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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Full Moon of the Budda, Flower Moon

In Celebration of the Full Moon in Buddha,

the FLOWER Moon 

 (originally published as a subscriber's only Cosmic Newsletter on May 10th 2017, republished here for you on May 11th 2017)


QUICK PREVIEW of this Cosmic Message concerning the Full Moon of the Buddha (Wesak):  Today’s full moon in Scorpio is believed by many to be the most powerful and sacred full moon of the entire year!  It is exact at 4:42 pm Central US daylight time (5:42 pm Eastern daylight time).  However, these holy (if somewhat challenging) energies will continue to be in effect for the next two days at least.  Although there are challenges inherent in this full moon in Scorpio (as it is bringing many old wounds up to the surface to be healed & released), there are also many gifts.  In fact, this can be one of the most spiritually re-vitalizing times of the entire year, if only you will open your heart to receive the light of the Living Buddha, Living Christ, Living Divine Consciousness. 


It will help if open your heart to be of service right now.  Also, great peace can be realized by saying the Great Invocation prayer several times a day in the next few days, followed by the chanting of the sacred OM mantra.   (Just google Great Invocation if you do not already know this prayer.)  Above all, channel the energies and your talents and skills in service to the whole.  Help shift the balance of energies towards light and love, and be of service to Mother Earth.  Let Purpose guide your human will and let the Plan of Love and Light work through you. And so it is! 

 Please CLICK HERE to keep reading and get the FULL cosmic update for this full moon of the Buddha, including how you can open yourself up to its wonderful spiritual blessings in the days ahead.


10:09 pm cdt 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Navigating Retrograde and POST Retrograde Times

How to Make the Best of Any

Rolling, Raging Retrograde Cycle

(including Mercury retro)  

--A reprint & adaption from Cynthia's April 24th 2017 Cosmic Newsletter

(re-published on May 10th, 2015, full moon of the Buddha)--


REMINDER & ADDITION:  Even though Mercury is (was) technically direct on May 3rd, it is not yet out of its post-retrograde storm until after Friday, May 12th, and Saturday May 20th is the date that Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow.  Basically what is happening in the post-retrograde storm & shadow period is that we are gradually starting to feel our energy levels returning back to normal, confusion is gradually begin to lift, and we are gradually coming back out from our retrograde excursion into our deep inner selves and beginning to deal with the practical matters that need our attention, or as I like to say, tying up loose ends and dealing with unfinished business.


Did you notice the use of the word GRADUALLY here?  Yes, the return back to peace, calm and clarity (and re-engagement with the outer world) after a Mercury retrograde process is a GRADUAL process.  So with this particular retrograde cycle (or with any future ones), be patient and gentle with yourself (and others too) and give yourself all the way until the end of the post-retrograde shadow to come back to life and re-energize. 


In this current cycle, the post-retrograde shadow ends around Saturday, May 20th.  So on that date, or shortly thereafter, do something special to celebrate your re-emergence if you can! (And do read the guidance below, as it may STILL pertain to you as we travel the time of the post-retrograde shadow and storm of Mercury.  Not to mention, we still have more than a few other planets in retrograde!




(and how to navigate them)  


As we begin/began the final week of April 2017, we are still under the rays of several retrograde planets, including Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and as of last Thursday, Pluto too.  (Don't forget that Venus also just went direct back on April 15th, and is still in the process of moving out of its post-retrograde shadow.)  With all of this going on, you might say that we are still in the time of RAGING RETROGRADES! 

(Note:  As of 05/10/2017, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all still in retrograde.  These retrograde effects are far more subtle than Mercury retro, but they do still affect us in powerful and similar ways.)


One thing that all these retrogrades are really great for is giving us a chance to tie up loose ends, resolve karma and close over energy drains in our aura.  What do I mean by energy drains in your aura? 

In this moment, I am referring to UNFINISHED BUSINESS & UNFINISHED PROJECTS.  The current retrograde extravaganza that is unfolding for the next few weeks gives us the energy and impetus we need to wrap up these loose ends and take care of what needs to be taken care of and completed before we can move on to something new.


