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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021-New Year, New Energies


2021 New Year, New Energies

by Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia


Welcome to this New Year of 2021! 

The energies in 2021 are quite a bit different than the energies for 2020.  For one thing, in 2021, we won’t be under the heavy & restrictive mantle of several planets in Capricorn any more.  For heavy karma, restrictions, and limitations are integral parts of the energy of Capricorn, and Goddess knows many of us felt and experienced this side of Capricorn in 2020.  So it will be good to be (mostly) leaving this energy influence behind for a little while, and it will be especially delightful to be freed of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. 

    In terms of collective energies, Capricorn is useful for giving us a reality check from time to time, and also exposing and bringing to the surface authoritarian or totalitarian influences.  (Both within ourselves, and others.)  Capricorn transits are also some of the very best for flushing out KARMA and helping us to grow by facing our limitations.  And many of us certainly did face limitations in 2020.  Hopefully we were able to grow somehow or learn something from dealing with those limitations in 2020, even if what we learned was simply how to maintain hope & optimism through difficult times.


Of course, the question that is on every one’s mind is will 2021 be better than 2020?

   I think that depends on how you are looking at it and at which level of reality you are speaking of.  In other words, are you looking at it in terms of what is going to happen in the physical world (in other words, actual events) OR are you looking at it from the emotional, spiritual or mental perspective?

If you are looking at the year ahead from the emotional, spiritual, or mental perspective, I would say that 2021 definitely holds the potential to be MUCH better than 2020, or at least, LIGHTER & MORE EXPANSIVE, more free & light-hearted, since we have more of an emphasis in the AIR signs in 2021 than we did in 2020. That is the good news, and it is very good news indeed!



Now, if you are looking at the year ahead in terms of larger geo-political or social events, and if you are wondering if governments will be better in 2021, or if people will be kinder to each other or more understanding and tolerant, well, let me just say that this is where it gets more complicated….

Although Air energy is definitely emphasized in 2021, there is a concentration of energy in the FIXED air sign of Aquarius, which happens to be forming a tense square aspect to Uranus in fixed & very dense earth sign Taurus. 

This kind of tense & stressful focus on fixed energies tends to bring forth greater STUBBORNESS, RIGIDITY, INFLEXIBLITY, and SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Definitely NOT the kind of energy that is particularly conducive to understanding, kindness, unity, or tolerance.  Furthermore, this is not a very peaceful or harmonious energy.

Due to this predominance of fixed sign energy, expect people in general to continue to butt heads in 2021 and to continue to vehemently disagree with each other when there are differences, rather than having calm, logical or peaceful discussions.  There is an aspect of the fixed sign energy that comes from the “my way or the highway” perspective, making it harder to find common ground at this time.

   This is not to say that peace & harmony are not possible in 2021, but rather that it will take conscious effort and work to achieve mental harmony & balance in 2021.  This is true for each of us as individuals, and it is even MORE true for our world as a collective.

If we are to minimize violence and dis-harmony in the outer world in 2021, then we must focus on making the effort to be flexible, gracious and understanding in our interactions with others, rather than being overly attached to being “right” or attempting to convert others to our point of view.

In the context of these energies, the highest goal that we can strive for in 2021 is to take charge of our own minds and choose to deliberately create peace & wisdom within, so that we may then move through the world with a deeper sense of humility, understanding and peace.  In this way, we can help to awaken the higher consciousness of the collective, and in doing so, create greater peace, harmony, and abundance in our own lives.



In 2021, we have a concentration of energies in the earth & air elements, especially air.  

Air energy is light, flowing, and conducive to mental breakthroughs, insights and fresh perspectives—at least, when it is gentle & circulating well.  Air can also be fierce and wild; it can become stagnant or stale if it doesn’t move enough or get to express itself enough.

In astrology, the air element is associated with communication, mental processes, thinking, thought forms and consciousness.  In particular, Aquarius (which is the air sign being most activated this year) is connected with the higher mind and higher thinking.  It embodies the flash of intuitive insight & sudden mental breakthroughs.  Aquarius is also associated with electricity, frequency and vibration….especially the frequency and vibration of human thought.    

