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Monday, July 29, 2013

Grand Sextile Event


July 29th, 2013

    Dear Friends, I have written a helpful article for you about the July 29th Grand Sextile event.  This is also called the "Star of David" alignment, and it is similar to the "Harmonic Concordance" configuration of Nov 2003.  To read the article I have written for you about this blessed event, please CLICK HERE.  Thank you!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Pressure Cooker We Have Been in (Relief is In Sight!)

JULY 11, 2013

The Energy-Pressure Cooker We Have Been In
(Relief is in Sight!)

Dear Friends, Earlier this week, I sent newsletter readers an e-mail about Monday’s new moon in Cancer and Saturn going direct, and how this might affect things in the cosmic universe (see previous blog for an excerpt from that newsletter). In that first earlier newsletter, I mentioned how this combined shift would have mostly a positive affect, especially in the long-term, but the short-term effects could be slightly challenging.

Since sending out that previous post a few days ago, I have noticed that as this week has progressed, it has seemed to become increasingly challenging for many people to handle the demands that are coming with this week’s recent energy shifts. These demands include challenges in relationships, finances, job responsibilities, home and family, self-esteem, emotions, or just having too much stuff to get done. This increased sense of pressure that many people are feeling right now no doubt is related to some of the recent cosmic shifts, including Saturn going direct.

The good news is that the energies should mellow and soften as the month goes on. In fact, as we approach the end of the month, many planets will be moving into a rare & extraordinary alignment of positive energy that has been named “The Grand Sextile” event by astrologers.
          On July 29th, eight of ten major heavenly bodies will align together to form what looks like a six-pointed star in the sky. This is said to be a very positive and uplifting alignment that can assist all of us in finding greater peace, ease, and grace on our paths. We just have to get through the rest of the energetic “gunk” this month before we can get there.

WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON UP UNTIL NOW (Energetically Speaking)

To summarize, between July 1st and July 4th, the Sun was positioned in an opposition to Pluto and a square to Uranus, creating a “pressure cooker” of energies that increased the likely hood of ego dramas, misunderstandings, and temper explosions. To top it off, this Sun/Pluto/Uranus t-square also re-triggered one of the most stressful alignments of the entire year, which is the Uranus/Pluto square. (This is a slower moving aspect that is basically in effect the entire year…it awakens your inner revolutionary, which can be helpful for transformation, AND it also tends to increase conflict, unrest, and dissatisfaction in life.)

Keep in mind too that Mercury was (and is) still in retrograde during that time, increasing the likelihood of more misunderstandings, conflicts, and mis-communications. That is why I counseled readers earlier this week to avoid being too overly-emotional or emotionally reactive, but instead to stay calm, cool, and collected, especially if you feel someone has done something to offend you…it is likely that things are NOT how you think they are right now, especially if you are “thinking” from a self-righteous, offended point of view (which basically means you are not thinking at all).

Also in that first week of July, there were tensions between Venus and Saturn, which tend to manifest as money stress, relationship problems, and a tendency towards gloom & doom. Of course, it’s not all bad, because these tense Venus/Saturn energies can lead us to stand up for ourselves and confront relationship and financial issues.

Basically, this is a very karmic type of transit that causes us to “face the music” and do the inner and outer work necessary to put ourselves on a more even-course financially, spiritually, and emotionally. But it is not a very warm or loving transit, and it’s easy to feel as if love (or money) are being restricted or withheld right now. Also, you might feel like you have to put up with things you do not like or shoulder additional burdens at this time in order to stay in a relationship (or job) or to please a partner.

If you’ve had to step up to the plate and deal with some “real world” relationship, career, or financial issues lately, take comfort in knowing that even though things might be tough right now, if you do what you know you truly DO need to do, then your efforts will pay off in the long run. If you have experienced these kinds of “real world” problems lately, know that as long as you are willing to meet these issues “head on” (including doing the required spiritual & material “work”), then this is going to lead to a better path in life for you. It’s just that getting there is a bitch sometime.

Keep in mind too that Saturn going direct on last Monday (July 8th) along with the new moon in cancer is a powerful combo to assist you in making progress and experiencing re-birth in career, financial, home & family, and spiritual and psychic issues. It’s just that there is usually a bit of a “reverb effect” for a few days or even a couple of weeks when Saturn goes back direct.

This reverb effect often leads temporarily to increased pressures, frustrations, and set-backs right around the time that Saturn goes direct. Discouragement, doubt, glumness and gloom also seem to increase for several days after Saturn goes direct. Of course, this is understandable, given the fact that there is also a “karmic reckoning” element to this planet’s forward motion…meaning that right around the time Saturn retrogrades, “issues” (especially emotional and karmic issues) that have been buried underneath the surface for the past several months (or even years) seem to rear up again in order to be healed, resolved, and released.

