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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mars Retrograde Reprint & Update

COSMIC UPDATE from Cynthia--July 16th 2018

(Plus a Reprint from June 27th 2018 re: Mars Retrograde) 

 The Summer Energies are really HEATING UP!

With three eclipses this summer, plus SEVERAL planets in retrograde at once (including Mars, and very soon, Mercury too), we are in a time of INTENSE cosmic shift.

To learn more about the effects of eclipses, you can refer to Cynthia's article on this site--CLICK HERE. 

(If there are still openings at the time you are reading, you can also get to the page to enroll in Cynthia's group eclipse teleclass from this eclipse article page.)

Solar eclipse



       With Mars retrograde (and Mercury soon to follow), not to mention some extremely powerful eclipses, each day brings a new surprise this summer--some will delight, other surprises will not be as welcome!  For we are in a time of cosmic shift and re-arranging, a time of releasing and letting go.  Don't fight the release, instead, lean into and let go and allow!

   For whether the changes and shifts you experience this summer feel pleasant or unpleasant at the moment, know that each and everyone of these shifts you are experiencing right now provide an opportunity for SOUL GROWTH & ADVANCEMENT.  And as a result of these powerful shifts, when it is all said and done, you will never be the same again!  So let's align our minds & intentions with the positive energies of the Universe, and concentrate on loving, hopeful and uplifting thoughts, so that we may arise from the fires of transformation stronger and more beautiful than ever before!  Namaste.

      For more info about these powerful shifts this summer (and at other times too), please subscribe to my Cosmic Newsletter, and/or follow me on FB.  (I"m listed as Cynthia Killion, Psychic Cynthia.)  Below you will find a re-print of an article I wrote for my Cosmic Newsletter subscribers back on June 26th 2018 about MARS retrograde.  




 MARS RETROGRADE (June 26th-Aug 27th 2018) 

Time to Get Your Zen On!

(Reprint from Cosmic Newsletter June 27th 2018)

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


QUICK PREVIEW of this edition:   Mars began its retrograde yesterday (June 26th 2018) and stays in retrograde up until August 27th 2018.  (Which is why, try as I did, I just couldn’t this newsletter done in a timely manner yesterday—those retrograde energies hit me hard.)  Did I mention too that with Mars going retrograde, we now under the rays of FIVE retrograde planets simultaneously?  Perhaps it is a good time to lay down and take a nap for a little while, lol.  In any case, with Mars now retrograde until August 27th, these next 9 weeks are good for reviewing and reconsidering the path that you are on, and slowing down and taking some time to get re-charged and renewed.  Please keep reading below for more info. 


One more thing--Please keep in mind that this is MARS retrograde we are talking about here, and not Mercury retrograde (that will start in about another month).  This Mars retrograde only happens about every two years, so it is an important shift with many effects on our day to day lives, and is worth looking into. 

         Dear Friends, hello there.  I started writing on this for you early in the afternoon on Tuesday, right before Mars was about ready to go retrograde.  I figured that the writing of this newsletter would go the same as it usually does—that is, with me sitting down at my computer and basically pounding/channeling the whole thing out in an hour or two at once.  Man, did I figure wrong!   I don’t think I’ve EVER been so easily distracted while writing a newsletter before.  (And that’s saying a lot, since I’ve been writing this on-line newsletter since 2001.)  Not to mention, I had planned to start on the newsletter much earlier in the day, but found that I was more interested in tending to my garden or taking a nap—I just couldn’t seem to focus well on the somewhat left-brain activity of writing.  For that matter, I couldn’t seem to focus well on much of ANY activity.  I felt a bit like a slug! (Very unusual for me.)

       What can I say?  I was REALLY feeling the Mars retrograde energies.  My cats and parrots weren’t helping much either, as they were all laying around taking naps for most of the afternoon.  They really know how to set a sleepy vibe.  Did I mention too that we had a surprise rain in the middle of all of this?  (Nothing like a summer rainstorm to lull you away from your work.)   Motivation was very slow in coming to me.  I didn’t exactly feel “down”.  But I certainly didn’t feel UP either!