As I’ve said many times before, retrogrades are for reviewing, renewing, working on and completing projects and cycles that you have ALREADY started prior to when the retrogrades began.  Retrograde cycles are usually NOT good at all for starting anything new. Unless of course, you don’t much care if that new project or relationship you are starting has any staying power, or if you don’t mind having to go back and re-do things again in a few weeks or months due to unforeseen consequences and complications.


Of course, sometimes it is just unavoidable and one has to move forward (or at least TRY to move forward) with a new project anyway when there are important retrogrades going on.   In this case, one can do one’s best to stay sane by being VERY patient, and also allowing PLENTY of extra time to get things done.  In my opinion, the one thing that is worse than trying to start a new project during a major retrograde cycle (especially MERCURY retrograde) is trying to get something done on a tight schedule during a major retrograde cycle.  That’s insanity!


My bottom-line guidance to you during this time of rolling, raging retrogrades is this: 


Between now and May 3rd especially (when Mercury in particular is still technically retrograde), focus as much of your energy, effort and time that you can into building upon and nurturing EXISTING relationships and projects.  In other words, keep going with what you have already started whenever possible, for now is a GREAT time to revise and to improve upon what you have already got in the works.


And don’t be surprised if your emotions are a bit topsy-turvy for the next few weeks (especially if you are the sensitive type), as all these strong energies do have a way of activating the emotional body and bringing emotional toxins to the surface to be released & healed. 


If you are in a close partnership or relationship of any kind, or if you are active in a group of some kind, BE WARNED—this might mean a blow up or two in the next few weeks!  If that happens, please don’t view it as the end of the world, but instead as an opportunity to air some issues that need to be aired and work through some things.  Showing KINDNESS, EMPATHY AND RESPECT to others would be VERY helpful at this time, and just might be what it takes to keep you from burning bridges that you might later regret.  FORGIVINESS is important too, as with all of these rolling retrogrades occurring right now, it is easy to step on each other’s toes!


I should mention here too that there are always people who are sensitive in a different way in that they feel the retrograde energies in their BODY.  This might manifest as feeling drained or more easily tired than usual.  In some cases, a proliferation of retrogrades like we are having right now might trigger a recurrence of a chronic problem in the body.  In cases like this, the best thing you can do is to give yourself plenty of extra rest and water, and of course, deal with whatever the physical condition is to the best of your ability.


I myself find that drinking some of the tonic herbal teas if VERY helpful for keeping physical energy levels up during retrograde cycles.  Some of my own personal favorite herbal teas for balancing & energizing during a retrograde cycle are ginger, peppermint, sage, lemon balm, and licorice. 


Also, for keeping energy levels up, I have found that drinking 1-2 cups of Yogi brand De-tox tea 3 or 4 days a week is one of the most energizing things I can do!  You can purchase this very inexpensively at most health food stores.  It has dandelion root in it, along with several other herbs that help to strengthen & stimulate the liver.  (The liver is the source of energy & youthfulness in the body according to Chinese medicine.)  If your experience with this tea is anything like mine, you will be SHOCKED at how much energy you have after a few days of drinking it.


One more thing—regarding this major cycle of rolling, raging retrogrades we are currently in, we will probably start to see some improvement in things after May 3rd, which is when Mercury goes back direct.  However, even then, I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to get started with new things, since Mercury is in post-retrograde storm until May 12th (sort of like a reverb effect).  This date of May 12th is probably the earliest date for when I personally will plan on moving forward with any new major starts or launches.  And even then, I am sure that it will take a few weeks for our energy and enthusiasm to get back up to normal levels, since Mercury does not leave its post-retrograde shadow until around Saturday, May 20th. 

So at least until then, keep drinking your energizing herbal teas a few times a day if you can, taking your flower essences, doing your stretches (or walking), and of course, meditate as needed to help keep yourself calm, centered & sane!


Hope you find this info helpful!  Thanks so much for being a reader of this Cosmic Newsletter.


Infinite Blessings for You & Yours,


Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia),



7:24 am cdt 

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