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      If you still have questions after looking over the above page, and if it seems like something appropriate to write about, please use the following form to contact Cynthia and her team.   If you would prefer, you can also e-mail Cynthia & her assistant directly at  Thank You!

Note About Private Readings (including e-mail readings):  Rev. Dr. Killion charges for all private, personal psychic conversations that require her to focus her energies solely on one individual in order to do a reading for them.  This would include requests for e-mail readings.  If you would like more info about purchasing a 1 or 2 question e-mail reading, please do not fill out the contact form, but go to the E-mail Reading Info Page instead (click on link). 

           Please note that Rev. Dr. Killion does NOT provide complimentary private readings via e-mail, telephone, or any other way.  She does however make regular radio & facebook appearances where she does comp readings publicly as part of her service to the community.  Please see the link at the top of this page for more info about how to receive one of these very short, complimentary readings during one of Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion's public group events. 

            If you do not currently have the financial means to purchase a private reading, Rev. Dr. Killion would encourage you to tap into your inner abundance and discover what you can do to manifest the needed prosperity to purchase a private reading.  Rev. Dr. Killion does not offer "payment plans" for readings, as she would not wish to encourage any one to take on debt that they cannot afford.  Rev. Dr.  Killion does encourage you to save up for a reading as a special treat for yourself, as even if you have to save for several months, if it is something that you truly want, it will be worth it!  Also, if you truly cannot afford to have a reading at this time, it would be best to wait until another time, when it fits more easily into your budget & your lifestyle.  In this way, you will be able to better relax during your reading, and to truly receive the messages coming through. 

Special Note:  This form is only for people to contact Cynthia who wish to schedule a reading, have questions about her classes, products, or services, or have another legitimate reason for contacting Cynthia about the spiritual-psychic realm.  Cynthia does NOT need "seo" or internet marketing, or any other kind of marketing services.  Please do NOT use this form to attempt to sell Cynthia something, or she will consider it "spam" and report it as such.

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