          Today is better, as I seem to have given myself permission to lean into it and just move with the energies.  In fact, I decided this morning that with all these retrogrades happening right now, it is as good of a time as any to go ahead and take a summer stay-cation and get myself recharged and rested up.  (Sure, I’ll still work a little on the staycation, but mostly in the background and doing solo preparatory tasks—no readings, classes or formal meetings for the next week or so.)  This is my way of cutting myself a little slack—something that I feel is very much needed at this time of Mars retrograde, when energies, vitality, and motivation tend to run lower than normal.

          For with all these retrogrades happening at once (and especially with Mars, the planet of action & momentum in retrograde), it seems to be the time to get your Zen on and relax a little.  Just like my friend Smokey is doing here in the photo below, he is who is master of the Zen art of relaxing and going with the flow.

 The Path is Not Straight or Clear Right Now

 (So be patient and yield to the flow)

          What about YOU?  Did you feel it?  Did you feel a little bit more sluggish or slow moving than usual on last Tuesday when Mars went retrograde?  Did your motivation to get stuff done seem lower than usual?  Or perhaps you are feeling it TODAY, after the Mars retrograde has had some time to officially be in effect.  Mars may not go retrograde as often as Mercury, but its effects can be just as powerful!  In fact, some may say even MORE powerful.

          Mars represents the cosmic path of ACTION and chasing after it and getting it done.  (Whatever it is.)  Mars seeks the most direct and effective route to achieving what one desires.  But when Mars is in retrograde, the correct path of action is not so easily discernable, and there may be dangers along the way.  (Not the least of which is losing your cool and throwing a tantrum or rushing ahead carelessly or sloppily.) 

          Mars retrograde tends to increase the SHADOW side of Mars.  Which means we might find ourselves more easily becoming impatient, angry, tempermental, aggressive or even demanding.  (Think inner child—or inner brat, depending on how you want to look at it.)  Or we could go the opposite way, and find ourselves stalking off and passive-aggressively sulking in the corner. 

Somewhere between these two extremes, there is a healthy balance point that allows the feelings to come up and be released without laying total waste to your relationships, reputation and life.

 WHAT TO EXPECT (during Mars retrograde)

 -Lowered vitality or energy, possibly increased sluggishness

 -Lack of motivation or steam--except when it comes to things that REALLY bring you pleasure (smile)

 -Stuff just takes LONGER to get done

 -Increased detours, delays, obstacles, construction & re-construction

 -Buried anger & tempers suddenly erupting unexpectedly

 -Increased sense of dissatisfaction, frustration or restlessness—feeling that something just MUST be done to make improvement, but not knowing what that is

 -Not everyone will be on board with “your” agenda (unless it is an agenda that is really more about our, we or us)

 -Temper tantrums and outbursts backfire during this time—and the one who is the aggressor or overly pushy usually LOSES during Mars retrograde

       The people who have the most frustrations during Mars retrograde are usually the Type A “real go-getters”.  You know, the ones who just love and love to “get things done” and keep the momentum rolling along, moving from one new thing to the next.  Wait a moment.  Did I just basically describe our entire modern society?  You bet I did!  Thank Goddess for Mars (and Mercury) retrogrades, as they remind us to slow down and smell the roses every so often.

        This period of Mars retrograde is NOT so good for charging ahead excitedly into new projects or completely new experiences, as Mars is the planet of physical energy, and energy, motivation and vitality will most likely be lower than normal during this time.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything at all for the next 9 weeks or so.  It simply means that it would be best to PRIORITIZE right now and whenever possible, stick to those projects and plans that were set into motion before June 26th.  (Or at the very least, those projects & plans that you were already thinking about doing before that date.)

         Still, if you could lay low for a while, and cut yourself plenty of slack, that would be best.  Overall, now is not a time for pushing yourself too hard or trying to “make” things happen.  Instead, it is a time for leaning in closer to your soul and resting in your higher self for a little while.  As I said before, it is a great time for getting your Zen on. (smile)

         There is so much more I could say on this subject, and probably a whole lot more that would be of good use to you.  However, since I am about ready to start my Mars retrograde get replenished-staycation, I have to end this here for now.  But if you do want to know more about how you can best navigate this transit, let me refer you to the article on my website about Mars retrograde.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve updated this particular article, but the guidance still stands as good. If you are interested in learning more, here is where you go:  http://www.cynthiakillion.com/marsretrograde1.html


 Bright Blessings,

 Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 

1:07 pm cdt 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Recharging for Psychic Types


Recharging & Renewing Your Energy

(for the naturally psychic)  


June 1st, 2018  By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)




         Dear Friends, hi there!  I hope that you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and that this week has gone well for you too.  I spent the morning (and part of the afternoon too) working out in my Fairy Garden, thinning out morning glories, planting more sunflowers, and putting tiny flowers in the ground that I grew in my greenhouse.  (Hello Cosmos!)  


