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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Mercury Direct & Out of Retrograde Storm





By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion



Mercury recently stationed back DIRECT, after having been retrograde for much of April.

However, as you may already know, even after Mercury technically turns back direct, it takes a little while for its orbit to smooth back out again and return back to a more normal way of being. This is also reflected in the energies and the happenings here on earth, as we undergo go a time of necessary re-alignment AFTER Mercury has already gone back direct….


This period of post-retrograde re-alignment is now commonly referred to as the retroshade period, and includes both the post-retrograde storm (which usually lasts for about a week AFTER Mercury turns back direct), as well as the post-retrograde shadow time (which lasts about a week or so further out yet).


THE GOOD NEWS is that now Mercury has not only turned back direct, but it has also completed its time of post-retrograde storm. (As of May 4th 2024.)


With Mercury now having left its post-retrograde storm, the time of standstill has ended, and a new chapter begins.  


Since Mercury stationed direct on April 25th, and up until just recently (May 4th) the focus has been on re-stabilizing and re-orientating ourselves, and regaining a sense of more normal alignment and equilibrium.


For even though Mercury recently stationed direct, it still takes a little while for the energies to re-arrange themselves again into a more harmonious flow, which is what happens during the post-retrograde storm. This post-RX storm is usually only about one week long, and transitionary time that provides you with an opportunity to re-orientate yourself and re-gain your footing and establish TRACTION again before running out the door again to chase after major projects & plans.  


These may have been difficult or emotionally challenging times for some, due to the tension that is generated when the energies are completely re-arranging themselves again.  (See below for more info on that.)  But from this day forward, you should be on more solid footing again.


Now that we have left the post-retrograde storm, clarity and insight will begin to return, and the mental fog will start to lift.  From this day forward, it is a MUCH better time for making decisions & formulating plans than it has been since Mercury last went retrograde (back on April 1st). 


Your mind will just be a whole lot clearer & brighter than it has been for a while! 

Furthermore, you will now find it easier to actually CARRY OUT you plans and get stuff done.


No more of that one step forward, ten steps backwards kind of feeling. 

 With Mercury now direct & out of storm, this will create a force of FORWARD MOMENTUM that can’t be stopped.




One action that I would strongly recommend you do this week BEFORE you take any other major action or make any new major plans is to sit down and make a list of the recent ideas & plans that you had formulated PRIOR to today, and give them a look over and review. 


Now that we have come up out of the storm (and it’s easier to access mental clarity)…


How do these earlier plans, goals & ideas look to you now? Which of them look like ones you still want to move forward with?  Do some of them need to be thrown out or revised?

Before jumping back into the flow of creativity and action again, you would be wise to take a beat and re-evaluate the plan you have for your course. 


In particular, be certain that what you have planned is in alignment with your higher purpose and long-term goals, and not just something you are doing out of boredom, desperation, scarcity or other ego-driven motives.





During the time that we were in the post-retrograde storm, there was still a bit of STATIC in the air (energetically speaking) and clarity was still more difficult to access. 


It was as if the mental fog was beginning to lift, but there was still much murkiness & cloudiness obscuring the inner vision. 

Often, there is a feeling of SUSPENSION or STANDSTILL around the time that Mercury goes back direct, and for a week or so afterwards.


During a post-retrograde storm (such as the one we just had), there can be that feeling that you WANT to move forward, and are TRYING to move forward, but it is happening oh-so slowly.

Which makes sense really, since it takes a beat or two for the energies to fully re-arrange themselves into a more harmonious fashion again after the retrograde.


The time of this recent post-retrograde storm may have also been a bit CHAOTIC and drama-laden for some.

Others may have felt weighed down with melancholy, inertia or even slight depression during the time of our recent post-retrograde storm.


This is only natural, since during the post-retrograde storm of Mercury, the energies are literally breaking down from one way of being (retrograde) and transmuting and transforming to ANOTHER way of being (direct). And any unresolved emotional & karmic issues will naturally come to the forefront when the energies are de-stabilized in this way, thus appearing to generate unstable emotions & chaotic events.


