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Friday, January 24, 2020

Saturn-Pluto: Mastering Your Personal Fate


IN 2020 & BEYOND-


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)




    Dear Psychic Friends, hello there.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that 2020 is off to a dynamic and somewhat turbulent start.  Which is not at all surprising, given the recent shifts we have had in the last month or two.  As I am writing this newsletter for you, the impeachment trial for the current President of the United States is going on, and Australia is still recovering from its massive, raging fires.  As I predicted in an earlier newsletter, 2020 is off to a HEAVY start, and at least some of this must be due to the heavy & intense energies we have been under for the last few months.

     In particular, we just had the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn hit exact on January 12th of this month.  Because of slow planetary movement and retrograde phenomenon, this Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will actually remain in effect for most of the ENTIRE YEAR of 2020.  (Although it does start to taper off from November onward, thank Goddess!)  This is one of those shifts that will affect us ALL on both a personal & collective level. 

    Of course, some people might feel the effects more strongly than others—especially those who have birth chart points or planets in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn—and also anyone who has ANY birth points or planets in the degree range of 19-28 degrees.  But then, no one, and I do mean NO ONE, will remain untouched by these energies.



          Saturn is the great cosmic Teacher & Initiator, and Pluto is the Great Destroyer & Transformer.  They are coming together in Saturn’s own native sign of Capricorn, which in its lower vibrations is linked to dictatorships, tyrants & totalitarian governments, stifling corporations & oppressive religions—but in its HIGHEST vibrations, Capricorn vibrates to the level of the Spiritual Master and the Lords of Karma.  

At the present moment, we can see BOTH ends of this spectrum playing itself out in the political realm.  The Saturn-Pluto combination is one of those kinds of energies that tends to express itself in EXTREMES, especially on a collective level, but perhaps also on a personal level as well.  Perhaps you’ve noticed within yourself lately an extreme urge to take a stand or make a major change.


This kind of conjunction between Saturn & Pluto only happens every 33-38 years. The last time we had an exact conjunction of these two heavenly bodies was back on November 8th, 1983.  

For those of you who grew up in the 1980’s (like myself), you might remember how pervasive the fear of nuclear threat was at that time here in the United States.  Thank goodness nothing ever came of that!  (But there was at least one close call around that time—search for Able Archer 83 to learn more.)  

It wasn’t all bad though, for the early 1980’s (and especially 1983) was a crucial time relating to the birth of the internet.  This led to the creation of a new world economy—indeed, to the creation of new kind of world, period—a world with more inter-connectedness in communication.  However, some would say that the internet & the tech revolution have also led to a world that is increasingly more depersonalized and dehumanized.  I suppose it is like anything else—not black and white, but grey, and you have the bad with the good too.

In any case, this CURRENT Saturn-Pluto conjunction just hit exact back on January 12th, and will continue to be in effect for most of the rest of the entire year. (In fact, some astrologers say we may feel its effects all the way through January of next year.)  Any time Saturn and Pluto interact in ANY way, but especially in an authorative sign like Capricorn, leaders can be toppled from power, and new ones can be suddenly installed.  

The new ones that come in aren’t always better than the old ones (sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t).  Also, sometimes the old leaders that need to go are protected from being removed by some kind of personal karmic force—if that happens, then the remaining leaders who were previously challenged often become even more powerful than before, perhaps to the point of becoming tyrannical.  But even then, their powers may be limited in some way by incoming new leadership.  Even when the tyrannical forces resist, there is something about the momentum of societal transformation that doesn’t stop once it has begun.




This Saturn & Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a CLEANSING shift that holds the potential for re-organization and major change.  

Not that there isn’t RESISTANCE to the change—of course there is!  As nothing can bring up one’s ego & defense mechanisms as strongly as being faced with the need for a complete re-organization of the way one currently lives & does things.  This is true whether we are speaking of governments, or just looking at the life of one individual such as yourself.

It’s also true that Pluto tends to bring up the SHADOW SIDE of one’s self and society.  In fact, that’s one of the things its energies does BEST—shining a light on all the unsavory, dark, and murky aspects of one’s self that need to be faced and dealt with.  

It’s not a pretty process (as I am sure you have noticed with what is happening in the larger society at the moment).  But it is NECESSARY for us to face our collective pettiness, meanness, and lack of empathy so that we can confront this group shadow and have a chance to transform it all into something more useful and beautiful, such as collective wisdom, understanding, cooperation and love.



Moderation is difficult to achieve under the influence of these intense energies, and compromise seems harder than usual.  Again, this is true whether we are speaking of an individual or the overall society.  This is a time of extremes.  And yet, by going to the extremes, we will eventually be pulled back to the center.  For nothing makes you crave peace and harmony more than having just gone to the extremes of hell & back (so to speak).



One thing that is very interesting (and difficult to predict) is what will happen when Pluto’s deep tendency towards upheaval, destruction, and major transformation keeps meeting up with Saturn’s natural leaning towards rooting in and clinging towards the status quo.  

This kind of friction is bound to create some SPARKS, and major conflict is inevitable. However, how we DEAL with the conflict in the year ahead is up to US.  Sometimes it is important to take a stand and to fight for those things which are worth fighting for.  Other times it is wiser to be accommodating and to be open to new ways of doing things. (Particularly when these new ways are of a more innovative or higher nature).  Whatever action is called for, what we hold in our hearts & energy fields when we act is most important of all…..

