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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mercury Rx: Slow Down & Catch Your Breath

WELCOME to the Cosmic Newsletter!  (Today’s issue is called Slow Down & Catch Your Breath.)  Join me for a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer) and let’s visit about the spiritual-psychic realm.  My favorite is cranberry-orange.  What’s yours? 
      Today we’ll discuss the current Mercury retrograde (both pluses and minuses), emotional/psychic mood-swings, and quick ways to get grounded and stabilize your energy system during Mercury Rx.  Grab your cup of tea (or coffee) and let’s go! 


 DEAR FRIENDS, hello there.  Hope your week is off to a great start!  As you have probably already heard by now (especially if you follow me on Facebook), Mercury is in retrograde.  Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing all kinds of delays, mis-communications and tech problems.  It can also put strain on one’s emotional state as well.  Or perhaps I should say, it brings the emotions to the surface and tends to make us all a little bit more moody and also more likely to emotionally react (or OVER-react) to situations. 

           Some people are even more likely to become seriously depressed during Mercury retrograde.  Others see an increase in mood swings back and forth from feeling very UP and positive one minute to feeling very DOWN and pessimistic the next.  Of course, not every one experiences these emotional extremes as a result of Mercury retrograde….but those who are naturally more emotional or psychically sensitive often will notice rapid and extreme fluctuations in their emotional states during Mercury retrograde. 

          If you are sensitive in this way, it might sometimes feel like you are in an emotional “funk” during times of Mercury retrograde.  Staying GROUNDED can help you rise above the funk and keep from getting submerged in your own inner downers.

          What I mean by grounded in this instance is finding an outlet for the intense emotional and psychic energy that is surging through your system.  It can be especially helpful to get outside and sit on the ground or even to just touch a tree or a bush for a few moments.  If there are no plants nearby or no soil to sit upon, sometimes just sitting upon a cement step or porch can be grounding too.  If you are in need of emotional or psychic grounding and centering, you might also try doing a simple cleaning task such as mopping the floor or folding laundry.

          Since running water produces negative ions (which are not negative at all but are actually positive and psychically purify your aura), it can also help to take more frequent showers during the time that Mercury is in retrograde.  A brisk 10 minute walk outside will also help to get you re-grounded and restore emotional equilibrium whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by the intense emotions or psychic energy spikes of Mercury retrograde.  Eating grounding foods such as soups or casseroles made with potatoes, onions, or carrots (the ROOT vegetables) can also help stabilize your energy field and re-connect you back to the here and now during Mercury retrograde.

CHALLENGES OF MERCURY RX (stuff you need to know)

           Mercury retrograde is not at all inherently negative, and it does have some good points. However, in order to reap the gold from Mercury retrograde cycles, you do need to keep yourself properly grounded and spiritually and emotionally centered. 
            The problem comes with Mercury retrograde when your emotional or psychic energy levels spike so sharply and so rapidly that you don’t have time to adequately adjust.  Also, many of us simply don’t have proper outlets for all this extra emotional and psychic energy.  So instead of doing something constructive with all this spiritual-emotional-psychic energy (like working on a creative project or doing a reading for someone else), we blow our tops, get depressed, or make bad decisions.
            Also, remember too that as I said above, Mercury retrograde does bring repressed emotions to the surface and increases the likelihood that you will react emotionally to life’s daily situations.  This is why it is generally not a good idea to make major decisions during Mercury retrograde, and it is definitely not a good idea to sign contracts or make any binding long-term commitments right now. 

         You may think that you know all the facts and are being rational, but it is more likely that with whatever you are facing right now, the so-called facts that you know are not very reliable, and certainly are not the whole picture.  This is why it is better to be flexible, relax and go with the flow right now, rather than trying to undertake too much, or getting locked-in to a long-term agreement at the moment.

              If you DO decide to make changes during this time, understand that it is likely that the changes you make right now are only temporary, or will have to be re-done at a later date…..indicating that even if you are going to go ahead and make some major changes (or start on new projects) you shouldn’t invest too much energy into what you are doing, as it is only going to have short-term, transitional results at best (if any results at all).  This guidance applies to NEW changes and new things.  However, Mercury retrograde doesn’t necessarily have to negatively impact the outcome of things that you have been working on for awhile (see below).
GIFTS OF MERCURY RX (psychic stuff you will appreciate)

           ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, Mercury retrograde periods are EXCELLENT times for tapping into intuition, being more contemplative and meditating, receiving messages from angels and guides, and having a reading done.  Even though it may not be the best time for taking major action right now, between now and February 11th (and onward to February 19th if you include the post-retrograde storm) is one of the best times of this entire year to seek guidance from the spiritual psychic realm, for the spirits (and our own Inner Spirit) find it easier to speak to us when we get our left-brains a bit more out of the way and open to the voice of our spirit. 

                Also, Mercury retrograde favors projects or life experiences that involve following through, re-doing, reviewing, completing and getting closure….

          Sometimes you can experience great mental breakthroughs and tremendous strides forward during Mercury retrograde regarding issues or problems that you have been trying to solve for a long while.  The reason for these sudden breakthroughs probably has to do with how Mercury retrograde stimulates the intuition and the psychic senses (while temporarily turning down the intellect).  Some problems are better solved at the spiritual, creative or intuitional level, rather than trying to rationalize or analyze your way to a solution. 
             However, you cannot push these kinds of right-brain insights or solutions….they arrive in their own unique way, in their own time frame, and sometimes in the least expected ways or times.  This too is part of what Mercury retrograde is trying to impart to you….the wisdom of slowing down, getting still, and creating SPACE in your life for miracles, beauty, and surprises to happen.  These things just aren’t as likely to happen when you are always in a hurry or trying to push to get things done on your own time frame (rather than relaxing and being responsive to the time frame of the Universe).


             The best advice I can give you for thriving and being successful and happy during these next few weeks while Mercury is retrograde is to relax, be guided by your heart and/or your intuition, and to spend more time getting in tune with your spiritual-psychic self (including getting & doing readings), and LESS time obsessing about earthly-based plans or specific deadlines or schedules.  Get more REST too over the next few weeks if you can.
             Hope you found this guidance helpful!  Feel free to pass it on to someone else who might benefit from the reminder to SLOW DOWN and catch your breath while Mercury is in retrograde.

Many Blessings,
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion
, Spiritual Psychic Medium, Astrologer

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