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Monday, June 24, 2019

Mercury Retrograde July 7-July 31 2019



(or just relax for a little while and let yourself have some FUN) 

from 06-25-2019 Cosmic Newsletter

by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)


In any case, if you are receiving this Cosmic Newsletter from me, then that means that we are back up on-line & running again!  And just in time, since Mercury recently entered its pre-retrograde shadow, and will soon enter its pre-retrograde storm on this Friday (June 28th).  Even though the Mercury retrograde proper does not technically begin until Sunday, July 7th, most of us begin to experience some of the effects of Mercury retrograde as soon as this PRE-retrograde storm begins. 

This next upcoming Mercury retrograde officially runs from Sunday, July 7th through Wednesday, July 31st.  But remember that the pre-retrograde storm begins on this Friday, June 28th!  So basically the ENTIRE month of July is under the influence of the effects of Mercury retrograde, to one degree or another.


And just what are the effects of Mercury retrograde? You could say that when Mercury goes into retrograde, basically the cosmic equilibrium gets knocked around a bit, and there is a feeling that progress slows down or becomes more difficult.  It is a bit like walking through a fog or haze.  Confusion and break-downs are more likely in the realms of communication, transportation, technology, scheduling and traveling planning during the time that Mercury is in retrograde.


This is why I always take the dates of Mercury retrograde into account when planning for major projects or events.  Whenever possible, I don’t start anything completely new during Mercury retrograde, as experience has taught me that starting completely new projects or endeavors during Mercury retrograde can be fraught with many inconveniences, and can sometimes be downright painful.  

Do notice that I said that I prefer not to start anything “completely new” during this time.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything all when Mercury is in retrograde—quite the contrary.

 In fact, some of my finest achievements in life have been completed during a Mercury retrograde time.  Not to mention, I have taught MANY successful classes and workshops during Mercury retrograde.  The key to being successful during Mercury retrograde (and staying at least moderately productive) is in staying the course and following up & following through with something that has either ALREADY been started, OR something that you have been planning for or wanting to do already for some time BEFORE Mercury went retrograde.


This implies that you ALREADY had some kind of plan or vision in place BEFORE Mercury went retrograde that you can now do your best to follow through with.  At the very least, you had a sense of your overall driving interests and the direction you were moving in BEFORE Mercury went retrograde.  If you just do your best to keep moving in that direction, and don’t let yourself get distracted by trying to take on something new that is too heavy right now, well then, you will do just fine for the next few weeks.  (Even with all the minor curve-balls that Mercury might be throwing your way.)


By the way—distraction isn’t necessarily a bad thing during Mercury retrograde.  Especially if it is distraction for fun and relaxation.  In fact, distraction for fun & play is favored during Mercury retrograde, as long as it doesn’t involve you signing a long-term contract or undertaking a major excursion.  Mercury retrograde is the BEST time for taking a break and relaxing and letting yourself cut loose a little from your burdens & responsibilities.  True, it’s not the easiest time to travel (since travel delays are common during Mercury retrograde).  But then again, travel can go just fine during Mercury retrograde if you aren’t on a tight schedule and can release the reins a little and be flexible and adaptable.  (And if you aren’t good at those things—well then, Mercury retrograde will most likely teach you a little something about being flexible & adaptable, lol.)


Keep it LIGHT and SIMPLE if you can during Mercury retrograde—this applies to play, as well as work.  Whatever you plan on doing during these next few weeks, try to keep your expectations loose and open.   Yes, stick to the plan whenever you can (meaning, the plan you had in mind already BEFORE Mercury went retrograde), but then don’t be surprised at all if things turn out differently than you expected, since after all, Mercury is a bit of a trickster sometimes.  (smile)


Whatever it is you are planning on doing (or trying to do) during this Mercury retrograde cycle, it will help if you do it with a spirit of joy, openness and exploration.  Don’t so attached to the results or outcome that you are hoping for.  It’s OK to hope for one thing in particular, but during Mercury retrograde, we also need to be prepared to face surprises or an unexpected turn in events.  This is not a cynical view, since ultimately, whatever happens during this time is exactly what was meant to happen.  (After all, all retrograde cycles do accelerate the clearing and release of karma.)

If you can, have a SOFT HEART towards yourself and others too during this time. It is my observation that Mercury retrograde can bring up unresolved emotions and feelings—sometimes these unresolved emotions are from situations far in the past (childhood or past lives) and these feelings coming to the surface can cause a person to revert to childish or irrational behavior.  

If you feel any of this coming up in yourself, or observe it in another, do your best to step back and just witness it, and hold a safe, loving and non-judgmental space in your heart towards yourself or the person experiencing the unresolved emotions and energies of the past.  

Hope you found this newsletter helpful, dear one!  I am sure that I will be in touch with you with more Mercury retrograde guidance at least one more time in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I recommend checking out my Mercury retrograde related video on You-Tube called Mercury Retrograde Is NOT the Enemy--it will help you understand a bit better about what is REALLY going on during Mercury retrograde, and the best attitude to have for the best results during this time. 

Until next time... Bright Blessings to You All! 

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion, Psychic Cynthia

11:03 pm cdt 

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