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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New Moon in Virgo Cycle (from Sept 6 to Oct 6 2021)



Time to Organize, Cleanse,

& Get Back On Track Again

Reprinted from Cosmic Newsletter

published/sent September 6th, 2021

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion




Happy new moon in Virgo!  This month’s new moon was exact tonight (Mon Sept 6 2021) at 7:52 pm Central daylight time.  This is the beginning of a new cycle of creation & manifestation that lasts all the way up until the next new moon on October 6th. 

Virgo is a cleanser, gardener, healer, server, and organizer, so expect these areas of your life (and aspects of self) to be highlighted over the next four weeks.  Now is the time to set out to make changes & new beginnings in these Virgo related areas in the month ahead.  This Virgo cycle is definitely a cycle of growth & productivity in many areas.

HOWEVER…Keep in mind that we do have MANY planets in retrograde at the moment, so new beginnings made during this next month may take more time than usual, and require a bit more patience on your part. 

Please continue reading below for more info.


Video Forecast for September 2021:

This video will give you an overview of the flow of energies in this month ahead, including Mercury retrograde that is coming into play later this month.


New Moon in Virgo-

A Time of Getting Organized & Back on Track
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff


Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there, and Happy New Moon in Virgo!


This New Moon in Virgo is the beginning of a new cycle of creation & manifestation that lasts all the way up until the next new moon on October 6th. 

This new cycle will bring your attention to the need for new beginnings & adjustments in the realms of work, service, organization, efficiency, spiritual discernment & discipline, health, diet & nutrition, household & garden duties and improvements, and connection to nature and the plant realm. 

Writing, self-improvement, studying, healing, and prioritizing goals are other areas that could be activated for you during this new cycle.

Virgo is a very BUSY sign that revels in fixing things and getting stuff done.  Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself quite busy indeed over the next few weeks!

The modern symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, symbolizing purity and purification.  The more ancient symbol for this sign is the wheat harvester or harvester maiden, symbolizing the fertility, productivity, and discernment of this sign. 




Virgo is the part of the soul that separates the wheat from the chaff.  Meaning, this sign has a critical & discerning eye that is able to recognize what is practical, valuable, and useful, and what is not.



This aspect of Virgo compels you to examine your life and recognize what is worth keeping and strengthening, while also purifying and clearing away that which no longer serves you.

Sometimes Virgo can go a bit too far with its critical eye.  When this happens, discernment sharpens into pessimism and self-doubt.  Virgos are their own worst critics.  Even though they can be critical of others, they are usually far harder upon themselves than others.  They hold themselves to very high standards, standards that are usually impossible to meet. 

While we are under the influence of this new moon in Virgo, it is important to remember to be GENTLE with your self and others. 

Virgo also represents the quest for self-improvement & perfection.  And yet, the more one tunes into the energies of one’s inner Virgo, the easier it is to see the flaws and imperfections in life. 

Again, remember to be gentle with yourself and others.  Also remember that even if something seems less than perfect, it can still represent improvement & progress in some way, and it can still have value & worth.  

In fact, sometimes it’s the imperfections that creates something truly beautiful and unique.



(With a few complications)



Each month, the new moon signals a time of NEW BEGINNINGS & GROWTH.  This is also a time of RE-emergence and RE-activation after the quieter and more restful energies that take place in the week directly before the new moon. 


The new moon is usually your signal that it’s time to get mobilized again and set your goals and intentions for the lunar month ahead. 


However, this particular new moon is also occurring against the backdrop of 6 major planetary retrogrades. With the planetary emphasis on retrograde energy at the moment, there is also a need to review, re-assess and go back and re-cover old ground…while at the same time moving forward in new ways with your existing projects, goals, or dreams. 

So even though the lunar tide is now ripe for starting things & instigating change, you may find that things take a little bit longer than you thought, or that you have to go back and re-work your plans more than once.

Also, with all this retrograde energy, it is possible that you may be more focused on shedding & extricating yourself from existing situations at this time, rather than trying to instigate new beginnings. 

Virgo is a sign of cleansing & purification.  So if closing a chapter or tying up loose ends is a higher priority for you this month (rather than starting new things), that should work well with the energies of this new moon cycle too.





The new moon is traditionally viewed as the OPTIMAL time each month for setting goals & intentions for the month ahead.  When setting intentions for this lunar month ahead, it’s best if you choose just 1-3 important goals or intentions that you can easily make progress on in the next 3-4 weeks.


Since this is only a month long cycle, it’s best that you do not choose something too big or too complicated for your new moon intentions.  Keep it manageable.  If you are working on a larger project or towards a grander goal, then just break it down into smaller steps, and choose 1-3 of those to work towards this month.


