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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Choose Calm & Carry On--April 7 Full Moon in Libra + Mars-Uranus Square


Full Moon in Libra & Accessing Your Inner Heart

By Psychic Cynthia

(Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion)

Excerpted from April 7 2020 Cosmic Newsletter 




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hi there.  Tonight (Tues April 7th) is the full moon supermoon in Libra.  (In fact, the full moon was exact just a little while ago at 9:35 pm Central daylight time.)  Have you been outside to see the moon yet?   If not, you might want to look outside and check it out, as it is so luminous & beautiful. 

You can watch my video message about these week's full moon, along with the other shifts happening this week too, here:



Spotlight on RELATIONSHIPS & Social Connecting

—Balancing needs of self with needs of others

—The quest for connecting & forming close partnerships (both personal & professional)


          Note:  Due to the accompanying Mars-Uranus square, relationships & alliances will be TESTED at this time.  Be careful about making any quick decisions regarding relationships, and avoid taking action while under the influence of extreme anger or irritation.  Give yourself a moment to PAUSE before throwing any existing relationships out the window.  In the next few weeks, you may gain greater clarity about which relationships are the most meaningful & supportive to you, and which ones have out-lived their purpose. 


The annual full moon in Libra usually calls our attention to the need for creating greater harmony, peace or BALANCE in one or more areas of life.  It’s a time for finding CLARITY or CLOSURE regarding relationships & partnerships of all kinds.  However, with that explosive (and somewhat stubborn & insensitive) Mars-Uranus square ALSO bearing down upon us this week too, do remember to make the effort to be EXTRA gentle & kind in your relationships & dealings with others in the next few days.


Some helpful affirmations for this full moon in Libra/Mars-Uranus square week might be: 

1.)  I choose peace.  Even in the face of chaos or drama, I choose calm.   I choose to see the world in a way that adds beauty and joy, rather than focusing on drama or negativity.


2.)   I easily harmonize & balance the different parts of myself and my life.  There’s no need to go to extremes.  I find joy & happiness in balance and moderation.


3.)   I am open to seeing others people’s points of view.  I am patient with others, I slow down and really listen when they speak.  I don’t have to agree to listen, and I can be loving and kind to others without compromising my own beliefs. 


4.)   I create a safe space in my energy field that allows for true, genuine sharing & connecting with others.  I choose to love myself & others unconditionally.


5.)  I choose to embody beauty, harmony, elegance, grace and poise.  My life is an expression of divine beauty & harmony.





          Libra is a sign that brings our attention to RELATIONSHIPS & social connections-these areas may be suffering tension & strain right now due to stress of the current Covid-19 issue and the accompanying wide-spread quarantine. 

Current conditions don’t make it easy to connect with others, although if we are willing to be flexible we can still find ways to stay connected--albeit not always in the ways that we prefer.  Libra is a sign that would prefer to hold hands and dance together (or at least sit together sipping wine) rather than connecting through a computer screen.  Still, however it happens, connection with others is of primary importance to this sign. 

While we are under the rays of this Libra full moon, we are all on a quest to balance the needs of the self with the needs of others—particularly those with whom we share strong partnerships or social connections. 

If you find yourself getting short or impatient with another, or perhaps even find yourself slipping into the lower energies of self-righteous judgement, remember that we are all under a LOT of stress at this time, and we are all doing the best we can, in whatever way we know how.  The world needs MORE love, compassion and understanding at this time—not less.  If you can, try to see the OTHER person’s point of view, and let them know that you see them as a PERSON, not just someone you are here to pass judgement on or argue with.

          During times & energies like these, it’s important to be KIND and show unconditional love, not only to others, but to yourself as well.




Other Dimensions of Current Energies



          Earlier today (04-07-2020), we also had Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus exactly.  Ouch.  This particular combination stimulates & increases unrest & social discord (something that probably doesn’t need any stimulating right now).  The desire to REBEL against real or perceived limitations will be particularly strong for the next few days. Which isn’t necessarily a negative thing in and of itself.  However, it might be difficult at the moment to find the CLARITY that is needed to make wise decisions.

I always like to look for the silver lining, and although it’s a bit difficult to see with this one, I feel that this shift can give ENERGY & IMPETUS to help us break up stagnation & apathy.  In other words, this shift can help us get off our butts and take ACTION to do whatever it is we need to do to further attune with our souls and express our higher purposes.

Nonetheless, this is a potent, unpredictable and potentially explosive or DANGEROUS shift that is not to be underestimated.  Even under the best of circumstances, this Mars-Uranus square combo is a volatile energy that can cause people to blow their tops and lose their tempers.  Patience is in short supply with this one.

          Although it was exact today (Tues 04/07), the energies of this square are being amplified & by the intensity of tonight’s full moon supermoon.  You can expect the effects of this shift to be extended by a few more days, up to another week at least.

          Many of those who are in top positions of power (government, CEOs, policy-makers & influencers) no doubt have access to astrological information about this shift. After all, governments and rulers throughout time have utilized the predictive skills of astrologers. 

Most likely, these top-level decision makers are aware that energies like these could incite social unrest further and push an already frustrated populace over the edge.  No doubt, they will be looking for ways to calm things down a bit in the next few days, perhaps promising more economic stimulus or medical solutions.  We will probably also see a tightening up of quarantine guidelines this week, as the powers-that-be try to take steps to rein in the tendency towards rebellion and discord.




JUPITER-PLUTO:  Healing & Regeneration? 

(Or more shady secrets that make us sick?)


          Tonight’s full moon also shares energies with the recent Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  This shift has a real spiritual dimension that can be healing & regenerative, that is, if we are willing to be sincere and true with ourselves and others AND if we are willing to face our shadow sides and deal with any secrets, shame, or guilt that we have been carrying.  In other words, we have to face our karma!

There is an old saying that goes, “You are only as sick as your secrets”.  If that is true, then as a collective, we must have MANY secrets we are needing to deal with, as we are currently experiencing plenty of sickness. 

Because Pluto is involved (not to mention, Capricorn) it is also important to not let ourselves become victims or overly controlled by others.  There may be much propaganda and exaggeration of facts with this shift, which unfortunately repeats itself throughout the year all the way into November.  Nonetheless, there is still a potential for great healing, regeneration & transformation here—especially if we are willing to do OUR part and assume responsibility for using our energies to create a more beautiful reality.

Dear one, I hope you found this forecast helpful!  As you can clearly see, these are pretty HEAVY energies we are dealing with at the moment.  Luckily, there is a kind, gentle & beautiful side to the Libra full moon—a side that is linked to the wise & unconditional love of the Divine Heart.  If we wish to free ourselves up from the heavy feelings, then we must be willing to step into the beauty, grace, and harmony of the higher self. 

No matter what the situation, if you choose, you can be a channel for beauty, peace & harmony.  Here’s to choosing to create greater beauty, joy and harmony in your world!   Until next time….


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

3:42 pm cdt 

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