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Monday, June 8, 2015

UPside of Mercury Retrograde

SPECIAL REPORT: The UP-side of Mercury Retrograde  

PLUS:  This summer's Retrograde Extravaganza!


Dear Friends, hello there, and spiritual psychic greetings and blessings to you! 

      In case you were wondering, YES, we are *still* in Mercury retrograde, and will continue to be at least until next Thursday (June 11th) when Mercury goes direct at 5:33 pm Central time.  But even once it goes back direct, we still have the post-retrograde storm up until Saturday, June 20th.  That means between now and June 20th is a good time to continue practice SLOWING DOWN, being more patient, trusting in Diving Timing (rather than trying to force things to happen on your own schedule) and living life according to your intuition and your HEART CHAKRA, rather than just your logic or your head.

         Have you been feeling a little bit funky, scattered, confused, or unclear lately in one or more areas of life?  Well, retrograde energy can do that to you!  (Especially MERCURY retrograde.)  Sometimes we need to learn to just sit with the uncertainty and incongruities of life and give things time and space to unfold naturally, without pushing or prodding from our human ambitions.  If there is an area of life that you are feeling particularly uncertain, unclear or vulnerable about right now, I would suggest that you give yourself permission to be in the space of not-knowing for a little while, as you probably don't have to figure it all out right now.

       One other thing that I would like to mention here is that this Mercury Retrograde cycle can also sometimes have the very pleasant CLARIFYING effect regarding matters that have been going on already for sometime.  Mercury retrograde is quite paradoxical indeed for on one hand it often increases feelings of confusion and miscommunication in current event areas of life, but on the other hand it can bring clarity and resolution to issues that you have been trying to figure out for a long time.  Some examples of this works:

       #1)  Some friends of mine have been wanting to get married for a very long time, but due to family schedules etc, the logistics of it have prevented them from doing so up until this time.  Now they are finally able to have their wedding because their loved ones from out of state are now able to travel to be here for the wedding.  This is an example of a positive RE-solution to a practical situation happening during Mercury retrograde.

       By the way, for the record, I normally do NOT recommend getting married during Mercury Rx, but this is an exceptional situation, with exceptional people who have been together for a long time and are sure of their love.  They have been wanting & planning to get married for quite some time, and now are just following through with that desire.  Also, I will be personally performing the ceremony myself, so that all the proper Mercury retrograde offerings & precautions will be observed! 

         (Still, if you get a wild hair up your aura to go & get married during Mercury retrograde, you should probably pause for a moment and wait a little while longer if you can, as most wild hair ideas we get during Mercury retrograde are just that--wild hair.)


     #2)  This is an example from my own personal life that relates to my dance & movement practice.  (For those of you who do not know, in addition to being a professional psychic, I am also a bit of a yogini and a dancer, and I *luv* to do things like zumba, ballet, flamenco, belly dance, tap or anything else that involves the combination of music & movement.  My strongest loves along this line are yoga and modern dance, equally so.)

       In any case, I've been feeling a little stale lately in what I call my "movement practice", and feeling as if I needed to introduce some new "movement vocabulary" into my practice so that I can open up new neuro-pathways in my consciousness & my movement.  Recently, I have discovered a new way of doing this, and that is by going to Hot Yoga/Flow Yoga classes.  

       Even though I have been doing yoga just about every day for nearly 20 years now, Hot Yoga is NEW to me, as prior to last week, I had never done yoga in a room that was heated like this.  However, the movements themselves were not completely new to me (very STRONG and fast yoga practice with lots of warrior poses and interconnecting plank, downward dog, upward dog poses etc--hence the term FLOW).  In fact, this was the kind of yoga practice that I actually used to do on a regular basis when I was in my twenties.  So even though I am having a breakthrough and going forward in gaining new "movement vocabulary", I am also responding to the retrograde energies (in a positive way) by going back to the roots of a stronger yoga practice similar to what I used to do when I was younger. 

