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Monday, January 28, 2013

Spirit Walk
Taking a Spirit Walk.....
(partial excerpt from 01/28/2013 newsletter)


            Before setting out to write this newsletter for you, I first went on a “Spirit Walk”.  A spirit walk is when you walk with the intention to connect with Spirit and receive spiritual messages & clarity.  The messages you receive can come internally (as telepathic “downloads” or inspirations within your thoughts).  Or the guidance & clarity you receive may also come through something you see or encounter in the outer environment.  For me, it is usually a combination of both. 


Today there were a few really strong messages that came through telepathically from my guides & my inner self in my mind (most of these messages dealt with the importance of remaining free & non-attached from limiting systems, beliefs, or associations).  However, there were many more messages that came through interacting in my environment in this more intentional way, especially with the plants & animals that I encountered.

 Some of the things that I encountered while on my spirit walk that gave me spiritual insight were a racing rabbit, a lonely & gnarled old tree, an intense & quickly shifting cloud formation, and a GIANT flock of black birds that flanked me on both sides, and then beat their wings in succession & all rose up as I walked by.




The Rabbit was a blessing from the moon goddess, for Rabbits are associated with the Great Mother, and we just had a full moon on Saturday night.  The black birds were the mystery of life, death and rebirth, and a symbol of freedom and liberation.  (They are also a usual totem of shamans, mystics, and channelers like myself.)  And the old and gnarly tree was an old friend, a grandmother, and a place to set aside one’s cares and rest for a little while with your spine up against its strong trunk, soaking in its healing vibes through your chakras.

As I encountered each one of these powerful magical beings along my walk, I opened my heart to receive their blessings, AND, I also opened my heart to offer a blessing back.  For as St. Francis taught, it is in giving of ourselves that we receive.  In opening my heart on this walk in such a conscious, intentional way, I did indeed receive many spiritual blessings & messages.

You can go on a spirit walk too if you want to!  Even if you don’t think of yourself as particularly “psychic”, it is easy to become psychic in this way if you will just open your heart & set the intention to listen & receive messages from Spirit, Nature, and Your Angels, Fairies, and Guides.  As you are beginning your walk, you can say a prayer to clarify what it is you are most hoping to receive guidance & clarity about….or you can simply walk with an open heart, and see what comes up.

 The Teacher that Blessed Me with the Spirit Walk 

Many years ago I was honored to spend a brief time studying in a group with the Kachura, also known as Don Juan, of the legendary Toltec shaman of Carlos Castaneda’s books.  He told me that I carried great spiritual power, especially for one so young, and offered to be my teacher…in fact, he even offered me the shaman vest that had belong to his father the shaman, and his father’s father (who was also a shaman) before him. 

I did not accept the vest, because to do so would have been to accept a great responsibility that I was not able or willing to attempt to carry at that time in my life.  However, it was enough that it was offered to me, and on that day, I did receive the spiritual blessing of one of the greatest shamans & masters who ever lived on the North American continent….

But even more helpful than the blessing that he gave me in recognizing me as part of his spiritual lineage was the advice that he gave as to how I could most quickly spiritually develop.  This advice I have carried with me to this day, even after all these years….the advice that he gave me for spiritual development & awakening was that I should WALK without reason or purpose and with no particular location in mind.  He said that in doing so, Spirit would speak to me and bless me with guidance and spiritual power.

Shortly after receiving this advice, I began to walk more often.  Sure enough, I did find that whenever I would set out from my house and just let Spirit lead the way, that almost always something “uncanny” would happen, and I would always find the answer to whatever I was seeking knowledge & wisdom about.

On the day that the Kachura gave me this advice, there were others present who received different advice about what they needed to do in order to accelerate their spiritual growth and increase their strength.  Therefore, I can’t necessarily say that this advice would work for everyone, although I can guarantee you that even if walking is not the “main” tool for your own personal evolution, you certainly can benefit from taking a spirit walk from time to time, if not at least once or twice a month (or more).

Enjoy your future spirit walks!

6:26 pm cst 

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