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Friday, April 18, 2014

April 2014 A Most Beautiful & Intense Time


(PART 1....See Previous Posts for Part 2 & 3) 


Dear Friends, Yes, the energies are intense right now! And YES this is a time of tremendous shift and on *opportunity* for you personally to change & transform your life in a most positive way!

           I've written briefly before about the changes that are happening this month in some of my recent newsletters. I've also covered these changes in great detail for you in my latest book, Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2014 (for a limited time, you can pick up a copy at Watermark Books in Wichita, or order through my website at

The ENTIRE month of April is an energetic fire-storm!

(AKA: Don't believe the “hoopla” that says it is only certain days!)

       I've seen many e-mails going around that only list this date and that date as being significant in April. Those e-mails are just plain *wrong*, or at least, misleading and lacking in a full understanding of how astrological energies operate. 

       I know that this is a very BOLD statement to make, and I wouldn't be making it unless I felt it were necessary and helpful AND unless I felt 100% qualified enough to make such a bold analysis.

          Those of you who know me well know that I *am* fully qualified to make that statement. But in case you are “new” to my circle of readers & clients, I would like to share with you that in addition to being a psychic-medium and trance-channeler, I have also studied and practiced astrology since 1987. I've counseled people professionally with astrology since 1994, and written online about astrology since 2003. Not to mention, I have also written a full-length book EVERY year for the past THREE YEARS specifically on cosmic energy shifts (that would be “Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac” for years 2012, 2013, and 2014). 

            I believe it is safe to say that I have learned a thing or two about astrological phenomenon & cosmic energy shifts during all of this. I also think it is safe to say that I know when there is BS info being circulated on-line about astrological energy shifts, and I am certainly going to be sure to inform YOU, my newsletter reader, about this kind of BS (“belief-system” astrology) when I see it.

Why this ENTIRE MONTH is energetically charged


          Even though there are specific dates this month of when specific phenomenon are more “precise” (such as April 14th, April 15th, April 20th and April 29th), the actual ENERGIES that are associated with the physical, celestial phenomenon of these major shifts are in operation & effect for a much larger window of time than the actual moment of the physical phenomenon. 

            In astro-speak, this usually has to do with “orbs” (the gradual build-up and separation of energies). It can also have to do simply with the lengths of different energy cycles that are initiated by certain phenomenon. For example, BOTH of the eclipses that are occurring this month will set off a new 6 MONTH long cycle of change, growth and healing for all of us collectively, as well as for each of us individually in our own unique, personal ways/

           So the energetic effect of the full moon lunar eclipse that you have been hearing about that takes place Monday night (although technically on Tuesday, April 15th because it occurs in the middle of the night) is ALREADY in effect and will continue to be in very strong effect for many days afterwords....basically all the way through the end of the month, or at least until the SOLAR Eclipse on April 29th, since these two events are connected by a lunar energetic “thread”. (Also, as I mentioned above, energetically speaking, eclipses are known to trigger & set off new 6 MONTH cycles of energy, in some cases, up to a year long cycle.)

           That means that the lunar eclipse that happened/happens on April 15th is setting off a whole new 6 MONTH cycle for you in your life, and is in effect for MUCH longer than just that single day. Furthermore, the eclipse that happens on April 29th is actually setting off another, different new 6 month cycle that runs concurrently with the cycle that was set off on April 15th. Of course, you will be feeling the effects of these two eclipses most strongly during the months of April of May (when the energies are still “new” and just beginning to come into your awareness). However, they are actually in effect for much longer than that, and certainly in effect for much longer than just a day or two.

             And just what are these new cycles about? Let me start by saying that you are more likely to notice the changes with these new cycles if you have anything in your astrology chart in the signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, especially if you have your natal sun, moon, or other important stuff in Aries, Libra, or Taurus.

             It actually depends on your own unique birth chart exactly how these energies will manifest, but for certain you can be sure that the April 15th eclipse is leading you to learn when it is appropriate to be more independent, self-starting, and autonomous in life versus when it is more appropriate to concentrate on diplomacy, cooperation, and working in partnership with others. 

            In one area of life or another, you are needing to learn to be MORE independent and self-sufficient. In another area of life, this cycle will challenge you to learn to be the direct opposite and begin to be more diplomatic, cooperative, and sensitive to other people's needs and wishes. In fact, regardless of what signs are strongest in chart, you are likely to experience some tension right now between balancing what YOU want with the needs, opinions, and desires of others.

           In regards to the April 29th eclipse, this is a call to get more GROUNDED in your life, and to look at how you can use your gifts, talents, and elbow-grease over the next 6 months to increase your income, perfect your talents, and create something beautiful, stable, and secure in your life.

          In addition to these powerful eclipses in April, we also have two Cardinal Grand Crosses (an amazingly powerful duo!) and 3 major planets in retrograde. Therefore, if you've been feeling a little bit “wild and crazy” lately (or even slightly overwhelmed by the energies), then you've got good reason to be feeling that way! On the bright side, it is a very exciting and dynamic time, and if you approach all of these transits with the right awareness & positive consciousness, you CAN channel this energy into doing something amazing & uplifting!

          For more info about how to constructively work with these energies, I recommend picking up a copy of the 2014 Cosmic Almanac while it is still available (click on "Cosmic Almanac" on the navigation bar).

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