        Thursdays (and Mondays) are sometimes my gardening days, since I often work quite a bit doing readings & meeting with psychic mentorship students on the weekends.  I have found that on days when I am meeting with people, it is hard to get much done in the garden, especially if I don’t get it done BEFORE hand.  


Like many naturally psychic people (and especially like most natural empaths), I can enjoy my time with people (at least, when the people are enjoyable, smile).  But I do have to spend time re-charging myself after I am done socializing or just being around people.  It’s not that the people that I am around most of the time are “bad” or have anything amiss about their energies—in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite, in that most of the people I mentor or do readings for (or even just hang out with) have quite wonderful energies indeed!  


Nonetheless, when I connect with people (whether it is in-person, on FB, or via telephone), I REALLY connect, and I put a lot of myself into it.  I make the effort to be fully PRESENT with whoever I am with in the moment.

I say I make “the effort”, but truly, it’s just something that has always come naturally to me, something that I do automatically.  I have also observed other naturally psychic people responding the same way in their social interactions (giving of themselves fully & completely in the moment when they are with others).  So I know it’s not just me!  Actually, I’ve had to work hard to train myself to hold just a little back if I can, because if I don’t make the effort to keep a bit of my energy for me (and holding back really IS an effort for me), well then, I will just give it all out and have nothing left for me.


Sound familiar? (smile)  I bet that at least a few of you reading this newsletter-blog can relate to what I am saying here!  For I know that MANY of you readers are natural born psychics yourselves, and are touched with a bit of the gift, whether you consciously know it or not.  At the very least, you probably at least KNOW someone with this tendencies I am describing.  (And if so, perhaps you can help them along in life by helping to remind them to take good care of themselves too.)

Interestingly enough, although I do definitely require time alone after being with people to get re-charged and re-energized, I also find interacting with people to be quite ENERGIZING in its own way.  (Especially when I am interacting in a spiritual psychic or astrological capacity.)  There is nothing that can pump me up and excite me the same as being with a client or a group and helping them connect with the spiritual psychic realm. (Even if I do have to rest for a few hours afterwards—sometimes even DAYS if it is really intense.) 

And truly, I would not trade my life for anyone else’s.  I love what I do and I love the connections that I get to make in my life as a spiritual psychic.  And yes, when I say “connections” here, I am referring both to people here on this plane AND the angels, guides, ancestors and passed-on loved ones who I regularly get to connect with through my work.  There is something inherently satisfying & rewarding about being able to connect in this way!



Still, no matter how much one loves connecting, it is important to take time to re-charge and re-connect with ONE’S SELF.  (This is especially true for those of us who are naturally psychically or empathically inclined.)


Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done, as my experience with the general psychic personality (and many spiritual people too) is that we don’t always know when to quit or step back, especially when it involves saying “no” or stepping back from our social or professional interactions for a little while to re-charge.  In fact, the famed trance medium and medical clairvoyant Edgar Cayce is said to have died because he was doing too many readings a day and just wouldn’t stop. 

Edgar’s scenario was probably a bit more extreme than most (since after all, he was one of the most famous trance mediums of all time and did THOUSANDS of readings in his life).  But the point still stands for the rest of us that we need to listen to our guides (and our own inner guidance system) and know when to actively engage in the world and with other people, and when to pull back and re-charge and replenish ourselves.


I actually find that the more time I spend recharging and replenishing, the easier it is for me to connect with others, and the more harmonious these interactions flow.  I also find that whenever I start to feel cranky, impatient or short with others, it usually is a sign that I need to step back and take some time to be alone and replenish myself for a while.  Once I have refilled my cup (spiritually speaking) and spent some time getting relaxed and replenished, I can usually return back to my outer world interactions with a much more calm & cheerful demeanor.   


