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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amazing Supermoon! (Nov 14 2016)
In case you missed the most recent Cosmic Newsletter I wrote about this, here it is!




QUICK PREVIEW:  (Actually, just a few summary thoughts that I wanted to add into the mix.) 

             Even though one may seek security in the material or physical realm right now (Taurus/Scorpio), it has momentarily slipped away and is nowhere to be found presently (Neptune conjunct South Node and oppose North Node of Moon).  They say we humans most likely evolved from fish (Pisces).  If so, somewhere within you, in your very DNA, you have the capacity to rise above these tumultuous waves of energy and emotion and SWIM. 

        Also, consider if what you are seeking or choosing to focus on is helping you & building you up, or is it harming or destroying you?  (Taurus/Scorpio polarity.)  And what about the effects your actions and words are having on others?  Are you coming from a warm, inviting, loving and tender heart, or are you instead stabbing and piercing others with your own pain?  Think deeply on these matters.





Dear Friends, fall-time greetings & blessings to You and Yours, and Happy Full Moon Supermoon!  As I am writing this for you on Sunday evening, the almost-full moon has risen high in the sky and is bathing my backyard garden in the most BRILLIANT and beautiful shimmering silver light.


The moon is exactly full at 22 Taurus at 7:52 am Central US time (8:52 am Eastern).   I’ll talk more in a minute about what that means.  But first, I do want to point out that this full moon is also a SUPERMOON.  Meaning it is much closer to the earth than usual, which causes it to appear bigger and brighter than usual as well.  In fact, this is the closest the moon has been to the earth in 68 years!  (The last time we had a supermoon this close and this big was 1948.)  And even more interesting yet, we won’t have another supermoon quite this close again until Nov 25th 2034.  That means that if you want to see a moon this big, then you should definitely get outside on either Sunday or Monday night (Nov 13 or Nov 14 2016 respectively) and check it out!


By the way, in case you are wondering, the moon actual reaches its closest point to earth around 6:22 am Central time on Monday morning (Nov 14 2016). Then the actual full moon is exact at 7:52 am Central on that same morning.  That means that for those of us living in either Central or Eastern time zones in the United States, it will be pretty hard to see this full moon supermoon right at the time it is exact (since the sun will be rising about the same time).  Those in the Pacific time zone in the US probably have a chance of catching a view of this full moon at the time it is exact, and of course, so do those of you who live in the Hawaiian time zone (at least, if you are up that late).


But even if you don’t catch sight of the moon right at the time that the full moon or supermoon is exact, you can still soak in some of its positive energy by gazing at the moon for a few minutes or either Sunday or Monday night (Nov 13 or Nov 14 2016 respectively).  It doesn’t matter exactly what time you are looking at it on these days, for as long as you are able to look at and tune into the lunar energies during one of these days, it will be close enough to the actual exact time of the supermoon-full moon to activate a positive energy shift and peaceful vibe within you.






This full moon is taking place at the position of 22 degrees Taurus.  Since the moon is always opposite the sun at the time of the full moon, then that means that the sun is at 22 degrees Scorpio during the full moon.  Thus, we have the energies of Taurus & Scorpio being activated. 




Taurus is all about grounding and stability and seeking physical world security through tangible stuff (whether that stuff be land, farming, employment or possessions).  Taurus is an accumulating sign and very much involved and attached in the material reality.  Scorpio can have its material side too.  (Did you know that many Scorpios are quite shrewd financially and have the ability to create a fortune?)  But in the heart of its soul, Scorpio is actually more concerned with emotional connection and intimacy.  And as Scorpio evolves, it rises up into one of the most SPIRITUAL signs of all.


One of the biggest difference between Taurus and Scorpio is that Taurus is all about accumulating & building (in other words, security seeking & creating behaviors) whereas Scorpio is mostly about letting go, purging, and destroying.  Scorpio is also about RE-building and renewing AFTER a time of deep disappointment or destruction.




