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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Many Retrogrades at Once! (Summer-and Fall-of Retrogrades)



By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion



Saturn and Jupiter 


     Even though Mercury is now fully direct, we still have PLENTY of retrogrades at the moment.  To be more specific, at the moment I am writing this for you on 07/28/2021, there are FIVE major heavenly bodies in retrograde.  (Come August 19th, that number will increase to 6!)

  So if you are wondering why everything still seems to be moving so SLOWLY at the  moment, or why unexpected obstacles or challenges keep appearing, or why issues from the so-called past that you thought were already resolved keep popping again, that’s why. 


    Mercury being fully direct now does help in terms of being able to think more clearly & access your ability to get things done more efficiently.  But Mercury alone can’t cancel out the effects of five other retrograde planets combined.

    The five planetary bodies that are currently in retrograde as of this writing (07/28/2021) are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron.  Uranus will also join in on this retrograde extravaganza on August 19th.



To help you better understand what this combination of retrogrades might mean for you, here is a brief summary of what each of them signifies….


JUPITER retrograde until Oct 18.Rules the signs of SAGITTARIUS & PISCES.  Exalted ruler of Cancer.

     This signals a time of questioning & re-assessing one’s spiritual quest.  The usual help that you receive from the outside world is missing or reduced, and instead you must seek WITHIN for protection & help.  A time to call upon spiritual rather than material world help.  Your faith and optimism may be tested during this time. 

    During Jupiter retrograde, be wary of a tendency towards excess or self-righteousness.  You could tend to over-do it in one or more areas of life, or over-estimate your ability to get certain things done. 

   On the other hand, sometimes that feel-good, happy, abundant feeling is more difficult to achieve when Jupiter is in retrograde.  Jupiter has a connection with FAITH & hope, and sometimes when it’s retrograde, it can feel as if you’ve lost all faith or positivity.  Try to remember that this too shall pass, and that eventually, brighter days will return again.

  The retrograde of Jupiter can also impact travels, learning, education, publishing & writing, and legal matters.  There could be delays or set-backs in any of these areas during Jupiter retrograde, and some of your plans in these areas may not go as you had hoped or may simply proceed more slowly that you would have preferred. 


SATURN retrograde until Oct 10….Rules CAPRICORN & AQUARIUS.  Exalted ruler of Libra.

   The only thing more challenging than Saturn itself is Saturn in retrograde.  After all, Saturn is known astrologically as the Lord of Karma.  This planet has been retrograde since late last May, and during this time it has been busy delivering many REALITY CHECKS and set-backs.  You are being reminded of your limitations, and perhaps, challenged to move beyond them. 

    For now, the only way out is through.  Meaning, that in one or more areas of life you will probably have to deal with increased responsibilities and limitations, and will need to develop greater wisdom & maturity.

    Areas that are most likely to be affected include health, family relationships, housing, work, finances, and overall emotional & spiritual well-being.  Don’t be one bit surprised if family or friends (or even society) demands more of you during this time.  Feeling overwhelmed or over-burdened is common during Saturn retrograde. 

    With Saturn in retrograde, it’s more important than ever to take care of your emotional & mental health, and to engage in activities that bring you joy & feed your spirit.  Being more disciplined & organized will help you to deal with your many challenges & responsibilities during this time. 

    Remember too that you can’t outrun karma.  If something is yours to deal with, then face it.  (Also, if something is NOT yours to deal with, then let it go.  That too can be part of resolving karma.)


CHIRON retrograde until Dec 19….Rules VIRGO. (Or some say, Sagittarius.)

     This one is classified as a minor planet or centaur.  More than any of the other retrogrades, this one will re-trigger painful past issues (especially form childhood) in order to help bring your attention to the need for healing.  You may feel like you are going back over old emotional terrain again and having to back-track with issues that you thought were already healed.

     Confusion can arise over what it means to be healthy & well and the steps that one needs to take to achieve health. 

   In mythology, Chiron was a master herbalist and healer.  The retrograde of his namesake planet may signal a time for you to reveal your own methods of healing, with an eye towards looking at a more HOLISTIC approach that includes practices like yoga, energy healing, music, flower essences, diet & nutrition. 

    Also consider if there is a need for greater RE-WILDING on your part.  For Chiron was a centaur, or half-man and half-horse, indicating that connecting with nature can help you to better realize your wholeness.