Just how does one go about spiritually and psychically re-charging and replenishing oneself?  Truly, there are as many different ways to get psychically replenished and recharged as there are people.  Each person has her (or his) own way of recharging through the activities that are energizing for her.  Generally speaking, when you want to get spiritually and psychically recharged, it is helpful to unplug from outside communications for a little while if you can, and just be alone with yourself and your own thoughts.  (You may also find it helpful to spend quiet time alone with just one special friend or family member.) 


When you are replenishing, the idea is to give yourself some time and space to just be, and also give your aura some space to breathe and re-calibrate without too many outside influences. 


Many people do find getting outside in nature to be spiritually nurturing and psychically replenishing.  (This is why there is such a long tradition of mystical gardeners and nature explorers.)  Others find that they are refueled by meditating quietly inside or listening to beautiful music, chanting or singing or even taking a relaxing bath. 

Although you might not think of it as being particularly “spiritual”, watching a favorite TV show or reading a novel can also help you to replenish and rejuvenate your energies, provided that the show you are watching (or the novel you are reading) is not too intense and helps you to feel lighter and freer inside.


Whatever YOUR own personal path is for getting psychically recharged and renewed, I do hope that you will remember to take good care of yourself and frequently replenish your energies.  Bright Blessings!

10:00 pm cdt 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Continued Effects of Feb 15 Solar Eclipse





Wed Feb 28th 2018


by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


Dear Friends, hello there!  I hope your week is going well.  I am mainly writing today because I want to share with you that with the solar eclipse in Aquarius having occurred back on February 15th, the energies have been pretty rough lately. 

Pretty rough, meaning, I’ve noticed that there has been a flair up in health problems and relationship difficulties for many, as well as emotional insecurities and old issues being retriggered (especially around the areas of feeling loved or like you belong, or feeling the need to break free and be more of an individual for some).


Issues around body, health, money and feeling safe, secure, or worthy are being activated right now BIG TIME for many.  It’s a bit TENSE right now for some for sure.  Even though this eclipse was about two weeks ago, we are STILL feeling its effect.  And I must say, even though I wrote an entire Cosmic Newsletter about it back on Feb 14th (hope you received that!), I think that I entirely underestimated just how POWERFUL these eclipse was going to be in terms of its effects upon humanity and its ability to bring up old stuff from the shadows.


  Hopefully, the last few weeks have just been peachy and rosy for all of you, and hopefully, NONE of this applies to any of you.   It is my sincere desire for each of you to have peace in your heart and love, joy, health and abundance in your life.  But darn it!  I also know that conflict and struggle happen in this 3-D reality we are living in.  So if things have been pretty tough for you lately, well, hang in there.  It will get better soon (at least, the part that is being triggered by this last eclipse). 


Even though eclipses often have effect for at least 6 months after they hit exact, the hardest time is usually in the first month or so afterwards, especially the first 2-3 weeks after.  That means that for most of us at least, we will be out of the worst of it by or around March 15th. 

(Even if outer situations don’t improve by then, our INNER state will have improved.  In other words, we will have calmed the heck down and will be better equipped to deal with whatever is before us!)


I know that I personally am looking forward to the intensity of the energies letting up just a bit.  Even though many things are going well for me, it has been rough for me since the eclipse, since I tend to experience & feel the energies of cosmic shifts in my body, and this most recent shift has left me with a rather uncomfortable case of appendicitis.  I don’t know if you have ever had appendicitis before, but if you haven’t, suffice it to say that it is one of the most painful conditions one can experience.  Usually, it ends with having the appendix cut out, but I am hoping to avoid that! 


Believe it or not, I cured myself once of appendicitis before using a combination of fasting with positive affirmations, healing visualizations, and herbal teas and home remedies.  I am hoping that I will be successful again.   We’ll see.  It’s been about a week now and I haven’t died or collapsed, so I am taking that as a good sign.


