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BLOG: April 2014 Magical Grand Cross

Cynthia shares her perspective on the momentous energies of April 2014, including the Magical Grand Cross and the 3 major retrogrades active at this time.  Note:  This is a 3 part article series. Parts 2 & 3 are located on this page.  Part 1 of the article is located in the archives of Cynthia's "Psychic Blog".  To read Part 1, click on "Psychic Blog" on the navigation bar on this site, and then go to the listing for the blog on 04/18/2014.


For Part 1 regarding eclipses, see Blog entry for 04/18/2014 on Cythia's "Psychic Blog" on this Site (accessible from navigation bar)


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion www.cynthiakillion.com  April 14, 2014

In addition to this month's eclipses, you've probably also been hearing about the magical “Cardinal Grand Cross” this month on April 20th (2014) between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The Grand Cross happening on April 20th is actually the SECOND Grand Cross happening this month. Right now, as I speak and am writing this for you, we are *currently* in the midst of the FIRST grand cross, which began forming on Monday, April 14th and continues through Wednesday, April 16th.

         This is more of a “time lapse” Grand Cross involving Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, and is no less powerful than the Grand Cross happening on the 20th....in fact, it might even be MORE powerful, as it is over-lapping with the April 15th full moon lunar eclipse!

           Judging by the headlines in the news the last couple of days (including today), this Cardinal Cross build-up to the lunar eclipse has definitely triggered some instability, anxiety, and craziness in some people. In particular, it has led (and is still leading) to some downright dangerous or provocative actions by those who are mentally imbalanced, narcissistic, or just tend towards the “unstable” end of the spectrum. 

           The “plus” side of all of this energetic tension is that it does flush out those people who are needing help to the surface. It will also help you see very clearly in your own life who is “flaky” and “unreliable” and who is more stable and more wise to invest your trust in. Another plus side about the energies of this first Grand Cross/Eclipse combo that we are currently in is that because it involves Mercury, it can make your communications “razor-sharp” and help you cut right through the BS to the heart of the matter.  Therefore, one positive use of this energy is to channel it into my clear and direct communications right now.

             You may feel more freer than ever to speak your own truth, and that is a good thing. Most important of all is to speak your truth to YOURSELF. 

           When we know our OWN inner truth and truly “own” that truth, we don't have to tell others our truth through our words, for they will see it in our ACTIONS. Of course, sometimes we also know that there is a need to share with others for their benefit (such as I am doing there) or because we need to “clear the air” about an issue. But before any true sharing can take place, we first have to have CLARITY within ourselves, and then we can bring that clarity into our relations with others. 

           The worst lie that you can ever tell is the lie that you tell yourself. And conversely, the most powerful truth you can ever know is the truth you experience within yourself.

           I feel that this is the essence of the current Cardinal Cross/Lunar Eclipse energies we are under, if not the essence of the energy shifts for the entire month....this idea that you have an opportunity now to cut through all the earthly the BS, the illusions, the dramas, and the confusion to see your own inner truth, to recognize it, to claim it, and to begin to actually LIVE and EMBODY this truth in your day-to-day life.

          The April 20th Grand Cross adds further momentum & energy to you recognizing, living, and speaking your truth. With BOTH of these grand crosses (which are basically active in one from or the other for the entire month), you have both challenges & blessings.


Challenges of this month's Grand Cross: You feel antsy, impatient, restless, desiring to change but not sure which direction to go. Might be tempted to act foolishly just for the sake of doing “something”. You want to REBEL “against” people and things in your life, which can be used constructively, but unfortunately you are more likely to fly off the handle now, do something “stupid” or reactive under current energy cycles. This is true NO MATTER what the signs are in your chart.

        However, if you have ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, OR CAPRICORN strong in your chart, then you are definitely MUCH more affected by this Cardinal Grand Cross and feeling MUCH more volatile or restless than usual....You just want “something” to happen or change, and you are willing to “take the bull by the horns” to make it happen. Just make sure that you are riding the right bull, though, and not just gouging yourself by taking on battles that aren't yours to fight or going down a wild goose chase path.  

        To a slightly milder extent, you will also be feeling the pressure to change or transform quite intensely right now if you have the signs of SAGITTARIUS, SCORPIO, OR AQUARIUS strong, as your ruling planet are involved in the April 20th Grand Cross . (Luckily, it's probably not quite as intense for you as those who have Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn strong....unless you are a Scorpio, which in that case, it might be pretty darn INTENSE right now, with your ruling planet Pluto in Retrograde and all).

         Blessings of this month's Grand Cross: Because you are more restless, impetuous, impatient, and itching for change, you could also be more COURAGEOUS than ever before, and it is now easier than ever for you to STEP OUT BOLDLY and begin making those changes that you know you want to make.