(There is also a CLEANSING and HEALING that can take place during the post-retrograde storm time, as past situations are resolved internally and old emotional energies are spontaneously released.)


To be clear, it’s not necessarily the retrograde or post-retrograde storm itself that CREATES or generate the unstable emotions. However, it does put a lot of PRESSURE on us and it generates much TENSION in the physical realm when the energies are off their normal equilibrium.  (Such as they are during the retrograde proper.)


When the energies start to re-arrange themselves again AFTER the retrograde, this also releases a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure into our physical universe, which in turn will reveal any emotional, physical or energetic cracks that we have in our energy field. 


It’s a good opportunity to learn where your weaknesses are so that you can work to correct them & strengthen yourself.


On the other hand, this time of standstill & re-arranging can be immensely frustrating, especially to those who don’t understand why it is happening or that it will soon be over.





Whether your recent retrograde experience was mild or difficult, the post-retrograde storm is over, and it is time to re-emerge. Sometimes when we’ve had a difficult time or just feel uncertain about life, sometimes there is tendency to keep cocooning, HIDING YOUR LIGHT & staying DIS-CONNECTED from the world. 


However, you hiding your light serves NO ONE well (including yourself). And cocooning is only meant to be for a short period of time, while one undergoes the process of break-down and transformation.


Mercury going direct and leaving its post-retrograde storm is a signal to us all that THE TIME OF COCOONING IS OVER.  It’s time to start stretching your wings and getting back out there and getting going with life again, even if it’s only in a small way.


Here’s to you coming back out of your Mercury Retrograde cocoon and re-emerging & spreading your wings again!






Things are definitely on a more forward-moving track from this point forward. With Mercury stationed direct AND now out of its post-retrograde storm too, you have the green light and the blessing of the cosmic energies to move ahead with your new plans and major undertakings….


However, you may find that you are still dealing with some long-standing projects or complications that originated during the retrograde for a little while longer yet.


The reason I say this is because even though Mercury is now out of the post-retrograde storm, it doesn’t complete its post-retrograde shadow this time until Monday, May 13th.


This May 13th 2024 date marks the moment when Mercury finally returns back to the astrological point again that it was at when it originally went retrograde back on April 1st, in this case, about 27 degrees Aries. 


You might want to check your chart to see where 27 degrees Aries is in there, as this will represent the areas of life most affected and activated during this time of post-retrograde shadow.


Until we finish moving through that post-retrograde shadow, there may still be some after-shocks and ripple effects yet to deal with from the recent Mercury retrograde.

However, at least you are on more solid footing now, so you should be more easily able to deal with whatever comes your way.


This continued time of post-retrograde shadow is not necessarily an unpleasant or bad thing, as it provides you with the chance to find completion and get closure on those things that you have been working so hard to deal with for several weeks now.


Remember too that the energies have now shifted into a more SUPPORTIVE stance, so that whatever post-retrograde complications or challenges you are still dealing with, help can come more easily now.


True, at times you may feel like you are back-tracking again. But only this time, when you back-track, you will actually be able to successfully deal with and resolve whatever it is you are working towards, rather than only being thwarted in your tracks.


Instead of encountering continued obstacles and resistance, you are more likely to encounter help and support from the external world moving forward during this ending stretch of post-retrograde shadow.


Of course, much of what you experience during any phase of a Mercury retrograde cycle will be impacted by the energies in your own personal birth chart, as this is the lens through which you see the world and express your energies in this lifetime.


Even still, whatever your personal birth chart or your own unique energies, your light can shine all the more easily and brightly in the days ahead, now that we have all gone through the challenges, initiations and cleansings of this most recent Mercury retrograde.


Here’s to greater peace, calm, joy and lightness for us all, as the energies of Mercury continue to lighten up and expand in the next few weeks!

7:01 pm cdt 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Easing Spring Seasonal Shift


(Or are you riding the flow and becoming more reflective?) 





