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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spring Altar Re-Do: Bring in New Energies & New Blessings

Bring in New Energies & New Blessings

with a Spring Altar Re-Do 

By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

March 28th 2021 





    The Spring Equinox is only a week behind us, and already there are signs of new life sprouting up everywhere.  Nature is changing, re-arranging, and re-awakening from her winter time slumber.  Each spring, Nature also brings her cleansing rains to help wash away the hardships & debris of winter, and open up pathways for new growth.  We humans are creatures of nature, and so we too often experience the need for some kind of special cleansing or re-activation in early spring.

     One of the spiritual-psychic cleansing related practices that I like to do around the Spring Equinox is to completely re-set my home altar with a new spring theme. 

     If you have an altar in your house, then you probably already know that when your altar is in good condition and in harmony with the current energies, then your overall quality of life is likely to be higher and flowing well.  On the other hand, if you leave the objects on your altar to sit too long without touching or moving them, or if let your altar get dirty or dusty, then most likely you will start to feel greater stagnation internally, and also experience more challenges & set-backs in your daily life.


    This is an example of an application of the ancient wisdom teaching, “As above, so below.”  The condition and state of your spiritual home altar reflects and influences the condition and state of your overall life, and vice versa.  This is why it is more difficult to be focused & clear on your path when your home altar is in a state of disarray.  Conversely, when you are experiencing chaos & distress internally, you are more likely to neglect the care of your home altar, and also the care of your home in general.

       Whenever you feel stuck, frustrated or limited in a specific area of life (or even frustrated with life in general), sometimes you can open up the energy in that area just by tweaking something small on your altar or cleaning it up.   

    Doing an altar tune-up like this can make a HUGE difference in your emotional state, as well as positively impacting the overall energetics of your life situation.  This is why I usually tweak & adjust my altar at least once a month, and do a big change out around most of the major seasonal holy days.


     Even if you are not feeling particularly stuck or down at the moment, it is a good idea to refresh and change out your home altar at least once every season.  When you do this, this helps you to synch up your own internal energies with the energies of the new season. This is especially true in the early Spring, when the rhythms of Nature move into a cleansing and release cycle, which opens the pathway for rebirth.  You can better align with the spiritual energies of this season by making a clean sweep and fresh start in various areas of life, including with your home altar.

     I myself recently spent a couple of hours on the evening of the spring equinox stripping everything off my altar and then re-building it completely to reflect this time of SPRING RENEWAL that we are now in.  

      As soon as I had completed the work of creating my new spring altar, I noticed immediately that the energies in my house felt lighter & brighter.  As I kneeled before my new spring altar set-up and consecrated it with prayer, I could feel chunks of heavy winter energy dis-lodging from my aura and gently dissolving into the light of the candles on the altar.  I also experienced a renewed sense of optimism and courage flowing through me.  Suddenly, so much more seemed possible in life.  The shift I felt truly was immediate & amazing!

      You too can experience a powerful shift and renewal in your life this spring, by taking the time to update and clean your home altar soon.

5:07 pm cdt 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

New Moon and Your Monthly Rebirth

New Moon & Your Time of


 By Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion

March 13, 2021

(Written on the day of the PISCES NEW MOON,

an appropriate day for reflecting on

the spiritual cycles of the moon)




Dear Cosmic & Psychic Friends, Happy New Moon!  This ushers in the beginning of a new month-long cycle of rebirth & renewal for us all. 

     The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle each month, for this is the time when the moon reaches its lowest energies and then aligns with the sun and earth, and is reborn.  We too experience a time of rebirth around the new moon each month.   And with each passing day, as the moon re-gains its visible radiance & light, we will also regain a greater sense of energy, momentum, and productivity.  


   From the new moon forward to the full moon (and for even a few days after that), things will really begin re-energizing & picking back up again!


   And yet, the lunar energies are at the LOWEST at the time of the New Moon, which means that you may require additional rest and sleep around the time of the New Moon.  This need to have additional rest may continue for even a few days AFTER the New Moon, up until the time that the visible moon re-appears again in the sky as the crescent….


   At the exact time of the new moon, the light is veiled from us here on earth, and we see only shadows and darkness where we will see moonlight later in the month.  It takes a few days after the new moon for the moon’s light to re-appear in the form of the crescent moon.  (Indeed, in some places in the world, they call the time of the new moon “the dark of the moon”, and what they call the new moon is the crescent when it first appears.)


  This can give us deeper insight into the workings of this cycle.  The exact day of the new moon may not actually be the best time for beginning new projects or trying to tackle something major, for the moon’s light is still invisible for a few more days yet at this time….

   The time of the new moon (including a few days afterwards) is a good time for accomplishing SMALL steps towards a goal, tying up loose ends, and putting the finishing touches on laying the foundation for your next major move. 

   On the other hand, if needed, this can also be a good time for just continuing to lay-low for the next few days, relaxing and getting rested up in preparation for the busy weeks of productivity that will begin here again shortly.



In particular, the New Moon is considered a powerful & effective time for setting goals & intentions for the next 3-4 weeks ahead. 

   This is a time for reflection and clarification of your deepest goals or desires for the month ahead.   If you can, take a moment to pause & reflect on what it is you would like to accomplish over the next 3-4 weeks.  Then write down a goal, intention, or affirmation that clearly encapsulates the energy of what it is you would like to achieve.  

     When creating your moon intentions or affirmations, it helps if you stay focused on just 1 or 2 objectives for each New Moon cycle.  After all, we are talking about a cycle that is only about 29 days long.

   In addition to getting clearer on your goals & objectives, the day of the new moon (up until 2-3 days afterwards) is also a good time to continue focusing on CLEANSING & PREPARATION for the time of increased productivity coming in the weeks ahead.  This is an excellent time for getting organized and tying up loose ends, while you await the return of energy & light that comes with the crescent moon in a few days.

    Then when the lunar light returns again in a few days, you will be organized & prepared and ready to kick into high gear again. Happy Rebirth & Renewal!     

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