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Full Moon of the Buddha

By Cynthia Killion  
May 10th 2017--Full Moon in Scorpio 
Note:  Regardless of the year, the Full moon in May in the sign of Scorpio (sun in Taurus) is known as the Full Moon of Buddha.  Thus, the information provided here can be applied to the Scorpio-May full moon in any year. 


QUICK PREVIEW of this Cosmic Update:  Today’s full moon in Scorpio is believed by many to be the most powerful and sacred full moon of the entire year!  It is exact at 4:42 pm Central US daylight time (5:42 pm Eastern daylight time).  However, these holy (if somewhat challenging) energies will continue to be in effect for the next two days at least.  Although there are challenges inherent in this full moon in Scorpio (as it is bringing many old wounds up to the surface to be healed & released), there are also many gifts.  In fact, this can be one of the most spiritually re-vitalizing times of the entire year, if only you will open your heart to receive the light of the Living Buddha, Living Christ, Living Divine Consciousness. 


It will help if open your heart to be of service right now.  Also, great peace can be realized by saying the Great Invocation prayer several times a day in the next few days, followed by the chanting of the sacred OM mantra.   (Just google Great Invocation if you do not already know this prayer.)  Above all, channel the energies and your talents and skills in service to the whole.  Help shift the balance of energies towards light and love, and be of service to Mother Earth.  Let Purpose guide your human will and let the Plan of Love and Light work through you. And so it is!  (Read the Cosmic Update below for more info.)





        Dear Friends, happy full moon day to you!  Happy Flower Moon, Happy Full Moon of Transformation and Happy Full Moon of the Buddha!


Yes, I do know that full moons can (and often do) increase emotional sensitivities for us all, and can also bring conflict and other painful and uncomfortable issues to the surface to be healed.   For many, full moons (including this one) are anything but happy!  (Since whatever sign the full moon is in, it can trigger emotional sensitivities, especially when it is in a watery sign like it is today.) 


Nonetheless, the full moon of May is considered by many to be the MOST SACRED full moon of the entire year, a time when the Buddha and Christ and all of the ascended masters gather together and pour out their divine healing energy upon the entire planet.  Not to mention, it’s no accident that this full moon of May is also called the FLOWER MOON, and the returning radiance of the spring flowers certainly can give one reason to GLOW, if only we will take the time to slow down and really see them. 


And so I propose that we let this be a HAPPY full moon day, a day filled with bliss and dedicated to staying as spiritually connected and inspired as possible.  Let us together make a special effort to meditate, pray, say our mantras and positive affirmations, and put forth generally POSITIVE and UPLIFTING energy out into the environment, for today, and in the days ahead as well.  (Instead of allowing ourselves to get overly-engaged or entangled in earthly dramas.)  Who knows?  If you try this for a day or two, you just might find you LOVE abstaining from the drama, and that you want to live the rest of your life with spiritual & loving vibes as your main focus instead.  (smile)


Not that there is isn’t plenty of drama and entanglements to go around right now.  Whenever Scorpio is involved (and it is the sign of this month’s full moon), there is usually no shortage of the possibility for drama & intensity!  It’s true that this full moon in Scorpio will bring old toxic emotions and energies up to the surface to be healed & released.  The question is—how do you deal with these once they come to the surface? 


Do you boldly face the old hurts & toxic emotions that emerge, taking responsibility for your own part in the drama, and doing whatever you can to make it right and balance it out again?  If so, very good, as this is the best part of what these intense energies are offering us right now—an opportunity to heal, release, and transform.  And then once you have faced whatever arises, do you then allow yourself to peacefully let it go?  If so, that too is very good.  (If not, ask your angels and guides for help letting go.) 


Or when the old issues and emotional sensitivity arise, do you project and blame others or lash out because you are not feeling well?  If so, you can do better, or at least, you can LEARN to do better.  Begin by giving yourself some time and space to be alone and quiet your mind and meditate upon your connection to the Divine (however you yourself conceive of that connection).  If you are feeling very sensitive right now, especially if you are feeling discouraged, frustrated, or annoyed, remember that it is perfectly OK to ask for help and loving support, and that you will be more likely to receive loving support when you are not lashing out at others.


Perhaps you blame and beat yourself up when old hurts and toxic emotions come to the surface.  Please don’t.  No matter what has happened in the past, you deserve better than this.  And you will DO better if you love and forgive yourself and focus on ENCOURAGING yourself, rather than beating yourself up or judging and criticizing.  One of the true hallmarks of the spiritual awakened being is the ability to practice self-awareness without judgment or criticism (of yourself, or others).


As I said before, in spite of the intense emotional energy that may be triggered by today’s full moon in Scorpio (or perhaps, because of it), this can be a time of great joy & happiness, especially if you remain consciously open to the powerful Divine energies of love and light which are flooding the earth plane from the spiritual realms now.





Today's full moon is in the sign of Scorpio (with the sun in Taurus) and is exact at 4:42 pm Central time in the US. (That's 5:42 pm Eastern, and 2:42 pm Pacific, all daylight savings times.)  Scorpio is the sign of transformation and transmutation.  It is also the sign of RE-GENERATION, and we see this connection to regeneration in Scorpio’s mystical totem of the Phoenix.  Like the Phoenix, today’s full moon signals that it is time to regenerate and to lift up out of the ashes again, spreading your wings and rising in a new and hopefully freer (and lighter) form.


