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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mercury Retrograde-Relax & Enjoy the Ride!



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     Now that we are in Mercury retrograde proper, emotion and intution run strong, and reason & logic less reliable than usual.  Not that reason & logic don't still have their place. (They do!)  But it's hard to use reason and logic to make a decision when the facts are clear as mud (read: not very clear at all) or presently missing.  Which is exactly what we tend to have during Mercury retrograde--murky or missing facts.  Instead of information, we have mis-information & confusion.

          This is why we astrologers always say that it is NOT a good idea to launch major new projects during Mercury retrograde or to sign major contracts (especially those with no escape clause) as you can’t rely on your logical mind to reveal or see all the important details right now.




On the other hand, due to the Mercury retrograde effect coloring this entire month, it is a GREAT time for relaxing and getting rejuvenated.  I suggest sinking down into a bathtub filled with warm water and rose petals and lavender (flowers or leaves) at least once during this retrograde!  (Just make sure you use a drain strainer or put some cheesecloth or pantyhose over the sink drain when releasing the water.  No need for clogged drains!)


This is also a great time for listening to relaxing music to heal & re-balance yourself on all levels.  One personal favorite I would suggest for this purpose is the Healing Sanctuary album by Dean Evenson. I also love the Healing Flower Symphonies (Vol 1 & 2) by Jill Matson (available on-line through CD baby).


What else can you do to love, nurture and support yourself right now?  What more can you do to make yourself feel comfortable and surrounded with good, positive vibes?  (For me, it is surrounding myself in as many beautiful flowers & plants that I can in my own private indoor fairy garden.)


 Whatever YOUR answers are to these questions, do your best to do these things during this month (and in the months ahead too, for that matter).  Also, make an effort to connect with those people in your life whom carry that positive, uplifting and supportive energy for you.

Take a Break if at All Possible


(And if you must make a decision or act, use INTUITION)


If you can, put off making any major decisions or starting any new major projects until AFTER Mercury goes back direct (on Jan 8th 2017).  At the very least, if you must start something new or make a decision, be sure that there is a way that you can change your mind later if you need to.  (For with any action initiated during Mercury Rx, future changes & adjustments are inevitable, and things will definitely NOT turn out as planned.)


Also, it is important to be guided by INTUITION right now, and not just logic or facts.  For many people, intuition is actually STRONGER when Mercury is retrograde.  However, you do have to know how to LISTEN in order to access & hear your intuition.  And if you weren’t listening to your intuition BEFORE Mercury went retrograde, it is unlikely that you going to become an instant pro at it once Mercury has entered the retrograde.


Perhaps at a later date, I might devote more time in this newsletter to sharing some of my best tips for accessing your intuition.  For now, let me just say that you will get the best results with intuition if you practice listening & paying attention FREQUENTLY & REGULARLY, rather than only tuning in occasionally. 


Regarding using intuition to make decisions, I will just say that you will usually know when something is right for you, because it just FEELS right!  Of course, this feeling of rightness is slightly different for each of us.  But generally speaking, when something feels right to you according to your intuition (and not just the so-called facts), there is a sense that you are being CARRIED or GUIDED in a certain direction, rather than having to push your way to move forward.  There is also usually a relaxing & soothing feeling that comes with it.  Again, that feeling that “this is right for me”. 


So if for some reason you feel you absolutely MUST make an important decision during the time that we are under the rays of Mercury retrograde, (or feel that you must go forward with a new major venture) then please be wise & allow INTUITION to be your guide right now, and not just logic or reason (since those latter faculties get pretty muddy during Mercury Rx).


Also, with whatever it is you are doing or planning this month, be prepared to be very FLEXIBLE and adaptable as unanticipated changes arise in the future.  In fact, regardless of what you do (or do not do) now, you will excel & thrive under the rays of Mercury retrograde by staying open and being versatile and adaptive to whatever life brings you. 

Spontaneity is the key!  On the other, rigidity, pushiness and impatience will lead to a downfall right now.  So as the month goes on and the Mercury retrograde energies become stronger, lean into your more feminine, soft, intuitive, and receptive side, and relax and enjoy the ride!

9:50 pm cst 

Saturn Trine Uranus-Soul Searching for 2017

Dear Friends, hello there, and Happy (almost) Winter Solstice to You!  As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, we have SEVERAL interesting energy shifts this month, including the Saturn-Uranus trine (exact on 12/24 but in effect for this entire month).


This particular shift marks a temporary truce between two cosmic energies which are usually uneasy with each other (Saturn, principle of structure, responsibility and limitation, and Uranus, the principle of freedom, liberation, and personal expression.)


But if one looks beneath the surface of this uneasy alliance, one can see the connection here, in that so often the undertaking of developing personal discipline and a sense of responsibility and skill is what LEADS TO the freedom & liberty to express one’s self as one would like and to live life as one would prefer.


In other words, just quitting your day job and striking out on your own path of independence isn’t enough to create a life of true meaning & personal satisfaction!  (For example.)  Instead, what is needed is to strike a balance between fulfilling our karmic duties and doing the work that is needed to make ourselves better & more well-rounded beings, WHILE at the same time, cultivating the ability to live life joyfully and as freely as possible within the context of our current circumstances.


This may sound like a tough order, and believe me, it is.  But at least we are getting some help with it this month! 


This Saturn trine Uranus (in the signs of Sagittarius and Aries respectively) is a rare shift that can stimulate spiritual breakthroughs and great awareness. This beautiful shift can help you blend the wisdom of maturity with the desire to innovate and evolve to the next level of your growth and development.  Even with Mercury in retrograde at the moment, you can expect some flashes of intuition or great ideas to come bursting through in the areas of life where you have felt “stuck”. 


Of course, with Mercury being in retrograde currently, you might just want to focus on being AWARE of what you are getting and writing it down, and then planning on acting upon it after Mercury goes direct again on January 8th 2017.  At the very least, you might run any ideas you have by a trusted advisor first before acting upon them.


By the way, this Saturn-Uranus trine is taking place in the fiery signs of Sagittarius and Aries, indicating that now is the time to connect with the more inspired and wise part of yourself.  (And those of you who have Sag or Aries strong in your natal chart are probably feeling a bit fired-up and inspired by this transit!  Same goes for those who have Capricorn or Aquarius strong as well.)


 This is a very good shift for helping you to create change in your life in a more balanced, wise, and mature way.  

If you can, spend some time this month journaling and writing notes about what your higher vision might be for your future, as well as what it is you would like to contribute further to others before you pass onto the other side.  Seriously, do it! 


As my colleague George Kao once invited people to ask themselves, “If you only had a year left to live, what would you teach?” 


Feel free to interpret this broadly here and in various ways, such as,


“If I only had a year left to live, what would I share with the world?”


“When I look back over my life, the legacy that I want to see I left behind is ______”


“It is most important to me that I contribute to the world by _________ before I die”.


        Looking deeply at these kinds of things this month will help you to have a more inspired vision for 2017!

1:50 pm cst 

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