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Monday, May 4, 2015

Letting Go So That You Can Grow!

May 2015 Energies:  Letting Go So That You Can Grow! 

Dear Friends, hello there! I hope that you had a good May Day weekend, and that you enjoyed last night's full moon too.

The New Cycle of Letting Go Versus Growth

        It was a spectacular full moon in Scorpio last night (with the sun in Taurus) which for many will bring up issues in the next few weeks of balancing LETTING GO and ENDING with PLANTING NEW SEEDS FOR GROWTH, building, and accumulating new wealth (spiritual, mental, emotional, or financial wealth).   

          Scorpio has a special association with death, destruction, and purging. Some people shy away from the strong energies of Scorpio, but it is an energy that is very sacred and very much needed in ALL of our lives. Scorpio is the great PURGER that can help you remove all of the CRUD (physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental) that you have been holding onto unnecessarily and is blocking your growth. How fitting it is that while I was writing this for you, a big rig truck came and removed a GIANT dumpster full of trash that had been sitting across the street in front of a house that is being cleaned out for auction. 

           In the same way, all of us are needing to remove our own dumpster full of trash and unneeded stuff right now. Whether that unneeded stuff is in the material, spiritual, emotional or mental sense. Some people need to let go of old crap like magazines and out-dated clothing right now. Others among us may need to let go of limiting ideas and beliefs or negative or destructive feelings and attachments that we have been holding onto for way too long.


         I myself have heard from my own guides that I need to let go of the pattern called PROCRASTINATION in my life, or at least let go of procrastinating on a major project that I need to clean up and take care of. This project involves a bit of data entry (one of my least favorite tasks). I would love to hire someone to do it for me, but it is really something that I should do myself, so that in the process I will learn how to work a new program that I need to be able to use. But part of me is feeling plain *lazy* and just does not want to deal with it. Hence, the reason for me dragging my feet. So in addition to letting go of procrastination, I must also let go of a bit of the pattern called laziness (smile).


        My friend and fellow traveler, what patterns do YOU feel that you need to let go of at this time in order to move forward?

Your Spiritual Emotional Issues are Being Activated

          With this full moon in Scorpio having just occurred, you might also find yourself feeling a bit more emotionally TENDER in the weeks ahead, for Scorpio is a very EMOTIONAL sign that often brings up feelings and emotions. It is especially good for flushing out any unhealed or unresolved feelings about past situations, including karmic ones that relate to past life connections.

        Whatever your deepest, biggest emotional or spiritual issues are, they are likely to be triggered for you in the next few weeks. This might seem like some kind of punishment from the Universe or negative side effect of cosmic shifts, but in reality, it is not. This is simply a co-creative attempt between your own soul and the Universe to give you a chance to clear out some old emotional baggage and HEAL more deeply. 

          I know that I myself experienced a bit of crying release this very morning, when an old wound was just slightly re-triggered by current events. Due to my knowledge of the current energy shift, I was able to recognize this moment of emotional tenderness and vulnerability for what it truly is (an opportunity to further heal) and so I was able to BREATHE INTO the emerging pain (just as one can breathe deeply into a challenging stretch) and to release and let it all go further. Then I found myself praying for deep blessings and healing for ALL involved, and in doing so I experienced a much greater sense of peaceful release and letting go within myself.

         This kind of deep level release that I am describing for you here is NECESSARY for all of us who wish to continue growing and evolving in ANY way. Every step forward to the next level of growth or progress requires a letting go of some kind. What is it that YOU are needing to let go of in order to move forward to the next phase of your blossoming? That is the question to ask yourself in the weeks ahead, and if you listen to and act upon the answer that comes from your inner self, you will find yourself more easily moving ahead in all areas of life.

Let Go of The Baggage So That You Can Grow!

          These are the issues that will continue to be highlighted in the next few weeks ahead. Especially strong in the month of May is an energetic pull within us all to balance the desire to grow and build with the need to let go. Sometimes we do not want to let go of what we have already built or created before we have had a chance to create something new. However, a point comes in every venture or relationship where you must let go of the old so that you can more fully embrace the emerging new. Consider where that point is at in your life, and move forward by letting go, healing, releasing, forgiving, and moving on.

         With the New Moon in Taurus on the late night of Sunday, May 17th, the energetic emphasis will shift more strongly to GROWTH. That means you want to try to get as much of your healing, release, and letting go work done as possible between now and then, so that you can more fully enjoy progress and the fruits of your labor from that point onward. If you have not done the necessary cleansing and clearing by that point in the month, then things could get a whole lot harder for you toward the end of May and into June, for the stuff that you still need to release or change could pull you down in a negative way. 

          Better to let go of it NOW (before the New Moon on May 17) if it is something that you are feeling you need to release. Otherwise this baggage that you are carrying could cause some REAL problems and delays for you (especially once Mercury goes retrograde later this month on May 18). This is especially true regarding negative, limiting, or hurtful emotions and ideas that you have been hanging onto. Just LET IT GO, and you will be happier and more blessed for doing so.