In 2021, the emphasis on Air energy can bring us bright and brilliant insights with a breath of fresh air, OR it can leave us feeling unable to breathe or stuck breathing stale energies.  It all depends on your unique circumstances, and even more, it depends on how easily you express yourself on the mental level, and how balanced you are mentally & emotionally.

****This is a year to be mindful of the power of your thoughts, and more deliberate & conscious about which frequencies you are dialing into and what vibration you are subsequently giving off in this world as a result of your inner mental frequencies.****** 



There is tension this year between Saturn in airy Aquarius and Uranus in earthy Taurus.  While Aquarius is a free-spirited air sign, Taurus is a grounded & rooted earth sign.  Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius and is usually thought of as a free-spirit hippie or perhaps a passionate revolutionary.  But here in the earthy sign of Taurus, Uranus is charged with reform of a more practical nature, and must be responsible and figure out how to feed & clothe the people and how to keep the farms & gardens growing well. 

Change with Taurus is slow and steady, with tried & true methods being favored over experimental ones.  Whereas Saturn in Aquarius demands that we innovate, break out of ruts, and explore new possibilities for doing thing and new technologies. 

Taurus is resistant to change.  But then, Taurus is also good at doing what it does, which is feeding & nurturing us and ensuring our physical & material survival.  Aquarius longs to enhance life and free us from drudgery through technology and higher spiritual connection.  It may take time for the Taurus part to come around, but eventually Taurus & Aquarius might meet in the middle and realize that they share a common goal, which is the improvement of daily life for us all.   

This tension between earth & air in 2021 could impede or challenge our ability to express ourselves freely.  We may feel at times that we are being held back from being our true selves, or that we have to do certain things that we do not like or conform to a norm that we do not like, just in order to survive.

In particular, with Saturn in Aquarius, we may experience frustrations & limitations with our ability to communicate, travel, or feel limited in our ability to fulfil our higher purpose.

On the other hand, we may find Saturn in Aquarius to be an ally & helper, for Saturn here can bring focus, determination, and discipline to help with expressing yourself, fulfilling your purpose, and doing what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Uranus in Taurus could be a friend too, if we let it remind us of the need to stay grounded and honor our connection with nature.  Indeed, a new kind of revolution may be needed at this moment, one where we change our consciousness & thinking about our relationship with both nature and technology. 

Both Aquarius & Uranus have connections with metaphysics, higher science, humanitarianism, and technology, as well as astrology.  Tech will continue to be more of an issue in 2021—only instead of being looked at as something cool and cutting edge that is "fun", we will start to view tech more and more as something that has become necessary to earn an income or ensure survival. 

More on the energies of 2021 in subsequent Cosmic Newsletters.....Stay subscribed so that you get your regular updates. 

Bright Blessings!

9:12 pm cst 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Neptune Direct


Choose Psychic Inspiration

(rather than drowning in illusions)

Excerpted from 11-29-2020 Cosmic Newsletter 

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia 




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there.  I hope you had a lovely weekend, and a Happy Thanksgiving time too.  Neptune just went back DIRECT on this Saturday (as in, Nov 28th 2020) after having been retrograde since June 22nd. 

     This is mostly a positive shift for those of us on the spiritual psychic path, in that Neptune is the planet of psychicism, mediumship, mysticism, and spiritual connection.  With it having just gone direct, it is likely that you may re-discover a new sense of purpose & passion for your personal spiritual psychic path.


If you are musical, creative, or artistic, this could mark the beginning of a new major cycle of creative expression for you.  Perhaps recently you felt like you had hit an artistic or creative slump, or perhaps you’ve been experiencing writer’s block.  Well, with Neptune going back direct, it is likely that your creative slump is now over, and new inspiration will soon be on its way! 


Another up-side of Neptune going direct is that you can may find yourself more easily re-connecting back with your ideals & sense of spiritual focus.  Your capacity for compassion and tolerance may even increase.  You may also find your psychic perception enhanced in the next few weeks.  Perhaps you will even find it easier than before to connect with your Ancestors, angels & guides, and even UNDERSTAND the visions & signs they are giving you.