  (By the way, I’m not necessarily saying that you should try to cure yourself of appendicitis using these things, but only that this is what I myself am doing.  You do have to really know what you are doing to self-treat something like this.  It helps if you have had lots of experience & practice with these kinds of alternative healing systems BEFORE you are faced with something serious like appendicitis.  Also, most people don’t have the kind of discipline it takes to fast for a week or more and follow the regiment necessary to get the appendix back to full health using natural methods.  So if you happen to have this particular problem too, or anything else serious, you would probably be better off going to a medical doctor and letting them help you take care of it.  Unless of course you are like me and are a die-hard naturalist!  Lol.)


In any case, my point here is that we ALL have our stuff to deal with when intense energies like this are activated.  For me, I am experiencing these energies as a temporary blockage in the digestive system and a healing crisis of the physical sort.   For you, the energies may activate or express in different ways. 


In fact, you might even find some kind of tension & breakthrough happening in MULTIPLE areas of life during the next few weeks.  (For example, come to think of it, there have been some rather interesting family issues come up lately for my husband and I.)


Wherever the energies are being activated, there will most likely be tension, struggle or challenge.  But this isn’t without its silver lining, for in many cases, it is by going through our struggles and facing our challenges that we grow the most effectively.  Every challenge has a blessing, every struggle has a potential benefit. 


I know for me that the blessing of being down and out with a sore appendix is having to take time to rest and take care of myself, and having to momentarily say no to any demands except the most necessary.  And when I say “having”, I do mean really HAVING to do something—as in, now I MUST do these things or else. 


That’s the way powerful energies like these operate—they come in and stir things up and put you in a situation that gives you the opportunity and strong impetus to do what needs to be done.  Basically, it looks and feels like there is a force outside of yourself that is pressuring you to do or see things differently, a power that is nudging you along towards a course-correction and saying, “no, not that way—THIS way.” 

I’m not so sure that this intervening force or power is really outside of us, but maybe it is more like It is part of us and we are part of It. 


In any case, whatever It is, thank the Universe for this force of nature that is activated during major energy shifts.  And thank goodness for Its ability to always find the weak link within our lives and to bring up all the old stuff that needs to be dealt with and cleared out so that we can move on to higher levels of growth and joy. 


Is it always fun?  Absolutely not.  But then again, won’t it be just WONDERFUL when you come out the other side of whatever it is you are struggling with or challenged by today?  Trust me, it will be!  And yes, you WILL come out the other side, one way or the other.  Thanks for reading this update--may you find comfort, peace and joy in the days ahead!   


P.S.  Happy (almost) full moon in Virgo!  For more updates on that one, follow me on Facebook, and subscribe to my Cosmic Newsletter/Psychic Newsletter here on this site for the most in-depth updates.  Bright Blessings!

6:13 pm cst 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Power of Blessing--How to Have the Best Year Possible

How to Have the Best New Year Possible

(The Psychic Super-Power of Blessing)


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

www.cynthiakillion.com  January 11th 2018






Wondering how to have the best New Year possible?  Bless it, and bless it with love and joy! 



Your blessing is one of the most powerful tools you have available at your disposal.  In fact, your blessing is actually one of the main psychic super-powers that is part of your natural psychic birthright. 



Many people in modern society frequently use their consciousness to curse and complain (which believe it or not, is another kind of psychic super-power, but more like in a black-magic, dark cloud kind of way).  In fact, it’s become pretty mainstream these days to feel continually outraged or wronged and constantly complain.  On the other hand, very few of us nowadays are aware of how powerful our BLESSING can be to positively transform a situation. (And even fewer of us invoke this psychic super-power of blessing.)



As a professional psychic, one of the questions that I am asked frequently during this time of year is “What do you see in store for me for the New Year?”


Whenever I am asked this question, the thought that comes to me automatically is to ask the person speaking, “What is it that you would like to see and CREATE for yourself in this New Year?”





For so much of what happens in our lives is created by our own consciousness—both through the intentions we set, and what we focus on thinking about and acting upon in our daily lives.  Generally, the more positive your consciousness and the better your attitude, the better your experience will be in the year ahead.  This is true even when unpleasant things happen to you, for when you have a positive and hopeful attitude, you are able to make tasty lemonade out of any lemons that life hands you! 



One of the easiest (and most effective) ways to ensure that you have the best year possible is to use your positive consciousness & constructive psychic power to literally BLESS your year ahead.  



