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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Connecting with Your Loved Ones in Spirit this Holiday Season

Connecting with Your Passed-On Loved Ones This Holiday Season

~If you are thinking of your passed-on loved ones during this holiday season,

it is likely that they too are thinking of YOU and reaching out

to you with positive vibes of love & encouragement ~

         For many, the holidays are a time of remembering loved-ones who have passed on. Often there is a feeling of loss or missing our loved ones in spirit around this time of year. It is natural to wish that they could be here with us to join us in celebrating the holiday. The good news is that they CAN be here with you.

Just because your passed-on loved ones have dropped their bodies doesn’t mean that they can no longer drop in from time to time to say “hello” or to share special moments with you. In fact, in some ways, it might even be easier than before for them to join in holiday celebrations, for now that they are free spirit energy without a physical body, they aren’t bound by physical limitations or the use of physical transportation to get to you.

Also, know that the holiday season is a time of special interest to many of those in the spirit world….not necessarily because they celebrate the same holidays that we do, but because the changes that happen in our energy fields during the holiday season are quite obvious & interesting to them. For example, many of us are thinking about and concentrating on the energies of GIVING and GENEROSITY during the holiday season. When we focus on these kinds of loving, expansive energies, it opens our HEART CHAKRAS tremendously. Did you know that an open heart chakra is a powerful portal for psychic communication with your passed-on loved ones?

       To communicate with your guides, you might concentrate on opening your third eye. But to communicate with your passed-on loved ones, you must open your heart chakra, for it is here that your heart connection with the people that you love dwells. (Incidentally, that is why it is hard to communicate with our passed-on loved ones if we are in denial or have emotionally hardened hearts, for a hard heart is a closed heart.)


          This is why one of the best ways to invoke the presence of your passed-on loved ones is to do something heart-warming that helps you to remember or think of them in a special way. Often, you will feel a little nudge from that spirit urging you to do something that you & her/him used to do together while she was still alive. Or sometimes you feel the urge to do something that you associate in some way with that person. Often, it is the spirit itself that is nudging you onward to do these things, and not just your own mind thinking (even if it seems as if it is just your own idea).

        For example, this year I am baking and decorating old-fashioned holiday Christmas cookies in order to connect with the energies of my passed-on mother. I haven’t made these kinds of cookies in many years. Mostly I prefer to make chocolate-chip pecan cookies or anything else that I don’t have to roll out and cut and decorate by hand. But this year I felt the urge to do the old-fashioned decorated up sugar cookies, just like I always used to do for my mother when we had our large family gatherings while she was still alive in a physical body.

This is an activity that I distinctively associate with my mother, for more than any one, she was the one in the family who wanted these cookies (most of the rest of us preferred chocolate chip cookies). By engaging in the practice of making these cookies, I am reactivating fond memories associated with my mother. In that process, I am opening my heart chakra, and sending out a beacon of light to all positive-vibration spirits who would like to make contact, but especially my mother. And I definitely have felt her presence at times in very tangible ways while I have been working on these cookies.

Of course, every one has different activities that are associated with their passed-on loves ones. For you, baking cookies may not play into your relationship with your passed-on loved on, but no doubt you have SOME specific activity that you associate with your passed-on loved one…it could even be something as small as wearing a special piece of jewelry that once belonged to him or her, or going to a certain place that you used to visit together.

     (Hint: In regards to places, it is MUCH easier to connect with the spirit of a passed-on loved one if you go back to a place where you had fond memories together than going to his or her gravesite or place of death.)

If you are missing someone who has passed-on this holiday season, think about what kind of activities that you can do to help open your heart to a more positive memory of him or her. What can you do that will help your energy field to turn on in such a way that you become a stronger beacon for communication with the spirit world?   It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything particularly dramatic or major.  Something as simple as baking cookies can indeed invoke the presence of a passed-on loved one.

In particular, it can help to make contact with your passed-on loved one to participate in those holiday traditions that you used to share together. For example, if you used to enjoy decorating the Christmas tree together or listening to a favorite CD of holiday music, then these are things that you can continue to do that will help to strengthen your bond to your loved-one on the other side.


It also helps if you consciously invite them in to be there with you while you are doing these things, and give permission for them to join you & communicate with you. You do this telepathically simply by thinking about them, and letting them know that they are invited and that you give permission for them to join you in that activity and/or to communicate with you. Giving permission is important because it lets your passed-on loved ones know for sure that you are open to communicating with them.

This is important because your loved ones respect your free will, and they don’t want to scare you by attempting to make unwanted appearances in your life. So if you want them there and if you want them to communicate with you, don’t forget to let them know!


           Wishing you a happy holiday season, and JOY in remembering your passed-on loved ones!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

11:23 pm cst 

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