It is also best if you WRITE these goals & intentions down somewhere that you can easily see them often.  This will help you to stay focused so that you actually make progress towards your goals in the month ahead.


In terms of TIMING, most astrologers say that the best time to set new intentions for the new moon is within 8 hours of its actual occurrence.  However, my psychic sense & my actual experience has shown me that the window for setting new moon intentions (and harnessing its energies) is MUCH larger than this. 


From my own personal experience with working with the lunar cycles for guidance and manifestation for over 30 years now, you have about THREE FULL DAYS from the time the new moon occurs to set your new moon intentions.


As long as you set your intentions or goals and plant the seeds for new growth within 72 hours of the occurrence of the new moon, you will be good to go, and can still harness the power of the new moon energies. 


In fact, if you are like me, and you tend to get a little bit emotionally sensitive or low on energy right around the actual time of the new moon, you might actually PREFER to wait until about 12-24 hours AFTER the new moon has hit exact to set your new moon intentions.  (This will help ensure that you are in a clearer head & heart space when you set your priorities for the month ahead.)


This month’s new moon took place at 7:52 pm Central Daylight USA time on Monday, September 6th 2021.  Utilizing the 72 hour rule, that means you have until just before 8 pm (Central Daylight USA time) on Thursday, September 9th to set your new moon intentions & goals for the month ahead. 


(Of course, you can set goals & intentions whenever you want, but this is the window of time for doing that if you want to harmonize with the lunar energies for this month to help support you in your intentions.)






You can set your new moon intentions & goals for this month in ANY area of life that you would like.  However, things will flow more easily & efficiently for you in the month ahead if you choose to focus on goals that align with the natural energies of the sign of the new moon. 


As mentioned above, Virgo is associated with many realms of life, including work, health, daily-routines, service, and connection with animals and pets. 


This month’s new moon will draw your attention to where you need to get more organized in your life & build a better framework. 


It also provides an opportunity for new growth and setting goals in the areas of work, health, diet, fitness, service, writing, organization, discipline, and any other realm of self-improvement.  (Virgo’s specialties are self-improvement & organization.)


To better align with the energies of this new moon cycle, you can set goals & intentions in any of the above-mentioned areas.


Virgo can be a bit of a FIXER too.  So don’t be at all surprised if you find yourself taking on new projects or finally dealing with long-term projects that you have been putting off.  This Virgo new moon cycle is particularly good for fixing and dealing with household or work challenges. 


But just be sure that you what you are trying to fix is something within your own life, and not someone else’s.  As no matter how much you want to help, you usually can’t fix another person’s problems for them. Of course, you can offer appropriate support & encouragement, which is different than trying to fix them or their problems.


Virgo has an element of drudgery to it, as it is good with dealing with things like housework, paperwork, and just WORK period.  Virgo likes things to run smoothly & efficiently, and now is a good time for figuring out how you can do some of your daily tasks more efficiently.


This is also a time that is associated with CLEANSING, RE-ORGANIZING, AND RE-CALIBRATION.  There is a need for deep level cleansing, healing or re-arranging in one or more areas of life right now.  This cleansing & re-arranging may need to take place on a physical level (home or physical body) OR it may need to take place on an emotional, mental, or spiritual level, or even on MULTIPLE levels at once.


This need to cleanse and release is amplified by the energies of all the retrograde planets that we also have at the moment.


Overall, it’s time to get re-organized and back on track with your vision or goals.  It may also be time to re-prioritize how you utilize your time.  Having meaningful routines & daily habits are important right now.   Virgo enjoys categorizing and list-making, so this is also a good time to take inventory of your life and make lists of plans, to-dos & goals for the months ahead. 


Whatever it is you are growing and creating in your life at the moment, whatever you are focused upon, now is the time to tend to important details, get back with the program, be more organized, and GET STUFF DONE!


In this month ahead, embrace your inner Virgo, and open to the guidance and direction of this wise & discerning inner maiden.  Until next time, I'm wishing you a blessed & bliss-filled new moon cycle ahead! 

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3:26 pm cdt 

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Uranus Retrograde-Rest & Regroup, Enough with the Distractions!

Uranus Retrograde

Enough with the Distractions Already!

A Time to Rest From Constant Change & Regroup

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion





This year, Uranus is in retrograde from August 19th 2021 all the way up until Jan 18th 2022.  (Next year, it will be retrograde from Aug 24 2022 to Jan 22 2023.) 

