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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mercury Direct (but still in storm)

Mercury Direct (but still in storm)

A Standstill, Followed by a Time of RE-ALIGNMENT

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

re-printed from 07-11-2020 Cosmic Newsletter




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there.  This is just a heads-up that Mercury will station DIRECT very early this Sunday morning, as in, on July 12th. (Here in central time zone, it's happening at 3:26 am.)

          When I say that Mercury will station direct, what that actually means is that the orbit of Mercury will slow down to such a point that it is barely moving at all, before starting to move in a more direct way about a week later.  For this reason, many of us astrologers often say “Station = a STANDSTILL of energies”. 


Indeed, there is usually some kind of standstill, stagnation or even a STAND-OFF right around the time that Mercury stations.  The days right around this time of Mercury stationing direct can feel as if you are in a state of SUSPENSION, neither here nor there in life, and not at all sure where you might be headed in the future.  Learning to dance with uncertainty is part of the energy of this shift.  Uncertainty can be approached with fear, OR it can be approached with more empowering emotions, such as curiosity, optimism, or faith.


No need to fear any of this though—for it is all just part of the passing sands of time.  Energy is always in a state of flux and change, and indeed, even when it feels stagnant (even when YOU feel that your life is stagnant), there is still change happening underneath the surface.  However, at times like these, the change may be happening so DEEPLY, that you might not notice it is happening at all.  Or perhaps the change is happening in such unexpected or unplanned areas, that you find yourself still not believing it is really happening.


If you have been struggling in any way lately, or if things seem pretty bleak or down at the moment—it is entirely possible (maybe even LIKELY) that things will begin to turn around for the better for you AFTER Mercury goes back direct, and especially after it leaves its post-retrograde storm on July 19th.  

At the very least, expect your MOOD to turn around for the better after Mercury goes back direct, and especially once the post-retrograde storm is over on July 19th.


    In the meantime, there may be a sense of DIS-ORIENTATION at this time, a feeling that you are living in more than one realm at once (which of course, you are).  The stations of Mercury (either direct or retrograde) tend to weaken psychic shields and open up psychic awareness.  In other words, this planetary movement has a very UN-GROUNDING effect.  

If you feel dis-orientated or overcome with TOO MUCH energy or psychic awareness, you can quickly re-balance your energy by walking barefoot in the grass.  Sitting at the base of a tree for a few minutes with your spine against the trunk can also help to re-ground and re-balance your energy circuits. 

If none of these are available to you, you may try putting your hands onto the soil of a healthy houseplant for a few minutes instead.  Nature is a powerful ally at this time.



Don’t be surprised at all if you experience some kind of temporary impasse or delay around this time, as impasses and delays are just par for the course when Mercury stations. 

If you do experience delays or setbacks, or if you in any way feel blocked or depressed around this time, please know that most likely these delays or setbacks are only TEMPORARY, and do not let them get you down too much.  In fact, you will find that a positive attitude goes a LONG ways towards helping break up any delays or challenges you may be experiencing at the moment.


The tendency towards MIS-COMMUNICATIONS and emotional conflicts can also INCREASE right around the time Mercury stations, and for about a week afterwards. 

Whenever you can, it is helpful during this time to lead from the HEART in your communications, and to set aside the desire to be right for another day.  Even though Mercury is stationing direct tonight (Sunday morning), the energies will still take a while longer yet to re-align themselves, and during this time of re-alignment, it is MUCH more important to be loving, caring, and understanding, than to try to prove yourself or assert your intellectual dominance over another.

Even though Mercury is now turning direct, keep in mind that we will still be in the post-retrograde storm of Mercury up until Sunday, July 19th. 

The storm is the period AFTER the retrograde during which the energies are picking up again and re-align themselves.  If you give yourself time to GRADUALLY adjust to these re-aligning energies, then the transition can be wonderfully smooth for you.  However, if you try to move forward too quickly before the time is right, then chaos can ensue. 

The storm only lasts a week after the retrograde, and during this time, you can still make some positive strides forward—the emphasis just needs to be on GRADUAL improvement, rather than attempting to take on too much or push too hard too fast.  After all, this week after the retrograde ends is called a post-retrograde “storm” for a reason.

So if you can, it would be best to continue focusing on what you have ALREADY started and avoid making long-term or binding decisions for a little while longer, as the facts are not at all clear at this moment, and most likely, things are not as they seem.  

For this reason, it is best to not become overly-invested in any one perspective or point of view at the moment, as your entire perspective is subject to change once Mercury leaves its post-retrograde storm, and more facts begin to become available to you.

If you are able to, rather than focusing on pushing forward in an external or material world way, give yourself a little while longer yet to concentrate on nurturing & re-energizing yourself. 

Give yourself the gift of participating in those activities which rejuvenate and replenish you, and especially give yourself the gift of taking the time to spiritually and psychically connect.  And if you can (and as MUCH as you can), leave the cares & conflicts of the world (Maya) for another time. 

Happy Mercury goes back direct time!  May the road ahead be blessed & smooth for you & yours.


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) (or just reply to this note or FB message) 


2:31 pm cdt 

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