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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Samhain! Mercury Retrograde too






       As of today, Mercury is now officially retrograde.  This current retrograde cylce lasts from October 31st to November 20th--that is for the retrograde proper, but the post-retrograde storm lasts until November 25th.  

         Between now & November 20th, try to slow down a little and be more mindful in your communications, planning, dealings with others.  Appliances, tech equipment, and transportation could present challenges during these next few weeks.  Overall, it is a good time for following through with what has already been started, or pursuing your current interests—it’s not such a good time for launching NEW initiatives or pursuing completely new interests. 


In terms of both relationships and material goods, repairing & renewing what one already has is favored over acquiring something new during Mercury retrograde.  But alas, some new purchases may just HAVE to be made, as stuff is more likely to break down when Mercury is in retrograde—just be sure to avoid signing long-term contracts if you can.


          When making plans, it is good to be flexible now, and to have at least one “back-up” plan or “plan B” in case things do not go the way you had originally envisioned.  (Which often, they do NOT when we are under the influence of Mercury retrograde.) 


This doesn’t mean that ALL plans will fall through during this time or that EVERY thing must become chaotic.  SOME plans will fall through for sure, and some temporary chaos will undoubtedly ensue—but in my experience, it usually ends up being all for the best, at least in the long run.  (Although sometimes it can be quite difficult indeed to see blessings in the moment when things are falling apart or not working out as you had hoped.)  At the very least, whatever is happening has the potential to serve your higher good or the higher good of the Universe in some way, if only to provide you with the friction & desire to grow.


Actually, this time of Mercury retrograde influence is a very feminine, yin kind of time—which is why those who have more of an intuitive, right-brain, go-with-the-flow kind of vibe tend to do better under the influence of Mercury retrograde (as well as during the pre-retrograde storm).


          But even psychic & intuitive types like myself can get really frustrated when things don’t go the way we planned—that is, if we let ourselves become too attached to our plans or overly invested in certain outcomes.  I would counsel you AGAINST being too zealous or insistent at this time, as that is likely to back-fire.   As I once heard a wise-woman shaman say in a sweat lodge, “If you come into the lodge with expectations, then the Universe will teach you something about expectations.”   The same could be said of coming into a Mercury retrograde period with rigid expectations.


Before I sign off for today, I would also advise you to strive to be extra cautious, conscious & aware in your communications with others between now & November 20th.  Emotions are triggered & intensified during the influence of Mercury retrograde, and it’s just so easy to misunderstand others and be misunderstood during this time. Be mindful of what you say, write and otherwise communicate, and do NOT assume that others understand you clearly—unless you have a clear sign of communication from them.


And yes, the old standard strictures of Mercury retrograde applies here—check and double-check all forms of communication if you can, especially when it comes to written communications.  And do think TWICE (or even three or four times) before putting that potentially inflammatory post on social media.  It’s best to stay in your Zen place for the next few weeks if you can (or at least, as much as you can) and to concentrate on peacefully connecting with your own inner self and spiritual light, and lovingly allowing others to do the same, without interference from you.


I hope this guidance helps you to navigate the shifts & changes in energies that we will be traversing for the next few weeks.   Wishing you & yours peace, rest and harmony in the weeks ahead, and an early Happy Samhain!  


Bright Blessings,


Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


4:38 pm cdt 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Mercury Retrograde Soon!




by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)



          Another Mercury retrograde is coming down the pipeline soon, with the official retrograde beginning on October 31st (of all days) and continuing up until November 20th.  However, the pre-retrograde “storm” hits this Friday, Oct 26th—after that date, try to slow down and be mindful in all of your communications, planning, transportation & tech issues, and dealings with others.  

Every time Mercury retrograde comes around, I do my best to PREPARE my readers, clients, and students for how to best deal with the turbulent energies that will soon be ahead, and to advise you of how to make the best use of the positive aspects of these energies.   

I also do my best to WARN you all of what to look out for during this time, and what actions to avoid if you wish to stay at least somewhat peaceful & sane for the next 4-6 weeks ahead.  Please keep reading below if you want my expert astrological advice on this.  (And if not, well that’s OK too—you’re welcome to take your chances—I do know some people that so love to gamble when it comes to dealing with cosmic energy shifts.)





