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BLOG: Full Moon Help...Dealing with Cosmic Shifts

Tips to help you deal with Full Moons &
Other Times of Cosmic Shifts & Transformations

A NOTE FROM CYNTHIA:  Dear Beautiful Soul, the following article is a "newsletter" that I wrote for all of my clients & subscribers on the eve of a Full Moon, to help them deal with the influx of strong energies that were active at that time.  Although I was writing it at the time of a full moon, the guidance that is provided in this article is useful to help you to deal with ANY time period when the energies feel particularly heightened for you.  Hope you enjoy!


Dear Friends, I am writing on the eve of the Full Moon in Virgo.  Probably by the time you read this, the full moon will have already passed over by a day, although my guess is that we will continue to feel the intensity of its energies for at least another day or two, especially those of us who are particularly “sensitive’ or “empathetic”.

This full moon I am writing about took place at 10:38 am Central time on Sunday morning.  The moon was at 9 degrees Virgo, the sun at 9 degrees Pisces at the exact time of the full moon.  This means that those who have sun, moon, rising or other “planets” in the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, & Sagittarius are most likely to experience strong effects from this full moon.

However, any one who is half-way conscious can feel the rise in energies when the moon is full.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice the increase in emotional intensity & general “moodiness” accompanying any full moon, not to mention the increase in frequency of intense natural phenomenon, such as earthquakes, floods, and severe weather shifts.

Am I really suggesting that a full moon is powerful enough to create mood-swings in a large proportion of the general public, or contribute to the incident of earthquakes & tsunamis on our planet?

Well, if you have any doubt that this is true, then consider that every moment of every day, the tides of ALL our world oceans are being compelled & influenced by the moon.  Last time I checked, there was more ocean on earth than land, in fact, our little “blue planet” is about 70% water, and only 30% land.  Of course, not all of this water is ocean water, but a majority of it is.  So yes, the moon, and its phases & aspects, have a TREMENDOUS impact on life on earth.

Regardless of the astrological signs involved, or the time of year, every full moon that happens represents a time when SENSITIVITIES are triggered.  Generally, the more sensitive, aware, and open you are, the more powerful the time of the full moon period will be for you. 

However, not all full moons are created equal, at least in terms of their power & impact.  Some full moons carry more collective “punch” because they take place during a lunar eclipse (such as the one that happened on last December 31st), or because the aspects between the planets were particularly powerful at the time of the full moon.

Also, regardless of the “collective punch” of a full moon, it also has a PERSONAL effect upon you, which is dependent upon your own unique birth chart.  In particular, if your sun, moon, rising sign, or midheaven is in the same sign as the full moon (either the moon or sun portion of it), then you will experience a strong emotional “charge” from that full moon.


It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a “positive” or “negative” charge for you, but you will feel the energy, and it WILL have an impact upon your emotions.  Mainly, whether you experience the full moon energies as “positive” or “negative” depend upon:

1)  How in tune you allow yourself to be with the natural cycles…in other words, do you give yourself extra time to meditate, pray, relax, cry, or release during full moons and other times of cosmic shift?


2)  Do you have a creative outlet for dealing with “moodiness” and channeling overwhelming emotion into…..Dancing, painting, drawing, singing, sculpting, carving, coloring, weaving, knitting, playing an instrument, scrapbooking, writing, cooking, and ANY other creative outlet will help you channel the intense energy of the full moon into something constructive, and transform “negative” or “unpleasant” feelings into something useful.  Exercise, movement, and sports can also be excellent ways to channel the powerful energy of the full moon.


3)  Do you have a spiritual community to support you?

            This is SOOO important.  In fact, I believe it is so important, that I don’t have just one spiritual community to support me, but at least three. 

            As I often point out to my clients, getting inspired, calm, centered, and peaceful is easy…it’s STAYING THERE that’s the hard part!  The easiest way to stay in that serene spirit-filled “God place” is to have a spiritual community to support you on a regular & consistent basis.

I went to New Thought Community Church of Wichita today, and listened to CJ Felton speak.  It was awesome!  She took us on a spoken initiation into learning to “Live in the Let Go”, which means letting God put the pieces of the puzzle of our lives together, instead of trying to force or strain things to happen (a very Piscean theme, to match the sun in Pisces!).

            I went to New Thought today because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it up to my main spiritual community in Wells (which is 2 hours away from where I live), but I also knew that I just NEEDED to have some *spiritual inspiration* to carry me through the next 48 hours, when the energies of this full moon will still be VERY intense.  And I was soooo glad I went….CJ Felton was literally one of the most mystical, “tuned-in”, and inspiring speakers I have ever heard!

            (If you *do* live in Wichita, or within a few hours driving distance, I highly recommend getting over there next Sunday & hearing CJ talk….they meet at 11:30 am at Inner Works…their website is  If you want to know more about CJ, her website is

            OK.  So not every one lives in Wichita and can go to New Thought Community Church.  For that matter, not everyone lives within driving distance of Sunset Spiritualist Church & Camp, which is now my #1 main church haunt (no pun intended…if you want to know more about this little “gem of a place”, then go to

           Regardless of where you live, you can seek out spiritual community.  There are now more open-minded, loving, and non-judging spiritual communities out there than every before in the history of our country.  More than likely, there is one near you.

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