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ARTICLE: Recharging Crystals & Tools with Moonlight


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion   10/01/2015 

       Dear Friends, hello, and happy fall time!  Hope your week is going well.  Did you get a chance to see the full moon lunar eclipse last Sunday night?  We had clear skies here in doo-da-land so I got to see the entire eclipse.  It was BEAUTIFUL, and powerful too.  And yes, it really was a blood moon as some have said.  Meaning that the moon was actually RED for a little while (at least, it was here in doo-da-land).  But the best part of all (in my opinion) was after the eclipse had finished and the red had tapered down, and my entire backyard and driveway were immersed in the sparkly rays of silver moonlight.

I wanted some of my spiritual & magical tools to be infused with the vibes of this full moon/blood moon/supermoon/harvest moon lunar eclipse, so I placed some of my crystals and flower essences outside in the back were they could get a few hours of that radiant moonlight.  Personally, I think crystals really LOVE to set outside and soak up the moonlight from time to time.  It helps them to get recharged, rejuvenated and re-energized, the same way that being out in the sunshine for a few hours can re-energize us human beings.  It’s not that crystals ever really lose their power or energy.  But just like all other things in nature, they can get to where they are feeling depleted, worn-out or low on energy.  The moonlight helps to revitalize them and get them functioning once again at full capacity.

If you ever want to re-charge your crystals in this way, then on a clear night, put your crystals outside in your yard in a place where they can receive at least 3-4 hours of direct moonlight.  You can also do this re-charging inside by placing the crystals on a windowsill that gets the same amount of direct moonlight.  Although it is best to do this at the time of the full moon (since the moon is giving off the most light at that time), the moon actually doesn’t haven’t to be full for the crystals to benefit.  In my experience, the best time of the month for re-charging crystals is when the lunar energies are anywhere between 75% and increasing to 75% and decreasing. 

What that means in the simplest terms is that ideally you will set your crystals out to charge in the moonlight anytime from about 2 nights before the full moon all the way up until about 2 nights after the full moon.  That means that in most months there is a 4-5 night window of optimal time for charging your crystals by the moonlight (the 2 nights before the full moon, the night of the full moon, and the two nights after the full moon…sometimes it is 1 day less depending on the time that the full moon is exact).  This is useful information for you to know, because let’s face it, sometimes we get all jazzed up about putting our crystals out on the night of the full moon to get charged, and then it clouds over at the last minute and there is no moonlight to be had.  Or perhaps you are going to be traveling on the day of the full moon but will be home the night or two before (which in that case, you can still get your crystals charged).

That means that the best nights for charging crystals in the moonlight during October 2015 will be from Sunday, October 25th through and including the night of Thursday, October 29th.  Also, just so you know, the full moon is happening this month on Tuesday, October 27th at 7:05 am central time (8:05 am eastern time).  That means that the best night for charging your crystals with lunar energy in October is actually going to be Monday, October 26th.

The reason for this is because the lunar energies will be in the upper-ninety percentile that night (Mon, Oct 26) and climbing rapidly to their 100% mark at the time of the full moon on Tuesday morning.  By the time Tuesday night rolls around, the lunar energies will actually be slightly decreasing, since the full moon has already hit earlier in the day time, and the energy begins to immediately wane & decrease after the moment of the full moon.  Of course, the energies will still be quite high & strong that night, but not quite as strong as on the night of Monday, October 26th.  Follow the same guidance during any other month when the full moon is exact in the early morning or early afternoon on a day.

Now, I do want to emphasize that it helps to have a sense of when the moon rises in your area and also when its light will visible in your yard or windowsill.  If you have ever observed the moon’s rising for a cycle, then you know that it rises the earliest in the beginning of its cycle (near the new moon) and rises a little bit later every night.  (By the way, that’s why you don’t want to wait until too late in the moon cycle to put your crystals out to get charged, because near the end of its waning cycle, the moon is barely out much at all during the night.)  If you aren’t sure of when the moon is going to rise in your area on a given night, there are tools on-line that you can use to get an approximate time. 

One helpful tool that I know of for easily calculating moonrise time that is currently available is at  Note that this tool also tells you the percent of lunar energy/light for the current day.  (Remember it is best to charge the crystals when the moon is at 75% or more of its light.)

However, if you are planning on setting those crystals out to charge, you need to know more than when the moon is going to rise….you also need to know when it is going be visible and shining its light over your yard or windowsill where you have placed the crystals.  I myself live in a pretty wooded neighborhood, and the trees to the east of my back fence definitely do block the rising moon during certain times of the year.  Depending on the time of year (and whether the trees have leaves on them or not), there can be a delay of anywhere from one to four or five hours from the time the moon is rising to when it is high enough to cast light on the crystals in my yard. 

You too might have trees or other elements in your environment that temporarily block moonlight.  It’s a good idea to remember to take this kind of stuff into account when planning on charging your crystals, and especially when figuring out where to put them & when to put them out so that they can get their minimum 3-4 hours of moonlight.  A few nights before you set your crystals out to charge, you might try observing the path the moonlight takes through your yard for a few hours after rising.  This will give you clues as to where it would be best to place your crystals for charging.

Charging spiritual tools by the moonlight is one of the easiest things you can do to add a peaceful, calming and soothing energy.  This works great not only for crystals, but for things like flower essences and special spiritually-significant jewelry.  You can also try writing down the current goals or affirmations you are working on for the month, and placing that paper under the light of the full moon to be charged with extra strength and energy from nature. Things like tarot cards or oracle cards can also be charged by the light of the moon.

