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Monday, August 5, 2019

Mercury Direct-but still in the storm & shadow for a while yet



Mecury Direct...

But Still in Post-Retrograde SHADOW

for a Little While Yet

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

August 5th 2019


     Dear Psychic Tribe Friends, hello there and Happy August!  Mercury went back direct last Wednesday, and although it is still in its post-retrograde storm until this Thursday (August 8th), it’s nice to have a sense of forward-moving motion again—even if progress is still moving slower than one would like in one area or another.


 (I particularly noticed the effects of the post-retrograde storm today, when I was trying to drive from one side of the town to the other—I was nearly stopped by a REALLY long train, and then having barely escaped that, I had to drive much slower than usual on part of my route because the utility workers were up on cranes working on several power lines for about a block or two—such is the delaying power of the post-retrograde storm of Mercury!)


It will take a little while yet for the energies to regain that sense of lightness & momentum that most of us prefer, since even though Mercury is officially direct again, it still has to get past its post-retrograde storm (August 8th) and then through its post-retrograde shadow (August 15th) before life will regain its so-called normal pace again and a sense of deeper equilibrium & solid footing will set back in.   For now, situations are still in flux and up in the air a bit, and a combination of trust & perserverance may prove to be most useful allies.


As always, PATIENCE is the skill that is needed to help one recover from the challenges of Mercury retrograde and to THRIVE in the days immediately after—patience, FORESIGHT, WISDOM, and a relaxed go-with-the flow attitude are the best “weapons” we have to fight against falling into hopelessness or despair in challenging energetic times.  


      Most of all, we must be patient with OURSELVES and what we perceive as our own short-comings or the short-comings of our situations.  We can’t expect things to instantly turn around overnight for the better just because Mercury recently went direct—it takes a little while for the dust to settle and the cosmic framework to re-arrange & straighten itself back out again after a retrograde, just as it takes some time for each of US to re-arrange ourselves and re-gain a firm sense of footing & direction again after being energetically jostled and tumbled around. 


And just HOW LONG will it take for us to re-gain our energetic footing again?  Well of course that will vary a bit from person to person—but in general, you likely will start to feel as if you are standing a bit more on solid ground come this Thursday (August 8th) when Mercury leaves its post-retrograde storm.  At the very least, you will begin to have the feeling that some RELIEF is in sight and that PROGRESS is at least POSSIBLE.


Prospects & moods will continue to lift more and more as the month of August goes on, and you may notice a significant lift in your energies (and reality) after August 15th, when Mercury finally passes back over its post-retrograde shadow.  But for NOW, we are still firmly in the shadow of the post-retrograde, which is why although we have seen some improvement and lifting of the moods, there is still a bit of that “thick & syrupy” shadow energy to be dealt with. 


Not to mention that Saturn will continue to dance in a conjunction with the South Node in Capricorn for this entire month of August, bringing up difficult karmic issues & limitations—obstacles may seem insurmountable right now, and even the most optimistic may be tempted to lose faith this month, especially while we are still under the post-retrograde shadow of Mercury retrograde between now & August 15th.


          But even the most dense & heavy of energies must eventually LIFT a little, and as we move into the 2nd half of the month, it is likely that moods & energy levels will elevate and gain a more positive momentum.  (At least in terms of the residual clouds of confusion, delays & miscommunication of Mercury retrograde finally lifting.)  

For now, you may still be feeling a little tired, worn-out or discouraged from challenges or limitations that you have been facing since back when Mercury was retrograde (July 7th-July 31st).  But those clouds will soon be lifting & departing!  (Indeed, now that Mercury is officially direct and will soon be out of its post-retrograde storm, the clouds are already beginning to thin.)

If it’s been tough for you recently, don’t lose faith!  Instead, prepare to make your COMEBACK soon.  (smile)

Until next time, wishing you all the joy, ease, abundance, love and good health that you are willing to receive, and a graceful return of progress, forward movement & momentum.


Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


9:58 pm cdt 

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