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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Nesting Before the New Moon



By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion







We are gearing up to this month’s NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS, which will be exact late tomorrow afternoon (Friday 02-09-2024) here in the states… 


The days leading up to the new moon are a time of cleansing, organizing and preparation for the rebirth and spiritual activation that is just around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I usually have an intense desire to NEST and CLEAN in the week immediately before the new moon….


Most of the time, I’m a decent housekeeper, but certainly no Martha Stewart.  (After all, I have several pets to keep up with, and no matter how much you clean, feathers and cat hair are a thing around here.)  And yet, come the week before the new moon, I usually start in on one of my over-the-top monthly cleaning frenzies….


This goes WAY beyond the normal maintenance cleaning that I usually do.  I’m talking about the kind of cleaning where you polish the bathroom fixtures and get down on your hands and knees with a rag to deep clean part of the kitchen floor after you have already mopped it.

(A friend of my husband’s once came to visit when I was in the middle of one of these pre-new moon cleaning frenzies…he was so impressed that he asked me if I hired out for my cleaning services, lol.)


Sounds a little insane, I know.  All I can say is that I feel GRIPPED by the powers of the upcoming new moon when I do stuff like this.  You’ve heard of full moon madness? Well, there can also be new moon madness, and this is what it sometimes looks like, lol.


I’m also an intense de-clutterer and re-organizer in the days immediately before the new moon.  I find that it is so much easier to let things go around this time, as my CLARITY increases as it gets closer to the new moon, and so does the urge for SIMPLICITY. 


During this time of the month, I de-clutter and clear out old stuff with the fierceness of a Viking.


I’ve talked to some of my lady friends, and many of them say that they too also have these strong nesting & cleaning urges right around the time of the new moon. I don’t know about my man friends, as I haven’t interviewed any of them about this.  (I can only say that my husband is happy to eat all the extra food that I cook in the week before the new moon, lol.)


It seems to me that nesting and organizing right before the new moon (the darkest night of the month) is just the way that our psyches naturally respond to the shifts and fluctuations in the lunar light.


Even though we may live in modern dwellings in modern times, it’s good to follow our natural rhythms when we can, as that helps to keep us healthy, balanced, and sane.


I also make it a priority to get some extra REST and SLEEP in the days before the new moon.  In fact, even after the new moon has activated exact, I find that it’s helpful to continue to rest up for a few more days yet, while the lunar energies are re-growing and re-building the themselves….

Having adequate sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can do for nearly every aspect of your life, including supporting health, well-being, spiritual awareness and psychic awakening. 


I should add too that to me, there is a difference between rest and sleep.  We need adequate sleep, of course. But in order to function optimally, we also need at least a few brief periods of resting and replenishment throughout the day….


Resting might mean just meditating more or having extra down time.  For example, I read an entire novel this week for fun, something I haven’t allowed myself the time to do for quite a while.  I also took a foot bath last night, to help tap into the strong spiritual cleansing energies that are amplified in the days right before the new moon.


These are things that feel like a luxury to me with all the professional and personal demands that I have on my time. 

And yet, I know deep inside that honoring and attuning with the natural cycles (including those of the moon) is a NECESSITY for health and well-being, and certainly a wiser choice than choosing to try to live against the natural rhythms.


What feels natural & right to YOU in this time right before the new moon?  Are you doing anything special to prepare for this upcoming New Moon? 

3:40 pm cst 

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

New Moon-Embrace the Calm, Welcome the Rebirth

Embrace the Calm, Welcome the Rebirth:

A Guide to the New Moon Energies

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion  12-12-2023





Happy New Moon! This ushers in the beginning of a new month-long cycle of rebirth & renewal for us all. 


As we stand at the threshold of a new lunar cycle, we find ourselves in a moment of contemplation and calm.  For if the full moon is a time of madness, ecstasy, and celebration, the new moon is a time of contemplationg & calm, the serene prelude to a month-long journey of rebirth and renewal.


During the new moon, the moon's light is veiled, creating a pause in lunar energies. It's a brief period of stillness before the celestial dance resumes. Just as the moon gradually regains its radiance, we too experience a gradual reawakening, gaining energy, momentum, and productivity with each passing day.


Navigating the Low Tide of Lunar Energies


At the exact time of the new moon, the light is veiled from us here on earth, and we see only shadows and darkness where we will see moonlight later in the month.  It takes a few days after the new moon for the moon’s light to re-appear in the form of the crescent moon. 