By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion



Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are currently in a time of dynamic seasonal shift, passing from the end of Winter into the beginning of Spring. This transformation is represented astrologically by the transition from the sun in watery Pisces moving towards the sun in fiery Aries….

As winter ends and spring begins to emerge, this is a time of shifting from the heavy, withering energies of late winter into the lighter and more uplifting energies of spring.  During this transitional phase, we move through stagnation and heaviness back towards movement and momentum again.

And yet, we are not quite there yet, as up until the Equinox (and even for a little while afterwards) we will continue to teeter on the cusp between these two energies, riding out this time of seasonal shift, going back and forth between the contrasting sense of contraction versus expansion, stagnation versus renewal….

This time of seasonal shift can be hard, as many of us are still shedding the heavy emotional cloak of winter, and may need to go through a continued process of cleansing, healing, and releasing for a little while longer yet….and yet, re-emergence is just around the corner, with the coming of the Spring Equinox, and we can feel it in soul, even if our bodies and minds are not quite there yet. 


With this seasonal shift occurring, you may have noticed a shift within yourself too. It is not unusual at all to feel a bit more moody, introspective, emotionally tender or sensitive as winter shifts to spring.  In fact, you might have even noticed a flair-up of feelings of depression, hopelessness, or discouragement in the last few weeks. 


Even though a part of you is filled with hope or optimism for the future, during this time of shifting to spring, you may also feel weighed down with sorrow or regrets about the past, or overcome with self-judgment or self-criticism, or just weighed down with a general sense of emotional malaise.


You may find that you bounce back and forth right now between contrasting emotions and feelings, first being filled with a sense of hope and positive expectancy for the future, and then having the opposite experience of feeling doubt or despair, or just being overcome with RESTLESSNESS and impatience---


It is as if spring cannot come fast enough, as if CHANGE cannot come fast enough, and you are wondering WHEN will spring finally come…and more to the point, when will your energy, focus and motivation finally return, when will your heart and spirit jump and sing back to life again?


Have faith, it will come.

As sure as day follows night, Spring follows Winter.


With each passing day, the light will continue to increase, the plants and animals will awaken from their slumber, and begin to sing, leap, and scamper around, and you too will soon find yourself re-emerging and coming back to life again as well.



In the meantime, know that any temporary melancholy or discouragement that you experience at this time need not have a grip on you. Nor do you have to be kept down by the increased emotional and psychic sensitivity that often comes with this change of seasons…

That is, if you are willing to lean into your emotions and sensitivities, listen to what your heart is telling you, and learn to recognize the difference between your insecurities and your intuitions.   

>>>>>>>For some quick tips to help you in shifting with greater ease into the energies of spring, continue reading here.

7:29 pm cdt 

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Nesting Before the New Moon



By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion







We are gearing up to this month’s NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS, which will be exact late tomorrow afternoon (Friday 02-09-2024) here in the states… 


The days leading up to the new moon are a time of cleansing, organizing and preparation for the rebirth and spiritual activation that is just around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I usually have an intense desire to NEST and CLEAN in the week immediately before the new moon….


Most of the time, I’m a decent housekeeper, but certainly no Martha Stewart.  (After all, I have several pets to keep up with, and no matter how much you clean, feathers and cat hair are a thing around here.)  And yet, come the week before the new moon, I usually start in on one of my over-the-top monthly cleaning frenzies….


This goes WAY beyond the normal maintenance cleaning that I usually do.  I’m talking about the kind of cleaning where you polish the bathroom fixtures and get down on your hands and knees with a rag to deep clean part of the kitchen floor after you have already mopped it.

(A friend of my husband’s once came to visit when I was in the middle of one of these pre-new moon cleaning frenzies…he was so impressed that he asked me if I hired out for my cleaning services, lol.)


Sounds a little insane, I know.  All I can say is that I feel GRIPPED by the powers of the upcoming new moon when I do stuff like this.  You’ve heard of full moon madness? Well, there can also be new moon madness, and this is what it sometimes looks like, lol.