It’s simply really—all you need to do to employ this psychic superpower is to take a moment each day (preferably in the morning, shortly after awakening—or the night before), and say something such as:



“I bless this year with love & joy!  2018 (or whatever year it is), I am grateful for all the blessings and gifts you are bringing me.”



You can also increase the power of your blessing by adding on a blessing for the day and/or month ahead:



“I bless this day (or month) with love & joy, and am open to all the gifts and blessings it holds for me!



Remember too that if something challenging or difficult happens for you in this year/season/month/week or day ahead, you still have the power to make the best of things and turn it around for the positive by invoking the gift of your own blessing.  



For life isn’t so much about what happens to you but rather what you DO with what happens and whether you use it to help you become a bigger or a smaller person.  For me personally, some of the most devastating and traumatic experiences of my life also ended up blessing me in the greatest way—for as I focused on blessing the situation and opening myself up to the possibility that good could come out of it, I did indeed receive a great deal of good from the situation (even as I continued to deal with the not-so-fun parts).



For this reason, whatever happens, I suggest meeting it with a blessing.  This is ESPECIALLY useful when you receive difficult news or feel devastated by something that happens.  When you encounter a down-in-the-dumps kind of situation like that, instead of meeting it only with despair, instead choose to muster your psychic super-power of blessing, and say,



“I bless this situation with love!  I affirm that somehow, somewhere, GOOD will come out of this for me and my family.”



When you do this, at first you might still feel that the situation mostly stinks, but you will immediately begin to feel a glimmer of hope light up within you, and a sense of lightness will begin to come into your aura.  And the MORE you keep blessing the situation, and the deeper you open your heart to receive the good it has to offer, the lighter you will become, and the more blessed you will truly be! 

4:59 pm cst 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Season of the Heart Chakra


by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion 

(excerpted from materials for students in the Psychic Mentorship program)





      December is a gateway month, the end that soon gives way to the new beginning.  As we are in the holiday season, we glow with the joy and light of spiritual hope that infuses this time of year.  A general vibe of festivity fills the air—there are gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers.  Even when we have no special gatherings to attend, there is a sense of collective connectedness and generosity that tends to bring people closer together than at any other time of the year—for the holidays know no stranger.


            Can you feel it?  Can you feel the cord of unconditional love connecting us all together?  As a natural born psychic person, you most likely are already filled with a sense of love for your fellow human beings.  But can you feel how the collective holiday energy STRENGTHENS and AMPLIFIES your own sense of love, generosity and compassion? 


Whatever holiday it is that you celebrate during this season of winter celebrations, know that it is truly helping to bring out the best in you—the joy, the hope, and the pure light and love.  The holiday season is the season of the heart chakra….indeed, it is easier at this time of year than any other to step into the vibration of pure, cosmic unconditional love and joy, and to just KNOW and feel at the deepest level that you are never alone, for you walk in the company of angels, masters, guides and your passed on loved ones. 


And as you step into this sense of joy & connectedness, you also step into greater clarity and INTUITION, for it is easier to see more clearly when you are connected with the positive oneness energy of the heart chakra.  Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to make contact with your angels & guides and sense your passed-on loved ones when you are filled with the light of unconditional love?  


And yet, the heart has both its lightness and heaviness. 


As your heart chakra opens during this holiday season (or at any other time), it may bring up feelings of loneliness, despair, and isolation.  In fact, instead of sensing and feeling your oneness with humanity and the Universe, there may be times during this holiday season when you feel very alone indeed.  This is normal and natural, especially for a spiritual psychic person such as yourself who feels so deeply.  For when the heart chakra opens, it doesn’t just open to the joys and positivity of life, but it also opens to release ALL human emotions and experiences, including the experience and memories of despair or feeling alone, alienated or abandoned.  


When your heart opens during this holiday season, you may also find that there is a deep GRIEF that comes flooding out.  This grief can arise at the most unexpected times, even at the times when you had just been feeling joyful and hopeful a few minutes before.  The grief can be because you are thinking about and missing someone who has passed into spirit, perhaps wishing that this person could physically be present with during the holiday season. 