        Truly, nothing can stop you right now if you put your mind towards a path of action or desired focus and get going doing the required steps. You might encounter obstacles or naysayers right now, but if its something you really want, and if your plan is well-though out and based in reality (and not just “la-la land”) then this is an EXCELLENT time to make your move.

        As mentioned before, one of the main blessings of these Grand Cross energies is that you are being given a chance to discover & more fully LIVE your truth. This means not kidding yourself anymore or lying to yourself about jobs, relationships, or habits that you are in or doing that you KNOW deep down inside are not serving your higher good or best interests. It's a GREAT time to clean up your act, get straight with yourself, and start doing what you know you need to be doing to improve your life & live your purpose. 

        However, if you just want to keep lying to yourself about bad habits, destructive relationships or aspects of your life that are no longer useful, and if you just want to stay in denial about things (and to the EXTENT that you are in denial or lying to yourself), well, it could be a really CRAPPY time for you. (I'm just saying). Luckily, there IS a solution that is readily available to put an end to the crappiness (or at least, reduce it) if you want, and that solution is to be more honest with yourself about changes that need to be made, and to get busy making them.

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Part 3 of this series: To learn more about the 3 major retrogrades happening this Spring 2014, please read the next & final article in this 3-part series below. 




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PART 3 OF April 2014:  A Most Intense & Beautiful Time!




In this month of April, we are also currently operating underneath the clouds/silver linings of the following 3 major retrogrades: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.


How This Might be a “Good” Thing: Since all 3 of these planets are sometimes considered to have a more “malefic” dimension, when they are in retrograde, we might get a temporary reprieve from their less positive or helpful energies of aggression, pessimism, control-freakness or tyranny.

That means that you (or your lover, spouse, friend, teacher, boss, or other authority figures) might be a little less “assertive”, aggressive, obsessed, or intense for a little while. With these 3 “malefic” planets in retrograde, it is possible that someone or something might just “give” a little and lay off your case for a while . Who knows? If you are the kind of person who is hard on yourself, maybe even YOU will lay off of your OWN case for a little while, and learn to just relax and let life flow (smile).



The above-mentioned scenario is the IDEAL, best and most positive possibility that can come out of these 3 planets being retrograde right now. However, with all of the other tense cosmic shifts being activated this month, and also taking into account the fact that 2 of these retrograde planets (Mars & Pluto) are involved in the powerful “Cardinal Grand Cross” that is basically in effect for the entire month, it is possible (perhaps even likely) that we won't always experience the “ideal” scenario in regards to these retrograde energies this month.

Particularly if we don't understand that a retrograde is going on and what it actually “means”, we might create problems for ourselves by not “resting” from the energies we are supposed to be resting from or laying off of, and trying to push forward in an inappropriate way.

Furthermore, I find that even when people DO understand the basic gist of a retrograde energy that is going on and what kinds of activities they need to temporarily *refrain* from in order to have more harmony & peace during that time, humans have this strange way of thinking that they are somehow “exempt” from cosmic energies, and will often choose to do exactly the opposite of the thing that they know they should be doing during a retrograde cycle! (even when they/we are fully informed) I call this “doing things the hard way”. Unfortunately, this approach seems to be quite popular with many people!


Just so you know, you actually can choose to consciously go against current Universal energy cycles (especially it relates to retrogrades) and have things turn out well sometimes. However, in order to achieve “smooth sailing” while you are flying in direct opposition to current universal energies, it has to be done with a certain subtlety and a very strong, conscious awareness. Most people come from an inner position of “hubris” or arrogance when trying to go against the retrograde cycle flow, and therefore their actions usually “backfire” and create unpleasant results for them.

It is for this reason that I usually recommend that you do NOT attempt to go against the “dos and don'ts” of specific retrograde cycles, and that you DO go ahead and rest, refrain from, or review the areas of life represented by the planet that is in retrograde at the time, rather than trying to push forward in that area.

TIPS for what to rest from & how to best proceed

With these 3 specific retrogrades currently in operation (Mars, Saturn, Pluto), here are some quick suggestions about what you should either be resting from or laying off of for a little while OR reviewing, revamping, and renewing:

MARS RETROGRADE all the way until May 19th:

Rest from pointing the finger or assigning the blame to others. Rest from being pushy, aggressive, or insisting on having your own way with others right now (if you must have your own way, then do it on your own, and don't expect others to bow to your wishes right now). Focus on cooperation, kindness and being there for others right now instead.

Also, be more AWARE of how the tendency to put the responsibility for errors off on others is more easily triggered in you right now. “Lay low” and refrain from being overly aggressive. Particularly if you are involved in a conflict or misunderstanding right now, remember that the aggressor almost ALWAYS loses when Mars is in retrograde.

