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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Window of Grace & The Veil is Thinning


             I don’t know if you have noticed during the last two weeks or so, but the energies have been pretty “crappy” lately. Yes, I know that “crappy” is not a PHD level word, but just because I am about to get my PHD doesn’t mean that I can’t still “tell it like it is”! (lol)

           I won’t bothering going into all the details about what the energies have been like & why I called them “crappy”, because surely if you have been alive on planet Earth the last few weeks, you’ve had plenty of illuminating experiences & encounters of your own that have alerted you to the fact that cosmic energies have been pretty tense, volatile, and not at all ease-full for the last several weeks. (Not that there haven’t been some positive & uplifting moments too…there have been, but they are in short supply at the moment, cosmically speaking).

The good news is that a few days ago (I believe it was on Wednesday) I started to feel a “window” of positive energy open, and it felt as if things are beginning to shift towards a more gracious, expansive, and easy-going energy…at least, for a little while.

           As I put in one of my recent Facebook posts about this, “It is as if the Universe is bringing us a moment of GRACE to help us cope with the intense *pressure* that most of us have been dealing with lately in some form or another.”

            I do feel that this is only a brief “window” or moment-in-time of grace, the “calm before the storm” so to speak. Nonetheless it is a window that you would be wise to take advantage of…

If you can, RIDE this momentary wave of more harmonious, peaceful, and positive energy, and use it to be productive or creative in at least some way over the course of the next 5-7 days. (That’s about all we’ve got until the powerful but tense full moon lunar eclipse hits on next Friday, and then Mercury goes retrograde a couple of days after that).

By the way, this temporary “window of Grace” is easing but not “erasing” the pressures & challenges that we all have been dealing with lately. Just because we are being gifted with a more relaxed moment of Grace does not mean that all the challenges & struggles we have been dealing with lately will just suddenly “disappear”. I wish it were that easy, but it usually isn’t.

We still have to face the “issues” in our life & do OUR part to work through these issues (which by the way, is a BIG part of what “spiritual growth” is all about). The difference in times of extraordinary Grace like this is that we are being given EXTRA help to assist us in dealing with whatever we are working through or struggling to give birth to at this time in our life.

It is as if you are being given a SPIRITUAL BOON or ENERGY VITAMIN to help buffer up your aura, expand your energies, and give you a little bit more of that “get-up-and-go” and “will-to-succeed” that you need to overcome any obstacles right now, and do “the work” to grow and to give birth to whatever new thing it is you are trying to create in your life or yourself at this time.

Whatever it is YOU are personally dealing with or trying to give birth to in this present moment, please remember to UTILIZE this powerful wave of GRACE and “energy vitamins” (that we are experiencing now & over the course of the next week or so) to help you progress in your spiritual growth and make headway towards the birthing & manifesting of your most sacred dreams & goals!

(Note: For tips about how to use meditation to psychically "visioneer" and manifest your goals  & dreams, please CLICK HERE.)   

The Veil is Still Thinning, and the Spirits are Speaking!

          For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, this season of Fall is definitely the time of the year to begin turning inward and to become more contemplative, and connect with the more spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, and mystical side of your life. As they say in the “old religion” (the really old religion…smile), “The Veil is Thinning” right now.

You can now make contact with your angels & guides probably more easier than at nearly any other time of year, and communications from passed-on loved ones in spirit usually increase during this time of the year as well. (Just the other day, a neighbor shared with me how she had received a mysterious voice mail message from a mutual friend who has been passed-on for almost ten months now!)

      So keep your “eyes open” and your “ears turned up” for any messages, signs, or omens you may be receiving from the spirit world, whether these messages are from your guides, or passed-friends or loved ones. The messages can come in many ways, and often times it is much more subtle than having a vision or a knock-the-air-out-of-you psychic experience…

         Sometimes the spirits may make themselves known by simply flickering the lights or arranging for a favorite piece of music to be played on the radio. Or perhaps you encounter an image on a billboard or an item in a store that somehow has special significance for you in relationship to the spirit world or something you have asked for a message about. Almost ALWAYS the spirits are speaking to us, but it is we who do not open our ears to hear and our eyes to see.

If you wish to be in greater communion with your angels, spiritual guides, or spiritually transformed loved ones, then open your eyes, and turn up your ears, and PAY ATTENTION!

2:19 pm cdt 

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