This may be a time of monthly rebirth, but keep mind that the New Moon also marks the LOWEST point of lunar energies, a phase when extra rest and sleep may be needed & beneficial.  (This need for additional rest becomes even more pronounced when a New Moon coincides with a Mercury retrograde period.)


This need to have additional rest may continue for even a few days AFTER the New Moon, up until the time that the visible moon re-appears again in the sky as the crescent….


As the moon's light remains invisible at the exact time of the new moon, some cultures refer to this period as "the dark of the moon." It takes a few days for the crescent moon to reappear, offering a deeper insight into the workings of this cycle.


Harnessing the New Moon's Power


While the first few days day of the New Moon cycle may not be ideal for major undertakings, this periods serves as a perfect time for accomplishing SMALL steps towards a goal, tying up loose ends, and laying the foundation for future endeavors.


Consider this period a time of preparation, reflection, and contemplation.  Once the new moon hits exact, it is time to begin getting organized and preparing yourself for your next move and what needs to be done next.


In particular, the first few days of the New Moon cycle are a potent time a potent time for setting goals and intentions for the upcoming 3-4 weeks. 


So if you haven’t done so already, take a few moments to reflect on your deepest aspirations and what it is you would like to accomplish over the next 3-4 weeks.  Then, craft a clear goal or affirmation that clearly encapsulates the energy you wish to cultivate in the lunar month ahead.


♏ ♐

HELPFUL HINT:  If you can, try to line up your goals & intentions with the themes and energies of the astrological sign that rules over the current new moon. 


Focus and Preparation for Increased Productivity & Creativity


Remember that the New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle that is about 29 days long. 


Therefore, when creating your new moon intentions or affirmations, it is best to stay focused on just 1 or 2 major areas or objectives, and to set goals that are inspiring but also reasonable and doable within this brief time.  (If need be, break your larger goals down into smaller chunks.)


 As we begin this new lunar cycle with the current new Moon, use your time wisely in the next few days to focus on planning, cleansing, organizing, and preparing for the increased productivity that awaits in the weeks ahead.  Happy Rebirth and Renewal!

10:40 pm cst 

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Take Inventory & Prepare-Waning Crescent Moon Time

 (Waning Crescent Weekend)



Dear Cosmic Psychic Friends, Radiant greetings to you! As the weekend unfolds, we find ourselves immersed in the tranquil embrace of the Waning Crescent lunar phase—a serene and reflective period of about three days that encourages cleansing, releasing, letting go, and the banishing of negative energies.

It's time to surrender, reflect, and let go of what no longer serves your higher good, paving the way for new beginnings.


Journeying into the Depths:

Spiritual Roots & Inner Connection

This is the quiet time of rest and contraction, gently pulling you deep into the sacred roots of your spiritual essence. It's a necessary period of withdrawing from the distractions of the outer world, allowing you to reconnect with the profound clarity and wisdom of your soul. Much like the mighty Oak, your roots run deep, and your true energy and power reside not in external actions but within the core of your being—the roots of your inner self.


As we float through this tranquil phase, consider taking moments for meditation or simply sitting in quiet stillness, breathing deeply. Now is the opportune time to regroup, re-center, and draw upon the energy and power residing deep within you. This preparation sets the stage for the upcoming cycle of growth and rebirth, commencing with next Tuesday's New Moon in Sagittarius.


Navigating the Waning Crescent:

A Time for Review and Celebration

This Waning Crescent phase is an excellent time for reviewing goals and evaluating the progress you have made during the last three & a half weeks.  Acknowledge successful actions, revel in progress, and celebrate achievements and strides forward.  Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!


As you take inventory, also reflect on aspects that didn't unfold as you had planned or hoped.  Allow yourself to acknowledge setbacks or disappointments, providing space for necessary grieving.  Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel, so that you can release the negative energy charge around any recent setbacks or losses.


Also, consider adjustments that you might make in the near future to help empower yourself to move forward.  Begin making plans for the steps you will take in the next cycle to create positive change & growth.  Since we are about to enter Mercury Retrograde, take into account those goals and areas of life where you wish to hold steady and continue to be steadfast in your efforts towards progress.