This is a 5 month long transit, so it’s going to have a much longer influence over your life than say, a full moon, or even Mercury retrograde.

   Uranus is considered an outer or trans-personal planet, which means that its influence is often more SUBTLE and less obvious that some of the faster moving heavenly bodies, such as the moon or Mercury. 

Often, Uranus seems to have a stronger effect on the collective consciousness than the individual. Then again, I have seen many examples of people experiencing the lightning-strike power of a Uranus transit in the form of sudden, unexpected disruptions, surprises, or chaos.

     It all depends on your own unique birth chart and especially what planets & signs are strongest in your chart, and also how transiting Uranus is moving within your natal chart. 


Uranus is said to be the natural ruler of the sign Aquarius.  For this reason, if you have Aquarius strong in your birth chart, you are likely to experience the retrograde of Uranus more strongly than others.  This includes you if your sun, moon, or rising are in Aquarius, or if you have other important natal points in Aquarius.

    Also, if you have important natal points around the same position that transiting Uranus is at during the retrograde, or if you have even have natal points at similar degrees in ANY sign as Uranus is when it is moving through its retrograde, than you too will be likely to experience the effects more strongly.


   During its 2021 retrograde cycle, Uranus moves from 14-10 degrees Taurus in retrograde motion.  In 2022, it will move from 18-15 degrees Taurus during its retrograde time.  If you have ANY important natal planets at this degrees, then you will likely feel the effects of that Uranus retrograde more strongly.

    (For example, if you have an important natal point at anywhere between 14-10 degrees in any sign, then this 2021 Uranus retrograde is likely to activate some kind of energy or issue for you, especially if the natal point involved is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.)

    Regardless of which signs are strongest in your personal chart, we ALL will respond to the energy of Uranus retrograde in some way.  Continue reading below to learn more about how to best navigate this energy cycle.




Uranus is the Great Awakener & the Great Disrupter, and the bringer of unexpected events & surprises, both wanted, and unwanted.  It is also known as the Great Liberator.  

    One of its main functions is to SHAKE THINGS UP and get you to look at your situation in a new way.  Often, it FORCES you to change by stirring up chaos in a certain area of life or getting you so rattled up that you finally agree to move out of your comfort zone into a new and unchartered territory.


This is not an energy for the faint of heart.  And yet, without Uranus (and the Aquarius energy) we would all be stuck in the same old ruts day after day, with no growth, novelty, expansion or evolution.  So Uranus helps us out with all of that (growth, expansion, novelty & evolution) by zapping us out of our comfort zones, either through sudden, external events, OR in response to an internal sense of discontent & dis-satisfaction.


When you are tapped into the Uranus energy in a more positive way, you are free-spirited and spontaneous, and open to change.  When under the STRONG influence of Uranus, you may become incredibly impulsive, and may do drastic things that you later regret, all in the name of making a change, or breaking out of what seems like a confining or limiting situation.


Now when Uranus goes retrograde, all of this changes a bit.  Maybe not at first, but eventually. 


In fact, right around the time that Uranus goes retrograde, and especially two weeks before, and for up to a month after, you might experience an EXPLOSION of Uranian energy in your life, perhaps in the form of unexpected surprises (both wanted & unwanted). Or you may experience a temporary increase in discontent or restlessness.  


(On a more positive note, you could also have an increase in intuitive flashes, mental breakthroughs & insights right around the time that Uranus goes retrograde, as Uranus is linked with these kinds of brilliant insights and flashes of intuition.)


It is normal for the energies of a planet to intensify around the time that it retrogrades, particularly with one that will be in a long retrograde of five months.


And yet, if you listen to your inner voice, and tune into the sounds of the Cosmos, you will notice that with this retrograde, there is now a different cosmic song being sung….




In essence, this Uranus retrograde cycle signals a time to TAKE A BREAK from making new major or sudden changes.  It’s time to regroup, and focusing on dealing with the major changes that have ALREADY happened in the recent past.  This is a time to go with the flow with whatever disruption and chaos is ALREADY happening, and stop trying to stir the pot or bring on more chaos or drama for yourself, at least, for the time being.  (smile)


It’s as if the Universe is saying, “Enough with all the disruptions for now!”


Instead of disrupting everything and trying to move in radically new directions, now is a time for following through with the new path that you have already chosen.   


Just in case you didn’t quite catch that (as it is SO important), let me reiterate here:


Instead of trying to push ahead to make extreme changes right now, you are being asked to review & reflect on changes that have ALREADY been made or set into motion.   You are also being asked to FOLLOW-THROUGH with previous commitments made or projects started. 