NEPTUNE retrograde until Dec 1….Rules PISCES.  Exalted ruler of Aquarius.

    The effects of Neptune’s retrograde may be more subtle & subconscious than some of the others.  (Unless of course you are a Pisces, or have Pisces otherwise strong in your chart—then its effects will be quite pronounced.)  For Neptune is so far away from the earth and moves more slowly than most of the planets.  And the slower a planet moves, the less obvious its retrograde effects.  With Neptune, the effects of its retrograde may or may not be obvious, but it will affect you on a DEEPER level.

     Neptune is the great DISSOLVER.  Its retrograde may wash away some ideal or aspect of life that you are clinging to dearly.  But you may not have a choice but to let go.  For this energy is like a cleansing tidal wave that gradually moves across your inner being and changes the land-scape of your life forever.

      Neptune retrograde SOMETIMES enhances intuition and psychic knowings.  But then, that’s usually only for the people who are already quite well-grounded and at ease with their own intuition.  For all those others who are not well-grounded and/or not at east with their intuition, this planetary retrograde may instead increase DELUSIONS of self-grandeur and a tendency towards fantasy thinking.

      Then again, Neptune’s retrograde often has the effect of lifting the veil (so to speak) and causing you to see what your life (and the people & situations in it) REALLY look like without the rose-colored glasses. 

    If there is an area of your life where you have been deluding yourself or getting by with false hope, you will soon need to deal with the reality of the situation.  (Especially now that Saturn is also in retrograde at the same time.)

   Some of the magic & enchantment of life may be temporarily lost during Neptune retrograde.  If you can, find ways to reconnect back with the magic through music, dance, poetry, art or re-connecting with your spiritual or psychic side.


PLUTO retrograde until Oct 6….Rules SCORPIO.  Exalted ruler of Virgo or Leo.

   Pluto is the great destroyer, purger and transformer.  Its retrograde can bring a welcome relief & respite from intense change and transformation in the outer world.  For instead of focusing on outer world change, during Pluto retrograde, one is to focus upon INNER world change & transformation. 

    There can be MUCH inner purging and emotional recycling that happens during this time.  This is a time for exploring & acknowledging what mysteries lie in the shadow of the self.  Get in touch with your subconscious desires & emotions, including your buried anger, rage, insecurity and fears.

    This doesn’t mean you have to let the inner dragons run your life.  But every so often, it’s good to look at what you have buried deep down inside.  (If only so that it does NOT run your life.)

     Also, keep in mind too that there can be great POWER and ENERGY hidden deep within the subconscious too.  Your worldly power may be limited during this time.  It’s even possible that you may feel pushed down or bullied by larger tyrannical forces.  This is a time of learning to move through life from a place of INNER power, rather than relying on the outer world to make you feel empowered.


URANUS is not yet retrograde, but will be retrograde Aug 19 2021 to Jan 18 2022….Rules AQUARIUS.  Exalted ruler of Scorpio.

     Since this one is not quite yet retrograde, I will cover its influence in a future Cosmic Newsletter or blog post. 

   In the meantime, let me just say that when Uranus goes retrograde, it is a time to take a break from being a rebel or trying to create change or disruptions in the outer world.  It is more a time of focusing on INNER change, as well as a time to look at how you can make changes sensibly, slowly, and more logically.



     When a planet goes retrograde, it has a collective influence on all of us who live in the earth dimension.  But it also has a personal effect too, based on how that retrograde planet interacts with the position of your birth chart planets.  The more planets in your birth chart that are activated by a transiting retrograde planet, the stronger its retrograde effect will be upon you.

     But even if a retrograde planet isn’t making ANY exact aspects to any of your birth chart planets, you will still be subject to its influence somewhat.  For while a planet is retrograde, it will slowly move through a certain house in your birth chart and activate the specific areas of life that are connected with that house.

    (For example, retrograde Saturn in your house of health, sickness, healing, and work will likely bring challenges in these areas of life, even if it is not aspecting any natal planets for you.)

     Also keep in mind that each of these planets currently in retrograde have certain, specific signs that they are said to rule over.  (Listed in the descriptions above.)  And when the ruling planet for your sign is retrograde, you are more likely to feel the effects of that retrograde quite strongly. 

    This is true not only if you have that sign as your sun sign, but if you have any important points or planets ANY WHERE in your chart in the sign that is ruled by the retrograde planet.

      With five major heavenly bodies currently in retrograde (and one more soon to follow), there are MANY people being impacted by these retrogrades in a significant way.



