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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Gift of Death & Life (Princess Passing)



By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)  

Written 12-16-2019

Note:  This post is adapted from a story that was shared in a letter to my inner circle of Psychic Friends & Supporters.


Dear Psychic Friends, hello there, and Yule-tide greetings.  I don’t know about you, but it’s been a tough week for me already, and it’s only Monday.

I was planning to get up early this morning (Monday) and work on writing a note to let  all of you who are in my inner circle of psychic friends know about a new group program that I will be offering starting in January (which is just right around the corner).   I’m very excited about this new program (the Psychic Empowerment Circle), and was hoping to let all of you in this inner circle know more about it as soon as this week started.  But Life had different plans for me today.

          As Fate would have it, my beautiful 13 year old cockatiel parrot companion, Princess, took ill over the weekend as a result of complications from an unfertilized egg that she had been trying to lay.  She seemed to have been getting better, but then things took a turn for the worse on Sunday night.  And her situation continued to decline through this morning (Monday morning) and into the afternoon.

          There are certain protocols for dealing with a sick parrot, and I followed them all to the best of my ability, including turning her resting cage into what is called a parrot “hospital cage” with a heat lamp inside and a heater outside, and literally hand-feeding her a vitamin-mineral powder mixed in water.  I also spoke to the spirits and to the Powers on her behalf, and specifically called upon Mother Mary, the mother goddess Berchta, and mother Holda.  

I asked these Divine Ladies to bring Princess back from the brink of death if they could AND if it was part of Princess’s fate to remain in this world.  I also asked that if it was time for Princess to pass, that they give me the strength I needed to help her in her passing, and also that they help to ensure that the transition was as peaceful & gentle as possible for Princess.


It must have been her time to go, for Princess made her transition today at 2:55 pm.  She had been laying very still for a long time in my hand, just breathing, and then suddenly she gave a shudder or two, stretched her wings, and then tilted her head back and looked straight up at me.  And then she was gone.  She died cradled in the palm of my hand, as warm and comfortable as one could be while undergoing an essentially uncomfortable process.


I have no doubt that her consciousness will continue to live on, there on the other side, in one form or the other.  This brings me great comfort.  

At the same time, there is also a sense of pain, sorrow and loss.  For as the spirits are often fond of reminding me & others who get readings with me, it is so good, so wonderful, to be alive.  As in, to be incarnate & alive on this physical plane.  There is so much to do & experience here, so much to learn, so many ways to grow, so much love to share, so many adventures to have, and so much beauty and inspiration to create, here, in this realm we call physical life. 


The sudden death of Princess is a reminder yet again to me of how beautiful yet FRAGILE and BRIEF life is on this plane of physical existence.  Even if one believes in reincarnation & multiple incarnations (as I know many of us do), the combined time span that one might spend in various bodies on the earth plane is still probably barely nothing when compared to the vast age of our eternal souls.  

Our time here in these physical bodies is truly brief, AND truly precious.  However long we life, whether it is 13 days, 13 years, or 30, 40, or 50 years, or more, we must make the most of these precious years.  

We shouldn’t waste our valuable time on this planet living in fear or mediocrity when we could be living in courage and pursuing our interests and dreams instead.  And we certainly shouldn’t waste the small allotment of time we have been given here nursing & carrying grudges when we could instead be building relationships and sharing love. 


Life is for LIVING—not for waiting around while you THINK about living or wonder why you are living—or worse yet, wish that you were not living.  (Not that I haven’t been there myself before—but that’s no way to live, really.)  

Yes, many of the spiritual realms beyond this physical plane are vast, beautiful and filled with wonders.  Sometimes we catch glimpses of these beautiful other-worldly realms in meditation.  And sometimes what we see of these worlds causes us to look at our own world here as being dim & dreary. 

And yet, those of us who work in the realm of Spirit & spirits see how time and time again, the spirits are extremely interested in what is happening HERE on this physical plane.   Even the Ascended Masters themselves make a concentrated effort to reach out to spiritually open beings on this physical plane and assist us with living our lives in greater service & love.   Surely there must be some beauty and value to this earthly existence, if the Masters themselves concern themselves with helping those of us who are in it.


Many years ago, I received a spiritual download via a vision-dream where the Guides specifically instructed me about the value of being alive on the physical plane.  They said simply, IT IS A GIFT TO BE HERE.  (Here, meaning the physical plane.)  

At the time, this was a radical view point for me, which required a radical shift in my thinking.  For up until this time, I had mostly seen life on this earthly plane as being a dreary chore at best.  And on my bad days, I had thought of life here on earth as some kind of penal sentence for bad behavior in a past life, or perhaps just some place you ended up on your way to the so-called higher, and better, realms---this was at a much different time in my life than where I am at now, you might say a darker time, where I struggled with heavy grief.