Tips for Thriving During this Intense Month

of Shift and Letting Go

--Get Your Hands (or feet) Down Into the Dirt

          I myself have been busy putting in my garden, partly because I love gardening, but also partly because it helps to keep me grounded and spiritually connected during times of great purging and shift like these. I know that not everyone is into growing things or has a green thumb, but if it is something you are drawn to, I strongly encourage you to get out there right now and get your hands dirty and plant some seeds or plants into the ground. 

           Even if you do not have a big yard, you can still put together a few pots for your patio, balcony, porch or window. For me personally, I love to grow things in pots on my patio and porch, in addition to all the stuff that I grow in the yard. I'm probably in over my head with the size of garden I have this year (smile) but it does keep me busy and connected in with the fairies and the nature spirits, so I really enjoy it. If you too enjoy getting your hands down into the dirt, then you should try doing it not just as a gardening hobby, but also as a form of spiritual release and connecting.

--Move Your Body (At least a little!)

         OK, so not every one is into gardening. But everyone reading this does have a body, and that body needs to MOVE during times of intense energetic purging and releasing like these. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Energy is not a static thing and it desires to constantly move and flow. When the energies peak such as they are this month, they also build up in your physical body, and if you don't give them an outlet for release, then there could be some serious funk that happens in your life (physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually).

           So if at any point in this month ahead you feel stuck or overwhelmed (in ANY way or in ANY area of life) then just get up and take a walk if you can, move around the house, dance, lift weights, mow the lawn, mop the floors, or whatever it is you do for physical movement. But don't just sit there if you are feeling stuck! The only way to get unstuck is to move the energy, and that usually does start with some kind of physical movement or action on your part.

--Pray, Meditate and Affirm

         Remember the power of prayer and mediation during this month of shift. Prayer usually involves asking or affirming something of or to the Divine. Meditation is opening up and LISTENING to the Divine or your spirit guides and angels. Both are necessary to help keep your energies in a higher place. 

         I find that even those of us on the spiritual path tend to be unbalanced in one way or the other regarding or prayer and meditation practice. Some of us are real great at asking for and affirming for stuff (prayer) but not so good at listening to Source and our Guides and sitting in the quiet. Others on the spiritual path are excellent at sitting in meditation and just being present with their guides and Source, but they are not so good at asking for or affirming things for their own good. If you can, try to find a balance between the two, for in order to be whole, integrated spiritual beings, we need to be able to both give and receive.

             AFFIRMATIONS are a kind of prayer which I highly recommend for all people on the spiritual path. These are positive statements that you repeat over and over to yourself in order to activate your inner creative power and help yourself grow in some way or another. There are so many good books on affirmations out there that I do not feel the need to go into great detail here. (If you need a recommendation, check out some of the titles by Catherine Ponder, Louise Hay, John Randolph Price, and so many others). For those of you who have my Little Book of Prosperity Magic, there is also a chapter in there on creating and using affirmations.

          Affirmations are a very personal affair, and you should ideally create your own unique affirmation to suit your current situation and needs. That is why I recommend flipping through a few books (or even websites) of positive affirmations, so that you can get ideas to help get you started and stimulate your creativity. 

           If you can't seem to find the right and perfect affirmation for your situation, you can always try stating something like I am open and willing to ____________. Such as, I am open and willing to be abundant. This is not quite as powerful as starting your statement with I AM (as in, I am abundant and prosperous), but it does work well to get you started if you are still not yet exactly sure what your final wording of the affirmation will be.

--Seek Guidance and Get A Reading

           This time of great shift and release is also potentially a time of great growth, for there is great energy available here to help you move forward. However, in order to harness the energy and power of this time, you will need to have CLARITY regarding the direction you are moving in and what areas it will be easiest (and most likely) for you personally to experience growth right now. In other words, you need to know more about how Universal energy is flowing for you PERSONALLY and in what directions and what ways.

           Getting a personal reading can help provide you with insight and clarity regarding your own personal energy cycles. Even if you already know where you are planning to concentrate your efforts, it can be immensely useful to get guidance regarding that area of life, for knowing the right action to take and when can save you a lot of wasted time, energy, and perhaps even money.  

             If you have a friend who is competent enough with doing readings through one form or another, AND who is able to set aside their own personal feelings for a few minutes to give you an objective reading, then by all means see if you can enlist their help. Otherwise, hire a professional to do the job. Especially if you are trying to achieve something significant and important right now (be that in the area of love, money, health, re-location, career, business, education, psychic or spiritual growth, or whatever), you don't want to leave the job to amateurs, and you certainly DO want to get at least one outside opinion, for no matter how enlightened you are, there can be times in your life when it is difficult to see the forest from the trees (so to speak) in regards to your own life.

              Hope you found this guidance helpful! What an exciting month of change and shift it will be for us all! I encourage you to concentrate on letting go and releasing in the first part of this new cycle of growth (and also following some of the other tips I have suggested for you above). If you do so, your life will be SO much smoother and blessed this month, and the transition to the summer energies for you will be more gentle and peaceful. And that is my hope for you!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion



5:36 pm cdt 

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