With this turn back to direct for Neptune, you may also find it easier than before to connect with Spirit, and to rely upon the Universe for your abundance, health, joy, and well-being.


On the other hand, the effects of Neptune going back direct could be very DIFFERENT for you if you aren’t very well GROUNDED at the moment, or if you have many unresolved emotional issues that you are AVOIDING rather than actively dealing with.

     For as wonderful as the planet Neptune is, it is the MOST un-grounded planet of all.  Its energies have a shadow side that can easily lead us down into the whirlpool of addiction, self-delusion, martyrdom or fantasy thinking.  When Neptune makes a turn (especially back to direct) it can be easy to see reality through a distorted lens, and especially easy to see people & things only how we WANT to see them, instead of how they actually are.


    If you can, RESIST the tendency to blame other people or outside forces for your own karmic challenges.  Resist the tendency to see yourself as a victim, or subject only to the outside world.  These are the possible DOWN-sides of Neptune going back direct.  You may momentarily find yourself wallowing in self-pity, or see yourself as a victim. 

     You could also be momentarily tempted to give your power away to someone or something else by over-idealizing that person (or cause) and putting them on a pedestal.  Please don’t.  That other person probably doesn’t want to be the star of your fantasy, and you won’t like how it ends for you anyway.  So keep your wits about you, and let your intuition & higher mind together lead you into greater clarity. 

     If you can, avoid the temptation to turn yourself into a martyr or sacrifice yourself for a relationship or cause.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t live other people’s karma for them, and you certainly can’t save them from being themselves.  If someone or something is draining your energy or taking from you without giving back somehow, it may be time to bless that person or thing, and move on.

    By the way, even if you personally ARE quite grounded & connected with your higher mind, you will need to be on the lookout in the next week or so for people trying to get you entangled in THEIR webs of self-illusion or victimization.  Again, be sure to keep your inner eye open, and be guided by your Higher Self.

   If you want to know more, you can check out the video forecast I did relating to this last week at:

       (The part about Neptune going direct starts around the 15 minute mark. However, you may want to watch it from the beginning, because the first half of the video is all about this weekend’s Gemini Lunar Eclipse.)  Hope you enjoyed this Cosmic update! 

Keep reading your Cosmic Newsletters for more updates like these! 

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9:10 pm cst 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Mercury Direct (but still in shadow)

Mercury is DIRECT & Out of Storm

(But Still in Shadow Until Nov 19th)

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

Friday, November 13th 2020

 Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there, and Happy Friday the 13th.  I hope your weekend is off to a magical start!  I know it’s been a beat or two since I’ve written you, a month, to be exact.  (What can I say?  I’ve been extremely immersed in teaching the new Rune Reader level 1 course during the last month or so.) 


Many cosmic shifts have happened in that time, but even more importantly, we’ve been in a time of MAJOR cosmic & astrological shifts for the last WEEK or two.  Here are a few thoughts on the shifts that I am feeling led to focus on & share about with you today….


Mercury is Now DIRECT & out-of-storm
(but remains in the Shadow)


Wow-what a DYNAMIC last week or two we have had!  (Energetically speaking)  Mercury went DIRECT on Nov 3rd, and then it left its post-retrograde storm on last Sunday (Nov 8th), basically marking the official end of the retrograde.  Although we’re not completely out from under the effects of this Mercury retrograde yet, for we are still in the post-retrograde SHADOW of Mercury retrograde until November 19th. 


The UP-side of having been in this recent Mercury Retrograde from Oct 13th to Nov 3rd (Nov 8th, if you count the after-storm) is that this has been an excellent time for facing our unfinished business on all levels, and going back and taking care of whatever that really needs to be faced & dealt with.  It’s also been a good time for revisiting our creative & spiritual passions, and diving back into what it is that really feeds us. 


That’s all the UP-side of Mercury retrograde.  And hopefully you took advantage of some of these positives during the last few weeks to regenerate, rebalance & rejuvenate yourself. 


