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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio-Rise & Thrive

Cosmic Forecast for April 26th to May 11th 2021

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

(Written on 04-26-2021) 


    Hello there, dear fellow Cosmic Travelers!  This month's full moon was exact at 10:32 pm Central time on Mon 04-26-2021.  The degree of this full moon is 7 degrees Scorpio, which means it will activate any natal points or planets in your chart that you have around the 7 degree mark, in ANY sign. 

   You will especially experience an energy activation from this full moon if you have birth planets or points at or around 7 degrees Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio.  This lunar shift could be quite expansive and uplifting for you, but it may also leave you feeling more sensitive, moody, emotional, or vulnerable than usually.  You may also find yourself feeling a bit grouchier or crabbier than usual too!

    The influence of this Scorpio full moon will remain strong between now and the next NEW moon on May 11th. Scorpio is a sign of DEEP TRANSFORMATION, often associated with death and rebirth. It is also a sign of CLEANSING & LETTING GO, especially on the EMOTIONAL level, but also on the physical & mental levels as well.

This is a time to RISE UP and shed old skins. The Universe is calling you to let go of that which no longer serves you, it is asking you to releasing any grudges or heavy emotional energy, so that you may SOAR above the dramas and transcend the limitations of your past.

The pull of karma may be very strong at this time, and lingering or unresolved issues may rise to the surface. The willpower & deep insight of Scorpio can work to help you change & transform your fate. If only you are willing to do the deep work of emotional release, forgiveness, letting go and spiritual transformation.

The opposite sign of Scorpio, Taurus, is also being activated right now (via the sun), and so there may be tender feelings & concerns coming up around the issues of self-worth, finances, values, work, relationships, and feeling grounded or secure.   ALL full moons to tend to agitate and stir things up. This one may have you particularly stirred up and activated regarding your value and place in the world.

Keep in mind too that in its lower vibration, Scorpio can be a paranoid, suspicious, jealous or mistrustful sign that blames others for its problems and projects its own fears or flaws onto others. Not that all Scorpios are like this--in fact, many are exactly the opposite! But there can be these tendencies in the LOWER vibration of Scorpio.

Regardless of your sign, be mindful and aware of the possibility of taking on these tendencies right now. If you can, avoid fixating on how you feel others have "wronged" you or your loved ones, and instead concentrate on elevating your mind and RISING UP to a better life for yourself.

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2:13 pm cdt 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

New Moon in Aries-Something Stirs Within You

Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, we are about to have the annual New Moon in Aries, a time of bold & fiery new beginnings. I've written/channeled a short poem for you, in order to help activate the Aries energies of renewal and rebirth within you.  As you read the poem below, softly say the words to yourself out loud, and allow the energies of Aries to activate and stir to life deep within your inner self.  Happy New Moon in Aries, Happy Spiritual & Emotional Rebirth!

 Love & Blessings,

Psychic Cynthia

(Poem Follows Below)


New Moon in Aries-

A Time of Quickening & Renewal

 by Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

completed 04-10-2021


Something rumbles,

Something moves,

Something stirs


the Seed

(within you)

Cloaked in dark,

Soaked & marinated

in the Earth

The Sprout emerges

New life bursts forth

Tender, vulnerable

at first….


And yet


Full of hope

Full of promise

New beginnings

Pulsing with vitality,


An inner warmth


Ready to begin


Ready to conquer

The inertia of fear


Guided by courage

Guided by passion


The will to live

is strong….


The will to THRIVE

to carry on

to take action


the will to learn,

to create,

to experience,


The will to


and GROW. 


10:34 am cdt 

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