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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Season of the Heart Chakra


by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion 

(excerpted from materials for students in the Psychic Mentorship program)





      December is a gateway month, the end that soon gives way to the new beginning.  As we are in the holiday season, we glow with the joy and light of spiritual hope that infuses this time of year.  A general vibe of festivity fills the air—there are gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers.  Even when we have no special gatherings to attend, there is a sense of collective connectedness and generosity that tends to bring people closer together than at any other time of the year—for the holidays know no stranger.


            Can you feel it?  Can you feel the cord of unconditional love connecting us all together?  As a natural born psychic person, you most likely are already filled with a sense of love for your fellow human beings.  But can you feel how the collective holiday energy STRENGTHENS and AMPLIFIES your own sense of love, generosity and compassion? 


Whatever holiday it is that you celebrate during this season of winter celebrations, know that it is truly helping to bring out the best in you—the joy, the hope, and the pure light and love.  The holiday season is the season of the heart chakra….indeed, it is easier at this time of year than any other to step into the vibration of pure, cosmic unconditional love and joy, and to just KNOW and feel at the deepest level that you are never alone, for you walk in the company of angels, masters, guides and your passed on loved ones. 


And as you step into this sense of joy & connectedness, you also step into greater clarity and INTUITION, for it is easier to see more clearly when you are connected with the positive oneness energy of the heart chakra.  Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to make contact with your angels & guides and sense your passed-on loved ones when you are filled with the light of unconditional love?  


And yet, the heart has both its lightness and heaviness. 


As your heart chakra opens during this holiday season (or at any other time), it may bring up feelings of loneliness, despair, and isolation.  In fact, instead of sensing and feeling your oneness with humanity and the Universe, there may be times during this holiday season when you feel very alone indeed.  This is normal and natural, especially for a spiritual psychic person such as yourself who feels so deeply.  For when the heart chakra opens, it doesn’t just open to the joys and positivity of life, but it also opens to release ALL human emotions and experiences, including the experience and memories of despair or feeling alone, alienated or abandoned.  


When your heart opens during this holiday season, you may also find that there is a deep GRIEF that comes flooding out.  This grief can arise at the most unexpected times, even at the times when you had just been feeling joyful and hopeful a few minutes before.  The grief can be because you are thinking about and missing someone who has passed into spirit, perhaps wishing that this person could physically be present with during the holiday season. 



Of course, as a person on the path of spiritual psychic awareness, you know that your loved ones in spirit are still here with you, and may even sense them somehow.  But still—when the heart chakra opens around the holiday season, there can be grief for what was lost in their passing.



The grief that sometimes comes pouring out of the heart during the holiday season can also relate to events of the past—

a replaying of times when you felt hurt, alone or afraid.  Often, the holidays bring forth BOTH our best memories and our worst memories.  Of course, the terms “best” and “worst” used here are purely subjective and relative, and relate to how we see things from the human viewpoint.  (For from the cosmic viewpoint, there is no better than or worse than, only experiences that give us the opportunity to learn and grow.)  


All of this can be normal and natural to experience at times of intense heart chakra opening, including during the holiday season, or at any other time in your life when your heart chakra is suddenly and dramatically open.


It is quite normal to have worries and fears, as this is part of the human experience.  However, when you are on the spiritual psychic path, it is best to not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the more unpleasant or constrictive emotional energies, for in doing so, you constrict your aura and your entire chakra system, making it more difficult to receive clear psychic impulses.  


Yes, allow yourself to feel whatever comes naturally, for this is part of the heart chakra psychic awakening path.  But YOU need to be the one to stay in charge of your feelings and energy field, not to let your feelings take charge and overwhelm you— otherwise you will lose the solid footing that you need to experience psychic clarity and higher awareness.  (By the way, this solid footing and sense of groundedness in a healthy heart chakra is the same energy you need in order to have a happy & joyous holiday season, and an excellent start to the New Year!)


It is VERY easy to lose your higher perspective and sense of connection with the spiritual psychic realm when your heart chakra is overwhelmed and channeling all kinds of unsavory energies and emotions.  In fact, since the heart chakra is a portal for oneness and connection with others, when you allow your heart chakra to flood out or get overwhelmed, it is entirely possible that some of the unpleasant emotions you bring through aren’t even your own!



For these very reasons, and also just for your overall health & well-being, it is VERY important to do what you can to strengthen, balance, cleanse and uplift the heart chakra during the holiday season, AND at any other time when you are experiencing the sensation of a heart opening. 


There are MANY ways to strengthen and uplift your heart chakra, indeed, probably as many different ways as there are people.  (Plenty of the private work that I do in readings with clients often involves helping them strenghten and balance their heart chakras!)  


One of my own personal favorite methods for strengthening the heart chakra is to use my imagination to draw pure light & color into the heart.  Any color can be used, whatever comes into your mind, although the more radiant and clear and pure the color is, the better.  It also helps to add sparkles!


  (Some people like to work with the "traditional"  heart chakra color of green or even pink when doing heart chakra meditations.  That is fine if that is what calls out to you!  However, I find that your own inner psychic will also sometimes show you OTHER colors that the heart chakra needs.) 


WATER is also very soothing and healing for the heart chakra.  I have many different kinds of magical and ceremonial cleansing baths that I do that aid in strengthening the entire chakra system, including the heart.  Although soemtimes when I don't have time for a longer cleansing baths, I just do something simple with a cleansing SHOWER by annointing myself with an essential oil or two before I get in (such as rose or lavender) and taking a few drops of flower essences (on the tongue or on the skin).  And of course, before I jump into a cleansing shower (or bath) I also do a prayer stating my intention to strengthen, heal and rebalance the heart chakra!  


Here's sommething really simple & quick you can do to help soothe and re-balance an overwhelmed heart chakra--just drink a glass of cool water.  If you would like, put in a few drops of flower essence.  (My favorites for this are my own Emergency Relief & Support formula, Lady of Roses formula, or any single essence I happen to have on hand that i really resonate with at the moment).  You can also put in a teaspoon of high quality rose water to help amplify the heart chakra soothing qualities of the water.  But even without the essences or rose water, just drinking a glass of cool water can work wonders for rebalancing and uplifting your heart chakra.  (Try it and see!) 


May you have a happy holiday season, and may you meet the new year with a strong and courageous heart!  Bright Blessings!





2:52 pm cst 

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