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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cosmic Guidance for the Week of September 25th & Beyond


Be Receptive and Work Diligently and Quietly in the Background

Listen, Ask for Feedback, and Seek Guidance


  When asked what we needed to know about the current energies and how to best thrive in the next few weeks ahead, I tossed the coins and received I-Ching hexagram #2, "The Receptive". By way of something called "changing lines" or "moving lines", hexagram #54 (The Marrying Maiden or Subordination) was also involved.

What this means is that now is a time to become very sensitive and aware of your situation, and to respond accordingly with reason and good judgment. In other words, be realistic, and accept what is, while working quietly in the background to make positive change.

This is not a time to attempt to "be a hero" or "take charge". Instead, it is a time to go with the flow and work harmoniously within the constraints of your current situation (whatever that is). If you attempt to be too forceful or willful right now, it will certainly "backfire" on you. Even if you are a leader, it is best to lead with a spirit of receptivity and openness, and to take other people's perspective into account at this time.

This is a time of "toil and effort", although most of the work is being done "behind the scenes" and out of the public limelight. It is also a time of planning which requires many moments of solitude. Schedule sometime in the near future to be alone for an hour or two (or longer) to ponder your "big picture plan" and where you want to go next.

Endurance and patience are required right now. The key to success (in ANY area of life right now) is seeking wise counsel and enlisting helpers & friends to assist you. SEEK GUIDANCE, and ask others for feedback or suggestions.

Do not just try to follow your own plan blindly, or you will fail. At the very least, run any new ideas by 1 or 2 trusted & very well-grounded friends or associates. If need be, get a reading, or seek outside professional opinions, as this is no time to just "guess" at what you think the wise or right thing would be to do.

Regarding friends or helpers, the Oracle is very specific about which kinds of associates would be most helpful to you right now....

Seek help from those who live in the WEST OR THE SOUTH, whether that is in the direction of the west or the south from your current location, the west or the south part of the country, on the west or the south part of state or town, or even someone living on the west or the south part of a street (for example, my address does have the abbreviation "South" in it).

The "West" and the "South" also symbolize receiving help from friends, co-workers, and other inspired leaders and servers who are working towards common goals or ideas as you.

The Oracle is also very specific about associates or "friends" whom you should AVOID at this time, or at least not expect much help from, and this would be friends in the EAST OR THE NORTH, including people who live to the East or the North of you, people who live in the east or north part of the country, or on in the east or north part of your city or state, or even someone living on the east or north part of a street.

Of course, this is a very "literal" translation, and another way of understanding "EAST" or "NORTH" here is to understand what kinds of people these might symbolize. When looked at in this way, the I-Ching is saying not to expect much help right now from bosses, supervisors, managers and anyone else whom you have to report to, or who is in an elected or "official" leadership position (however, this does not include people who are un-official leaders).

Because of the "changing line" involved in the reading I did, the I-Ching also recommends that you keep a "low-profile" right now, and that you do not do anything out of the ordinary to call attention to yourself or bring yourself into the limelight (at least, not just yet). Coming out into the "limelight" or calling undue attention to yourself could be *dangerous* right now, because it will make you more vulnerable to attacks from those who are antagonistic to you or what you stand for & are trying to achieve.

The best course of action at this time is to LISTEN to others with a quiet sensitivity, and to be receptive and open to their ideas. Even if you do not "agree", it is wise to be agreeable at this particular moment, or at least not to broadcast your disagreement too widely or obviously. Seek guidance and feedback from those whom you admire, and follow the example of those who have success in the areas where you wish to be more successful.

Hope you enjoyed this reading!  I wish you a Happy Fall! 

If you are in need of further personalized guidance, you may wish to schedule a time to have your own personal reading with me.  There is much information about the readings that I offer for you and how to reserve one on this site.  For more info about scheduling a reading, please click HERE.  

6:24 pm cdt 

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