Of course, there are many possible DRAWBACKS & CHALLENGES during the Mercury retrograde period, such as increased confusion, chaos, drama, delays, and miscommunication—not to mention, tech, transportation & appliance break-downs.  Sometimes there are more accidents too during Mercury retrograde.  (However, this can be easily avoided if we just slow down and are careful in what we are doing.)


In any case, the retrograde of Mercury is now officially OVER, and it is even out of its post-retrograde storm (as of Nov 8th), so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  We do however still have a bit of an energetic jet-lag in operation for a little while longer yet, with Mercury being in its post-retrograde SHADOW until Nov 19th.


There may still be some MAJOR chaos, confusion, or miscommunications yet during this time.  However, with each passing day, clarity and reason are returning in greater amounts. 


After November 19th (when Mercury finally leaves its post-retrograde shadow), many more things will become CRYSTAL CLEAR to you that were previously murky or uncertain.  This will be a good time for moving forward with dreams and goals, even if outer world obstacles still exist for you. 


Within every problem there exists an equal or greater opportunity, and when you have access to logic and a clear mind (as well as clear intuition), you can more easily find the opportunities, benefits, and gifts that are before you. 


Regardless of what outer world circumstances may be at the moment, regardless of the overall state of the world, you can move forward more easily when you have a clear mind and clear & open access to the wisdom of your higher self.  Such will be more the case after we leave the post-retrograde shadow of Mercury on November 19th.

1:48 pm cst 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mars Retrograde (Sept 9-Nov 13 2020)



MARS RETROGRADE Sept 9th-Nov 13th 2020: 

Lay down your sword & shield,

and rest and replenish yourself

By Psychic Cynthia (Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion)

Reprinted from 09-10-2020 Cosmic Newsletter


Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends and fellow Stargazers, greetings to you!  And happy Fall!  This is just a quick note to let you know that Mars went retrograde recently.  (Just to be clear, that is MARS we are talking about here, not Mercury.)

Since this is a retrograde that literally only happens every TWO YEARS, I wanted to be sure that you knew about it, so that you could best take advantage of this once-every-two-years energy shift.

This recent Mars retrograde started on September 9th and will continue until November 13th 2020. 




--Meditate, meditate, meditate. 

--Get a psychic or astrological reading, or have an acupuncture or Reiki session to strengthen & re-balance your energy field.

--Listen to relaxing music.  Drum, dance, stretch, move your body gently to help ground & center your energy field.  Walk often.

--Tie-up loose ends.  Deal with what you have been procrastinating dealing with but still needs to be done.

--Resurrect & pick back up old projects that you had previously set aside, but still see value in completing.

--Clean, re-organize & re-structure your existing home, life, & schedule.

--Reconnect back with old passions & interests.

--Review your health, diet, exercise & supplement routines—you may find you need EXTRA doses of energizing herbs, supplements or foods while Mars is in retrograde.  It is also a good time to get back on a GENTLE exercise routine.

--Give yourself permission to rest & sleep as needed (you may need more sleep when Mars is retrograde, or just extra times to sit and relax throughout the day).

--Cultivate patience, and the art of cheerfully waiting and/or being resilient and dealing with obstacles & challenges with a more POSITIVE attitude.


--Review what you have accomplished & created in your life during the last two years, since Mars was retrograde last time (back in June 26th to August 27th 2018). 

--Plan for & consider where you would LIKE to be in two years from now, when Mars goes retrograde again (Oct 31st 2022 through Jan 13th 2023).

--For some, it might be a good time to re-connect back with an old flame or love interest….but be careful about making any long-term plans with such a person right now, as you’ll need to wait until AFTER this retrograde is over to see if they plan on sticking around long-term.



This is our scheduled two-year Mars review, a time to take stock of what we have created and the actions we have taken (or not taken) in the last two years.  Rather than starting new things right way, this is a good time to reflect upon what you need to let go of, and to tend to CLEANSING on all levels. 

Even if you are planning on tackling a major new project soon, this is an excellent time to get RE-CENTERED and renewed before taking on anything new—definitely find your footing & clarify your priorities FIRST, before leaping off into the unknown.

