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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Moon Gemini Solar Eclipse (June 10 2021)




By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

Last Updated & Revised:  June 22nd 2021





Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, hello there and welcome to the new cycle of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini!

     This new moon was exact on Thursday June 10th at 5:53 am Central USA daylight time.   The new moon usually triggers the time of new beginnings & rebirth for the month.  But this wasn’t just any ordinary new moon, for this one was a solar eclipse too.  You might feel as if you are re-emerging and breaking through inertia & stagnation, just as you usually would with ANY new moon.  However, the presence of the solar eclipse here is also simultaneously bringing up unresolved issues and past situations (aka KARMA) to be healed & released. 


   Usually, the new moon kicks off a one-month cycle focused on new beginnings & growth in the sign that it is in.  However, a SOLAR ECLIPSE new moon usually has a cycle of about SIX MONTHS, because its influence extends all the way until the NEXT solar eclipse.  (Which in this case, will be on December 4th.) 


  That being said, you usually feel the energy & effects of a solar eclipse most strongly for about two weeks before and up to 4-6 weeks after.  So that means that although this cycle is in effect all the way up until around December, you will likely respond most strongly to these energies from now up until July 8th-July 22nd.

    Are you wondering what signs will be most STRONGLY affected by this current eclipse cycle?  Since this solar eclipse was at 19 degrees Gemini, you might feel it quite powerfully if you have natal points or planets in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.  (Especially if these birth planets are in the range of 15-23 degrees of any of those signs.) 

 Also, if you have birth points at 17-21 degrees in ANY sign, you will probably experience some kind of surge of energy from this shift during the next few weeks.





Gemini is connected to COMMUNICATION, LEARNING, & THE MIND.  Most likely, this eclipse will activate situations & karma that somehow revolve around these themes.  For example, how can you better communicate with & interact with the people (and creatures & plants) in your environment?  Do you need to learn to speak (or communicate) differently in order to be better understood? 


Perhaps the issue is simply learning to speak up when needed.  Then again, maybe more LISTENING is needed.  Gemini is more commonly known as a talker, but it can just as easily become a receptive mirror of listening for others.


Communication can go so much deeper than words that are spoken or written.  For example, what kind of VIBES do you get when you are talking with a certain person or listening to them speak?  What kind of ENERGY do you sense when you read a social media post or listen to a certain video or podcast?


Also, when you are TRIGGERED by what someone says or writes, what does that say about YOUR internal mental state or beliefs? 


Now is a good time for tuning into your inner self and evaluating your inner beliefs and self-talk.  What kind of inner dialogue is playing in the background of your life?  And is this inner dialogue kind, compassionate, and loving?  Or at least, helpful & empowering?  Or is your inner dialogue harming yourself or others?  Perhaps it’s time to make a CHANGE in your inner dialogue and self-talk.


It’s also time to go deeper in looking at your mental patterns.  A mental pattern is more than just an inner belief or idea.  This is a belief that has internalized so deeply that you REPEAT it over and over again.  Your mental patterns are part of your BASELINE for how you react or respond to the world.  This is why it is sometime said that your thoughts create your reality.  It’s not so much every random thought you think that shapes your reality, but rather, your deepest ingrained MENTAL PATTERNS are usually what drives your behavior, thus affecting the quality and outcome of your life.   


Are your mental patterns serving you in a positive way?  And are these mental patterns of your own choosing, OR are they something that has arisen in you subconsciously because of past trauma?   It may be time to do some work with understanding WHERE your mental patterns came from, and how they were formed.  Perhaps it is also time to work on creating NEW mental patterns & habits that serve you better.



 Gemini might be considered a light & airy sign, but it also has a practical and pragmatic side too.  In fact, the ruling planet of Gemini (Mercury) is said to have powerful influence over business & commerce of all kinds.  So you might find yourself looking for ways to get more organized or efficient in your business, household or work around the time of this eclipse. 


In particular, you might seek out information or classes relating to scheduling, organization, or communication.  You may also find that it is time to start dealing with important paperwork, legal documents or even returns that you had previously been putting off doing.   Writing is also ruled by Gemini, so you may feel the need to pick back up with (or start) journaling or blogging between now and December.


Gemini is also pretty tech and appliance orientated too.  Gemini loves its gadgets!  So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to upgrade tech equipment, appliances or even vehicles in the next month or two.  But be careful that the tech doesn’t become too much of a distraction, as having the tech (or gadget) to do something is NOT the same as actually getting something done.


Speaking of distractions….Gemini can be one of the most easily scattered & distracted signs of all. After all, it’s the first of the Air signs.  Gemini is great at bringing in that first blast of fresh air with new ideas & new perspectives.  However, it’s easy to scatter one’s energies when under the influence of Gemini.  So stay mindful & aware of what your priorities are.




Keep in mind that all eclipses are similar to retrogrades, in that eclipses activate and stir up karma, and bring lingering past issues to the forefront.  So you may find yourself going back over old ground around the time of this eclipse. 


This doesn’t necessarily have to be unpleasant, as sometimes a walk down memory lane can be just what you need to stimulate NEW ideas and fresh perspectives.  Then again, if painful aspects of your past are being re-activated by this eclipse, well, it will be painful at times.   Whatever your experience is, the important thing is to not resist the feelings or experiences that come up, but instead to open yourself to what is happening and embrace the lesson.


What happens for you personally around this CURRENT solar eclipse in Gemini may also be connected to ANOTHER eclipse cycle that happened about 6 months ago, back on November 30th 2020.  That was when we had the full moon LUNAR eclipse in Gemini.  A lunar eclipse is quite a bit different than a solar eclipse, yet there is still a sense that these two moments in time are both connected through the eclipse quality.  


Think about what was happening in your life around the end of 2020 (or what you were hoping to accomplish then), as this might give you clues to where you can experience a new beginning and rebirth now.


Cosmic Love & Bright Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia) 


2:39 pm cdt 

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