Actions springing from courage, love, honor and empathy will bear greater long-term fruits than any actions springing mostly from fear, lack of understanding or meanness or pettiness.  It’s true that even higher-minded spiritual people may be tempted to act mean or petty when they are faced with the meanness or pettiness of other people, but we must not give in to that temptation.  For in doing so, our words & actions would only bear rotten, barren fruits, rather than providing the seed for a new world that actions born of love & wisdom can offer.




Even though this shift is a conjunction, I feel like in many ways it is already operating like an OPPOSITION—in that, even in the face of OBVIOUS facts indicating it is time to change, some will still cling to their old ways of doing things.  AND they will cling vehemently and intensely.  

One thing that Pluto & Saturn both have in common in their shadow side is a love of power and tyranny.  (Remember, this is the shadow side we are talking about here, not the light side.)  I hate to say it, but with this transit in effect for most of the year, I think that things may got WORSE politically & socially before they get better. Not that it has to stay that way forever.  But I have a feeling that those who derive their comfort from controlling or depriving others will not go down without a good, long fight.

I know many modern humans like to think of our current civilizations as being so much more evolved and better than previous ones.  But in my humble opinion, as a species, we are still just barely TODDLERS when it comes to collective levels of spiritual consciousness—maybe (and this is only a MAYBE), middle-schoolers at best!

So we still have a LONG ways to go in our collective awakening.  Which is obvious when you look at how many of the world leaders treat each other and their respective peoples.  Not that it’s all the fault of the world leaders, for like it or not, they are all a reflection of some aspect of the collective consciousness (or UN-consciousness, as the case may sometimes be).  And although we can’t always get our leaders to see reason, we can change the world by changing our own selves and how we think and move in the world.  

If we want more enlightened and inspired leaders, then we must be willing to BE enlightened & inspired leaders within our OWN lives.  For we are the leaders that we have been waiting for!




           I feel that this year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is inviting us all to come out and dance and be the master of our own lives.  It’s time to stop making excuses or giving our power away, and it’s also time to stop backing down from dealing with your OWN issues or living your own life.

          Whoever you are, whatever your personal path of Fate, you are here to be the most competent, wise, powerful, ethical and bad-ass being of love & light that you can be while you are on this planet.  To this end, the energies that we are experiencing at this moment (via the long-term effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction) are acting upon your inner will to stimulate within you a DEEP sense of purpose and initiative.  In fact, you may feel a clearer sense of direction than you have for a very long time.  If you look deep down inside and are honest with yourself, you know the work that needs to be done, AND you know it can only be done by you.



Of course, neither Saturn nor Pluto are ever without tests & tribulations, and Capricorn is a sign that is known for having many trials and struggles.  Whatever it is you deeply desire now, it will most likely not come easily.  In fact, you will most likely have to evolve into being an entirely different person with different habits in order to bring forth this deepest desire, for the old self must die and transform in order to give birth to the new self.

 But if you are willing to stay with the process and enjoy the journey as its own kind of reward, then the process can be MUCH gentler and smoother. 


Wherever you are at on your journey, I am sure that you already have PLENTY of struggles to deal with.  So let’s not try to make this journey ahead more difficult by resisting or refusing to change.  Instead, it would be better to at least be OPEN to changing, for nothing will slow you down faster or create more unnecessary difficulties than resisting change and stubbornly refusing to do that which you truly know is yours to do.

Your commitment to your OWN PATH will be tested too.  For in the testing, you are being given an opportunity to develop an even DEEPER sense of your own personal convictions and higher purpose.  Purpose is an important concept relating to this shift.  Purpose, as in how you share your love & gifts with the world. Yes, the energies this year do call you to go deep within to explore your own personal feelings & unconscious, but these energies also demand that you fulfil your own PERSONAL SOUL MANDATE—that path that was set down for you before you were even born by your own soul.

How can you tell if you are walking your higher path and living in alignment with your own soul?  It’s very simple really.  When you are on that higher path and living in alignment, you keep your eye on the prize (so to speak) and you don’t let whatever is happening around you stop you from living your dreams, fulfilling your purpose, or sharing your love & light with the world.  You also don’t get discouraged very often or lose hope.  For how could you be discouraged, when you are connected in with your higher purpose, and focused on doing YOUR part to help uplift the energies of the planet?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have trials or tribulations when you are on The Path.  (Your own personal path of spiritual purpose & awakening.)  It also doesn’t mean that you won’t have brief moments of doubt or even anger, desperation or despair.  But when you are truly connected in with your soul and living the life of your highest aspirations (which is what the sign of Capricorn is about in its HIGHEST form), any moments of despair, doubt, or fear will truly be brief, and they will never overcome the fire that burns inside of you—for it is only the soul-filled fire of inspiration within that can truly survive the purging fires of transformation.

Dear One, if you find at this time (or at any time in the future) that you are going through a dark night of the soul, I encourage you to give yourself space and permission to feel the depths of those inner emotions.  AND, I encourage you to search deep within for that INNER FLAME, to find that part of you that is truly inspired & spiritually connected.  And most important of all—do remember to make time to FEED the fires of soul-centered inspiration within by doing what lifts you up & whatever you truly love!


In the months ahead, may you pass through the fires of transformation as gently & gracefully as possible, and may this new form that you are becoming outshine anything you have ever been before.

Until next time, may we all meet the fires of transformation that are before us with courage, strength, & steadfastness, and may we do it with the unconditional love, support & encouragement of like-minded spiritual travelers!

 Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

10:20 pm cst 

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