Physical and etheric energy levels tend to be LOWER when Mars is in retrograde, so you need to conserve your energy for the next couple of months, and focus it towards those areas of life that matter the MOST, rather than trying to take on too much at once.

Now is the time to slow down and focus on repairing & rejuvenation of self and projects already started.  You don’t necessarily have to put your life on hold for the next two months, but you will need to use wisdom & patience when pursuing goals.  Most importantly, with energy levels being somewhat lower, you will need to PRIORITIZE and be wise & selective about where & how you channel your energy.



The astrological glyph or symbol for Mars is exactly the same as the universal symbol for male energy.  It contains a circle with a pointed arrow emerging out from the circle at a right-diagonal.  It is said that the circle of this symbol represents the SHIELD of the Roman warrior-god Mars, and the arrow represents his SPEAR. 

          When Mars is retrograde, it is time to LAY DOWN your spear (so to speak) and to rest from actively engaging in conflict or taking on new battles.  It is a better time for your inner warrior to return home for a bit of nourishing & replenishment, and to get yourself rested up and prepared for FUTURE battles & projects at a later date.

          When Mars is in retrograde (as it is now, and until November 13th), it is best to concentrate on being more sensitive to other people’s needs, and to focus more on cooperation & compromise, rather than engaging in conflict or trying to do things your own way without taking into consideration how it will affect others. 

Even if you do feel like taking on a battle with someone (which this is NOT the best time for), it is best to be courteous & honorable—as those who are overly aggressive or unnecessarily rude often experience an INSTANT karmic blowback during Mars retrograde.

Again, rather than getting entangled in a battle or power-struggle, it would be best for you to utilize this Mars retrograde period to get replenished & renewed, and to focus on taking care of long-standing projects that need to be resolved & finished up, so that you can move on to a NEW cycle after Mars turns back direct.

Creating a bunch of new karma won’t help you move towards a new cycle, so be mindful of your words & actions, and consciously practice kindness & self-restraint in the next couple of months!

          To learn more about this current Mars retrograde cycle we are in, I invite you to check out the special video I have created for you on this subject on my PsychicCynthia you-tube channel.

          If you would prefer to read (rather than listen) to this info, I have also put together a special transcript for you of this Mars retrograde video.  At 10 pages, it’s a bit long, but just like the video, it is VERY informative, and can help you to make the most out of this special time that only comes once every two years.

          You can access the video transcript in my google docs HERE.

          Hope you find this guidance on Mars retrograde helpful.  Here’s to a time of replenishment & tying-up loose ends so that we can all move forward to a new cycle soon!


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 


5:31 pm cdt 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mercury Direct (but still in storm)

Mercury Direct (but still in storm)

A Standstill, Followed by a Time of RE-ALIGNMENT

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

re-printed from 07-11-2020 Cosmic Newsletter




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there.  This is just a heads-up that Mercury will station DIRECT very early this Sunday morning, as in, on July 12th. (Here in central time zone, it's happening at 3:26 am.)

          When I say that Mercury will station direct, what that actually means is that the orbit of Mercury will slow down to such a point that it is barely moving at all, before starting to move in a more direct way about a week later.  For this reason, many of us astrologers often say “Station = a STANDSTILL of energies”. 


Indeed, there is usually some kind of standstill, stagnation or even a STAND-OFF right around the time that Mercury stations.  The days right around this time of Mercury stationing direct can feel as if you are in a state of SUSPENSION, neither here nor there in life, and not at all sure where you might be headed in the future.  Learning to dance with uncertainty is part of the energy of this shift.  Uncertainty can be approached with fear, OR it can be approached with more empowering emotions, such as curiosity, optimism, or faith.


No need to fear any of this though—for it is all just part of the passing sands of time.  Energy is always in a state of flux and change, and indeed, even when it feels stagnant (even when YOU feel that your life is stagnant), there is still change happening underneath the surface.  However, at times like these, the change may be happening so DEEPLY, that you might not notice it is happening at all.  Or perhaps the change is happening in such unexpected or unplanned areas, that you find yourself still not believing it is really happening.


