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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Rebirth and Psychic Awakening

Your Spring Rebirth and Psychic Awakening


Dear Friends, hello and happy spring! April is almost here and Easter is right around the

corner too. Here in the Northern hemisphere, we just had the Spring Equinox a little over a

week ago. Also, in just a few days (on Saturday April 4th to be exact) we will have the April

full moon. Although it may seem early in spring yet, already the spiritual psychic energies of

spring rebirth are gaining momentum, and we are now solidly in the season of growth.

Saturday Full Moon in Libra (celebrate Friday night for most power)

The full moon of April is taking place this year at 7:06 am Central daylight time on this next upcoming Saturday. It is occurring at 14 degrees Libra. This is a powerful sign & degree combo that indicates that many of us are currently working on balancing taking care of ourselves with meeting the needs of others whom we are in relationships with. Since full moons tend to bring problems and issues into the spotlight, you may find that during this week (and the week after this one too) that your main challenges are in the realm of achieving this balance between the needs of self and others.

           Also, it could be that you are being challenged to show greater patience, tolerance, and understanding to others right now. With the sun still in Aries you might really feel like taking charge and telling others what you think they should or ought to be doing. However, unless they have specifically asked for such advice from you, it is better to apply all of that take charge energy your are feeling back to yourself and improve your OWN life. Others (including your loved ones, children, partners, friends, co-workers, etc) can figure out their own way in life, and it is important that you allow them the space to do so.

          If you are in the process of setting goals or just trying to make PROGRESS with existing goals, know that due to this Libra full moon, the next couple of weeks could be a more fortunate time for you to work on improving your public relations and bringing new ideas to the public (or a partner or other interested party).

Tune Into Your Psychic Self

         This is the time of the year when many people on the spiritual psychic path feel a stirring within themselves to come out of their shell and work on further awakening their intuitive and psychic gifts. I am often asked by people what I would recommend that they do to open up their intuitive and psychic gifts. There are MANY things actually that I would recommend for this, so many that I am in the process of arranging this info into an online school so that all of you will have access to these ideas. More info will come on that later, when the first series of classes are ready for you to purchase and download (smile).

          In the meantime, let me share with you just one tip that I feel is of uptmost importance for anyone who is new to the path of awakening their own psychic gifts. Actually, this tip that I am about to share with you is also great for those who have been developing their gifts for a long time. Here it is.

RELAX about the process, and do not allow yourself to become uptight, rigid, or impatient in the unfolding of your own intuitive and psychic awareness.

           Yes, if you truly wish to make progress developing your intuitive, psychic, channeling and mediumship capacities, you do need to take your development seriously. And of course, like any other discipline, there are regular tasks that you should do to help accelerate your awakening (such as meditating daily or working with a divination tool). However, most important of all is that you stay OPEN, RELAXED, and RECEPTIVE to Spirit, as well as to your own inner spirit and your angels and guides.

          If you are constantly worrying or fretting about your psychic development and progress, or if you let your insecurities get the best of you, you will literally block your psychic flow. I cannot emphasize this enough. A person who is nervous, uptight, resistant or doubting of their own intuitive feelings is a person who is blocking their own intuitive flow. This doesn't mean that you should not take your development seriously, nor does it mean that you must accept everything you receive blindly. But it does mean that a relaxed spirit of openness and receptivity is the fundamental basis of all well-developed intuition, psychicism and mediumship.

          So whatever it is you are doing to develop your own psychic abilities or practice deepening your intuition, I do hope that you will keep in mind that an open and relaxed attitude about the process is key!


(Held by telephone, so that wherever you are, you can attend)

          I am hosting another class in my Cosmic Light and Guidance teleclass coming up this next Wednesday (April 1st ). This will be my third or fourth one this year (I have lost track). I am not sure how many of these I will be able to do this summer, as I will be VERY busy in my fairy garden as usual during the summer. However, if you have not yet gotten in on one of these complimentary teleclasses (or at the very least, listened back to one of the recordings) now is your chance!

           The theme for this April call is SPRING REBIRTH, Lighten Up and Get Rebalanced. This is a very important time to be doing this class, as we have just entered spring and now need to attune with these new seasonal energies.

           During this live teleclass on Wednesday night, I will provide you with an energy forecast about what to expect energetically and psychically in both the month and season ahead. I will also be providing you with suggestions as to how you can accelerate your own spiritual and psychic rebirth during this time of spring and what you can do to clear out the old energy to make way for the NEW. On top of all of this, I will probably do a few comp readings during the call, and hopefully bring through a channeling with the Atlantean Teachers if there is enough time.

         If you would like to join us for this live telegathering (or receive a complimentary recording of the class when it is available) you can get registered on my website at

           Well that is it for today! I hope you are having a lovely week and taking you need for you to tune into your spiritual self and connect with Source and your angels and guides. Oh, and hopefully you are enjoying some of this spring sunshine too!


6:20 pm cdt 

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