With both of these signs being activated at this time, you will likely find yourself reaching (perhaps even DESPERATELY reaching) for something solid and stable to hold on to, perhaps a relationship, a job, a talent or skill, a home or other possession, or even an ideal.  For the Taurus part of these energies (the Taurus part of YOURSELF) just wants something that it can hold onto to help calm the ground beneath you and give you that inner sense of peace & security.


At the same time, there will be a sense of the need to let go.  At least, on an inner level.  Your conscious mind may not yet realize this, and may still be fighting to control events or situations that are outside of your control.  (All part of the Scorpio energy.)  However, if you will open yourself up the more exalted, evolved parts of this current cosmic energy, you might just see that although you can’t control or determine everything that happens around you, you do have INFLUENCE, and that influence comes from opening your heart in love and support to others, and also from being the highest version of you that you can be, LIVING life as your higher self.




Taurus is lovely and beautiful and charming in so many ways.  However, it is very concerned with concepts such as “me” and “mine”.  Scorpio can be the same way in its lower form.  But in its higher form, Scorpio begins to view things through the lens of “ours” instead of just “mine”.   As you go about chasing after whatever it is you value or seek, be sure to be mindful of how that affects others.  Does what you are working towards or belief in serve the higher good, or is it just another version of the same-old “me, mine, my-I-tis”? 




I might add too that this isn’t just any ordinary Taurus full moon (with the sun in Scorpio).  I mean, other than the fact that it is a very big SUPERMOON, the planet Neptune also plays a very important mix in the cosmic energies we are experiencing at the moment.  Neptune is a planet associated with art, music, dreams, mediumship, dance, and all aspects of sublime higher beauty and spirituality.  It is also associated with martyrdom, selflessness, suffering, illusion (including SELF-delusion), fantasy and daydreams.  It has a bright, beautiful and brilliant side for sure (just like this month’s full moon supermoon).  But Neptune can also drown you in rocky waves of depressed emotion, as it is a VERY empathic, emotionally tender & psychically sensitive sign.


  At the time of our supermoon full moon (and for most of this month, really) Neptune is conjuncting the South Node of the moon and opposing the North Node of the moon. What this means in English (smile) is that Neptune’s energy adds an extremely spiritual & otherworldly influence to events in your life around the time of this full moon (and in the weeks immediately after).  In other-words, it is not a very grounding effect.  Even if you feel extremely happy and blissful right now about a recent happening, be aware that things are not what they seem at the present moment, for things are never what they seem whenever Neptune is involved.




Neptune has some of the most sublime and exquisite energies of all.  However, I feel its conjunction with the South Node speaks a warning that says don’t allow yourself to be too easily deceived by empty promises or allow yourself to get too worked up chasing unattainable goals or dreams.  There is really stirring up a lot of energy & emotion around values and spiritual beliefs, with feelings being magnified MUCH more than usual.  Expect some turbulence. 


My advice to you is to hang on for the emotional ride but not to get too attached to what you "think" will bring you security or peace at the moment. Disillusionment is likely to happen if you let yourself put too much emphasis on seeking fulfillment in other people or other outer world right now.   


The Nodes are all about Karma, and with Neptune conjuncting the South Node in Pisces here, you can be sure that there is some collective group karma from past lives being played out presently.  We can see this clearly with the recent events in the United States.  The nation seems to have at least temporarily split into two, with people on both sides feeling alienated and misunderstood.  With Neptune on the South Node at the moment, it seems that disappointment & disillusionment are necessary in order to bring forth aspects of the soul which would otherwise remain buried. 


Neptune on the South Node (in opposition to the North Node) heightens feelings such as alienation and loneliness.  It can compel us to constrict in upon ourselves and feel disenchanted and depressed.  Rather than constricting in on yourself and setting around feeling lonely and steeped in self-pity or misery, I suggest reaching out to positive-minded and loving people and building relationships of greater meaning & depth. 


Ultimately, we all have to reach deep down inside ourselves in these challenging times, connect back with Source, and remember how to swim through deep and uncharted waters.  Namaste.



Infinite Blessings for You & Yours,


Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Psychic


9:16 pm cst 

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