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Monday, February 17, 2014

Opening Your Psychic Awareness Through Grounding


Note: This is part one in a longer series of articles designed to help you learn how to more easily live life as your true psychic self. Keep watching this blog, or subscribe to Rev. Dr. Cynthia’s on-line newsletter to stay updated when subsequent installments are released.



         Increasing the clarity & definition of your intuition and enhancing your psychic awareness is like moving from being an acorn into a grand Oak tree….you first have to grow your roots. And the deeper your roots are, the more wider and vaster your branches will spread.


In psychic terms, this means that before you can get your third eye psychic awareness working in an accurate, consistent, and reliable way, you will have to get GROUNDED. This also means that the more grounded you, the wider you will be able to open your third eye, and the more psychic data you will be able to take in and process accurately & easily.

          In other words, the more grounded you are, the more truly psychic you will be, and the easier it will be for you to handle & integrate your psychic awareness into your daily life. Grounding is definitely essential to help you live life as your psychic self!

“Grounding” is a rich and deep psychic process in and of itself. For right now, just think of “grounding” (as it relates to your spiritual & psychic development) as being present and aware in your body, and tuned into your physical environment. It also means having your physical, material, and so-called “mundane” life in reasonably well working order.

          The deeper your roots, the more vast & wide your branches can spread. The more grounded you are, the more you can open your third eye and step into a higher spiritual psychic awareness.

         To become more grounded, start by becoming aware of your own breathing. If you can, spend just a few minutes each day consciously breathing deeply, as deep and as slow as you comfortably can.

          You can also increase your sense of groundedness by becoming more aware of your body. You can do this through paying more attention to diet and exercise. You can also do this by becoming more conscious of your body through meditation & movement. Yoga, tai-chi, and even simple, plain old fashioned stretching (combined with deep breathing) are all very good for helping you to get into your body & get grounded.

         To assist yourself in getting grounded, when you are walking, practice becoming more conscious of what it feels like when your foot strikes the ground. You can also experiment with synching your breathing up with your steps.


         Another good way to get grounded is to regularly practice a “body-awareness” type meditation. Start by sitting in a comfortable chair, or laying on the floor flat on your back. Close your eyes, and breathe very deeply for a moment or two. Start to get very comfortable and relaxed.

       As you are breathing and relaxing, begin to take your awareness into the different parts of your body and your muscles one-by-one. Most people find it natural to start at the feet and work their way upward to the tiny muscles in the scalp and the head. However, you can start anywhere that you would like, as long as you move your awareness throughout your entire body.

Beginning at your feet (or wherever else you would like to start), move your awareness into that part of your body, and consciously relax it. You may also bless that part of your body and say a short prayer of “thanks” for it before moving on.

          Once you have consciously felt, relaxed, and blessed the muscles in your toes, feet, and ankles, move on to the legs…start with the lower leg first, then work your way up to the knees, then up to the thighs & quads, relaxing and blessing each muscle and part as you go along.

           Keep your breathing smooth & easy during the entire meditation. Keep moving your consciousness upward through all the different parts of your body, consciously relaxing and blessing each part as you proceed. Each time that you bring your consciousness into a new part of your body, feel that part softening, opening up, and relaxing. It might help if you visualize that you are literally breathing in & out of that part of your body.

          Once you have completed the process of consciously relaxing & blessing each part of your body, just sit with the experience for a few moments, and let yourself sink even deeper into your entire body. Then, when you are ready, gently stretch out through your arms, legs, hands, and feet, and come back to a “waking” reality, bringing back this deeper sense of what it feels like to actually “be” in your body (and not just “floating above” it like many naturally psychically sensitive & intuitive people usually do!).

        Good luck on your grounding! And remember, the more grounded you are, the wider you can open psychically, and the more accurate and insightful your intuition & psychic impressions will be.

Infinite Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

1:31 pm cst 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mercury Rx * Valentine's Day
Energies of Change *  Mercury RX *  Valentine's Day

      2014 has been quite a year already, energetically speaking.   We have Mercury in retrograde for the month of February which means that even thing is in a bit of a "stall" mode right now, or at least, it just takes longer than we expected to get things done or moving.  Unless of course, it is something that has already been "brewing" for some time....if this is the case, then that thing or area of life which has been simmering for awhile might experience sudden growth or change.

          Even with things feeling & being a bit "frozen" during this current period of Mercury retrograde (after all, it is a great time to "lay low" and rest), there is still psychically a desire for URGENT CHANGE right now, as this is the "vibe" that permates the entire year.  There is definitely a collective feeling of "unrest", and many of us find that we just CAN'T keep putting up with stuff anymore that we can't stand and that is disagreeable or insulting to our souls.

         For example,  I was talking with a friend today who has recently separated from her husband after many years of unhappy marriage.  The "straw that broke the camel's back" (so to speak) was a very intense argument that they had....afterwards my friend realized that she couldn't go on a single day dealing with this kind of emotional violence and turbulence, and they separated the very next day.

          This story is a very good illustration of the kinds of energies & psychic vibes that are "thick" in the air right now, as the energies in 2014 are prompting us to make changes to get our lives in greater harmony with our true inner selves.

          That being said, if you can, I would put off making any "major" changes until after Mercury has gone back direct and is out of storm, which is basically the first week of March.  The only exception to this "it's not a good idea to make any major changes right now" rule would be those major changes that you had *already* been thinking about making before this month, and perhaps had already begun to instigate before this month as well. 

        Even those changes will not go as smoothly right now since Mercury is retrograde all month, but at least your chances of being successful with the change are greater, since it's something you were thinking about & started before Mercury went retrograde.
        For more info on Mercury retrograde, please click on the "Mercury Retrograde Dates" page on the navigation bar for this site, and follow the links to all of the articles I have written for you to help you navigate these quirky times.

P.S.  With Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day this year, expect some misunderstandings, or some communications (or gift-giving) to not come out "right" or just not go as smoothly as you would like....if you are prepared for it, perhaps YOU can make special effort to be more understanding this year on Valentine's Day, and that will help things to go easier & smoother for you and your loved ones! 
8:59 pm cst 

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