     This preponderance of retrogrades will continue throughout the entire summer into fall.  These energies will continue to nudge you to slow down and move through life more carefully and deliberately.  It’s time to utilize discernment & inner wisdom in making decisions and taking actions. 

    You will be more productive (and happier too) during this time of many retrogrades when you lean into your more feminine, receptive, accepting & YIN-based side.  

   This is a wonderful time for you to look more closely at where there is a need for further healing, growth, and adjustments in your life.  It is a time where you are called to work within your existing life situation to improve it. 

   Endings, completions, and getting closure will continue to be favored from this point onward into and through October. 

    New beginnings are not as easy right now, but can be possible, if (and ONLY if) you are willing to first deal with any unresolved karma that you have that might be holding you back.  In whatever area it is that you are hoping to have a new beginning, you will first need to fully RESOLVE what you need to deal with before moving forward into the new.

   Remember too that OTHER people have karma as well.

  This means that whenever your situation overlaps with the decisions or situations of others, then you may also have to wait for THEM to finish up resolving their karma, even if you have already dealt with your own personal issues. 

    (Case in point:  Such as in the purchasing of a new home. You may need to wait for the new owners to clear out, or for the house to have some breathing room before new people can come in.)

    That being said, you can’t complete other people’s karma for them!  Truly, unless you are an incarnated bodhisattva, you are only here to deal with your OWN karma…not someone else’s.  Something to keep in mind in the months ahead. 

      One of the greatest obstacles to spiritual growth between now & the end of October will be the tendency to let yourself get so entangled in other people’s karma that you neglect dealing with your own business. 

     Remember that you can best serve yourself, others, and the Universe, by first dealing with your OWN issues and resolving your OWN karma.

   Not sure where to start with this?   Ask your inner psychic, intuition, spirit guides, ancestors or angels to show you the way.  Ask, and then listen.  If needed, be patient, and wait for a sign, message, or feeling to lead the way.  Ask the Universe to show you what you MOST need to be focusing on resolving or dealing with at this moment.  And then get busy following that lead!

4:31 pm cdt 

Psychic Benefit of Many Retrogrades at Once



By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia



     Dealing with multiple retrogrades at once can literally feel like a DRAG.  Meaning, it tends to slow us down (both personally & collectively) and generates delays and set-backs. 

     There can be great frustration when you have to keep going back over the same ground and dealing with the same situations again, situations that you THOUGHT were resolved, but now discover that you still need to work some more on these situations & areas of life.   

     That being said, it’s not all bad having many planets retrograde at once, especially for those of us on the spiritual psychic path. 

     Retrogrades can help open up a space for delving deeper into the liminal spaces of psychic awareness.   Times when there are many retrogrades simultaneously (such as there are now) are excellent periods for re-connecting back with your psychic self & cultivating your own intuitive & psychic abilities. 

  Is it time to do that Tarot or Rune reading for yourself, or check back in with your astrology chart?  Or perhaps it is time to get a reading with your favorite astrologer, psychic or card or rune reader.  Either way, now is a definitely a time to tap into the wisdom of the cosmos to help guide your path, for during times like these, we must be guided by the INNER vision.  (And not outer world appearances, which can be SO very deceptive right now.)

   If you can, spend time DAILY working with & connecting with your preferred divination tool during times of many simultaneous retrogrades. 

     Retrogrades are all about seeking wisdom from WITHIN and from your spirit teacher, angels, and guides.  Therefore, be careful about spending too much time looking at so-called news during these cycles.  If you want to know what is REALLY going on with a particular issue in your life (or even world event) during one of these multi-retrograde cycles, then consult your inner psychic and guides, or ask your divination tool.


    The more retrogrades there are, the thinner the veils between the different worlds & dimensions.  Thus, it can be easier to access your connection with your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels during a time of many retrogrades—but only if you do not BLOCK the communication by letting yourself be dragged down into emotional overwhelm or static.  

     During times like these, it is important to allow yourself to feel your emotions without attaching to them or getting stuck in them.  Practices such as meditation, drumming, breath-work, yoga & trance-work are key right now to keeping the doorways of spiritual communication open. 

   Entering into peace and calm will also help you to be more resilient and resourceful in dealing with the challenges that you meet along this path of murky retrogrades. When the storms are brewing in the outside world, one must seek the peace within, in the inner temple.


4:08 pm cdt 

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