I’m also an intense de-clutterer and re-organizer in the days immediately before the new moon.  I find that it is so much easier to let things go around this time, as my CLARITY increases as it gets closer to the new moon, and so does the urge for SIMPLICITY. 


During this time of the month, I de-clutter and clear out old stuff with the fierceness of a Viking.


I’ve talked to some of my lady friends, and many of them say that they too also have these strong nesting & cleaning urges right around the time of the new moon. I don’t know about my man friends, as I haven’t interviewed any of them about this.  (I can only say that my husband is happy to eat all the extra food that I cook in the week before the new moon, lol.)


It seems to me that nesting and organizing right before the new moon (the darkest night of the month) is just the way that our psyches naturally respond to the shifts and fluctuations in the lunar light.


Even though we may live in modern dwellings in modern times, it’s good to follow our natural rhythms when we can, as that helps to keep us healthy, balanced, and sane.


I also make it a priority to get some extra REST and SLEEP in the days before the new moon.  In fact, even after the new moon has activated exact, I find that it’s helpful to continue to rest up for a few more days yet, while the lunar energies are re-growing and re-building the themselves….

Having adequate sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can do for nearly every aspect of your life, including supporting health, well-being, spiritual awareness and psychic awakening. 


I should add too that to me, there is a difference between rest and sleep.  We need adequate sleep, of course. But in order to function optimally, we also need at least a few brief periods of resting and replenishment throughout the day….


Resting might mean just meditating more or having extra down time.  For example, I read an entire novel this week for fun, something I haven’t allowed myself the time to do for quite a while.  I also took a foot bath last night, to help tap into the strong spiritual cleansing energies that are amplified in the days right before the new moon.


These are things that feel like a luxury to me with all the professional and personal demands that I have on my time. 

And yet, I know deep inside that honoring and attuning with the natural cycles (including those of the moon) is a NECESSITY for health and well-being, and certainly a wiser choice than choosing to try to live against the natural rhythms.


What feels natural & right to YOU in this time right before the new moon?  Are you doing anything special to prepare for this upcoming New Moon? 

3:40 pm cst 

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

New Moon-Embrace the Calm, Welcome the Rebirth

Embrace the Calm, Welcome the Rebirth:

A Guide to the New Moon Energies

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion  12-12-2023





Happy New Moon! This ushers in the beginning of a new month-long cycle of rebirth & renewal for us all. 


As we stand at the threshold of a new lunar cycle, we find ourselves in a moment of contemplation and calm.  For if the full moon is a time of madness, ecstasy, and celebration, the new moon is a time of contemplationg & calm, the serene prelude to a month-long journey of rebirth and renewal.


During the new moon, the moon's light is veiled, creating a pause in lunar energies. It's a brief period of stillness before the celestial dance resumes. Just as the moon gradually regains its radiance, we too experience a gradual reawakening, gaining energy, momentum, and productivity with each passing day.


Navigating the Low Tide of Lunar Energies


At the exact time of the new moon, the light is veiled from us here on earth, and we see only shadows and darkness where we will see moonlight later in the month.  It takes a few days after the new moon for the moon’s light to re-appear in the form of the crescent moon. 


This may be a time of monthly rebirth, but keep mind that the New Moon also marks the LOWEST point of lunar energies, a phase when extra rest and sleep may be needed & beneficial.  (This need for additional rest becomes even more pronounced when a New Moon coincides with a Mercury retrograde period.)


This need to have additional rest may continue for even a few days AFTER the New Moon, up until the time that the visible moon re-appears again in the sky as the crescent….


As the moon's light remains invisible at the exact time of the new moon, some cultures refer to this period as "the dark of the moon." It takes a few days for the crescent moon to reappear, offering a deeper insight into the workings of this cycle.


Harnessing the New Moon's Power


While the first few days day of the New Moon cycle may not be ideal for major undertakings, this periods serves as a perfect time for accomplishing SMALL steps towards a goal, tying up loose ends, and laying the foundation for future endeavors.