(Cosmic Update on Mercury Rx follows below)

My new Connecting with Your Ancestors & Ancestral Spirits course will be beginning in early November (which is just right around the corner).  Right now is the time of the year when the Veil is so very thin, and we can easily commune with our spiritual guides & ancestors.  This is why I wanted to teach this course at this time.  Please note that this is the one and only time I intend to teach this entire course live.  For more info, keep reading below, or go to

          Please note that these classes are being conducted by telephone, and recordings of courses will be available to students to listen back to for review. This means that you can join us for these classes from wherever you are, and if you happen to be a parent of small children, you don’t even need to worry about hiring a babysitter to participate.

The class fee is quite reasonable, with a 30 dollar discount for those who enroll by or before October 31st.  (Yes, the early bird gets the worm, smile.)  Even if you aren’t able to afford the fee in order to invest in the official course, you may still be able to join us for the live classes, as there are some scholarships available.  Please see the link above to get more info or to get signed-up. 






Dear Cosmic Psychic Friends, hi there.  I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall-time season.  (And to my friends & readers in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope that you are having a splendid early spring.)  Wherever you are at on our beautiful Mother Earth, another Mercury retrograde is coming down the cosmic pipeline soon.

Right now, we are still just in the PRE-retrograde shadow of Mercury, which means our experience of time & space is already beginning to shift & change, and probably we are ALREADY starting to notice small, subtle changes in how we are coping & dealing with day-to-day realities, as well as changes in dreaming patterns and energy levels.  (At least, some of us will notice this now—others may not notice until later, as we all respond to the energies differently & at different rates, and also we can respond differently to each new energy shift.)

This is a good time for writing down your dreams, increasing your meditation time, and paying very good attention to any warnings or premonitions coming from your intuition or inner psychic. Now is the time to really slow down & commune with your ancestors & guides.




On the other hand, it’s not such a good time for relying only on logic or so-called “facts”.  It’s not that “facts” can’t be relied upon (indeed, often they are the only thing that can be relied upon.)  It’s just that you will need to expend extra energy getting your facts STRAIGHT during Mercury retrograde (AND in the days immediately before it), as things often aren’t the way they seem during this time.  Not to mention, emotions are started to get INTENSIFIED, and there’s nothing like heavy emotional energy to cloud the lens of facts & logic.

So before you go and let yourself get triggered or upset or accuse others of wrong-doing, or before you start to believe your job, relationship, career, life or whatever or “over”, maybe you could step back and take a breath or two, and give yourself some time to RE-ASSESS before jumping to conclusions or taking actions that you can’t take back later.  

For it’s so easy to feel self-righteous and justified when the energies are being activated in this way.  And of course, this applies to people that you are in relationship & dealings with as well—especially for those who usually have a habit of feeling self-righteous or justified (even when their actions aren’t really justified).  Whatever dominant emotional energies you have at this time, these shifts will tend to AMPLIFY and INTENSIFY those energies, pretty much to the point where they can interfere with your logic & reason at times.


It is for all these very reasons that Mercury retrograde is one of the BEST times for getting a reading or counseling session, or otherwise seeking an expert opinion, at least, assuming it is a reader, counselor or expert that you KNOW you can count on. The emotions can take on quite a SWIRL during Mercury retrograde, swinging to BOTH sides of the extreme (both unrealistically positive AND unrealistically negative).


What you need to do now is invoke the practices & connections in your life that can help you find and stay in the CENTER.




The official retrograde begins on October 31st (of all days) and continues up until November 20th.  However, as I mentioned above, we are already in the pre-retrograde shadow of this transit, which is a time when discord and restlessness subtly begin to churn & stir beneath the surface.  Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in CONFLICT, mis-understandings or dis-agreements lately.  Maybe even you’ve found that you more easily lose your temper or patience with people whom are close to you or those whom you usually get along well with. (Or perhaps THEY seem to be losing their temper with you and speaking more meanly or harshly than usual.)  

There is definitely a SCRATCHY side to Mercury retrograde that isn’t usually talked about….I find that this scratchy side often shows itself as early as the pre-retrograde shadow time, and certainly by the time of pre-retrograde storm (which we are approaching on Friday).   But maybe you’ve been lucky so far (or just stay inside your house like a hermit with no social media) and so you have mostly avoided the scratchy aspect of these energies.

Even so, you might have noticed that there have been some unexpected scheduling issues lately, with plans sometimes having to be canceled or re-arranged for a much later date.  If so, know that there is something larger than just your own energies at work here.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get to do that thing that you wanted, but only that it is delayed for now and that you will have to wait a little while longer while until a more ideal time for that experience or event.


