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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Venus Direct (Venus Retrograde)

VENUS DIRECT--a Return of Peace & Harmony

(but it takes a little while longer yet

for the Cosmos to sort itself back out)


Pioneer Venus


DEAR FRIENDS, Venus is now back direct (as of November 16th), paving the way for smoother & more harmonious relationships, finances, and creative expressions in the weeks & months ahead.  However, after ANY retrograde, it does take the Universe a little while to re-arrange itself back to a smoother energy state.  (As retrogrades literally ruffle the feathers of the Cosmic Bird.  Especially retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, or Mars.)  So there may still be a bit of strain on relationships, finances, and your over-all state of well-being for a little while yet. 

Still, overall, there is a lightening of the energies that increases more and more with each passing day, now that Venus has gone back direct.  And the energies will become even brighter and lighter after December 18th when Venus finally moves past its post-retrograde shadow.

This brightening of energies that is now occurring (now that Venus is back direct) has the effect of harmonizing and smoothing social relations, which in turn can assist you with improving your financial picture and moving forward with career and creative projects.  For almost all things in life flow better and easier when we relate harmoniously with others.  And of course, harmonious social relations usually begins with right relation to SELF, which hopefully is something that is also improving for you as these energies shift to a lighter & brighter space.

With each passing day, you might feel your mood lifting just a little bit more, and you could find that you are more hopeful and optimistic about your relationships, finances, or creative endeavors.  At the very least, you will likely feel a little less confrontational or defensive than you previously did.  Any insecurities you were feeling just a short time ago about your relationships, finances, talents, or creations, will soon begin to calm themselves down a bit, gradually being replaced by a more positive and warm feeling.  And this positive, warm and feel-good feeling will likely increase even more once Venus finally moves out of its post-retrograde shadow on December 18th.

Now that Venus has gone back direct, any sharp edges of criticism, resentment, and gloominess can start to smooth themselves out again.  In other words, it’s as if the inner bitch takes a chill pill and calms the heck down again! 


It’s my observation that when Venus goes retrograde, it tends to unleash the inner bitch.  (As opposed to when Mercury goes retrograde, which although annoying, is usually a bit more low-key on the emotional scale, and only unleashes the inner grump or the inner mope.)  Not that the inner bitch doesn’t have a valuable place in the cosmic design—she certainly does!  

After all, who else would stand up and let us know when we’ve allowed ourselves to get walked on by others or neglected our own dreams in the name of caretaking or love?  Who else but the inner bitch knows how to pout and scream and get our attention when we’ve given our power away and need to take it back?  Who else would remind us that we’ve been neglecting ourselves for another, and maybe just sometimes we need to take a break and care for the SELF?

These are jobs and roles that the inner bitch plays well in the cosmic design, especially when she is being activated by Venus retrograde (or the post-retrograde tremors of Venus).  She is a part that is within us all, male or female.  Even though she doesn’t have much tact and is often harsh and critical, she does do a good job of letting us know when boundaries need to be adjusted or honored more fully, or when a situation needs to be addressed in a more direct & head-on way. 

Women in particular in our society spend a lot of time just “grinning and bearing it” (whatever it might be).  Men too have things that they feel they must “grin and bear”.  But when Venus is in retrograde and unleashes the inner bitch, the shackles that hold our inner irritation and suffering in place are released, and we find that we can’t just “grin and bear it” anymore—whatever it is.

Hidden deep within the inner bitch is the Inner Goddess.  The Inner Goddess is the divine feminine part of ourselves (female or male) that exudes a powerful magnetic vibe that literally draws to her all that is her heart’s truest desire and all that YOU truly need for your soul’s journey.  We can more easily access the Inner Goddess when we listen to what the inner bitch has to tell us, and we honor her feelings by taking better care of ourselves and not waiting for others to give us “permission” or support to follow our dreams.

During this most recent Venus retrograde cycle, what was YOUR inner bitch grumbling to you about?  Where was she telling you that you need to take better care of yourself or focus more on your dreams?  Who was she telling you that you might need to stand up to or have a “boundary setting” conversation with?   Just because you listen to your inner bitch doesn’t mean you have to act like a bitch.   But listening to her and honoring what she has to say is an important part of reclaiming your power and becoming the Inner Goddess that you already are inside.    



2:16 pm cst 

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