Replenish & Rejuvenate

Amid this period of reflection, prioritize self-care. Take the next few days to replenish and rejuvenate, and get caught up on your rest.  This will help to ensure that you're ready for the forthcoming cycle of growth and rebirth that will commence with the New Moon in Sagittarius on next Tuesday night.  (12-12-2023 at 5:23 pm CST)


Sending you waves of celestial light to fortify and encourage you during this time of cosmic reflection. 🌠


P.S. If you find yourself at a significant cosmic crossroads in your personal or professional life, I'm here to guide you through the wisdom of the psychic and astrological realms. I’m currently booking private readings for January and beyond—check my website or PM me for details.

Blessings to You & Yours! 🌙💫 
3:42 pm cst 

Friday, December 1, 2023

Disseminating Moon-Time to Slow Down

MOON FORECAST 12-01-2023

December Begins with A Call

to Start Slowing Down


Dear Cosmic Psychic Friends, greetings from my cosmic corner here in Kansas, and welcome to December!  As we step into the mystical realms of the holy-season month, let's dance with the celestial energies that guide our cosmic journey. 🌌✨


 As we are beginning the month, the energies are holding pretty steadily and we are still riding the nice and easy vibes of the sun in Sagittarius, making it fairly easy to stay relaxed and hopeful, even with the possibility of holiday-related stresses.  However, the astrological waves will really start to spike around December 13th, when Mercury stations retrograde.  Luckily, that is still a little ways off, so for now, just relax and breathe. (smile)


At the start of this month, we find ourselves in the enchanting disseminating moon phase, a brief period of just a few days that beckons us to share our wisdom and illuminate the path for others. The cosmic emphasis right now is on communication, making it the perfect time to inspire, guide, and uplift those around us. 


In the days ahead, you may feel a powerful urge to break free from stagnant habits and embrace positive change. Seize this moment to banish negativity, conquer procrastination, sever unnecessary ties, and bid farewell to elements that no longer serve your higher purpose. 🌈✨


 This is a time to gracefully let go of habits that no longer serve your higher self.  The light of the moon is decreasing, and with the reduced light, the cosmic pulse of energy is SLOWING DOWN….


 Feel the gentle slowing of the cosmic heartbeat, inviting you to honor your natural rhythms, cleanse your aura and brighten your spiritual and emotional palette.


 Embrace the art of SURRENDER during this cosmic-lunar phase. Trust in the universe's divine plan, allowing change to unfold with a serenity that can only come from deep within.


While the desire to share wisdom and teach remains strong, let's also remember to leave time to turn our gaze inward, attuning our senses to signs from the spirit world. 🌠🌙


Pay heed to the subtle whispers of our ancestors and loved ones who've journeyed beyond the veil. They are speaking to you still, are you listening? 


As the weekend unfolds, maintain a pace that honors both change and the need for rest.  Slow down, creating space for rejuvenation and reflection.


You may wish to light some candles to invoke your angels, guides and loved-ones in spirit.  Or just take some time to meditate, channel, pray at the altar, chant, drum, take a cleansing bath, or do whatever it is that you do to connect to the realms of the Ancient Ones and the Sacred.


During this time of shifting moon energies, let the cosmic waves guide you, offering a sanctuary for dreams, signs, and the magic that connects you to the spirit world. 💖🌟


P.S. If you would like help connecting with the other side or navigating life’s changes, I'm here, ready to guide you through these celestial realms with personalized psychic and astrological readings. Whether you seek clarity, connection, or cosmic insight, our journey together can begin soon, as I am currently booking readings for January 2024. 🌙🔮

9:24 pm cst 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Full Moon in Aries Cycle 2023

Full Moon in Aries Cycle

Sept 29th to Oct 28th


The quest for self-empowerment and

balanced relationships,

overcoming self-conflict and

moving forward with ACTION


Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there, and Happy Full Moon in Aries weekend! This weekend’s full moon was exact on Friday, September 29th at 4:58 am Central USA Daylight time.  (For those in Europe, that is 10:58 am London time.) 


Today’s full moon is the beginning of a new two to four week cycle that will bring your attention to the need to rebalance in the realms of relationships, social connections and the quest to find, appreciate and express your true self.


Occurring in the sign of Aries, with the sun in Libra dancing opposite the moon, this full moon will bring your attention to the need to find balance with tending to your own needs and desires versus responding to the desires of others. There is a deeper desire for companionship and social connecting at the moment, and yet there is also a need for a more equal exchange of energy in partnerships. 


