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VISIONEERING:  A Psychic Mastermind Technique  (10/12/2013)

             I am in the process of “birthing” one of my newest dreams right now. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I am in the process of “conceiving” this dream, because the work that I am doing right now really deals more with laying the structure & “groundwork” for what will be happening starting in the next couple of months, and then going all the way through the end of 2014, and possibly beyond into the next few years.

(Do you make long-term goals for yourself and dream & envision what you want your life to be like for the next one year, three years, and five years ahead? I certainly do!)

Some people do their best goal-setting and envisioning by first writing things down on paper. Writing my goals and dreams down is certainly a very important step in manifesting many of the things that I do, as it helps me to get more clear on my original vision. However, writing things done is almost never the first step for me, and usually by the time I have written it down, I already have at least 75-90 percent of it all figured out.

              The first step for me in manifesting & creating my goals is to go through a process that I call “VISIONEERING”. You probably won’t find the word “visioneering” in any dictionary, but to me it is the word that perfectly describes this process. You can think of it as a combination of “envisioning & engineering” the future. It is a meditative process that enables communication with the higher mind, which is also what some call the “Higher Self”, “The Soul”, “Spirit”, or the “super-conscious mind”.

         A psychic friend of mine simply calls this process “daydreaming”. I like that word too, because it de-mystifies the process, and makes it accessible to anyone (since we all daydream at one time or another). However, the kind of daydreaming I am talking about here is a very specific kind of meditative visualization that is probably slightly different than the kind of daydreaming you are used to thinking of or doing.

            To give you a quick “nutshell” version of the process, I first get myself very comfortable and physically relaxed. This part is important, because if you are not relaxed during the process, you will not able to access your higher mind. I often lay down when I am doing this process, or I sit in a very comfortable chair. (However, do keep in mind that you need to be able to stay AWAKE during this process, so if you are someone who easily falls asleep when sitting still or meditating, do not lie down, but instead set in a chair or seat with a very firm back.)

           Once I have gotten myself in a relaxed “starting position”, I start to breathe very deeply, and become even more relaxed. Then I tune into Spirit and my guides, and ask them to help my with my “visioneering”, and to show me the highest possible vision that I could manifest or create in the area of life I am thinking about. I ask them to remove all of my mental blocks & limitations that might stand in the way of me seeing the full potential for creation. I also ask them to help me get my ego out of the way so that whatever comes through is truly from my soul & my own higher self, and for the best and highest good of all.

         Then I begin to “visioneer” or “daydream” while I simultaneously think about this area of my life that I want to improve, expand upon, or be more creative or lucrative in. Sometimes I start the daydream off myself by imagining that I am at a sunny beach or looking out from a beautiful castle, pyramid or temple. If I start at a place like this, I can usually discover the information I need about what I am to create by simply staring out over the horizon. Or sometimes I journey down a path where I see various elements of my new goals & dreams unfolding before me.

           Another good way to “kick-start” the visioneering process is usually for me to ask myself one or two questions, such as “What is the highest potential that could be made manifest here?” Or, “How is it that this area of my life will look when it is expressing my own highest energies and operating in harmony with my soul?”

          This question-asking procedure often works particularly well when attempting to get a clearer picture or direction about an area of life that you have become confused or discourage about.

        Once you begin to get a picture of what it is you are to create (or the direction you are to move in), you should not stop there. If you can, go back and revisit this initial “daydream” several times, infuse it with light, and work with the actual energy forms of the essence of your new dream. And yes, if you can, write down some aspects of what you are able to put into words from this experience, or even better yet, draw a picture or symbol that can help to automatically connect you to the energy of that which you are now “visioneering”.

           Happy visioneering of your new life!

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