And in the midst of all of that, my guides gave me a vision showing me what a PRIVILEGE it was to be alive in a physical body and how precious this opportunity is.

That was several years ago that I had that vision and received that wisdom from the Guides.  But I have never forgotten what they taught me in that vision about the preciousness of life on the physical plane, and what a GIFT it is to be alive. 

That’s why it hurts so much when someone we love dies—not because they really die (since after all, their consciousness will live on in some form on the other side).  But because this world that we live in here is totally unique among all the realms, and leaving this world behind means leaving behind a realm of great feeling, passion, energy, beauty & expression. 

No, it is not a perfect world that we live in where everything flows smoothly all the time or where there is no pain—but it is the perfect place to be for those souls who wish to live, love, and really EXPERIENCE energy in a variety of forms & manifestations.   And Dear One, it is must be perfect for you & I, for we are here, and have been given the gift of being alive on this plane of existence at this time.

Now that Princess has shed her earthly body, already I can feel her flying free to another (less-physical) realm of existence.  I am sure that this realm I feel her in feels lighter and brighter than this physical realm.  And yet, I can also feel how she carries the memories of her time here on the earth plane with her—all of the love and the beauty and the wonder of it all, it is inside of her, and it goes with her wherever she goes, propelling her forward into the next realms of existence.  May it be so with all of us as well when we pass to the Other Side.

Bright Blessings,

Cynthia (Psychic Cynthia) 

     P.S.  If you are interested in reading the story about the vision I received from the Guides about the gift of physical life many years ago, you can read that on my website at:  http://cynthiakillioncom/gift_of_life_blog.html.


     Also, I know that I never got around to telling you about the Psychic Empowerment Circle in this note.  I hope you will understand that it’s not because I don’t want you to be invited.  I just don’t have the energy to get into all of that right now today, with all that I have been through—perhaps I will write again in a few days with more info, or I might just put an announcement on FB or in my next newsletter.

     In the meantime, I did at least get the info put onto my website last weekend.  So if you really wanted to know more about that (the Psychic Empowerment Circle), and if there are still openings for the program at the time you are reading this, you could check it out on my website at

          (If you are coming here long after I wrote this note, the program may already be filled, and/or that page may not be there anymore--my apologies if this is the case.)

     May you & yours be blessed in the Yule-Tide season ahead, and may you embrace each day of life for the gift that it is!


8:22 pm cst 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

FIRE & ICE-The 2 Phases of the Winter Solstice Cycle


Winter Solstice Cycle-

A Time of Rest & Re-Calibration

By Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

Reprinted From 12-01-2019 Cosmic Newsletter




   Dear Psychic Friends, hello there, and Happy official start to the holiday season!  Whatever the actual holy-days are that you & your family celebrate during this time, know that, cosmically speaking, this month is a time of getting rejuvenated and re-balanced by tuning deep within and re-calibrating the outer self with the inner self.  

For we are now in the days building up to the moment of the Winter Solstice, the moment when the sun enters the sign of Capricorn, which occurs exactly this year on Saturday, December 21st at 10:19 pm Central USA time—for those of you across the pond in Europe, that is December 22nd at 4:19 UTC. 

 (For those of you who are in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, you are building up to the SUMMER solstice—which is a much different & more EXPANSIVE energy than what we are having here in the North.)

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year in the days before the Winter Solstice, is a time when we are drawn inward to embrace the INNER LIGHT.  For as the obvious, OUTER WORLD physical light continues to dwindle and the days grow shorter, the heart radiance of the soul shines brighter than ever, and it is often easier for us to catch glimpses of our true, inner, Universal self.

When we are aligned with this inner heart radiance, it is easier than ever before to be kind, generous and giving and for-giving, to our self, and others.  This is the first phase of energy in the BUILD-UP to the Winter Solstice, the time that we are under the rays of the cycle of the Sagittarius New Moon, as well as the sun still making its journey through the benevolent and inspiring sign of Sagittarius.

Then in the second part of this cycle, beginning on Dec 21st with the actual Solstice and the entry of the sun into Capricorn, we move from a cycle of building-up to a cycle of CONTRACTION, CONSERVATION & FOCUSING.  It is here in this second part of the cycle that we can focus the inner light and begin to bring it forth in the outer world in the form of tangible creation & action.





(Phase 1 = now until Dec 21st)

While we are still under the rays of this expansive, build-up of energy (from now until Dec 21st), this is a good time overall for gathering together with your true friends & family and sharing in joy, gratitude and warmth.  It is a time for giving and forgiving, as well as time for seeking for you own higher SPIRITUAL TRUTH AND ASPIRATIONS.


For the sign that takes us up to the Solstice is Sagittarius, which is the sign of the Spiritual Truth Seeker, the travel, the explorer, the adventurer.  Its symbol is the CENTAUR ARCHER, which aims its arrow for the heavens, reminding us to DREAM and REACH for our own higher potential.


