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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Retrogrades Aplenty-Summer Madness or Awakening?

Summer Madness OR Awakening?

Retrogrades A'plenty

(and 2020 energies--2nd half)

 By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

adapted from Cosmic Newsletter

dated May 29th 2020




DEAR COSMIC FRIENDS, hello there, and Happy Weekend, and Happy (almost) June!  I know you didn’t hear from me much in this newsletter during May.  Partly this is because May is my busiest month of the entire year in my Fairy Garden (for the planting & creation of the herbs & flowers for my Flairy Essence line).  And so that doesn’t leave me as much time for writing as the other months.

     However, I had an additional complication this month that REALLY slowed me down (even in the garden) and had made it more difficult to get things done—and that is that I dis-located my right knee while dancing a few weeks ago.  I was doing some very impressive alternating high kicks, when I heard a popping sound from my right knee, and it literally collapsed underneath me. 
(And yes, it was as painful as it sounds. But boy, it sure did get my attention and get me to lay off that knee for awhile, lol.)

    Although this seemed like a sudden injury, in reality, it had been coming for a few weeks, as I had really amped up my physical training this spring, and my knees were giving me signals for at least a week before that they were experiencing stress & strain from the increased running & other physical training. 

    (Not to mention, I tend to experience EMOTIONS in my knees, especially the emotion of SHOCK, as the knees are both physical & emotional shock-absorbers.  With all that’s been going on in the world this year, it’s no wonder that my knees got overloaded with the energy of shock.)




2020 Capricorn Energies—
Stress Test & Challenge of Endurance

   In any case, I’m sharing this personal story here with you because it very much illustrates the workings of the retrogrades & other cosmic shifts we have been experiencing lately.  With all the Capricorn energy that we are having in 2020 (for most of this entire year), this entire year will be a STRESS TEST and a challenge of major endurance. 

Pluto in Capricorn is bulldozing and de-constructing our very sense of foundation & security.  It’s also bringing to our attention the SHADOW side of our collective & personal financial patterns, especially our DEBTS.  Karmic debts are included with the financial ones as well here—wherever we have been over-extending ourselves and living beyond our means, whether it is money, health, love or some other area, this will come to light for us in 2020, and we will experience the challenge & the purge of Pluto’s energies.

      Saturn also re-enters Capricorn in early July, and remains in Capricorn all the way through mid-December.  During most of this time, Saturn will also be in orb to a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, and will TEST the strength of our commitment and maturity in the areas of family, career, life purpose, finances, business—even health.

    With all this Capricorn energy a’foot, this is a time for being sensible & grounded and returning back to more traditional ways of living.  When I say “traditional” here, I mean:  ancient, sustainable, life-affirming, communal, sharing, simple, gentle, natural, conserving, harmonious and well-balanced.


Also, whenever there are major transits like these in Capricorn, we are usually called to learn to get by with less than we had before, or we must learn to reach deep inside and be more self-reliant and RESOURCEFUL.

    Keep in mind too that Capricorn is THE sign of self-reliance and self-empowerment.  In general, the more you look to others for your happiness or to be your “savior” during this time, the more MISERABLE or ANGRY you will be.  Instead, it is better to focus on doing YOUR own part for improving your life.

      For example, if you are concerned about your health & physical well-being during these energies, you would be wise to concentrate on what YOU can to do strengthen & improve your health, rather than waiting for someone else to come along and “save” you.  The same is true for finances and relationships too—whatever the issue, Capricorn demands that you take responsibility and do YOUR part in your growth.  Then, once you have done that, some unexpected HELP may arrive when you most need it—but only if you have made the effort to deal with YOUR PART in your karmic situation. 

(As nothing can BLOCK blessings & Divine support faster than refusing to take responsibility for dealing with your own karmic situations.) 

       Incidentally, Capricorn rules the knees (literally), so I’m pretty sure that with all this Capricorn energy being highlighted, I won’t be the only one feeling the energies in the knees this year.  (My only hope is that the rest of you who feel the energies in your knees will be WISER than I was, and listen to your body and BACK OFF when it tells you that you are asking too much of it.)  


Preview June Energies—and beyond

A short poem:

Retrogrades aplenty
shed the light on the shadow
Revealing hidden aspects of self
Purging and releasing
Activating Divine Help
Step up to the next level
of the Karmic Shelf....

These retrograde energies we are experiencing this month are something else!  In case you missed my earlier memo about it, we have FOUR major planets in retrograde in May, including Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  We are thick in the midst of a cosmic storm, a storm which will continue all the way through June and into July too. 
    In June, these above-mentioned retrogrades will be joined by Mercury retrograde on June 17th AND Neptune retrograde on June 22nd.  We also have a solar eclipse coming up on June 20th.   Luckily, Venus will go direct on June 25th, so at least we can start to see some relief for financial & relationship matters before the end of the summer.

   Each of these above-mentioned retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto) are worthy of their own separate Cosmic Newsletters.  But for now, this is just a PREVIEW and an OVERVIEW of this summer’s raging retrogrades….so let’s just look at the BIG PICTURE here for a moment, and then we can go into greater depth over some of these in future Cosmic newsletters. 





      The big picture here is that with the upcoming June 20th solar eclipse, and all of these many retrogrades we are having, the SHADOW SIDE of humanity is being activated right now.  So we are going to see more of the angry, fearful, hateful, and dark side of humanity right now (what I sometimes prefer to call “the reactive side”) and we are going to be able to see this more easily.

     Basically, what is happening is that the veils are thinning (and our etheric bodies are also becoming more porous) under the influence of these cosmic shifts, and all of the UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ENERGY that we ALL carry inside is spewing and leaking out.  So don’t be surprised at all when you see behaviors that shock & appall you, whether is in your SELF or others, for not a single one among us is without the shadow.

       By the way, this shadow activation is happening on the COLLECTIVE level, as well as the personal level.  Perhaps you’ve noticed an escalation of conflict & divisions among people lately, and an increase in fear and hate-based actions in some.  This is because there are many of us INDIVIDUALLY who are conflicted & divided inside—as each of us heal our own INNER conflicts, we assist with bringing greater peace to the Whole.

    There is definitely a DIVINE PURPOSE to this shadow side activation, in that it is all being brought to the surface to raise awareness and give opportunity for RECOGNITION, HEALING and RELEASE.  

   Although we can’t force OTHER people to change or even do the work for them, we CAN do the inner work for OURSELVES.  Which in this case means looking within to where WE still have unresolved emotional issues and doing OUR PART to heal our own hearts, so that the energy we give off can radiate outward with greater love, light, compassion and understanding.  In this way, by healing ourselves (one-by-one), we heal the collective.

    And the UP side of having all these planets retrograde at once is that the energies are definitely ripe & supportive for healing, for this is a time to REPAIR, RENEW, AND RE-SET the aspects of our self and our lives that are in need of re-balancing and renewal. 

    In this sense, this is a GREAT time for making SMALL and GRADUAL changes, and for taking the first small steps towards a larger vision.  It may not be the best time for launching something completely new or radically different (then again, it MIGHT be, depending on the energies in your own personal birth chart).  Cosmically speaking, for the next couple of months, we are all being given a chance to REVIEW & RE-ASSESS the direction we have been headed in, as well as an opportunity to GO BACK and RE-VISIT or RE-DO that which has already begun but is not yet re-solved or completed for us.

    Much GOOD can come out of a time like this, even if it is usually accompanied by increased challenges or obstacles and a mandatory slowing down of a kind.  Just think how EASY everything else is going to feel after going through these challenges & taking care of your spiritual homework!

Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) (or just reply to this note or FB message)


11:27 am cdt 

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