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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!



By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (Psychic Cynthia)

February 5th 2019







        Happy Chinese New Year of Earth Pig to You All! In Chinese astrology, Pig is a gentle, loving and hard-working creature who also loves to relax and enjoy the finer things of life. Yes, it's true that sometimes Pig can be lazy, but actually as a rule, Pig is the last one to come in from the fields for the day, so he/she can be a really hard worker.   Pig years are great for going after you want in a steady, consistent way, and working quietly behind the scenes to do what needs to be done.  

       The Earth Pig is also known as THE MONASTIC PIG.  This is the elemental version of the Pig spirit that has ALREADY gone out into the world on a great quest and achieved what she set out for.  Now, she withdraws from the rat race (so to speak) for a time of rest, recuperation, and contemplation, in preparation for the NEXT journey, quest or adventure....  

   The idea with this current year's cycle is that it is a time to ASSIMILATE and digest all the experiences & knowledge that has been gained since the Fire Pig cycle that occurred 12 years ago (2007).   You may even find yourself revisiting issues or patterns that were very active in your life at that time.  (If so, hopefully you can now see them with a more clear & higher perspective.)  


      Keep in mind too that Pig is the LAST of the animals in the 12 year cycle.  Therefore, for most of us, this will be a wonderful year for getting closure & endings.  I know for some it may sound strange & unfamiliar to hear me speak of endings as being "wonderful" (since there almost seems to be a taboo or great fear around death & endings in our modern society).  But the endings that take place in a Pig year cycle can break negative karmic ties & clear the way for new beginnings.  So for some, this will be a year of clearing out, cutting cords, letting go, and tying up loose ends. 

    However, Pig is a positive year for new beginnings in the spiritual, psychic, creative or social realms.  The more humble you are in this Earth Pig year, the mroe successful you will be.

       Pig is gentle, gracious, social, loving and kind.  In a Pig year such as the one we are now in, you will get along better by taking on some of these qualities of the Pig (even if your own Chinese animal sign is different).  This year has more of a feminine, yin quality to it.  You will meet with greater success in this year of Pig if you focus on internal or spiritual matters, rather than just chasing outer success or being obsesses with worldly results.  Even when dealing with worldly matters & achievements in 2019, it is better to lead with your heart or your intuition, rather than your logic.  


      Pig is inherently a watery sign, so even though 2019 is an Earth element year, we can expect a strong watery energy to this year, which might lead to FLOODS or HURRICANES, both in the literal outer-world, as well as in the inner world.  People are extra-sensitive in a Pig year, for better or for worse.  Also, this combination of water & earth can sometimes create MUD, clouding matters, generating confusion, or making a situation sticky or difficult to proceed in.  But at least the Earth energy of this year will help to soak up some of the extra flood waters of Pig, so to speak.


     I myself am partial to the energy of Pig, as this is my hour sign in the Chinese zodiac. (Hour, not year--you actually have four different Chinese signs in your chart--eight if you count the elemental types too.)  Last year was a DOG year, which wasn't so bad for me personally (as I am a Tiger year sign, and they are compatible). However, Dog years aren't usually very peaceful and are often full of conflict and turmoil.  Pig is a much more peaceful energy that lends itself well to people like us who are into the spiritual psychic, artistic, creative, and more refined sides of life.   


       Many people will find peace, harmony, love and joy in this fortunate year of Pig, and some may even find greater wealth & financial abundance!   


        P.S.  Are you curious to know more about YOUR OWN personal Chinese astrology chart, and how you might PERSONALLY fare in the year ahead of Earth Pig???? Then you may be interested in having a private Chinese Astrology reading with me.

4:30 pm cst 

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