This means that wherever it is in life that you have been feeling dead, stale, discouraged, or depleted, it's time to get back up again, resurrect yourself and get re-energized.


As Scorpio is a sign of deep spiritual connection and emotional intimacy, this rebirth and re-energization does not have to come from yourself alone, but instead can also be powered by the strength of your connection with the Divine and the deep love you share with others, especially those with whom you feel a spiritual connection, both living and dead, and also your angels and guides and any non-embodied spiritual masters with whom you feel a special connection.  Whatever it is you are struggling to bring forth now in your life or hoping to create, whatever it is you struggle with period, please take this time now to call upon your spiritual support system, and give it over to Spirit (Goddess-God) to transform the darkness into light for you.


Scorpio is first and foremost the sign of TRANSORMATION and rebirth, which is why I call this the Full Moon of Transformation.  This Scorpio full moon of May is also called the Flower Moon.  The reasoning for this name of Flower Moon is obvious to most of us living in the Northern hemisphere, for right around the time of the full moon in Scorpio in May each year is a time when the growth of flowers begins to quicken and many blooms begin to appear and thrive.  But this name of Flower Moon also connects to the current sun sign that we have during this full moon, Taurus. 


Taurus is an earthy, sensual and creative sign who is much associated with flowers, gardens and all things of earthy beauty.  It is also a sign that is associated with the flowering OF THE SELF, in that the fixed, practical sense of purpose embodied in Taurus is an important component in taking one’s raw talents and aptitudes and converting them into useful and well-honed skill.


Taurus and Scorpio are two very different signs that are nonetheless part of one polarity, and this polarity is being activated right now for you with this full moon.  This brings up issues around life and death, wealth, finances and resources (or the lack or scarcity thereof), sexuality and rebirth, and creative expression in the physical realm.  Any & all of these issues can be triggered for you at this time. The Taurus part of our current energetic alignment encourages you to build, create and manifest for yourself greater financial abundance and material wealth.  It also urges you to make the effort to develop your talents and skills further, possibly using these to generate more income.  Taurus generates, builds and creates.


Scorpio, on the other hand, is about RE-generation through letting go, cleansing, and tearing down.  Not that those born under the sign of Scorpio can’t be creative, as they often are!  But this kind of creative energy can only be unleashed by facing deeply buried emotional and karmic hurts, and letting them go.  Forgiveness is key right now.  As is looking at whatever hurts the most in your past or current situation, really looking at it—and then accepting it and choosing to go on living and thriving, dedicating your life to a higher purpose.



Where is it (and what is it) that you need to cleanse or let go of in life right now? This required cleansing and letting go can be on the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical level. 


Many people can and do feel the energies of the full moon in their physical bodies, so look to any aches and pains you experience right now as a barometer for how intensely cleansing is needed. (The more intense the physical pain or discomfort is, the stronger the need to cleanse and release on the spiritual, emotional and psychic levels.)  Also, there may be a need to deal with un-addressed relationship issues at this time, releasing old hurts, dealing with current ones. 


 —Where is it (and what is it) that you need to strengthen and build upon at this time?  Again, this required building and nourishing can be on any level—spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical related.  When the Taurus-Scorpio combo is activated, often there is a need to build, strengthen and nourish something relating to the more physical or emotional realms of life. 


Such as:  building financial reserves, dealing with debt, making wise career choices, re-structuring spending habits, taking better care of your physical body, or eliminating harmful foods from your body or undergoing a cleansing diet.  Also, this is a good time for strengthening and building relationships, renewing existing relationships, and investing some time in new ones.  But first and foremost, you will need to tend to the internal relationships—the relationship with your Self, and also the relationship you have with Spirit and your spiritual connection.


In the East, this full moon of May is known as the Full Moon of Buddha, and marks the time of greatest spiritual dispensation of energies for the entire year. This is the time when the spirit of Buddha, Christ and all of the other great spiritual masters of all time gather to bestow healing & energizing waves of love and light upon the entire planet. If you are willing, open yourself up to receive Divine guidance during this time of great spiritual contact. 


In particular, it can be helpful to sit in quiet meditation starting at 8 minutes before today’s full moon, opening yourself up to the greater spiritual light of the Universe.  Also, if you are willing, now is a good time to commit (or re-commit) to living a life of greater purpose, for the good of the whole, and not just for yourself.  In other words, now is a great time to make the pledge to live for something higher than just yourself.  But only if you wish—if not, you can simply open yourself up to receive the positive spiritual energy pouring forth at this time.


 By the way, even if you aren’t able to meditate at exactly 8 minutes before today’s full moon, you can still link up with this positive spiritual energy of today’s full moon if you will take the time to empty your mind and open to the higher loving spiritual energies any time between now and up to two days after this full moon.  (In other words, any time between now and Friday 05/12 for this year’s full moon of Buddha.)


        Thanks for taking the time to read this special full moon message!  May the blessings of the Universe and ALL of the great spiritual masters be upon you now, and may you be filled with the radiance and light of the spring flowers as we mark the passage of this Flowering Scorpio Buddha Moon!


 Many Blessings for You & Yours,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia),


Spiritual Psychic, Cosmic Astrologer (or just reply to this newsletter) 

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