The essential message of the Aries full moon is finding the balance between connecting with and knowing yourself versus connecting with others.  There is a need to balance independence with interdependence, and to form relationships of mutual reciprocity and equal energy exchange….


No man or woman is an island, and we do need each other in order to evolve and grow, not only as individuals, but also as a collective species. 


AND YET, there is a need to know and commune with your essential self, and to follow your own passions and dreams, and not just live life according to other people’s wishes or desires. Aries also reminds us of the power of CHOICE, making a decision and sticking with it, at least for a little while.





This full moon in Aries may also activate any major CONFLICTS in your life, for Aries contains within it a combative energy of conflict, sparring, and disagreement.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, for conflict can help bring your attention to where you need to change, grow or behave different….


However, if you approach the conflicts in your life only from the position that OTHERS need to change, that will only generate more disharmony and disagreement.  To move past conflict into peace, you have to be willing to do YOUR part, and to grow and evolve in some new way.


Your INNER CONFLICTS may also be activated between now and October 28th, especially the conflicts you have within yourself in regards to your true values and how these align (or do not align) with the day-to-day life you are living. 


Inner conflict is one of the most difficult kinds of conflicts to grapple with….to resolve inner conflict, it requires deep self-examination, honesty, and a willingness to change.  The fastest way through and out of the pain of inner conflict is to identify your priorities and then CHOOSE a path that aligns with your true self and true values, and then MOVE FORWARD.







Today’s full moon marks the beginning of a new cycle of completion & culmination that is in effect up until our next new moon on Saturday, October 14th, and to some extent, all the way up until the next full moon on October 28th (2023). 


It’s time to wrap things up, get things done and clear the decks!  This is also a time to RELEASE and LET GO of that which you no longer need or no longer serves you well.


In particular, from now through Monday, October 9th is a good time for tapping into Universal energy to help yourself find closure or completion with projects, plans and ideas that you have already begun and are already in motion for you.  (The Universal energies of support & momentum are especially strong between now and Friday, October 6th.)


If you’ve got stuff to do or want to work on some important healing breakthroughs, then ride the wave, this is the time, from now onward through October 9th.


Then from October 10th to October 14th, it is best to take a break and refresh yourself for little while if you can.


After we have the new moon solar eclipse on October 14th, you may then find that it is easier to move forward with taking initiative on any NEW things that you wish to begin.




This full moon in Aries may activate & shine the spotlight on any of the following areas for you between now and October 28th 2023:


--Dealing with feelings of inadequacy or as if you are not enough or not doing enough

--Learning to see that you ARE enough

--The need to cultivate a greater sense of self-worth and self-approval

--Overcoming relationship issues

--Establishing and honoring healthy boundaries

--Getting in touch with personal goals & dreams and taking action

--A need to take the lead or assume a leadership role (especially in regards to your own needs & desires)

--Taking ACTION and getting back on track with an important project, dream or goal

--Taking the INITIATIVE to improve your finances, career, health or relationships (rather than just waiting for others to save you)

--Finding happiness and a sense of peace & satisfaction within YOUR SELF, rather than relying on others approval or validation

--The need to cultivate maturity, self-discipline and self-restraint

--Balancing empathy and compassion for others with the pursuit of your own desires

--The need to show greater compassion and understanding to your self

--Starting over and new beginnings in any area of life





Neither the moon or the sun are making any major exact aspects at the time of this full moon, and so we have to look to the ruler of the Moon sign (in this case, Mars) to get more of an idea of the major themes activating at the moment….


Mars is in Venus-ruled Libra and is indeed very active at this moment, as it is conjuncting the South Node and also opposing both the North Node and Chiron.  Furthermore, although not yet in a tight orb, Mars is approaching a square to Pluto (exact October 8th), which is a volatile and combustible combination.


With this confluence of energies, watch out right now for SELF-SABOTAGE, especially in the form of a tendency to sow strife or conflict and induce arguments. 

Even though it may seem that others are blocking you or attempting to thwart your growth, it is possible that on a subconscious level, it is you that are blocking your own pathway to success because of inner fears or unresolved emotional issues.  Don’t be your own worst enemy. 


With Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra, cooperation with others right now is essential to clear the way for healing, growth and progress on all levels.  And yet, at the moment, with the influence of this full moon in Aries, you could find yourself acting compulsively self-centered, preferring to act before you think, and without taking into account the perspective of others involved.  You can be assertive and take action for your dreams, but try to do so in a considerate way and mature way….