Please note that some people also charge their crystals and spiritual tools in the sunlight.  I find this works well for some crystals and spiritual tools, and then not so well for others.  Some crystals or spiritual tools have a more delicate, sensitive nature and do not like being placed in direct sunlight.  Whether you charge something in the sunlight or the moonlight, light tends to have an energizing effect on most spiritual, magical and sacred objects. 

The sunlight method is particularly good for items that are gold, red or copper colored.  Silver, clear or black stones (or objects) usually prefer being charged by the cool moonlight instead.  Moonlight rejuvenates the helpful properties of a power object while also adding an energy of calm and peace.  Sunlight, on the hand, adds a bit of assertive punch & power to your power objects.  Some objects like to be re-charged BOTH by sunlight & moonlight.  When in doubt, go with the moonlight charging method, as it is more gentle and works on almost everything.


1.  When placing under the moonlight, separate your crystals by at least a few inches, especially those that are of different kinds.  

           MORE INFO:  When it comes to charging crystals with moonlight, some people like to simply place all of their smaller crystals together in a glass, ceramic, copper, china or earthenware bowl and then leave that bowl outside under the moonlight.  However, I don't recommend that you let your crystals touch one another when charging by moonlight. What I DO recommend is separating them out by at least a couple of inches on the earth or in a bowl or on a dish. 

          The reason I recommend that they be separate from each other is because one of the main purposes of recharging a crystal by moonlight is to help amplify and activate its own UNIQUE energy.  If the crystals are placed in such a way that they are touching each other during this charging process, then it is possible that they may actually absorb some of the energies of each other.  This is not necessarily a "bad" thing, however it doesn't do anything to help you preserve the unique healing properities of each individual stone.  (However, once you have re-charged the crystals, it is OK to store some of them touching eachother if you would like.) 

 #2.)  The process of clearing & charging your crystals by the moonlight can be enhanced if you will rub each crystal with a few grains of consecrated sea salt crystals before placing out in the moonlight. 

           You can also place each crystal on a small bed of consecrated sea salt while it is charging. (If leaving a crystal on a bed of sea salt while charging, you can use either whole sea salt crystal or finely ground sea salt). 

          MORE INFO:  This part of rubbing your crystals with consecrated sea salt (or leaving them on a bed of sea salt) is not 100% necessary, since the moonlight has cleansing properties of its own.  However, also using the consecrated sea salt (in addition to the moonlight clearing & charging) will take your crystal charging & clearing to a WHOLE, NEW LEVEL.  Sea salt is the absolute best for this kind of cleansing process, and any variety of sea salt will work just fine.  (My own personal favorite is the Celtic sea salt that you can buy at most health food stores.  However, I usually just use whatever sea salt I happen to have on hand.)  If you don't have sea salt, you can also use whatever kind of salt you have (including plain table salt).  These other kinds of salt do not work as powerfully as sea salts, but they do still get the job done more or less. 

          When it comes to using sea salt for spiritual psychic cleansing (or any other kind of salt), it is VERY important to consecrate the salt first.  "Consecration" means purifying the salt through energy, prayer, and intentions, and raising its qualities to a higher (more spiritual) vibration.  This doesn't necessarily have to take a long time, but it does need to be done IN ADVANCE of using the salt for any kind of spiritual or psychic cleansing.  The reason salt must be consecrated first before using in this way is because salt has a tendency to naturally absorb negative energies, and you do not want any pre-existing negative energies going into your crystals (or whatever else you are trying to cleanse with the salt).  Please CLICK HERE to read more  about how to CONSECRATE SALT for using in your spiritual cleansing ceremonies of all kinds.  

#3)  If you happen to have one of those copper pyramids, you can amplify the charging of your crystals by placing them in the pyramid while it is charging. Even if you don't have a coppper pyramid, you could place the crystals on a plate of copper or set them in a copper bowl, and this will enhance the charging.  This is true because copper absorbs energies very well.  A real silver plate could also be used (if you happen to have one of those laying around). 

           MORE INFO:  The use of copper in the crystal charging process can enhance the power & energy in your crystals (or any other ceremonial object, for that matter) GREATLY.  My best estimate is that using the copper in the charging process amplifies the energy in the crystal by at least 50%-300% (depending on how receptive the crystal) is, and in some cases, the use of copper in the moonlight charging process may increase the frequency & energy of the crystal by up to 500%.  I especially recommend using copper when charging your crystals on a night when there is less moonlight.  (For example, when you only get an hour or two of clear sky because of clouds, or when you are charging your crystals several days before or after the full moon.) 

          If you don't have a copper pyramid and are interested in trying one out in this process, google "copper pyramid" and you will find links to places where you can buy kits for building one, as well as videos that tell you how to do it yourself.  (I will tell you too that if you have never sat in a copper pyramid and meditated, it is something that is definitely worth experiencing!)  If you don't want to mess with the copper pyramid but would still like to amp up the power & energy in your crystals SIGNIFICANTLY, then you might consider investing in a small sheet of copper for placing your crystals on.  As of this writing, sheets of copper can sometimes be purchased at craft stores, jewelry making supply stores, some art supply stores, and some hardware stores.  You might also want to try searching online for more sources.  Another good option if you can find it is to purchase a painted enameled plate or bowl from a fine art gallery or craft gallery. (Fine art enameles are usually made by fusing glass onto copper.)    

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