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Friday, October 22, 2021

Reminder-New Moon in Libra means time to set intentions for next 6 months


Annual New Moon

in Libra Cycle

Means Time to Set

Goals & Intentions

for Next 6 Months Ahead


By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia




In addition to the recent full moon in Aries, and Mercury having just gone direct, we are also still in the Libra New Moon cycle up until November 4th.  This is one of the most important new moon cycles of the entire astrological year, as it occurs close to the Fall Equinox, which amplifies & extends the effects of any goals or intentions that are set during this New Moon cycle.  


This Libra new moon cycle ahead is definitely a time for moving and shaking and making major decisions in one or more areas of your life.  In fact, now would be a good time for planting seeds & setting intentions for what it is you would like to see come to fruition in your life for the NEXT 6 MONTHS AHEAD, between now & Mid-march 2022.


   Let me emphasize again here that the combined vibrations of the Libra new moon cycle, Aries full moon cycle, and recently passed Equinox are adding MUCH more energy & weight to any seeds you choose to plant right now or any new beginnings you choose to plan for or undertake. 


To enjoy this (temporary) extra dose of Universal support, you can set your goals & intentions for progress & growth in ANY realms of areas of life that you would like.  However, you will enjoy even MORE assistance from the

Universe at this time when you lean into the energies of Libra and choose to focus on one or more areas of life associated with Libra….


Libra is primarily associated with RELATIONSHIPS of all kind, including personal, professional and business-related relationships.  Through its connection with its opposite sign Aries, Libra is also connected with balancing all other kinds of relationships with the need to have a good & healthy relationship with the SELF.


(For Libra is the sign of questing & seeking for balance and harmony in all areas of life, but especially in regards to RELATIONSHIPS.)


    To best align with these powerful energies over the course of the next 6 months, think about how you can be more giving & sharing with others, while also developing a deeper sense of being in connection with your

truest self. 


   This last part is very important—for if you are only giving to others in ways that make you feel dis-connected from your true self, it is not giving, but is instead a form of slavery and self-immolation.


     Libra is associated with the balancing, weighing and reviewing of past actions and karma. Libra is not the balanced sign, but rather, it is the sign of BALANCING and RE-BALANCING.  


With Libra, there is a tendency to swing from one extreme to the others (like the old-fashioned balancing scales).  Yet the karmic mission of Libra is to continually seek for and discover (and re-discover) the most perfect sense of balance & integration that it can inlife.


During this annual time of New Moon in Libra cycle, we all have an opportunity to review our lives and seek for a greater sense of balance and integration.  Now is the time to set your goals and intentions for the next 6 months ahead, with a clear eye as to how you will feed & improve relationships, as well as achieve greater balance in the professional, career, and other realms of life. 

12:34 pm cdt 

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