Instead of trying to “get your way”, seek “win-win” solutions right now. Under the influence of Mars retrograde, you will benefit by being as cooperative, generous, and giving as possible (as long as you do not give your power away or agree to do something that goes against your sense of spiritual morality).

SATURN RETROGRADE all the way until July 20th:

Rest from worldly ambitions or trying too hard or obviously to “get ahead” career wise or financially. Not a good time to seek promotion or praise. Be humble or “low key” instead. It may be necessary to work harder for less money or material reward right now. Good time to work “behind the scenes” on career matters, getting organized, receiving new training, or otherwise getting better prepared for the time when a more fruitful period arrives once again (later this year).

You are more likely to feel tired, low-energy or overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities during the time that Saturn is in retrograde (especially if you have SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS strong in your chart). During this time, you might have to work harder than ever and for less obvious rewards. Therefore, concentrate on doing those things that bring their own reward in the doing. Also if you can, avoid taking on any new responsibilities right now, rid yourself of any extra responsibilities or commitments that you no longer wish to do, and be realistic about what you can reasonably handle & get done at this time.

Regardless of your exact birth chart, with all the intense energies at the present moment, you may find that your energy levels or lower, or that it just takes more time to get stuff done.

If there were just a few pieces of advice that I could give you about this shift, here is what they are/would be:

While Saturn is in retrograde, it is important to MAKE yourself take time for fun, pleasure, and spiritual renewal, or otherwise you will burn-out quickly between now & July.

Saturn is actually a very spiritual planet. When it goes retrograde, you might feel a bit as if you have lost your spiritual connection, or like you have to spend so much time taking care of responsibilities or working to pay the bills that you don't have time to meditate, pray, go to church, attend classes or retreats, or even take a walk. But you mustn't let yourself become spiritually deprived during this time, or the rest of your life (including your productivity & income) will suffer too!

PLUTO RETROGRADE all the way until September 22nd:

Give yourself a rest from obsessions, powerful passions or compulsions, and the tendency to be overly “intense”, focused, or driving. Also, take a break from concentrating on psycho-analyzing yourself or others, or trying to re-make everyone area of your life (or other people's lives, for that matter). Give the control-freakness a break for a little while too, and go easy on any obsessive-compulsive style tendencies you have.

It's best to focus on INNER transformation when Pluto is in retrograde, rather than trying to force changes on the outside world (this is especially true in regards to relationships or finances. You can't count on other people's emotional or financial support as much right now (especially with Saturn also in retrograde until May 19th) and you will probably have to learn to rely on yourself to take care of you and also go WITHIN to find the emotional resources you need. You might encounter people with unscrupulous or negative motivations during this time. If so, take the “high road” rather than stooping down to their level.


With all this retrograde energy afoot, now is a good time for working behind the scenes, getting extra rest, and slowing down and taking time to nurture yourself and really thinking things through BEFORE you act.

In general, retrograde periods are a good time for RE-GROUPING and RE-CENTERING. With both Mars & Saturn retrograde this month (one the planet of Action & Motivation, the other the planet of structure, responsibility, career, and worldly success), you may feel “foggy” or confused or as if you don't know which direction to go in. Or it may seem that you are doing all the “right things” but that you are not receiving the RESULTS you have expected from the actions you are taking.

If you resonate with EITHER of these feelings, then it is time to concentrate on getting re-grouped and re-structuring your life so that it can better support whatever it is you are trying to attract or manifest. You might need to RE-view & change the way you are doing things. All retrogrades carry a bit of the feminine, Yin energy....when we are under the influence of the Yin, it is always best to look around you and see how you can best adapt & respond to the situation & to the needs of those around you, rather than trying to forcefully move forward with your own agenda.



Also, remember that this too shall pass. For now, concentrate on letting your spiritual self guide your worldly actions, and rest for a little while from being so intense or obsessed with goals or making change.

This doesn't mean you can't still move forward with making some changes, it just means that it needs to be done in a more laid-back and relaxed way right now. And even more importantly, it is extremely beneficial in this current moment to concentrate on GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION for what you already have, rather than focusing on lack or letting yourself get all anxious or upset about what you do not have or wish you had.

I hope you found this helpful. And in the spirit of gratitude & appreciation, I would like to say that I appreciate YOU, dear newsletter reader!


End of 3 Part Series


P.S. To stay up-to-date with energy shifts and how they affect you, please refer to "Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac" for the current year.  If you don't have a copy, you can get more info about ordering on this website by clicking on Cosmic Almanac on the navigation bar for this site.  Blessings! 







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