before, it is a great time for getting your Zen on. (smile)

         There is so much more I could say on this subject, and probably a whole lot more that would be of good use to you.  However, since I am about ready to start my Mars retrograde get replenished-staycation, I have to end this here for now.  But if you do want to know more about how you can best navigate this transit, let me refer you to the article on my website about Mars retrograde.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve updated this particular article, but the guidance still stands as good. If you are interested in learning more, here is where you go:  http://www.cynthiakillion.com/marsretrograde1.html


 Bright Blessings,

 Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 

1:07 pm cdt 

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(these are just a few of Cynthia's past selected writings...
for more, click on dates on top left, or go to Cynthia's "ARTICLE LIBRARY INDEX")

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See Cynthia's "Helpful Articles" page for more writing on psychic phenomenon & astrology

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