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Spiritual-Psychic Reading "Half-Sessions" are also available with Cynthia.  These are 1/2 hour sessions that are mainly designed to be used as "updates" when a regular, returning client has had a reading within the least 3 months or less.  A 1/2 session is NOT a comprehensive reading but rather focuses in on one particular area of life (or maybe two, max).  Cynthia does not recommend getting a 1/2 session for your first-time reading, or if your last reading was more than 3 months ago, unless you only have one area of life that you just want a little bit of information about. If you need a more comprehensive, in depth reading, then register for the regular, full-length session.

         Cost for "Spiritual-Psychic" Half-Reading:  $120 

          Half-Reading sessions are available by *TELEPHONE ONLY*....no exceptions.

If session runs over 30 minutes, then an "overtime fee" will be applied in increments of $50 for each additional 15 minutes, with minimun overtime fee being $50 (even if it is less than fifteen minutes of overtime).


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Scheduling Note:   Typically, it will be about 2 weeks from the time you register to the time you have your reading with Cynthia (sometimes sooner, sometimes later).   If you are wondering about Cynthia's appointment availablity in the near future, please click on the link to her "reading appointment availability schedule" below. 

   SCHEDULING INFO: To view the Reading Scheduling of possible times/dates available for readings in the near future, please CLICK HERE

The cost for a Spiritual-Psychic Reading "HALF SESSION" with Cynthia is $120.  This includes your 30 minute phone session, plus an optional CD recording of the session.  All 30 minute sessions are conducted by telephone only.  If session goes over 30 minutes, then minimum overtime fee of $50 will apply.

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(To schedule a FULL session, please click

STEP 1:  Register and pay for your Spiritual Psychic HALF-SESSION Phone Reading by clicking on the payment button to the left.  Cost is $120  (Please complete this step before proceeding to step two.)

STEP 2:  Complete & submit the brief "Contact & Background Info" form below to schedule your session.  If you would prefer, once you have paid, you can schedule your session by telephone by calling (316) 347-9481.  Please make sure you pay & register for your session before completing this step.  (If you have already scheduled your session by phone with Cynthia, and you are just using this page to pay, you may skip this second step if you'd like.)

Questions?  Please feel free to e-mail Cynthia directly at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com. Or call 316-347-9481. 

All fees paid for readings are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you have any questions about whether or not a reading with Cynthia is right for you, please consider carefully & do your research before  registering, as there are no refunds.  (This includes if you do not call or show up at the time of your scheduled reading.)

PLEASE NOTE:  A reading is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, financial, or any other kind of professional treatment or advice.  Cynthia generally does not give advice but simply presents what it is that is coming through for you from the spiritual world.  You, and you alone, are responsible for any actions you may take as a result of what you hear in a reading.            
       Cynthia does not claim to be 100% accurate (no human can be).  You are always free to accept or reject anything you hear in session.  You must measure what is said against your own Inner
Truth and Common Sense.

Spiritual Psychic Reading:  Contact & Background Info Form

First name:
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Please list briefly your reasons for requesting a reading with Cynthia & what it is you hope to receive from your session.
SCHEDULING INFO:  Cynthia has a variety of appointment slots open each week, on Monday through Saturdays (sorry, no Sunday appointments).  Generally she reads in the day, between 10 am-3 or 4 pm Central time.  However, there is usually at least one or two evening slots available each week, frequently on a Tuesday or Wednesday or night.
           If you don't mind, would you please take a moment to type in the days of the week (from the choices above) that you think would generally be better for you to have your reading, and also whether evening or daytime is best?    (Skip if you are choosing the "CD or MP3 download Reading")

Please note that not all days/times are available every week.  Cynthia will do her best to see you as soon as possible on one of the days/times you have selected.  If you have a request for a specific appointment time (or times), please be sure to type that in the box above as well, and Cynthia will see what she can do to accomodate you.  Allow plenty of time when scheduling your session, so that you will not be rushed during your reading.

That's it!  Just hit "SUBMIT" Button above when you are finished.
(please complete all required fields first; otherwise this form may not go through)
Also, make sure you finalize your reading reservation by making your payment for the reading on this site (or mailing a check if you have made arrangments in advance for that).  Please note that payment is required before your reading will be scheduled.  Once we receive your payment & registration form, Cynthia (or a member of her team) will get back with you to schedule your reading within 1-2 business days.  To help expedite this process, please enter the following e-mail into your "contacts" or address book:  cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.  Also, if you have not heard back from us within 2 business days (not counting Saturday or Sunday) about scheduling your reading, then please check your "spam" box for your reading scheduling e-mail, and/or contact as at the above e-mail, or by calling 316-347-9481.

Cynthia THANKS YOU for allowing her to serve you!
You are such a gift in this world!

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