Consider this period a time of preparation, reflection, and contemplation.  Once the new moon hits exact, it is time to begin getting organized and preparing yourself for your next move and what needs to be done next.


In particular, the first few days of the New Moon cycle are a potent time a potent time for setting goals and intentions for the upcoming 3-4 weeks. 


So if you haven’t done so already, take a few moments to reflect on your deepest aspirations and what it is you would like to accomplish over the next 3-4 weeks.  Then, craft a clear goal or affirmation that clearly encapsulates the energy you wish to cultivate in the lunar month ahead.


♏ ♐

HELPFUL HINT:  If you can, try to line up your goals & intentions with the themes and energies of the astrological sign that rules over the current new moon. 


Focus and Preparation for Increased Productivity & Creativity


Remember that the New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle that is about 29 days long. 


Therefore, when creating your new moon intentions or affirmations, it is best to stay focused on just 1 or 2 major areas or objectives, and to set goals that are inspiring but also reasonable and doable within this brief time.  (If need be, break your larger goals down into smaller chunks.)


 As we begin this new lunar cycle with the current new Moon, use your time wisely in the next few days to focus on planning, cleansing, organizing, and preparing for the increased productivity that awaits in the weeks ahead.  Happy Rebirth and Renewal!

10:40 pm cst 

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Take Inventory & Prepare-Waning Crescent Moon Time

 (Waning Crescent Weekend)



Dear Cosmic Psychic Friends, Radiant greetings to you! As the weekend unfolds, we find ourselves immersed in the tranquil embrace of the Waning Crescent lunar phase—a serene and reflective period of about three days that encourages cleansing, releasing, letting go, and the banishing of negative energies.

It's time to surrender, reflect, and let go of what no longer serves your higher good, paving the way for new beginnings.


Journeying into the Depths:

Spiritual Roots & Inner Connection

This is the quiet time of rest and contraction, gently pulling you deep into the sacred roots of your spiritual essence. It's a necessary period of withdrawing from the distractions of the outer world, allowing you to reconnect with the profound clarity and wisdom of your soul. Much like the mighty Oak, your roots run deep, and your true energy and power reside not in external actions but within the core of your being—the roots of your inner self.


As we float through this tranquil phase, consider taking moments for meditation or simply sitting in quiet stillness, breathing deeply. Now is the opportune time to regroup, re-center, and draw upon the energy and power residing deep within you. This preparation sets the stage for the upcoming cycle of growth and rebirth, commencing with next Tuesday's New Moon in Sagittarius.


Navigating the Waning Crescent:

A Time for Review and Celebration

This Waning Crescent phase is an excellent time for reviewing goals and evaluating the progress you have made during the last three & a half weeks.  Acknowledge successful actions, revel in progress, and celebrate achievements and strides forward.  Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!


As you take inventory, also reflect on aspects that didn't unfold as you had planned or hoped.  Allow yourself to acknowledge setbacks or disappointments, providing space for necessary grieving.  Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel, so that you can release the negative energy charge around any recent setbacks or losses.


Also, consider adjustments that you might make in the near future to help empower yourself to move forward.  Begin making plans for the steps you will take in the next cycle to create positive change & growth.  Since we are about to enter Mercury Retrograde, take into account those goals and areas of life where you wish to hold steady and continue to be steadfast in your efforts towards progress.


Replenish & Rejuvenate

Amid this period of reflection, prioritize self-care. Take the next few days to replenish and rejuvenate, and get caught up on your rest.  This will help to ensure that you're ready for the forthcoming cycle of growth and rebirth that will commence with the New Moon in Sagittarius on next Tuesday night.  (12-12-2023 at 5:23 pm CST)


Sending you waves of celestial light to fortify and encourage you during this time of cosmic reflection. 🌠


P.S. If you find yourself at a significant cosmic crossroads in your personal or professional life, I'm here to guide you through the wisdom of the psychic and astrological realms. I’m currently booking private readings for January and beyond—check my website or PM me for details.

Blessings to You & Yours! 🌙💫 
3:42 pm cst 

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