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow through with something that isn’t working for you.  In fact, if after a thorough review, you find that the recent changes you have made aren’t working for you, you may decide to let those go to follow something that feels more soothing & more aligned with your soul.


You don’t have to stay with a dead-end path, job or relationship just because Uranus is in retrograde.  However, whenever possible, you need to stay with what is ALREADY working for you and LEAN INTO that thing, instead of trying to force new radical changes into uncharted territory.  This is not a good time to throw out something that is already working well for you just to pursue a novelty or sudden distraction.






All that being said, right around the time that Uranus retrogrades, you may experience a temporary INCREASE in radical changes & unexpected endings that happen SPONTANTEOUSLY and without any effort on your part.


If such changes are happening to you, it is best to slow down and think things through so that you can RESPOND wisely, rather than reacting from anger, dissatisfaction, or discontentment.


You may also feel suddenly compelled to end or quit a job, habit or relationship that hasn’t been working for you for a long time, as if you suddenly get the courage to do what you have wanted to do all along. 


Be careful with this though, and do be sure that the signs to leave have been there for a long time previously, and that you aren’t just reacting to momentary discomfort or discontent.  On other hand, if the situation has been deteriorating for a long time and has become overly chaotic or dramatic, this may indeed be the time for you to begin to gradually take steps to move on.


To be clear, it’s not up to you to try to make major changes right now, unless it is absolutely necessary.  In fact, if a major course correction or change is needed, the Universe will most likely reveal that to you at this time, either in the form of a fateful or serendipitous event, or through the wise counsel or guidance of a spiritual, metaphysical or humanitarian type guru.





During this retrograde, you are also being asked to work in your own inner consciousness to elevate your vibration and empower yourself by changing your thoughts.  To help prepare yourself for future changes, you must first change the way you think by elevating your thinking to a more positive place. 


This is a time to begin to learn more about creating change from the inside-out.  Change begins WITHIN, in the heart and the mind’s eye. 


Working in your energy field and practicing guided visualization are both useful practices to employ during Uranus retrograde.  Even if you currently feel stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you can draw more light into your energy field and send light to all involved to help open up new possibilities for change.  Also, visualizing positive outcomes can be very effective now.  The change must be accomplished on an inner level FIRST, before you will see results in the outer world.


RESOLVING KARMA & TYING UP LOOSE ENDS is also important during this time.  If you find yourself unable to leave a difficult situation at the moment, it is likely that you still have some kind of karma to resolve there.  Ask yourself what it is you still need to learn or do here in order to achieve greater spiritual balance or harmony, then focus on that for a little while.


FORGIVINESS is also an important theme during most Uranus retrograde periods.  As in, forgiveness of yourself, and others.  Holding grudges and carrying bitterness about the past is like moving through life with a boulder tied around your neck—it is a burden that only weighs you down and wears you out.  So let it go, and forgive!  Forgiveness will FREE YOU to go on to make the major changes in the future that you desire. 


You may also experience some interesting chance-encounters & serendipities during this retrograde, especially during the first month that Uranus is in retrograde.  New and interesting people may come into your life during this time, and you may feel a strong spiritual connection with some of these new people.  Furthermore, a new spiritual teacher or mentor may unexpectedly enter your life during this time, or you may get turned on to a new spiritual teaching or philosophy that changes your life for the better.   


In any case, new relationships that are formed during the time that Uranus is in retrograde may only be temporary.  Uranus has a bit of a volatile, unpredictable energy, and new relationships that arise during one of its significant transits may also be volatile and transient.   So be sure to give yourself TIME to see how any new relationships that arise now will unfold over the long-term.  It’s best to not get overly-invested in these new connections until AFTER the retrograde has ended.


The same goes for new inspirations, passions and ideas that arise during Uranus retrograde.  You may start on a new path or work on a new project during this time that feels exciting and life-changing.  And it may indeed change your life for the better.  However, it doesn’t mean that this new project, relationship, home or path that you have taken on right now will be forever.  Again, you have to give it TIME, before you will know how things are going to unfold with this new purpose or passion in the long-term.


Finally, during Uranus retrograde, you may also find yourself re-engaging and RE-connecting back with old friends during this time.  You may renew your connections with causes, groups or communities that you have been out of touch with for awhile. 


Sometimes it’s nice to revisit past connections, especially if these connections & relationships represent shared values and shared history to you.  This re-connection may only be for a brief time and may end once Uranus goes back direct again.  Then again, if it is something that really feeds you on your quest for growth, perhaps the renewed connection will stay with you past the time of this retrograde. 

8:21 pm cdt 

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