Of course, as a person on the path of spiritual psychic awareness, you know that your loved ones in spirit are still here with you, and may even sense them somehow.  But still—when the heart chakra opens around the holiday season, there can be grief for what was lost in their passing.



The grief that sometimes comes pouring out of the heart during the holiday season can also relate to events of the past—

a replaying of times when you felt hurt, alone or afraid.  Often, the holidays bring forth BOTH our best memories and our worst memories.  Of course, the terms “best” and “worst” used here are purely subjective and relative, and relate to how we see things from the human viewpoint.  (For from the cosmic viewpoint, there is no better than or worse than, only experiences that give us the opportunity to learn and grow.)  


All of this can be normal and natural to experience at times of intense heart chakra opening, including during the holiday season, or at any other time in your life when your heart chakra is suddenly and dramatically open.


It is quite normal to have worries and fears, as this is part of the human experience.  However, when you are on the spiritual psychic path, it is best to not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the more unpleasant or constrictive emotional energies, for in doing so, you constrict your aura and your entire chakra system, making it more difficult to receive clear psychic impulses.  


Yes, allow yourself to feel whatever comes naturally, for this is part of the heart chakra psychic awakening path.  But YOU need to be the one to stay in charge of your feelings and energy field, not to let your feelings take charge and overwhelm you— otherwise you will lose the solid footing that you need to experience psychic clarity and higher awareness.  (By the way, this solid footing and sense of groundedness in a healthy heart chakra is the same energy you need in order to have a happy & joyous holiday season, and an excellent start to the New Year!)


It is VERY easy to lose your higher perspective and sense of connection with the spiritual psychic realm when your heart chakra is overwhelmed and channeling all kinds of unsavory energies and emotions.  In fact, since the heart chakra is a portal for oneness and connection with others, when you allow your heart chakra to flood out or get overwhelmed, it is entirely possible that some of the unpleasant emotions you bring through aren’t even your own!



For these very reasons, and also just for your overall health & well-being, it is VERY important to do what you can to strengthen, balance, cleanse and uplift the heart chakra during the holiday season, AND at any other time when you are experiencing the sensation of a heart opening. 


There are MANY ways to strengthen and uplift your heart chakra, indeed, probably as many different ways as there are people.  (Plenty of the private work that I do in readings with clients often involves helping them strenghten and balance their heart chakras!)  


One of my own personal favorite methods for strengthening the heart chakra is to use my imagination to draw pure light & color into the heart.  Any color can be used, whatever comes into your mind, although the more radiant and clear and pure the color is, the better.  It also helps to add sparkles!


  (Some people like to work with the "traditional"  heart chakra color of green or even pink when doing heart chakra meditations.  That is fine if that is what calls out to you!  However, I find that your own inner psychic will also sometimes show you OTHER colors that the heart chakra needs.) 


WATER is also very soothing and healing for the heart chakra.  I have many different kinds of magical and ceremonial cleansing baths that I do that aid in strengthening the entire chakra system, including the heart.  Although soemtimes when I don't have time for a longer cleansing baths, I just do something simple with a cleansing SHOWER by annointing myself with an essential oil or two before I get in (such as rose or lavender) and taking a few drops of flower essences (on the tongue or on the skin).  And of course, before I jump into a cleansing shower (or bath) I also do a prayer stating my intention to strengthen, heal and rebalance the heart chakra!  


Here's sommething really simple & quick you can do to help soothe and re-balance an overwhelmed heart chakra--just drink a glass of cool water.  If you would like, put in a few drops of flower essence.  (My favorites for this are my own Emergency Relief & Support formula, Lady of Roses formula, or any single essence I happen to have on hand that i really resonate with at the moment).  You can also put in a teaspoon of high quality rose water to help amplify the heart chakra soothing qualities of the water.  But even without the essences or rose water, just drinking a glass of cool water can work wonders for rebalancing and uplifting your heart chakra.  (Try it and see!) 


May you have a happy holiday season, and may you meet the new year with a strong and courageous heart!  Bright Blessings!





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(these are just a few of Cynthia's past selected writings...
for more, click on dates on top left, or go to Cynthia's "ARTICLE LIBRARY INDEX")

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See Cynthia's "Helpful Articles" page for more writing on psychic phenomenon & astrology

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