But this isn’t necessarily a “negative” thing. In fact, if something needs to be addressed in the financial, career, or personal realms, this is a good time to “cowboy” or “cowgirl” it up and do it. Most of the frustration or challenges right now come from trying to avoid doing what must be done. If you accept your fate, and take care of what you know is yours to do, you won’t suffer near as many disappointments or failures in the next couple of weeks. In fact, you might even SOAR!

Hope you found this helpful! And if you are experiencing challenges, set-backs, or just lack of motivation or enthusiasm right now, know that around the end of this month, we will all be blasted with a BURST of very positive energy through that alignment I mentioned earlier that is called “The Grand Sextile” event. Enjoy your month, and especially enjoy the blessings that come to you as a result of the beautiful and grand energies of this upcoming alignment.

Many Blessings,
Cynthia Killion

P.S. If you need more info about the on-line or in-person Spiritual Psychic Awakening classes that will soon be starting, please click on “Psychic Classes” (for in-person) or “Online Classes” on the navigation bar to the left for more info. Thank you, and Namaste!

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A Shift is In the Air (+ Spiritual Psychic Classes)

JULY 8, 2013


(+ Spiritual Psychic Classes too)

Dear Friends, I hope that you had a happy 4th of July weekend, and that your week is off to a good start. Today is the day of the new moon in Cancer, plus Saturn is turning direct. This is mostly a positive energy shift, at least in the long-term, as it will lend you an opportunity to make a new start in career matters, personal relationships, spirituality, and home and family during the next few weeks or so. If you are thinking of making a MAJOR change, the time might be just about right (although I would recommend waiting until July 20th or after if you can, as this is the day that Mercury goes back direct).

In the short-term (as in today, and the next couple of days), you might notice a slight escalation in conflict, limitations or disagreements, as people are more likely to take things personal right now, or to get easily offended or “bent out of shape” over small things. If *you* are the one finding yourself offended right now, it would be a good idea to take a step back and “cool your jets”, and wait just a day or two (or possibly even a couple of weeks) before jumping to any conclusions, as with Mercury still in retrograde, it is unlikely that you are seeing the situation clearly.

On the other hand, if you find yourself subject to someone else’s crabby tirade, it would be wise to not give it too much energy right now, and to simply meet crabbiness with love & understanding, or at least, with neutrality. If you don’t give an angry person any anger or crabbiness to fight back against, then it is likely that he or she will either calm down, or simply take her anger to someone else whom she can pick a fight with.

Mellowness is the coping strategy of this week, mellowness, and non-defensiveness. Sometimes the best thing to do is to say nothing at all, or as little as possible. Have you noticed the personal “dramas” increasing on face book in the last couple of days? Some people just cannot deal with it well when there are energy shifts. If you have to deal with one of these people, or if you are one of these people yourself (there is no shame in being sensitive to shifts), then make a more conscious effort to maintain poise & equilibrium this week as the energies do their “shift” thing.




We are about to begin another unit of Spiritual Psychic Awakening seminars & classes. This is a 5 class unit that will start on July 20th, and continue until November 16th (we meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month in Wichita, KS, from 2-5:30 pm). Our theme for this series of upcoming Spiritual Psychic classes is “Strengthening Your Psychic Core”.

For this unit, I have added an ON-LINE class option. That means that even if you can’t attend classes with us live and “in-person”, you can still receive your downloadable lessons, and join us for live interactive face book group meetings once a month (first face book meeting will be on Sunday, July 28th).

These “Strengthening Your Psychic Core” classes are appropriate for students and interested people at ALL levels of spiritual psychic experience. If you choose to join us for this series of classes, then you will be learning the inner psychic, energy-based skills that you need in order to be as clear as possible to accurately access your intuition and do psychic-medium readings. You will learn how to intuitively read and sense from your “center”, so that your psychic impressions are more clear, correct, insightful, and helpful (and not just jumbled or mixed-up).

You will also learn about how there are actually TWO energetic centers or psychic cores within you, and how one of these is to assist with psychic protection, while the other is the doorway to joy & psychic receptivity and assists you in opening your third eye.

In this series of classes, you will learn techniques to help you stay CENTERED at all times (including when you are dealing with highly charged people or relationships). You will learn how to use your sense of inner centering to protect yourself again negative psychic energies, psychic vampires, and energy drains. We will cover all of this, and much more, staring July 20th and continuing all the way into November.

If you would like to join us for the IN-PERSON classes, you have until about Friday, July 12th to register (I might be able to extend it until Monday, July 15th for newsletter readers, but if you are planning on registering that late, you might want to let me know so that I make sure to get class materials produced for you.)

If you want to join us for the ON-LINE classes, you can probably register up until July 20th, although the sooner you register, the sooner your will receive your on-line class materials.

Here are the links for registering or getting more info about this series of Spiritual Psychic Awakening classes:



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