With the influence of this Mars conjunct North Node, you may find yourself tempted to act like a spoiled child who has to have everything go his or her way all the time.  Try to restrain yourself if you can!  (As acting in this way is likely to have more immediate and more powerfully negative repercussions than usual at this time.)


Also, be aware that Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra may re-activate some very OLD CONFLICTS and karmic disputes and issues, both on a personal and collective energy.  Ancient acts of aggression may be re-activated and re-played during this time….


This is not the most pleasant vibe, and it may bring forth some sudden or unexpected occurrences that same quite unjust, untimely, or unfair. 


Fated things do happen sometimes.  And sometimes, no matter how much we meditate or pray, or how high we raise our vibrations, there are still karmic patterns that must be dealt with and moved through.


If an old pattern of conflict, dispute, aggression, or misfortune activates for you now, consider what you can do differently moving forward, and how you can respond in a way that will create no further karma, but instead will elevate and transform the situation for all involved…


In times of suffering and hardship, if you are willing to do the inner work, you can transform your fate create a more positive and peaceful future destiny for yourself.




Venus is the ruler of the Sun at the time of this full moon, and is also involved in a couple of energy activations of note….


To start with, Venus is conjuncting the asteroid Juno around the time of this full moon.  This particular alignment emphasizes feminine energies, relationships with women, soul mate connections, domesticity, martial connections, and relationships in general.  This is mostly a positive and calming shift that brings people together and produces strong waves of the feminine, yin, Goddess energy.  This vibe is good for connecting (especially among women or those who identify with the feminine, receptive energy of Yin).


On the other hand, Venus in Leo also squared Uranus in Taurus exact not long after this full moon, which is more of a DISRUPTIVE and volatile shift.


This Venus Uranus square has been building up for a few days, creating the possibility of sudden upsets, tensions, unexpected happenings and sudden reversals in relationships or finances.  A feeling of temporary restlessness or discontent may be quite strong right now.  Self-esteem and self-worth can be influenced by this cosmic pattern too.  The mood swings are REAL right now! 


Since this shift is occurring in the fixed signs of Leo and Taurus, there is a tendency to be stubborn and inflexible at the moment.  And yet, improvements in relationships and finances (and a better vibe for all overall) will most easily be gained at this moment by being flexible.  Cooperating with others whom are coming from a loving space and appreciating other people’s gifts and contributions to your life are other ways to make waves at this moment.






If you are struggling in the realm of relationships at the moment, you may find that taking the time to nurture yourself and affirm your own self-worth can be very healing.  When you learn to find the source of love from within, you no longer have to be dependent on the response of others in order to know that you are valuable and worthy of love.


BOUNDARIES are also a HUGE issue at the moment.  Healthy boundaries can help to keep yourself and others happy, safe, and protected from harm.  In this way, boundaries can fall underneath the archetypal domain of Aries, for both the Warrior and the Defender are Aries archetypes….


Sometimes when a person doesn’t know how to have healthy boundaries, they will instead build walls and prisons around their heart.  But living behind a heart-wall doesn’t allow one to let love or joy in!


How much better it is to let down the walls, and to learn how to gently say no when no is needed, and to say YES when yes is felt in your whole heart….this is the art of having healthy boundaries.





This weekend’s full moon occurred at 6 degrees Aries, so you might want to check your chart and see if you have any important natal placements there.  If you do, then this could be a powerful time of awakening and transformation for you, especially if your sun, moon or rising sign is located within 1-11 degrees Aries.


Regardless of your exact planetary placements, we all have ALL 12 signs SOMEWHERE in our chart.  One of the main archetypes for Aries is the Fool, representing eagerness to strike out a journey and the willingness to try something new.  This is also the energy of the Pioneer and the Upstart, as well as the Entrepreneur.  Aries likes to get the ball rolling in a new direction.  


Wherever Aries falls in your own birth chart, this is where you are a bit of a pioneer, explorer, dare-devil, or adventurer.  Even if you don’t know where Aries is at in your chart, you can easily identify where this energy expresses itself in your life.  All you have to do is think about the area of life where you are bold and fearless….


Think about the aspect of life where you are willing to take risks and aren’t afraid to try something new or step out into the unfamiliar, even when you aren’t sure how well it will turn out.  That’s where you are more tuned into the Aries energies, and this area of life may be heating up for you now!


