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Grand Sextile Alignment

Written by Spiritual Psychic Rev. Cynthia Killion
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           This is a truly rare & unique cosmic and astrological event where 8 of the 10 heavenly bodies often used in astrology will align to form a beautiful six-pointed star in the heavens.  The 6-pointed star is also called "The Star of David" or "The Star of Bethlehem". 

      This is a very unique configuration indeed...it involves six sextiles, six trines, and three oppositions.  In case you don't speak the language I refer to as "astrologeuse" (smile), that means six aspects of opportunity (sextiles), six aspects of Divine blessing, harmony & ease (trines), and three aspects of confrontation, culmination, or collapse (opposition). 

        Not all of these aspects are "exact" at the same time on the day of the "Grand Sextile Event".  However, they are all close enough to "count".  This is a similar configuration as what occurred during the now legendary "Harmonic Concordance" of November 8th, 2003. 

         This combination of aspects forms two interlocking triangles in the heavens, one pointing upward, and the other pointing down.  The downward pointing triangle symbolizes divine spiritual energies raining down upon the earth plane, and the upward pointing triangle symbolizes the human soul reaching upward in the attempt to ascend earthly limitations and experience one's true potential & power through spiritual re-awakening.  You might also say that these two interlocking triangles represent the energy of what it looks like when a human being (such as yourself!) infuses her (or his) physical life with spiritual consciousness & integrity.

         Because there are SO MANY different heavenly bodies & signs involved in this alignment, these energies are likely to affect everyone, and not just people of one or two signs.  However, the major aspects that form this alignment are occurring primarily in the EARTH & WATER signs.  Thus, all who are of the following signs should receive an intense wave & backwash of energy in the next several days & even weeks & months ahead:


             These are all EARTH & WATER signs.  Do you have your sun, moon, or rising sign/ascendant in any of these signs?  If so, then you will feel the waves of this energy shift more strongly, AND you are more likely to experience profound spiritual shifts during this time.  You may also receive some kind of incredible blessing or opportunity.  On the other hand, opportunity may come in the form of a "lesson" relating to forgiveness, letting go, surrender, or learning to move with the flow.  

         However, it must be emphasized again that ALL people of ALL signs will be receiving a blast of energy as a result of this shift.  No one on planet earth is immune.  When this many heavenly bodies align in such a unique way, the doorway is opened, and a blast of cosmic energy is radiated down upon all of us living on the physical earth plane.



         The planets/heavenly bodies involved in this "Grand Sextile" alignment are in the EARTH & WATER signs.  As such, they represent the EARTH MOTHER & THE MOON GODDESS. 

        The Earth Mother brings harvest, culmination, and material blessings.  The Moon Goddess pours forth honey, fruit, milk, blessings, nurturing, and safety & security.  These Goddesses are the epitome of grace, caring, and generosity.  They are both different aspects of the Divine Feminine, or the loving Universal Mother energy.  However, both of these archetypal Goddesses also have a "dark" side....the dark side is not necessarily "evil" but is part of the Great Mystery.  For just as these energies give life & abundance, they can also take away life (or what we think is our life) and they can uproot our sense of security.

          This is the loving Mother Goddess energy of the Universe.  And every loving mother knows that sometimes you have to take something from the child that which the child wishes to continue to hold onto (even though it is time to give it up)...it really depends on the child.  We are all children of this loving Universal Mother.  Because we are Her children, she seeks to bless and heal us.  Therefore, if we insist on holding onto patterns, relationships, ideas, and ways of acting that are no longer helpful for us, she will bring situations into our life to help us be rid of that thing.

            Yes, this is a shift of GRACE and RELEASE, and it occurs by letting go of that which you have outgrown, whether you wish to or not.  And make no mistake about it, with this intense of energy, the letting go will be PERMANENT & COMPLETE.

           If we were to compare it to a romantic break-up, we would say that there would be no "let's just be friends".  That doesn't mean that the letting-go & moving-on associated with this alignment has to be difficult (that really depends on how easily you allow yourself to release).  But the "moving on" aspect of this alignment is FINAL.  You can't simultaneously "move-on" and continue to hold on to that which you are letting go of. 

        The good news is that this blast of cosmic energy which is currently raining down upon planet earth does make it easier than ever to "let go", move-on, and THRIVE.

And just WHAT kind of energy are we being blasted with?  WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT? 

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