I view all of these little (and sometimes not so little) frictions and annoyances of the shadow phase as simply hints and tiny tastes of what is yet to come in the weeks ahead—these effects generally tend to intensify as we get closer to the retrograde proper.  (Although occasionally, the worst annoyances happen BEFORE the retrograde starts, and then things mellow out just a little bit during the retrograde proper.)   

Soon we will move from just being in the shadow phase and then we will hit the pre-retrograde “storm” on this Friday, Oct 26th.  The pre-retrograde storm is the moment when the speed of the orbit of Mercury reaches a significantly slow rate.  This significant-slowing down usually happens about a week before the official beginning of Mercury’s retrograde period, with Mercury’s orbit coming to a near standstill on the day it actually goes retrograde. 


Most people (and not just those who are psychically sensitive) begin to notice a shift in the energies and social atmosphere by the time the pre-retrograde storm begins—including all your standard Mercury retrograde associations, such as increased communication problems & break-downs, spike in emotional outbursts & depression, tech and transportation issues, re-scheduling and scheduling issues, and travel delays and problems.  


For all practical purposes, the pre-retrograde storm is when the effects of the retrograde begin to hit in a very OBVIOUS way, although things can certainly intensify a bit more when the retrograde proper begins. 

          JUST TO RE-CAP, for you before I sign off, we are currently in the pre-retrograde shadow of Mercury retrograde, which if Mercury retrograde were a band, this would be akin to the band showing up on the scene and beginning to set up.  Then, on this upcoming Friday, October 25th, we will enter the pre-retrograde storm, when the opening act for the Mercury retrograde performs.  Finally, the Mercury will “officially” station retrograde on Thursday, October 31st (yes, on Halloween) and that is when the retrograde technically begins, and it continues until November 20th.


Thanks for being a reader of this Cosmic Newsletter! Hope you found this edition helpful.  As always, feel free to write me if you have questions about scheduling private readings, or about classes, flower essences or herbal creations.  Until next time, May the blessing of the Ancestors & the helpful spirits be with you, and may you have a magical & enchanting Halloween Season ahead!


2:54 pm cdt 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Embrace This Season of Psychic Connection!

The Halloween Season of Psychic Connection—

Embrace this Magical & Psychically Enchanting Time

AND What to Do If You Notice

Any "Pesky" Spirits Around This Time

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

Reprinted & Adapted from 10-09-2019 Cosmic Newsletter



    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially where I am at in the Mid-west part of America, we are moving more deeply into the season of Fall. 

    This time of the year is known to be one of the most magical & psychically charged times of the year, especially the time right around the first hard frost.  For as the temperatures drop and new winds blow, and the movement of sunlight appears to change dramatically, and barometric pressures shift & change, so there are corresponding changes & shifts in the spirit realm.

     Some say (going back all the way to ancient days) that the subtle spiritual changes that we feel at this time of the year are due to the spirits of the plants dying back and receding back into the earth.  Perhaps this is why originally, Halloween (the day when the veil between the worlds is said to be the thinnest) was NOT on the fixed date of October 31st, or even on ANY fixed date at all.  But instead, this celebration of death, dying, and the Ancestors was traditionally and originally held as close to the date of the first hard, killing frost as possible—thus tying the human world celebrations with the cycles of nature.

      Whatever the cause, many of us do feel the veil thinning at this time of year.  Perhaps we even notice an increase in spirit activities around us—whether that be welcome signs & messages from our passed-on loved ones, or mischievous acts of spirt manifestations from pixies or other kinds of less familiar spirits.  

     If you DO happen to notice the spirit activity picking up around your home or office, you might want to try simply ACKNOWLEDGING the spirits, and letting them know that you sense them.  Also, if a spirit REALLY gets on your nerves during this time, try leaving a peace offering of food or drink.  Of course, you can sage & cleanse too if you would like, but sometimes it is better to leave an offering & acknowledge the spirits, than it is to try to cleanse them away!  (Besides, if you can make FRIENDS with a spirit, it sure is nice & comes in handy sometimes to have spirit guardians or a guardian for you home, car, garden or office.)

      Until next time, May the blessing of the Ancestors & the helpful spirits be with you, and may you have a magical & enchanting Halloween season ahead!

10:22 am cdt 

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