Keep in mind too that another archetypal dimension of Aries is that of the WARRIOR or the FIGHTER….


Again, we all have Aries somewhere in our charts (even if we don’t have any major points in that sign).  And so we all have the Warrior aspect within us, and we all have something that we are willing to stand up and fight for.


Often, fighting doesn’t mean engaging in physical conflict, but instead it means being willing to take constructive actions to protect those you love and to go after what you want.  This is the essence of the Spiritual Warrior, which is another dimension of Aries.


Wherever you have Aries strong in your chart, and whatever planetary energies you have located there (if any), points the way to where you are most likely to experience the activation of these archetypal patterns at this time.






Today’s full moon is the beginning of a new two to four week cycle that is busy, energetic, decisive and favors forward movement and action. This new cycle will bring your attention to the need for greater self-empowerment and self-affirmation. This is a time for putting aside doubt and fear and courageously stepping out and following your own unique path of love and healing.


You may need to show yourself greater love and appreciation or even put yourself first for a little while. This is especially true if you have been neglecting tending to your own needs or dreams lately in deference to others. This doesn’t mean that you must neglect or abandon your relationships in order to grow right now.  It simply means that you need to care for you and be sure to show yourself some of the same love and appreciation that you show others.


On the other hand, if you have already been focused a great deal on your own self-worth and appreciation, this may be a time for you to help to fill someone else’s cup up by showering them with love, honoring, appreciation, and validation.  What we sincerely give to another is mirrored back to ourselves, and vice versa.





Do be aware that Aries has a dark side, as it can be impulsive, volatile, impatient, and easily angered. With this month’s full moon in Aries, tempers may run hotter and more frequently during this time.  People can also tend to be a bit more selfish or self-centered around the time of an Aries shift, and not always in a healthy or positive way.


Sometimes when Aries energy is active in the atmosphere (such as the case with today’s full moon), it can bring forth DISHARMONY or DISCORD in relationships. 


If you are experiencing some of these more chaotic or discordant emotions during this full moon cycle ahead, it’s important to not over-react or assign too much importance to these feelings just yet.  For Aries has a habit of blowing off steam via emotional reactions.


If you can, try to tap into the HIGHER and more EVOLVED aspect of Aries, which is the pro-active, heroic, spiritual warrior, who meets life boldly, fearlessly, and cheerfully, whenever possible.


Also, do be aware that sometimes chaos and conflict can arise around the time of the full moon in Aries (and in the weeks that immediately follow), ESPECIALLY if there are those in your life who object to you following your own soul’s agenda, instead of bowing down to what THEY want you to be doing or expect you to be doing.




If you are making waves in any way, there is likely to be someone who objects.  If you dare to dream and boldly follow that dream, often there will be someone who attacks you just for doing things differently, or for going on a path that they are too scared to walk upon themselves.


This is just part of the COST of being a bold, independent leader. And Aries represents the bold, independent, and brazen leader aspect within us all.


I personally believe that we are all here to blaze our own paths and follow the dictates of our own unique souls.  In other words, I believe that we are here to fulfill our own personal missions of joy, and not to serve someone else’s agenda of what they think we ought to do or are supposed to be doing.


I have also observed that things don’t go so well for us when we go against our own soul’s path, and when we choose to follow some other path that doesn’t suit us as well. When we go against the path of our own soul, it is usually in an attempt to try to gain the approval of another person or society, or to seek the illusion of some kind of false security. 


In both my own life, and in the lives of friends, family, and clients, I have observed that this type of approval-seeking, security chasing behavior rarely ends well in the end.  Sure, there might be some short-term benefits, but eventually, the long-term costs of going against your own soul’s path will catch up with you.


This is the essence of what Aries teaches us….how to turn away from outside influences that would take us off of our true paths, and how to bravely, boldly, and without hesitation, turn TOWARDS the true path for our soul. 


Doing so may generate temporary chaos & conflict (as you encounter the temporary resistance of others around you).  But ultimately, following the true path of your soul is the only way to inner peace. For it is only by aligning your thoughts & actions with your own true path that you will find peace & harmony.  Again, this is part of the deeper lessons of what Aries can teach us.


Until we meet again, may you have the courage, wisdom, fortitude and bravery to walk on your own soul’s true path, and may you be joined in relationship by others who are also walking their own true soul path.


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 

8:02 pm cdt 

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