If you have been struggling in any way lately, or if things seem pretty bleak or down at the moment—it is entirely possible (maybe even LIKELY) that things will begin to turn around for the better for you AFTER Mercury goes back direct, and especially after it leaves its post-retrograde storm on July 19th.  

At the very least, expect your MOOD to turn around for the better after Mercury goes back direct, and especially once the post-retrograde storm is over on July 19th.


    In the meantime, there may be a sense of DIS-ORIENTATION at this time, a feeling that you are living in more than one realm at once (which of course, you are).  The stations of Mercury (either direct or retrograde) tend to weaken psychic shields and open up psychic awareness.  In other words, this planetary movement has a very UN-GROUNDING effect.  

If you feel dis-orientated or overcome with TOO MUCH energy or psychic awareness, you can quickly re-balance your energy by walking barefoot in the grass.  Sitting at the base of a tree for a few minutes with your spine against the trunk can also help to re-ground and re-balance your energy circuits. 

If none of these are available to you, you may try putting your hands onto the soil of a healthy houseplant for a few minutes instead.  Nature is a powerful ally at this time.



Don’t be surprised at all if you experience some kind of temporary impasse or delay around this time, as impasses and delays are just par for the course when Mercury stations. 

If you do experience delays or setbacks, or if you in any way feel blocked or depressed around this time, please know that most likely these delays or setbacks are only TEMPORARY, and do not let them get you down too much.  In fact, you will find that a positive attitude goes a LONG ways towards helping break up any delays or challenges you may be experiencing at the moment.


The tendency towards MIS-COMMUNICATIONS and emotional conflicts can also INCREASE right around the time Mercury stations, and for about a week afterwards. 

Whenever you can, it is helpful during this time to lead from the HEART in your communications, and to set aside the desire to be right for another day.  Even though Mercury is stationing direct tonight (Sunday morning), the energies will still take a while longer yet to re-align themselves, and during this time of re-alignment, it is MUCH more important to be loving, caring, and understanding, than to try to prove yourself or assert your intellectual dominance over another.

Even though Mercury is now turning direct, keep in mind that we will still be in the post-retrograde storm of Mercury up until Sunday, July 19th. 

The storm is the period AFTER the retrograde during which the energies are picking up again and re-align themselves.  If you give yourself time to GRADUALLY adjust to these re-aligning energies, then the transition can be wonderfully smooth for you.  However, if you try to move forward too quickly before the time is right, then chaos can ensue. 

The storm only lasts a week after the retrograde, and during this time, you can still make some positive strides forward—the emphasis just needs to be on GRADUAL improvement, rather than attempting to take on too much or push too hard too fast.  After all, this week after the retrograde ends is called a post-retrograde “storm” for a reason.

So if you can, it would be best to continue focusing on what you have ALREADY started and avoid making long-term or binding decisions for a little while longer, as the facts are not at all clear at this moment, and most likely, things are not as they seem.  

For this reason, it is best to not become overly-invested in any one perspective or point of view at the moment, as your entire perspective is subject to change once Mercury leaves its post-retrograde storm, and more facts begin to become available to you.

If you are able to, rather than focusing on pushing forward in an external or material world way, give yourself a little while longer yet to concentrate on nurturing & re-energizing yourself. 

Give yourself the gift of participating in those activities which rejuvenate and replenish you, and especially give yourself the gift of taking the time to spiritually and psychically connect.  And if you can (and as MUCH as you can), leave the cares & conflicts of the world (Maya) for another time. 

Happy Mercury goes back direct time!  May the road ahead be blessed & smooth for you & yours.


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) (or just reply to this note or FB message) 


2:31 pm cdt 

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Edward the Ghost & the Spirit Rose:  Part I

See Cynthia's "Helpful Articles" page for more writing on psychic phenomenon & astrology

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*The Price of Ignoring Your Intuition...Part 1  Feb. 10, 2009

*Part II:  Encountering the Voice of God  Feb 10, 2009

* A Guide Named "Love"
*My Personal Healing Breakthrough at the ULC July 2, 2008

Edward the Ghost & the Spirit Rose:  Part I

See Cynthia's "Helpful Articles" page for more writing on psychic phenomenon & astrology

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