Dear one, if you can, find a time between now & December 21st to tune into the energies of the Archer and sit with this energy of expansion.  When you do, ask yourself (and the spirit of the Archer) in what ways are you feeling called to mentally or physically GROW & EXPAND in the year or season ahead?  Where is it you would like to FOCUS your energy and AIM your consciousness to achieve that higher feeling of meaning & purpose?

In this first phase of cosmic winter solstice energies, you don’t need to concern yourself with the “how” of what it is you are feeling called to do or be—you need only concern yourself with receiving the INSPIRATION of the WHAT it is specifically you are aiming for or towards. 




PHASE 2 of the Winter Solstice Energies

(Dec 21st onward to January 20th)

On the actual Winter Solstice itself (Dec 21st this year, at least in the USA) we enter phase 2 of these cosmic solstice energies.  This is when we have the sun moving into wintery Capricorn, a contractive sign of deep contemplation and stillness.  For it is only by temporarily moving into the void of cosmic stillness and reflection that the forces of creation & manifestation can be stimulated and brought forth. 


This is a sign whose energies that I personally know very well, for it is the sun-sign that I chose to be born under in this lifetime. This energy of Capricorn that we meet with at the Winter Solstice is MUCH different than the expansive and easy energies of Sagittarius that take us up to the Solstice. 


For one thing, the energy of Capricorn is NOT an inherently “easy” energy, for it brings to the surface an awareness of all the DEBTS that are yet to be paid (both spiritual and physical world debts).  These debts can be karmic in nature, and may mean taking a hard, long look at the lives we have lived so far, and considering how well we are fulfilling our mission & purpose in this life and if we are truly living up to our FULL potential.  (Or if instead, we have been lazy, non-commital, or indifferent when it comes to our higher callings & responsibilities.)


If we examine our lives and find that we truly HAVE been living up to our potential, and if we have fulfilled our duties & responsibilities to the best of our ability, then there is cause for great CELEBRATION and JOY, and we can take a beat to REST into this joy & satisfaction while we await new “marching orders” from our soul for the New Year.


On the other hand, if when taking this reckoning we find that we have NOT been living up to our full potential, if we discover that we have allowed distractions or illusions to take us off our higher path, if we find that we have LOST our way temporarily, then this time around the Solstice can be a time of FACING THE MUSIC and turning away from distraction and temptation and RE-CALIBRATING to the heart of the soul and the beat of your higher harmony.

If you find that there is a need for RE-CALIBRATION around the time of this upcoming solstice (and in the days immediately after), do not at all be surprised or alarmed.  Often, there are EXCESSES that we indulge in earlier in the larger cycle when the sun moves through the signs of both Scorpio & Sagittarius (basically late October up until Dec 21st).  Once the sun comes back around to Capricorn on December 21st, we often find ourselves confronting the CONSEQUENCES of these past excesses—whether those excesses be having eaten or spent too much, or having indulged in emotional outbursts or frittering energy away on pursuits other than those that express your higher self.

Usually, the key to re-calibrating after a time of excess like any of these is to simply take a BREAK and REST from the behavior that created the excess.  Of course, one may have to take more extreme measures in the future to pay off any “debt” associated with the excess, but to start with, just slowing down and RESTING a bit and avoiding excessive behaviors is often enough to get the re-calibration & re-balancing process started.




In the Norse mythology cosmos, we see that Fire and Ice are the two primal elements of creation.  The sign that rules the first building up phase of our Winter Solstice cycle (Sagittarius) is a FIRE sign.  This explains the warming, jolly and expansive energies that we feel in the first part of this Solstice cycle.  Fire spreads itself out and moves in many directions at once.  The fire energy of Sagittarius is mostly a beneficial and uplifting fire that can carry us into the higher realms of inspiration.  However, if we don’t have a good sense of inner balance & self-moderation, the flames of the time of Sagittarius can lead to over-indulgence and over-extension of self, which in turn can lead to a greater need for CONTRACTION and REST in the second part of the solstice cycle.


In the second part of the cycle, we enter the sign of Capricorn with the Winter Solstice proper.  Capricorn itself is technically an earth element sign—but if you look at its meanings and associations, we could definitely say it embodies the primal energies of ICE, for it is a sign that is known to be firm (even, hard), unyielding, and contractive.  

This time in the second part of the solstice cycle, from the Winter Solstice onward to January 20th, is a time of cooling down, resting and the focusing and conserving of energy.  Rather than spreading our energies out into many different directions (as fire spreads) we are now to CRYSTALIZE and FOCUS our energies into one solid path.

          In the weeks ahead, may you be blessed with the creative & recuperative powers of BOTH Fire & Ice, and may the Inner Light of the Solstice Energies warm you & illuminate your path.


Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


5:40 pm cst 

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