        For the record, I must say that Hot Yoga is one of the MOST physically challenging things I have ever done, right up there with Ballet.  But boy, does it strengthen and open the body, not to mention, calm the mind! I am enjoying brushing up on these new/old movements and also integrating some of the movements into my dancing too (smile). 


           As you can see from reading these two examples, Mercury retrograde CAN bring clarity and breakthroughs. It CAN facilitate some positive experiences.  Yes, it does also seem to breed confusion and mis-understandings in some areas of life too.  But look on the bright side....the challenging situations you encounter during Mercury retrograde are all an opportunity to really walk your spiritual talk, and to learn to stay centered & consciously connected to the Source within, even when nothing at all seems to make sense to your rational mind! 

THE RETROGRADE EXTRAVAGANZA (happening this summer!) 

        By the way, as I discussed in the most recent Cosmic Light and Guidance teleclass (for June), we need to get USED to flowing with these retrograde energies, because even though Mercury goes back direct on June 11th (and out of storm on June 20th), there are MANY other retrogrades happening over the next couple of months.  In fact, there are so many retrogrades in the next couple of months (including the not-as-common Venus retrograde) that I have dubbed this summer the summer of the RETROGRADE EXTRAVAGANZA.       

          I'm hoping that you were able to catch the free teleclass call I did earlier this week where I talked about this retrograde extravaganza and how it will be propelling us all to face and resolve old karma and transform limiting patterns.  If you were NOT able to catch this month's Cosmic Light teleclass, then take heart.  I did record it, and as far as I know, the raw recording turned out OK (Mercury retrograde and all).  The recording must still be edited slightly for sound quality, but I will let you know as soon as it is available so you can get more info about the spiritual & practical ramifications of this Summer's energies.

          In the meantime, let me share with you one of my own personal secrets for surviving--and thriving--during Mercury retrograde (or any other particularly challenging time in life, for that matter).  When pressures and/or annoyances are high, when things get rough, or when obstacles or frustrations abound, when miscommunications are happening, stuff is breaking down, or people, animals, or plants that you love are having a hard time, getting sick, or dying; or things are just NOT going the way you would other words, when Mercury-retrograde like conditions are emerging in your life,

HOW TO THRIVE NOW (and make the best of Mercury Rx) 

          #1)  First of all, take a deep breath in, and remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Or as the ancient Chinese sages said, "No storm lasts forever".

          #2)  Then get busy nurturing & taking care of YOU in the most spiritually, emotionally, and uplifting ways possible.  Go back to the roots of your Source of spiritual inspiration, whatever that may be for you (just as I am going back to my own spiritual roots right now by re-engaging in my yoga practice in a different way).  In particular, make sure you spend EXTRA time right now giving your body some form of healthy, soothing movement AND filling your mind with positive thoughts. 

            I myself have been listening to positive affirmation CDs and/or subliminal relaxation music for at least 20 minutes a day for the last week or so, and let me tell you, it has made a HUGE difference in my ability to respond to the Mercury Rx challenges I have encountered lately!  (I actually am able to respond CALMLY and proactively most of the time, instead of getting bent out of shape and going on some kind of rant, like I see many people doing these last few weeks.)

           As I explained to the participants on last night's Cosmic Light & Guidance teleclass, the WORST thing you can do during Mercury retrograde is to let yourself get all stressed out and beat yourself up against a wall by using all of your energy trying to "make" things happen that just aren't flowing right now.  Why not just RELAX instead for a little while and let yourself get replenished?  Then when the time to act comes again, you will be refreshed and energized and ready to move (instead of all worn down).    In other words, flow WITH the mystical Tao, instead of against it.

          On that note, my friend, it is time for me to flow on to some nurturing dinner followed by some spiritually uplifting & centering evening-time gardening.  May all the blessings and positive vibes of the Universe be with you as you flow into your day, week, weekend and summer ahead!

 Many Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Psychic

8:30 pm cdt 

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